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Best Dylan Richardson podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Dylan Richardson podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Impromptu Video
Random videos produced by video pro Dylan Richardson. Some are funny and others are informative.
Bunt To Lose
A Milwaukee Brewers Podcast Hosts: Alec Dopp, Curt Hogg, Andrew Vrchota Description: A baseball podcast hosted by 3 avid Milwaukee Brewer bloggers who discuss the weekly happenings going on inside and out of Miller Park. Follow us on Twitter: @AlecDopp, @YouAStupidHogg, @AndrewVrchota Read our blogs here: Alec Dopp - http://brewersrumors.com/ Curt Hogg - http://reviewingthebrew.com/ Andrew Vrchota - http://wisportsblog.blogspot.com/
All of www.thesportsstuff.com shows TSS
Catch all of the Bret Harte and Calaveras high school Sports and local Calaveras County Sports
TSS: Whats The Line
Joey Murr and gang give you the ins and outs of the current weeks betting lines.
Jim and Dylan cover the hot topics in the NFL. Check out the controversial topic Bone Head Of The Week and Cry Baby Of The Week. Check out all of the other shows on the TSS Network .. www.thesportsstuff.com
Royal Crown
All about the KC Royals
Andrew, Nick, and Mike debate and discuss weekly topics of all Wisconsin sports! Packers, Brewers, Badgers, and Bucks, they cover it all! Read the blog on Blogger.com, sign up for the free message boards at ProBoards.com, and Follow the blog on Twitter at @WISportsBlog
Only real steeler fans allowed
Big XII Bash
All about the big 12
"The official podcast of WTBU's award-winning "Beanpot with Reimer & Clauss," a talk show of underwhelming proportions. Join syndicated sports talk radio host Alex Reimer and news personality Kyle Clauss as they sweat the small stuff and discuss everything from Boston sports, to current events, to Kyle's misanthropy, to Alex's ongoing struggle with Boston University's dining hall staff. It's like a cup of black coffee for your soul. Tune in to "The Beanpot with Reimer & Clauss" Sundays, 10am ...
Los Angeles Lakers, and Minnesota Timberwolves NBA Podcast. It's not just basketball radio, it's Showtime! "Paladino" Joey, and "Vinrok" host this in depth, and entertaining LA Lakers and Minnesota Timberwolves Show. We also aren't afraid to talk all things NBA, to cater to those of you who also like to discuss general league talk.
Twins Talk MLB
.NET Rocks!
.NET Rocks! is an Internet Audio Talk Show for Microsoft .NET Developers.
TSS: Sports Blast
A Surprising, refreshing, fun, exciting show. Joe Murray has done an amazing job in his short time on the air and the show has quickly become one of the better shows in the market. Why might you ask??? Because the concept is very simple, get group of young hip sports fans who sit on the air and shoot the breeze about sports as if they were in a local bar. Joe Murray, a Hyde Park native, graduated from The Connecticut School of Broadcasting in 2007 and got his start as an intern on The Lew an ...
Ever wish you could ask your running questions to our staff of expert coaches? How about listen in on questions your fellow runners have? Now you can with the RunnersConnect Extra Kick Podcast! Our coaches will give in-depth answers to your running questions 5 days per week. Get actionable lessons in our bite-sized podcast while you run, when you’re at the gym, and on your commute
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How to share your love of running with your family so as to become healthy together? Why you need to keep running fun and not dreaded work to make your family fit and active? Coach Claire explains in today's podcast.
In today's podcast, Coach Ruairi talks about 3 running products that he has an eye on this Christmas. Listen now to find out the top features of these items, how they differ from other similar products and how they can be beneficial to runners.
How to mentally prepare for bigger races? Coach Dylan and Coach Ruairi discusses in today's Extrakick podcast episode.
How do you improve the performance of your application? While at .NET Developer Days in Poland, Carl and Richard chatted with Steve Gordon about his work writing high-performance C#. The conversation digs into the larger picture of why and how you improve performance - don't guess, use method profiling, benchmarking and great measurements to kn ...…
Why runners should cut diary from their diet? What are the benefits of going dairy-free? What are the best dairy alternatives? Coach Ruairi clarifies and shares his own experience on this topic in today's podcast.
How to approach your workout when you're not feeling that good physically or emotionally? In today's podcast, Coaches Ruairi and Dylan share strategies to overcome the barriers and get the energy back up again to push through your workout.
In today's podcast, Coach Ruairi and Coach Dylan talks about trail running and etiquette for running the trails. Tune in now!
How to fit running into your busy schedule? How to make it work even when you have other life priorities? Coach Dylan and Coach Ruairi shares tips to prioritize training and find motivation for running when you have a hectic schedule in today's podcast.
In today's episode, Coach Ruairi and Coach Dylan talks about their high school running experience, what changes and improvements happened while in college, and the transition of becoming a professional athlete in the real world. Listen now!
How can you be more productive with Visual Studio? Carl and Richard talk to Kendra Havens about all the built-in productivity gadgets in Studio - plus the ones you can build yourself! Kendra talks about putting those red and green squiggles, lightbulbs and screwdrivers to work communicating with developers about standards of development within ...…
What is a Rim to Rim to Rim Run? How to deal with hydration issues when running here? What is it like when running a trail race in Grand Canyon? Coach Dylan interviews the guest Tara Richardson about this in today's episode. Listen now!
California International Marathon: What is it like to run there? How to best prepare for this race or any big downhill races? How to execute a race plan for this course and run optimally on race day? Coach Ruairi and Coach Dylan discusses in today's episode.
In today's podcast, Coach Dylan discusses about his recent racing experience at Frankfurt Marathon with Coach Ruairi. He talks about the paces he was doing, his marathon goal, facing adversity in races and how to overcome it, recovery and many more. Listen now!
Training cycles can be long and finding day-to-day motivation can be sometimes hard to find during this winter. So how can you spice up your training? Coach Laura discusses 5 ways to refresh your mid-season training in today's podcast.
What to eat before your run? When is the best time to have food for early morning or evening runs? How much to eat prior to your shorter or longer runs? Find out in today's podcast.
How do you configure your cloud? Carl and Richard talk to Joe Duffy about Pulumi, a tool that lets you use your favorite programming languages to provide Configuration-as-Code. Joe Duffy talks about the new addition to Pulumi - .NET Core languages including C#, F#, VB.NET... even COBOL.NET if you really want to! The conversation then turns to t ...…
When can bone health gets compromised? What causes osteoporosis and osteopenia among athletes? How to keep your bones healthy? Coach Laura explains in this episode.
In today's podcast, Coach Laura talks about sleep disorders and training. How insomnia affects your day-to-day life and your race performance? Why good sleep is necessary for strength training and recovery? Find out now!
What are the benefits of running without a pace set on your watch? What are the common misconceptions about setting the pace for your runs? Coach Laura clarifies and also suggests a few ways to run without a watch in today's podcast.
In today's episode, Coach Dylan interviews Coach Ruairi about his recent half marathon race performance, his race strategy and how he achieved his lifetime personal best in that race. Listen now!
Coach Dylan discusses a few important things that he has learned in his first international racing experience in today's podcast. Tune in now!
What's up with Entity Framework? Carl and Richard talk to Julie Lerman about the latest updates to Entity Framework, both EF 6 and Entity Framework Core 3.0. The discussion dives into this transitory time in the world of .NET, where .NET framework and .NET Core live side-by-side, and looking to a future of a unified .NET 5. Julie talks about th ...…
Why there is no guarantee that we can always get the expected result in this sport? In this podcast, Coach Dylan talks about how certain things can affect the outcome of our races and what we can do about it. Listen now!
In today's podcast, Coach Dylan talks about 5 core principles that he has applied this year to help maximize his success and overall preparation for his racing goals. Tune in now to find out how you can use these principles to your benefit.
How to get through the ups and downs of a training cycle? Why you need to expect the unexpected when it comes to training, racing and performance? Coach Dylan explains in today's podcast.
What to wear when running in the cold weather? Tights vs. Shorts: Which is best? How many layers do you really need for a winter run? Coach Claire explains in today's episode.
Do you hate speedwork? Is it necessary? Can you avoid speedwork completely and still get faster? What are the other ways to become a faster runner? Coach Claire clarifies in today's podcast.
What's happening with Windows client-side development? Carl and Richard talk to Ryan Demopoulous about WinUI 3.0, the next version of the WinUI stack, which represents a major shift in how Windows applications are going to be built and supported in the future. Ryan starts the conversation focused on the current WinUI 2, which is open source, bu ...…
In today's podcast, Coach Claire discusses how the half marathon is underrated by some runners and why you should consider this distance as your new goal. Listen now!
What's the difference between flexibility and mobility? Do runners need both? How important is thoracic spine flexibility for runners? What exercises can improve your spine mobility?
How to stay motivated to run when it is cold and dark outside? Coach Claire shares some top motivation and safety tips for running in the dark, cold winter weather. Tune in now!
In today's podcast, Coach Hayley talks about some great reasons why you should take part in a park run. Listen now!
How you can use caffeine to boost your running performance? When to take caffeine on race day and how much to take? Coach Hayley explains in today's episode.
What does it take to move away from AngularJS? Carl and Richard talk to Jennifer Wadella about so-called legacy Angular apps, that is, web apps built using Angular 1.x - known as AngularJS. The discussion calls back to the issues around AngularJS, that its flexibility led to a huge array of programming approaches, making it difficult to manage ...…
In today's podcast, Coach Hayley talks about nutrition for faster stress fracture healing and recovery. Find out what foods helps heal broken bones quickly and what foods slow down the healing process or worst, weaken the bones further.
How to avoid getting sick this winter? What factors can increase your risk of illness? Can supplements help your immune health? Find out in today's podcast.
What are the psychological effects of injury in athletes and how to cope with them effectively? Coach Hayley shares some great ideas for better injury recovery journey in today's podcast.
Why you should extend your training cycle from the usual 7-day weekly cycle to 10-day cycle? What are the benefits of adding more days in your training cycle? Coach Laura explains in today's episode.
What is a race plan and do runners need one? How a race plan helps an athlete to create realistic goals and race strategy? Find out in today's podcast from Coach Laura.
Software-as-a-Service is getting more common, what does it take to make a good app in that world? Carl and Richard talk to Tom Kerkhove about building multi-tenant cloud apps today. While multi-tenant apps have been around for a long time, the cloud offers new ways to build, monitor and maintain them. The conversation starts out digging into th ...…
In today's podcast, Coach Laura talks about age groups and race results. Find out what is age grading and how age group place results at races are helpful to athletes.
In today's episode, Coach Laura talks about chewing gum when you run. What are the psychological benefits of chewing gum while running? Can it help improve your athlete performance? Find out now!
What are the benefits of adding mindfulness to your training? How to do mindful meditation? How to practice mindfulness while running? Coach Laura explains in this episode.
How tracking menstrual cycles can help female runners with their running? How female athletes can use period tracking to optimize their training and to avoid issues on race day? Coach Hayley explains in today's episode.
Recovery Runs vs Easy Runs: What is the difference between them? What are the purposes of doing easy and recovery runs? How they differ and when to do them? Coach Hayley explains in today's podcast.
What does client-side development look like today? Carl and Richard talk to Tim Corey about WinForms, WPF and other ways to build applications that live on a client. The conversation digs into the fear that client-side developers have around WinForms going away - which does not appear to be happening with a new version appearing in .NET Core 3. ...…
How to protect your skin from harsh weather conditions when running? In today's podcast, Coach Hayley shares tips for skin care during summer and winter months. Listen now!
How you can periodise your strength training to optimize your running performance? Why is periodisation training important? Find out in today's podcast episode.
What is the role of psychology in sports injury and recovery? What are the stressors in your life that can amplify the pain? How to handle them effectively for faster healing? Coach Hayley explains in today's podcast.
In today's podcast, Coach Ruairi talks about horse flies and other annoying pests that runners encounter during trail runs.
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