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Lee, Mairead, JJ and Nathan from DS London have a light comical chat about video games including the latest in Nintendo news and all the latest DS London events.They also tend to answer questions from the community and let you know when they're gonna meet up and play games in London.
Pete is a native New Yorker born and raised 13 miles from NYC. in Mt.Vernon, hometown of Dick Clark ( and not surprisingly one of his inspirations). Pete grew up listening to Top40 radio of the 60s and early 70s,like radio stations WMCA,WINS,and WABC.
Avid DS film and video finishing system has never been easier to learn. Short video podcast tutorials teach you the tips and tricks of the pros
Artist InfoDJ CHRISSI D! (Fullrange Rec./SHOWROOM)If you are in love with housemusic there is one DJ you should have in mind: German house music wizard DJ Chrissi D! Chrissi D! is one of the most talented and musically gifted djs around the globe. His unbelievable intuition to set dancefloors on fire by using 3 cd players parallel and keep the crowd rocking for many hours made him popular not only in germany. Many clubbers love his unique style of house music and his incredible qualities as ...
Discussing my own personal beliefs and perspectives about life, love and other catastrophes!
Welcome to Inside the D Hockey where our goal is we try to bring you the inside from the best field hockey coaches, players, trainers & thinkers.
D&S Sports Talk
Listen to D&S Sports Talk's unique take on the sports world. They are extremely knowledgeable about a wide array of sports across all levels, including women's sports! If you want energy, fire and objectivity, give the guys a listen!
Sonny D's Podcast
D's Block
The Block belongs to Dejacks...D's Block. An extension of my passion for music, cars & life. A place to escape and listen to the expressions of my life.
Weekly Talk Show On The Current Events In WWE. Like Us On Facebook And Twitter, And Give Us Your Opinions, They May End Up On Our Show.Facebook: @DDWrestleTalk
D's 10 Min
Dirty D's
Just two guys who share their life, experiences and just random stuff that happen to them on the daily.
D and D's
A geek family podcast
Lady D’s Podcast
Welcome to Lady D’s podcast which serves as an audio journal where my thoughts, ideas, concepts, and at times randomness can be launched out into an online community of listeners that will take this journey into the next chapters of life with me!!
Artist InfoDJ CHRISSI D! (Fullrange Rec./SHOWROOM)If you are in love with housemusic there is one DJ you should have in mind: German house music wizard DJ Chrissi D! Chrissi D! is one of the most talented and musically gifted djs around the globe. His unbelievable intuition to set dancefloors on fire by using 3 cd players parallel and keep the crowd rocking for many hours made him popular not only in germany. Many clubbers love his unique style of house music and his incredible qualities as ...
Double D's
An Winsome – непредсказуемая, талантливая и чарующе красивая Djne с сумасшедшим вкусом к подбору треков. Анастасия безумно любит слушать, коллекционировать, отбирать музыку, а особенно делиться ей. Каждый ее сет наполенен модными, чувственными мелодиями. С 2008 года ей удалось покорить многие клубы города и области. Так на протяжении нескольких лет An Winsome играет и делает это с огромной любовью и каждый раз от души, заряжая...
Adam D's Podcast
Podcasting whatever he wants, whenever he wants. This podcast is basically like a reality TV show, without the TV show part.
Smitty and D bring you an exciting fan podcast following the NBC show, REVOLUTION!
Welcome to the DS Without The BS podcast from Dstillery, the marketing & advertising industry's leading applied data science company. In each episode, our data scientists will help cut through the hype of AI and machine learning, demystifying these concepts for marketers through the lens of politics, sports sponsorships, and more. Enjoy!
A series of podcasts that may assist revision for the exam in VCE Informatics
DJ Nate D's podast
DJ Nate D has established himself as one of Northern California's fastest Up & Coming DJ's in the Area. Starting at 15 years of age till present, DJ Nate D has partygoers from all over coming out to see and hear this cali native. It's easy for Entertainment seekers to see him live due to the fact that he's been appearing in all of NorCals Hottest Venues. Quite simply, this is where it all started for the hardest working DJ in cali. His spinning career got into full gear with his residencies ...
D's Roundtable
Tune in with Rev. Dr. Deborah Simpson - Internationally Acclaimed Author, Ordained Minister & Spiritualist for straight up talk about life, faith, clairvoyance and current events. Rev. Dr. Deborah Simpson believes in the principles of faith and God as well as all that embodies spiritual mysticism. She has the ability to inspire while drawing you into introspective journeys of discovery. Her inspirational influences have awarded her the foresight that she “will be heralded as one of the preem ...
The double D's are cross country road trippin' with their pup Bubba!
Double D's Radio
Double D's Talk Show broadcasting every Sunday from noon to 1.
Playing hits and "LOST" hits of the 50s,60s,nd 70s
Paul dub Sky (Пол Даб Скай) [DS familly] BOOKING: +79089143427
Tech House mixed by DJ Sonny D
DSAIA talks Down syndrome and DSAs with individuals in the Down syndrome community.
DJing in clubs since the age of 16, Darren has spent the last 6 years playing at various nightspots on the south coast and appearing in line-ups alongside DJ’s such as Derrick Carter, Raymundo Rodriguez and Joey Youngman. Now a resident for underground house outfit iNDiGO, he is still taking his mix of deep and jacking Chicago house to clubs such as Mud Club (Bognor), Drift Bar (Southsea) and Tiger Tiger (Portsmouth) as well as appearances at Brighton’s OM Bar and on radio. ...
Monkey D.'s
Scrub podcaster! Random for now; skateboarding, mma, humans, current events, ect. see what sticky balls.
Audio commentaries in English, from the otherwise Danish Podcast Double D's Definitive DVD Podcast. Read more about us at
Team D's podcast
Weekly updates about the company, the whitewater team, boats, boating, and general information..We will post 2 versions of each Podcast: A-audio and V-video...Enjoy and stay tuned!
D&S Studios
A podcast that talks about books.
D’s Wackadoo World where anything is possible and nothing is off limits! A strange case study of space time and possibly another dimension of reality!
Dr. D’S Remedies
Thoughts and discussions about the mind, body, and spirit laced with good vibes and motivation.
Dima D's Diary
1 2 many d's
The latest trailers of Nintendo DS video games developed by Teyon. Check out our other channels if you are interested in more platforms.
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This episode is about taking leaps of faith as you are faced with making decisions you've never made before or in ways that are different from your norm!! Different doesn't automatically mean difficult!
D’s Wackadoo World presents the DP Show! The Show for the “Average Man” by some slightly below average men! Aka Derek & Penny
Topics Include: - Players of the Week - Roughing the passer stupidity - Josh Gordon to Pats - Fitz over Winston? - Start Rosen now? - Another tie?!? - Texans struggles - Vontae Davis - Picking week 3 games
Topics Include: - Players of the Week - Our Top 10 - Underperforming QB's - BC & Oklahoma St - FSU problems - Bad play calling - Looking ahead to next week - Picking week 4 games
It's not even October yet but Halloween is fresh on the minds of our heroes! This week, they kick off part 1 of a 4 par mini series called "The Spoopy Spectacular Show" with tales of their favorite Halloween movies. Plus, they share their favorite holiday moments and memories, just in case you weren't already in the spirit. Also, Jessica had a ...…
Have you ever been at a CROSSROAD and just need to talk it out amongst other sober-minded people?! So yeah that's this episode in a nutshell!! By the way, welcome to my first podcast, take it easy on me, I'm a newbie!! Lol
Topics Include: -Bills are awful -Bucs surprise -Mahomes/Darnold -Cowboys -Tie games -Le'Veon Bell -Pick week two games & more!
Topics Include: Our biggest takeaways from last week What we want to see next week Players of the Week as well as our Top 10 We pick the biggest games of the week
Welcome To D's Wacky World
Wanted: Single male, not racist, at least 5'9", and into working out. Also, a female, nice to waiters, not great in the kitchen, and preferably with freckles. This week our heroes share their deal breakers and must-haves. Also, they take another shot at their weekly horoscope. twitter: dsdegrees instagram: dsdegrees youtube: ...…
A little Something For My Zouk and Kompa Lovers...... Get your Dancing Partner and Press Play
First of a two part series of a life long friendship turned into love
We recap this week and look ahead to next! - Our biggest takeaways from week one - What we want to see next week - Offensive and defensive players of the week - Top 10 Rankings - Picking 5 of the biggest games
We are talking Founder's Syndrome with guests Mandy Pearce and Marie Palacios of Funding For Good. Defined as "a disease in nonprofits that has it genesis in the inspiration and personality - or personalities that created the organization". It's often a topic of discussion at our leadership conference, in leaders' circles, and around the cockta ...…
They're back! In this week's episode this Aquarius and Leo discuss the street of school and its impending doom, despite mercury and its retrograde. Also, this Sunday's new moon brings our heroes good fortune. twitter: dsdegrees instagram: dsdegrees youtube: iTunes: ...…
We give a run down of each division We pick each teams record We predict the playoffs and Super Bowl!
Make your own podcast:
Imagine spending your birthday on a beach in the Bahamas, or maybe hitting the town in LA or New York? Or even just a fun small house party with all your friends? Our heroes explore new ways to celebrate their birthdays as well as reminiscing on memories of birthdays past. Also we're going camping next year. twitter: dsdegrees instagram: dsdegr ...…
We give you one team from each Power Five conference and one from the Group of Five that could be surprise playoff teams! Listen in, great stuff!
Topics Include: - Conference Champions - New Years 6 Projections - Playoff/National Title Predictions
Listen in as we give our most underrated players in college football for 2018!
Do you believe everything you're told? Fake events, body doubles, and sea monsters; nothing is off limits when Jessica and Dominic dive deep into the crazy (and maybe not so crazy) world of conspiracy theories. After all, anything is possible if you refuse to believe any different. Also, no one likes a show off at parties. twitter: dsdegrees in ...…
We decided to rank the biggest upsets in sports history. Take a listen as we dive into these phenomenal achievements!
Our heroes have battled long and hard, and have travelled far and wide for their elusive white whale: A College Degree. Dominic and Jessica discuss the challenges and pitfalls that come with school, as Jessica decided to finally go back. Also, Dominic can't seem to dress like an adult. twitter: dsdegrees instagram: dsdegrees youtube: ...…
Topics Included: - July Players of the Month - Trade Deadline review: winners & losers - Updated playoff predictions
Topics Include: - Jarvis Landry overconfident? Browns & Dez together? - Raiders need to get Khalil Mack signed to a new deal! - Intriguing non-QB position battles in the NFL - Rockets impending signing of Melo - Did Kevin Love make the right move staying in Cleveland? - Old MLB player tweets
How does it feel to have to clean up after adults with a smile? Why is it impossible for shoppers to hang their clothing back up? And what is it like to work for free? In the wake of the looming unemployment, Dominic and Jessica trash the world of commission sales and customer service. Also, wine tasting is pretty fun. twitter: dsdegrees instag ...…
Join us for an incredible WNBA conversation! Topics include: State of the game Review of the season thus far Who will make the playoffs? Who wins it all? MVP candidates Rookie Class
We give you the top 10 NBA players ever! Let the debate commence!
Workplace romance can be a tricky game, as the line between "flirting" and "harassment" blurs quickly. Dominic moves on from Shoe Girl only to fall for Third-Floor Girl. Jessica falls in love... with her friends all over again. Also, never pay for overpriced theatre food. twitter: dsdegrees instagram: dsdegrees youtube: iT ...…
Dom and Dani are camping around the country! Starting in Orlando, here's a recap of what we did between there and Vicksburg, Mississippi.
We chop it up with the guys from DC based Dom and Thunder! Great topics,which include: - Thoughts on Kawhi & Machado trades - MLB midseason awards - Overrated pro athletes - NFL bold predictions for 2018
Who wants to be rejected?? Everything is on my terms...
We conclude our series of NFL greats by giving you the top players of all time! It is our list, we are excited about it, but we know there will be debate, which we love! Give it a listen!
Modern dating has devolved into dating apps. It's a game of ghost(Jessica) or be ghosted(Dominic), with the loser(again Dominic) having their time wasted and their feelings hurt. Oh, and if you don't tip your Lyft driver, ya suck. twitter: dsdegrees instagram: dsdegrees youtube: iTunes: ...…
We give you an incredible list of players who will have breakout years in college football! Give a listen! Twitter @dmcreek & @seanplichta Facebook @dssportstalk Instagram @dssportstalk
Who made this incredible list? Listen to find out! Follow us on Twitter @dmcreek & @seanplichta Follow us on Instagram @dssportstalk Like us on Facebook @dssportstalk
Topics Include: - Lebron & how the Lakers are being built - Cousins to Warriors musings - Rockets getting worse? Why are they looking at Melo? - Anything else that caught our eye?
Listen as we give you our top 10 breakout NFL players for this upcoming season! We are predicting each of these players to have huge seasons!
Have you ever been hit on in a different language? And what do you do when you hate your job? Leave, walk out, just do it! Or don't... but maybe do. Also, Jessica is a gym bro. Intagram: dsdegrees Twitter: dsdegrees Youtube: Business e-mail: dsdegrees@gmail.comBy (Dominic Brown, Jessica Gallo).
Topics Include: - Crazy stats/feats in June - Players of the month of June - Our biggest surprises & disappointments of the season - All Star Rosters
Dominic and Jessica come to grips with their age in the world of technology and the lingo that comes with it. What the fuck is an RSS feed and why is iTunes so boujee? They may not have the answers, but they do have the frustration. Oh and Dominic is a party boy. Instagram: dsdegrees Twitter: dsdegrees Youtube: Business e- ...…
- We discuss Andy Murray and Serena - We tell you the potential surprises of the tourney - Who are we picking to win? May be a surprise!
Just don't's not cool
Topics Include: - Chris Paul/Rockets - OKC is screwed - Kawhi - Paul George back to Pacers? - Raptors mess - Other musings/predictions
Ever wondered if your DSA should change its name? And if it did, what would that entail? Shanon McCormick sat down with Deanna Tharpe at DSAIA 2018 to discuss the new Down Syndrome Association of Connecticut name.
How important is life insurance? Jessica delves into what it means to hustle and set goals as a young adult. Dominic recounts awkward party going experiences and the ins-and-outs of flirting. Instagram: dsdegrees Twitter: dsdegrees Youtube: Business e-mail: dsdegerees@gmail.comBy (Dominic Brown, Jessica Gallo).
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