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Stories involving psychotropic drugs. If you are interested in people, the drug experience and its consequences, philosophies and ideas surrounding drug use, and how it's all laced into everyday life, then these short memoirs, told by individuals who have (or haven't) partaken, might give you some insight. A new episode presented every two weeks.
Here at Drug Discovery World (DDW) we've been publishing articles written by leading experts in the Drug Discovery, Pharmaceutical, and BioPharmaceutical industries for over 20 years. DDW has grown as a quarterly business review of drug discovery and development, and now we've created this podcast to allow you to listen to our articles on the go. In our journal and this podcast, we cover topics surrounding: drug discovery; drug development; business; chemistry; enabling technologies; informa ...
The Drug Classroom
The Drug Classroom (TDC) is an educational resource focused on drugs, drug policy, and related areas.TDC covers a range of topics, including neuroscience, pharmacology, and history.
Professor David Nutt has spent a career making the argument for a rational, evidence-based approach to drug policy and drug use. The scientific evidence still challenges perceived wisdom on drugs and for that reason can appear to be contentious. In this podcast, the Professor explores the actual harms and potential benefits of various drugs, challenging myths surrounding classification and legislation, and exploring the societal impact of poorly informed drug policy. Using evidence in public ...
The drug war, covered by drug users as war correspondents. Crackdown is a monthly podcast about drugs, drug policy and the drug war led by drug user activists and supported by research. Each episode will tell the story of a community fighting for their lives. It’s also about solutions, justice for those we have lost, and saving lives.
The Drug Classroom
The Drug Classroom (TDC) is an educational resource focused on drugs, drug policy, and related areas.TDC covers a range of topics, including neuroscience, pharmacology, and history.
We focus on Ex-Drug dealers who have achieved massive success using the skills they learned in the streets and applied them to business.
A podcast exploring the fun and weird aspects of our world.
The drug war, covered by drug users as war correspondents. Crackdown is a monthly podcast about drugs, drug policy and the drug war led by drug user activists and supported by research. Each episode will tell the story of a community fighting for their lives. It’s also about solutions, justice for those we have lost, and saving lives.
Interviews with Scholars of Drugs, Addiction, and Recovery about their New Books
Sex, Drugs and Disability covers taboo topics that we often deal with or are curious about but rarely discuss. Julie Negrin is a 4x cancer survivor and unafraid to share her own deeply personal experiences. Through humor, storytelling and interviews with friends, Julie tries to make sense of the world as a newly disabled woman who may not have long to live.
Rich Lucey, a prevention program manager at the Drug Enforcement Administration's Community Outreach and Prevention Support Section interviews people at the federal, national, state and local levels about current and emerging drug abuse issues among college students. The interviews center around five questions.
Take a glimpse into the dark & twisted lives of the addicts still suffering as well as the ones stumbling off the beaten path back on to the road of recovery.
Drugs on SermonAudio
The latest podcast feed searching 'Drugs' on SermonAudio.
We Are Superman
Hosted by David Clark, a former 320lb alcoholic, drug addict, food junkie turned accomplished endurance athlete, bestselling author, plant based fighter and happiness warrior. Hosted by David Clark, a former 320lb alcoholic, drug addict, food junkie turned accomplished endurance athlete, bestselling author, plant based fighter and happiness warrior. Join world class athletes, actors, musicians, entrepreneurs and everyday heroes for a look into the far side of the universe where anything is p ...
This podcast is produced by pharmacy faculty to supplement study material and provide relevant drug and professional topics. We're hoping that our real-life clinical pearls and discussions will help you stay up-to-date and improve your pharmacy knowledge.
Recovery Soapbox
Recovery Soapbox is a podcast about all things related to recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Brought to you by Brighton Recovery Center, this podcast is a source of knowledge from the best in the field. Therapists, recovering addicts, and many other experts come together to share open dialogue and insider views. Subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and anywhere you get your podcasts. See more at http://brightonrecoverycenter.com/podcast
Guest hosts interview industry insiders on strategies, business models, leadership, technologies & innovations in advancing drug development for the benefit of patients. More specifically: clinical trials, patient-centricity, mobile/digital in R&D, drug delivery, emerging biotechs and Immuno-Oncology. PharmaTalkRadio is a non-profit program to provide easy and free access of helpful information for professionals in life sciences as well as patient advocates. It is organized and supported by ...
If you or a loved one is battling alcoholism or drug addiction, this podcast will give you inspiration and hope that there is a way out. Addiction isnt a life sentence, people recover everyday. It takes time and some hard work, but in the end it is worth it! Hosted by Tom Conrad, a recovering alcoholic and drug addict himself. Tom shares from his own experiences and the experiences of others to teach you the things that you can do TODAY to start living a sober and free lifestyle!
A mental health podcast by two wildly unqualified mentally ill humans. Our names are Emily and Jayme and we like to think we're funny. Even if we aren't we sure as fuck are gonna keep laughing at our own bullshit. Every week we have a new theme, along with reoccurring segments that are really just excuses to bitch or force media upon you. Hope you enjoy!You can find your hosts on Instagram and Twitter @emannshaver and @jmecart~*~ logo & banner made using logomakr.com ~*~
Doomed & Stoned is the evil invention of Dr. Billy Goate, mad scientist and musical drug peddler! Doom metal and stoner rock is his specialty.
We are Church & Other Drugs, 2 ex-addict/alcoholic christians who tell the stories of the beatdown, up and coming, hard-knocked, and healed up. you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll learn. faith|humor|comedy|christianity|spirituality
The Best Science (BS) Medicine Podcast is a weekly presentation where practitioners can get evidence-based drug therapy content that is practical, entertaining and promotes healthy scepticism. In essence, we are the Medication Mythbusters. We present information that is useful and relevant to physicians, pharmacists, nurses, physician assistants and other health professionals, and that can easily be incorporated into day-to-day practice. The podcast is presented by Dr. James McCormack, Profe ...
Lasers on the Ride
Lasers on the Ride is a podcast produced by Mike Larsson for hella.diamonds
Evidence-based medicine and drug updates for pharmacists, physicians, NPs, PA-Cs, and students that are on the go.
Stupid Funny Addiction Stories | Recorded around New York |
Gender Fluids
Hosted by comedians Ava Smart and Arielle Isaac Norman, Gender Fluids is a podcast based out of Austin, Texas that takes an explicit and unapologetic look into the rarely explored depths of sex and gender. No subject is too far out or third rail for these two queers to discuss. Subscribe to listen in on all the deliciously depraved conversations you'd be fired for having. Not for the faint of heart, weak of mind, or lame of soul!
Every week we talk about Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n Roll with people like Gene Simmons, Jennifer Esposito, the Impractical Jokers, from porn stars to KISS, how many people has the KISS rockstar slept with? Find it all out on the SDR show. The SDR Show (Sex, Drugs, & Rock-n-Roll) is a one hour weekly podcast featuring radio host, Ralph Sutton and comedian, Big Jay Oakerson. Each week they interview Porn Stars, Rock Stars, and more. Big Jay Oakerson has been on the stand up circuit for over a decade ...
Self Made & Sober
Business coach and serial entrepreneur, Andrew Lassise hosts the Self Made & Sober Podcast. With long-term sobriety, Andrew views this podcast as a bout of necessity for like-minded people trying to maintain sobriety while achieving more in their lives, whether it be personal, in business or spiritual. Each episode will feature guests, people Andrew looks up to in sobriety, in business and in life. They discuss the ups and downs of their lives, how they achieved sobriety and success in all i ...
Crossroads is an alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre
The podcast of writer Thommy Waite. Rants, monologues & interviews.
Think about all of the things you consider every day to help keep yourself, your loved ones, and your community happy, healthy, and hopeful. Now consider this: There is an ever-growing body of research demonstrating significant negative impacts, for yourself and the ones you love, in the consumption of pornography. It can change the way you think, harm your ability to connect with other people, and can contribute to changing the world in negative ways. Join us every other week as we consider ...
3 Irish fellas who decided to live life drug & alcohol free, discussing all areas and topics of this lifestyle and sharing experiences of our sober lives
The Addictive Podcast is about functional as well as dysfunctional drug use and addiction. Listen to families, professionals, psychonaughts, and users who live with legal and illegal drugs in their daily lives.
Now Featuring the Tarotbull Podcast with Ashley & Brandon as well as the Brandon Bonanza Podcast.
Love, Alexi
My name is Alexi Wasser. I'm a writer, director, actress. This is my podcast where i speak to creative people who inspire me & discuss who they are, how they got there, sex, love, dating, feelings, life, & everything in between.
A weekly story telling podcast exploring the life of hard living comedians Mike Cannon and Mike Feeney. The newest 15 episodes are always free, but if you want access to all the archives, watch live, chat live, access to the forums, and get the show 4 days before it comes out everywhere else - you can subscribe now at gasdigitalnetwork.com and use the code IGP to save 15% on the entire network.
The Bogcast
An audio/video podcast with two best friends of 20+ years hanging out and talking to the most interesting people from Phoenix to Los Angeles. (Rated 'M' for occasional drug use)
Narcotica Podcast
A podcast about the war on drugs and the people caught in the middle, brought to you by dedicated science and drug policy journalists Christopher Moraff, Zachary Siegel, and Troy Farah.
Addiction recovery podcast from Real Sobriety filmmaker and sobriety coach, Robert McClellan. Down to earth, humorous, inspirational and sometimes irreverent - always a good listen to help you in your recovery journey.
Addiction recovery podcast from Real Sobriety filmmaker and sobriety coach, Robert McClellan. Down to earth, humorous, inspirational and sometimes irreverent - always a good listen to help you in your recovery journey.
Florida Men
The Official Podcast of Florida Man. Every week we share stories from the shady side of the Sunshine State, starring America's most prolific criminal. Part true crime, part comedy, all weird. This show is about the kind of stuff that only happens in the state where everybody is crazy from the heat.
Indian Noir
Indian Noir is a critically acclaimed, chart-topping podcast featuring thrilling crime, horror and mystery audio stories set in India, featuring Indian characters. Indian Noir has been featured in the CBC, The Hindu newspaper, Times of India, ABC National Radio, Mashable, Reader's Digest India and other media outlets. It has won rave reviews on major podcasting platforms from critics and listeners alike and is rated #1 on the Apple Podcast Fiction and Drama charts in India. It is also a char ...
Drum Circle Jerk
cock talk and social critique. hosts: eytan (@eytan_tobin), sophia (@intrnetdaughter), brice (@this_is_walmer), and fil (@filipjackson). follow us: @dcjpod
Empowering you to make wise decisions about your own health, by providing you with essential health information about both medical and alternative treatment options. 921997
DTB podcast
For 50 years, Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin (DTB) has provided rigorous and independent evaluations of, and practical advice on, individual treatments and the overall management of disease for doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. DTB has always been wholly independent of the pharmaceutical industry, Government and regulatory authorities. DTB is also free of advertising and other forms of commercial sponsorship.* The purpose of this podcast is to educate and to inform. Th ...
Dr. Drew Pinsky, board certified internist and addiction medicine specialist, takes listener calls and talks to experts on a variety of topics relating to health, relationships, sex and drug addiction.
Tune In
Connections to bring about the next wave of interdimensional beings.
Sex, Drugs, and Opera is a Podcast by singers for everybody. Professionals are featured biweekly to discuss the opera business, both on and off the stage.
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Mike and Jared talk about Krump, Baroque music, Student Loans, release a new Fach Fiction, and do a slew of just the tips.By Jared Ice and Michael Pegher.
Rob Love is here and he's talking about soup! Rob and Sid also discuss aging parents, video games, jelly bellys, smoking weed, the Salton Sea, Slab City, and what it's like to be a #fanfavorite !By Sidney Delorean.
Behind every landmark drug is a story. It could be a researcher’s genius insight, a catalyzing moment in geopolitical history, a new breakthrough technology, or an unexpected but welcome side effect discovered during clinical trials. In his new book, Ten Drugs: How Plants, Powders, and Pills Have Shaped the History of Medicine (Harry N. Abrams, ...…
Weapons Of Anew band members (Ray West, Freddy Ordine, Reno Cutrupi and Chris Manfre) join guest co-host Mike Finoia and Ralph Sutton this week and they discuss the difficulties of life on a tour bus, Reno's ingenuity with sex toys, annoying group-eating etiquette, choosing the name of the band and how the band formed, their writing process, ho ...…
This week on Dopey! The one and only Jack Osborne calls in to talk a bit about growing up in a famous Rock and Roll family, his addiction and his recovery. We learn why you shouldn't mix Ambien and alcohol, and how he lives with Multiple Sclerosis. PLUS Bill rejoins us to hear about his dinner with Obama, shooting meth and the devil. All that p ...…
Unc pulls from the vaults the first recording made with his new portable microphone while inside rehab with his good friend and soon to be graduate "Danny Can't Stop," who describes what life was like for him before getting into treatment, what the transition has been like for him and how his views have changed since actively working towards re ...…
The Truth About Drugs? - EP020 - Thats Good Craic - That Sober Life In this episode we discuss the truth about drugs and all things living that sober life!! If you enjoy our podcast please give us a rating and share around to help others find usBy Thats Good Craic.
A new MP3 sermon from Grace Chapel Reformed Baptist Church is now available on SermonAudio with the following details: Title: Depression & Bipolar Disorder- Mental Illness, Diagnoses, & Medications, Part 4 Subtitle: Biblical Counseling Speaker: Traever Guingrich Broadcaster: Grace Chapel Reformed Baptist Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 10/9/ ...…
Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (also known as the "Drug Czar") James Carroll is our guest for this episode. Carroll talks about the recent vaping deaths, the dangers of high THC marijuana and edibles, college recovery programs, how colleges and universities fit into his office's 2019 strategy, and much more.…
Recently there has been some attempt to amalgamate platform technologies within start-up and earlystage drug discovery and development companies to increase drug candidate pipeline numbers. This strategy does not come without risks, but has quietly been implemented by a number of platform-drug discovery and development (PD3) companies. This epi ...…
In this episode of Psychotropic we hear from, Dr. Ryan Westrum. Dr. Westrum is a Psychedelic Integration Therapist as well as the co-author of The Psychedelics Integration Handbook. If you’re interested in the path that leads to such an amazing career, and want to know a little bit about what it entails, this is the episode for you. To learn mo ...…
Greetings, congregation! We start out the episode with an amazing song written by congregation member Jason Halkyard and covered by Tylor Wix..then i prank call Brad and get him riled up about American Express all over again. We answer a listener email from Kieran Lisney and talk about christianity vs. 12 step recovery. Then i bring on old frie ...…
** Click Here For Live Show Tickets: Psychedelics ** Get your question answered by Prof. David Nutt by using #AskDavidAnything on twitter @ProfDavidNutt https://drugscience.org.uk/ - The leading independent scientific body on drugs in the UK. We work to provide clear, evidence-based information without political or commercial interference. This ...…
Dr. Rick Barnett is a psychologist with a doctorate in psychology and a master's degree in clinical psychopharmacology. He owns a private mental health practice in Vermont called BPS Health, LLC and is also President-Elect of the American Psychology Association's Division 55 (American Society for the Advancement of Pharmacotherapy).He is curren ...…
John shares his journey of being diagnosed with Bipolar I. RESOURCES: Some organizations and charities that I believe are very impactful and wide-reaching: National Institute of Mental Health- widest reaching and most cutting edge research on mental illnesses. Based on their research conducts outreach to other federal institutions. The most imp ...…
Duane discusses how emotional "Triggers" can stop you from accomplishing your dreams if you do not understand what they are and how to deal with them. He also discusses positive triggers and how to use them.By Duane.
In this episode, we provide an overview of chronic idiopathic constipation and discuss available treatment options with a particular focus on lubiprostone, linaclotide, plecanatide, and prucalopride.
In The Hive this week is NYT Bestselling author and ultrarunning legend Scott Jurek. David and Scott talk about the ground breaking film, Game Changers and why plant based living makes us stronger, faster and more evolved humans. Follow David hereTwitter / Instagram @WeAreSuperman https://www.wearesuperman.com David@wearesuperman.comFollow Scot ...…
Today we discuss the Chinese zodiac and that pesky enigma that is retrograde. Join us for more almost mental health related contentBy with Emily and Jayme.
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