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RM-3 (Raw Materials 3 Ways) is Dwell's podcast exploring the fascinating stories behind common building materials—and how they shape our lives in unexpected ways.
Dwell New Orleans
Dwell New Orleans is an interesting city. Many have tried to explain it's lure..this is yet another attempt.
An American and a Dutch guy in Singapore
We are a church in Southern California that is passionate about The Presence and Word of God, focussing on healthy relationships and family.
Welcome to the Cryptonaut Podcast hosted by Marc Storrs, Chris Carnicelli and Rob Morphy. Exploring everything from Aliens, Cryptozoology, Cryptids, Ghosts, Monsters, The Occult, Paranormal Phenomenon, UFOs, Ufology and Unsolved Mysteries .... all while keeping a close eye on our reptilian overlords that dwell in the flat, hallow, robot infested Earth. This is the Cryptonaut Podcast.
To support this ministry financially, visit: Calvary Worship Center, we desire toKNOWJesus Christ andMAKE HIM KNOWNto others in Colorado Springs and around the world. It is because of His Grace that we are changed and transformed, regardless of our past or background.Him we preach,spreading the hope love Christ offers to all people,For there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.(Acts 4:12)
Join Jennifer Richmond for Bible study, teaching, and meditations through God's Word. Download the studies at
Rob Duenas aka SketchCraft and Brandon James aka MegaPotoato team-up to chat about art, design, and whatever the hell else artists dwell on when locked away in a studio all night. Also, there will be punch and pie. Remember folks all podcasts from 2010 to current are archived on the YouTube page at
Darkness Dwells
A weekly to bi-weekly show where hosts Jason White and Michael Schutz discuss horror movies, books, and writing. They often invite fellow horror writers to come on the show and discuss the genre with them. If reading and watching horror is your passion, then you've found the right podcast. Grab a beverage, get comfortable, and enjoy!
The KNGI Network is the home of radio shows and podcasts dedicated to the promotion and preservation of video game music, independent music communities, and gaming culture.
The Music Box
The Music Box is currently recording Season 2 and will be back soon. Dwell in this fantastical world and follow the adventures of a Lore Master and his storytelling trinket. Where Wondrous Stories are Told, Marvellous Adventures Begin to Unfold.
Dwelling Place Church finds its purpose in revealing the goodness of God from our city to the world. Our mission is to bring people to the Father's love, Jesus' Salvation, and the Holy Spirit's power. We are from many backgrounds, yet united together as messengers of hope. We live to make Him famous. Join us online at
Let the Word Dwell in You
Darknet Diaries
Explore the dark side of the Internet with host Jack Rhysider as he takes you on a journey through the chilling world of privacy hacks, data breaches, and cyber crime. The masterful criminal hackers who dwell on the dark side show us just how vulnerable we all are.
The Music Box
The Music Box is currently recording Season 2 and will be back soon. Dwell in this fantastical world and follow the adventures of a Lore Master and his storytelling trinket. Where Wondrous Stories are Told, Marvellous Adventures Begin to Unfold.
On what it is to live in and enjoy Kansas City
Rebecca L. Weber coaches with the sustainable strategies, mindset shifts, and creative skills development she uses to help independent writers around the world. If you’ve got what it takes to make it as a freelance writer, but struggle with confidence, imposter syndrome, overwhelm, procrastination, time management, writer’s block, improving your craft, marketing, pitching, underearning, pursuing meaning in your work, or getting in your own way, this is the writing podcast for you. Learn, gro ...
Dwell On Truth
Dwell On Truth is the media ministry of Brenten Powers. DWELL stands for Discipleship, Worship, Evangelism, Loving God and Loving people. We believe the Truth of Jesus Christ according to the Bible is the solid foundation that we should dwell on.
As it says in Colossians 3:16, let the word of Christ dwell in you richly. Rather than just taking in a single sermon, the aim of this podcast is to expand our thinking about God’s word to a week-long process that permeates our thinking and experience.
Before he wrote the Oz books, L. Frank Baum wrote this book which was the best selling book of 1897. Taking 22 beloved nursery rhymes, he explains their meaning and fascinating history. What is the true story of Little Boy Blue? Why was Mary contrary?As he says in the introduction, "Many of these nursery rhymes are complete tales in themselves, telling their story tersely but completely; there are others which are but bare suggestions, leaving the imagination to weave in the details of the s ...
Dwell Time is a show produced in house by Griffin Armament discussing the business culture and lifestyle of the firearms industry. The show features interviews with a variety of guests, ranging from industry professionals and influencers to business owners and specialists from outside the firearms/outdoor industry.
Sunday sermons and special event audio from Dwelling Place NRV in Christiansburg, Virginia. "Making a Difference by Embracing God's Heart and Pursuing God's Presence"
“Expository Thoughts” divides the Gospels into sections of about twelve verses each, from which J. C. Ryle selects two or three prominent points to dwell on and bring to the reader’s attention. In Ryle’s day, there were many detailed commentaries and expositions on scripture. In writing these “Expository Thoughts”, Ryle aimed to offer a resource to the laity for use in family prayers, as an aid to those who visit the sick and desire a proper book to read on such occasions, and for private de ...
Thought Provoking Sermons from The Dwelling Place Indy
Weird Studies
Professor Phil Ford and writer/filmmaker J. F. Martel host a series of conversations on art and philosophy, dwelling on ideas that are hard to think and art that opens up rifts in what we are pleased to call "reality."
Dwelling Place Church exists to gather people to Jesus Christ and lead them to Biblical maturity for the multiplication of believers, leaders, and churches. For us, loving God looks a lot like loving people.
More Power to Yinz is an unauthorized, inexpert Pittsburgh Steelers podcast full of knee-jerk reactions and irrational hyperbole from a couple of homers. Join us once a week to revel in the highs of victory or dwell in the depths of despair when they lose.
Malt Couture
After 7 years of being anonymous, 1.5 million words written about beer, and preaching the gospel of Barleywine is Life, Don't Drink Beer's Alex Kidd gets into the deep, dark world of podcasting. Joining him are his co-hosts, comedy writers and performers Stephen Loh and Michael Gabriel. Together they explore the absurd underbelly of the craft beer world while also discussing movies, music, video games, pop culture, and their sad, basement dwelling lives.
Hungry Minds
Hungry Minds are curious, ask questions, and dwell in possibility.
C U Next Thursday
Life really hit us with a shit stick two days before Christmas when we found out that Shaza has a brain tumour. It has since paralysed half of her face and caused a lot of pain and suffering. But we don't like to dwell. We definitely like to milk the cancer cow though. Join us week by week as we get closer and closer to remission. Hopefully some of our more out there experiences will either bring you peace and comfort, or simply entertain you for about 30 minutes. DISCLAIMER: This is not ful ...
Meditation for Mormons -This podcast explores the LDS (Mormon) concept of Zion, where "there (is) no contention in the land, because of the love of God which (does) dwell in the hearts of the people." We address many topics related to living as covenant keeping Mormons in the New Age. Specifically we talk about the technology of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation for Mormons and how to use it to increase our spiritual awareness and uplevel to the "Zion Consciousness".Zion is "living after the manne ...
A podcast where we dwell into the world that is junior racing in the series that feeds into the world of Formula 1.
Although ​performing ​stand-up comedy ​was what initially united ​Eliot, Brent, and H. Alan over 10 years ago​, it’s their ​openness ​(​and ​sense of humor) about feeling ​totally ​lost ​and disconnected from the gay community that’s truly bonded them. ​On YMIW, ​Eliot, Brent and H. Alan get down and dirty, exploring the ​good, bad, and ugly ​tropes of contemporary gay life, often the stuff that no one -- especially ​​​straight people -- discuss for fear of being labeled homophobic. (Don’t w ...
Ryan Maher 365
Daily Bible-based encouragement for your day - 1-2 minute audio clips from Ryan Maher's popular Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube videos, as well as his other podcast, the Christian Quotes Podcast. This podcast is meant to give you a quick devotional thought to dwell on for the day. Each audio clip is short and sweet, based on the Bible, and applicable for today. Join the growing community of over 700,000+ people that are blessed by Ryan's content every month by going online at https://RyanMa ...
Let the Word of God dwell in you richly as you hear these sermons on the go. Stay up to date with current series and the most recent Sunday morning Sermons. Regular contributions from Pastor Joel Renkema, Tim Keep, Pastor Carlos Corro, and occasional guest preachers.
Mike Wentland and Jeremy Kassel host this call-in podcast and answer your questions on all the places we dwell. Call 1-800-511-6842 to get your questions answered! Support this podcast:
VisionKeepers Podcast is the audio companion to the CreateTV and national public television series by the same name.The podcast is also all about people who dwell in possibilities and try to find ways to leave our world a better place than they found it.You will find a new episode of VisionKeepers every Monday.*All views, ideas, and opinions expressed herein are solely those of the individuals and organizations featured on the podcast and do not necessarily reflect the views, ideas, or opini ...
Conversations on how to plan, build, and live the tiny life.
Multi Story
Personal stories from across England - each week, a new theme. Becca Bryers is your guide to the colourful characters and emotional experiences which make up a diverse country.
Where true New York City living -- the places, buildings, and culture -- collide. It's the Brick Underground Podcast, from As New York City's most popular and trusted source of real estate advice, BrickUnderground speaks directly to New Yorkers seeking solutions to their real-estate and apartment-dwelling needs.
The Most Amazing Story Ever is a tale about the birth of a modern God. This action-packed, emotional, whirlwind of a story takes the listener through a dramatic and dark process as Sam seeks out the light and attempts to claim the title of God Almighty. But his path out of the darkness is filled with peril as he confronts his inner demon, Malice. This beast consumes Sam's soul and takes control of his body in an effort to bring death and destruction to the world.Don't miss out on this high p ...
Decades long friends get together to talk about being a dude, being a husband, and being the defender of manhood and the homes in which they dwell. This podcast for the everyday man covers life hacks, current events, lessons learned in life, special guests from around the world... and a whole lotta laughter! This is a place for men to let their guard down and just be men.
Sunday morning and Wednesday evening Bible teachings from the pastors and teachers at Calvary Spokane in Spokane, WA. For more information visit us at
For over 60 years Malcolm Smith has brought in-depth Biblical teaching to the body of Christ. The nucleus of this teaching is to help all believers come to a vibrant, relevant understanding of the unconditional, unending, unwavering, covenant love of God. Malcolm Smith is not an evangelist but, as he often describes himself, is an evangelist to the evangelized, teaching believers who they are in Christ, the beloved of God and His dwelling place through the Spirit.
Kinky Konscience
Knowledgeable. Iconic. Natural. Konscious. Young.Kinky Konscience is a new up and coming podcast brought to you by 2 city dwelling naturalistas, bloggers, entrepreneurs and hustlers. Join them as they talk about black culture, sex, love, relationships, music and everything in between. It may sound like girl talk but there is always something for the fellas too. Trust - if the tea is hot, it just might get spilled. Both are unapologetically opinionated and true to themselves. ​Kinky Konscienc ...
Join Simon Hedger from his hilltop dwelling in Wales as he takes you on a journey into a magical world of children’s stories. Filled with catchy songs and music from instruments Simon has made himself, they're perfect for bedtimes, car journeys or quiet time in the day.
For centuries, Christians have traveled to foreign soil to plant churches. Tri-State Community Church is an effort to plant a church right here in the Tri-State area. In a sense we are stateside missionaries with a heart to take the Good news of Jesus Christ to the Tri-State area. Tri-State Community Church operates under the oversight of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARP).At Tri-State Community Church we are centered on God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Through the ...
Eugene Smith is the pastor of 'Dwelling Place Christian Fellowship', located in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.
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To support this ministry financially, visit: Al will show us today just how important it is that we displayed Godly love to not only one another, but to those who persecute us aswell. Today'smessage is titled Love Beyond Words.By Al Pittman.
We are a church in Southern California that is passionate about The Presence and Word of God, focussing on healthy relationships and family.By Andrew Billings.
"If you didn't know Kansas City had a municipal rose garden, it will similarly surprise you to lean that those very roses are grown on one of the area's bloodiest Civil War conflicts." - "Local" Jay Swearingen
Brenten Powers talks with his friend Vince about what God is doing in Salinas, CA. Vince shares about his conversion, discipleship, the gospel, evangelizing, the work of the Holy Spirit and an upcoming conference HOPE for men in the market place. We're praying for a true revival from God and stepping out in faith to reach this city.…
This sermon was preached by Al Lukabyo at the morning service on Sunday, 18 August 2019. The Bible reading was Revelation 4-5. It is part 3 of the Victory revealed series.By
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy L. Frank Baum.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy L. Frank Baum.
As I mentioned in my last episode of the Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast, I just finished teaching a two week design/build course at Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Waitsfield, Vermont. Working alongside other talented instructors was an inspiring experience for me, and a highlight was being able to work with students on framing and sheathing ...…
I escaped a room with a little help from my friends! 10:05 – My adventures in Texas 17:08 – Trying out a few GMTK Game Jam games If you missed Saturday’s live broadcast of Molehill Mountain, you can watch the video replay on YouTube. Alternatively, you can catch audio versions of the show on iTunes. ... Continue reading ‘Molehill Mountain Episo ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy L. Frank Baum.
In Beer News, yeast hunters go to the edge of space, AB InBev is $100 BILLION in debt, and a new challenger enters the adjunct arena, this time from Malaysia. For the Bottleshare, Alex brings in a beer he's mentioned since the start of the podcast while Stephen brings in crab juice. Head to our Patreon for weekly Small Batch episodes! DontDrink ...…
This week, NGI travels back to the 80’s and 90’s with the second winner from July’s Patreon’s Choice poll! PLAYLIST: WillRock – Nitroglycerin Injection (Theme of KNGI :: Bandcamp) Papala Kawai – Moon Over The Castle [The Theme Of Gran Turismo] (Gran Turismo [PS1] :: VGMdb) Kazuki Muraoka, Kazuhiko Uehara, Harumi Ueko, Yukie Morimoto – ... Conti ...…
To support this ministry financially, visit: Al Pittman is leading a study of Romans right now, and today underscores chapter twelve and verses three through nine. Getting along with each other is what this section of Romans is all about. Paul felt fellowship and love was so important that he includ ...…
Ishay Govender-Ypma is a food and travel journalist and author of “Curry.” This week we discuss the intersection of curry and colonialism: what happens when a food journalist uses the lens of social justice to examine who eats what, how, and why? We also discuss what once seemed like a never-ending assignment, structuring research materials, an ...…
Jafar. Ursula. Scar. What do they all have in common? They're GAY...or are they? Then, Wine Country star and longtime SNL writer Paula "Nana Homo" Pell shares stories of dating in your fifties, strolling down Penis Avenue, and going into "Code Lez" around rescue dogs. And finally, hear Mabel Braun's formal pitch to Eliot to be the spokesman for ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy L. Frank Baum.
In this episode of RM-3 (Raw Materials 3 Ways), host Dan Maginn investigates how light accentuates architecture, sculpts our experiences, and ultimately shapes our behavior.By Dwell.
William Gibson's Pattern Recognition was published in 2003, in the wake of 9/11. You would think that a novel about the early Internet's effects on the collective psyche would feel dated today. But Gibson's insight into the deeper implications of digital culture and soul-rending consumerism are such that we are still catching up with Cayce Poll ...…
To support this ministry financially, visit: been studying the Book of Romans lately and well be zeroing in on chapter twelve today. In this chapter, Paul not only teaches us how to effectively live out our faith in a world that is often hostile to the Gospel message, but he also provides us with some ...…
In this episode we discuss The Gospel of Sam Chapter 14-15The Most Amazing Story Ever is a tale about the birth of a modern God. This action-packed, emotional, whirlwind of a story takes the listener through a dramatic and dark process as Sam seeks out the light and attempts to claim the title of God Almighty. But his path out of the darkness i ...…
Revisiting the story of a Leicestershire man facing saying goodbye to the family home he's struggling to afford.John's dilemma featured in the first ever episode of Multi Story - has anything changed since? A reminder of the original story, plus an all important update!This mini episode of Multi Story was presented and produced by Becca Bryers.…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy L. Frank Baum.
To support this ministry financially, visit: Al Pittman, takes us to the Book of Romans today, and we find ourselves in chapter twelve. As we read Pauls words to the Christians in Rome, well uncover the truth about how to be perfected in Christ and discover Gods will for our lives along the way.…
Episode Notes Youngblood, Spawn #300, & The Batman. Support SketchCraft by donating to the tip jar: Find out more at https://sketchcraft.pinecast.coBy Rob Duenas.
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