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Best EM Board Bombs podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best EM Board Bombs podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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10-15 minute #FOAM podcasts on classic Emergency Medicine topics. We tell you what you need to know. High yield board and shelf review. Funny and entertaining stems, great questions, all free and all high yield. Available on Apple iTunes Podcast app, Spotify, and website for streaming. www.emboardbombs.com
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Bayer is not our sponsor, but for this episode that's probably a good thing. ASA OD is uncommon but deadly, and the management is classically high yield for EM physicians. Let's talk presentation, pathology, antidotes, and why intubating is a horrible idea- so horrible we will come find you and lock up your Mac blade.…
Who know something so tiny could be so threatening. These are a favorite of ours because we get to bring out the ole Bovie, what EM doc doesn't enjoy cauterizing nailbeds? Are we getting ahead of ourselves again? ...#sorrynotsorry. Let's talk distal nail injuries, when to trephinate or remove the nail, and when to splint or call a surgeon.…
Tick Season might be ending but the boards don't care! We need to talk about why Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever occurs more in the Southeast US rather than the Rocky Mountains. Wait...say what? Special Guest is Matrix master Chase Countryman (aka Neo), from the EMBB crew. He's here to drop some bombs as well and why you shouldn't keep ticks as pets.…
Lasagna or endocarditis? Its a tough question, they both look so similar. Yum. Iltifat and Blake have an action-packed episode covering a smoldering topic. Endocarditis- the presentation, diagnosis, myths, and why CT head and chest aren't a bad idea ever.By EM Board Bombs
Who loves diagnosing uncommon conditions without great imaging tests? We don't. So we did a podcast instead. Torsion might be one of the most elusive abdominal diagnoses out there. We cover what you NEED to know, both clinically and for boards.Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
Blake is going to England, Iltifat is going to shift. Which one sounds better? Its a rapid board bomb for a SLOW topic, Myxedema Coma. High mortality and high yield for boards. Know how to act fast on these sluggish patients.Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
They say love can hurt sometimes... you know what else hurts? Gonorrhea. And it can also cause bad septic arthritis that is painful to learn for boards and life. Let's give you the run down on some life advice and a high yield board topic in <13 minutes. We talk, presentations, diagnosis, and treatment.Website: www.emboardbombs.com…
Football, basketball, baseball and definitely poker are all exciting athletic sports. Working out can be healthy... but much like bodybuilding, too big is too big. HOCM is the most common cause of sudden death in Americans <40, so let's talk about this classic board topic! We’ll cover ALL you need to know. Also shout out to Lavar Burton... list ...…
On this episode we do something special: Marlena Wosiski-Kuhn, our fearless PR master and Twitterverse champion, joins us for our discussion on Shingles and Swallowed FBs. Its a rapid fire episode that covers TWO high yield questions.As for swallowing shingles... we don't think it's possible... but fact check us?website: www.emboardbombs.com…
A patient presents with fever, rigidity, and altered mental status. What are you thinking? Disco Inferno, that's right. This week Blake Briggs is hitting the dance floor to talk about NMS and SS alone as Iltifat Husain is away on business. Let's talk about the presentations, diagnosis, management, and key differences and similarities between th ...…
Been watching the news lately? We think the Russians are up to something. FaceApp --> A. fib. Get ready America. Let's talk ALL ABOUT this high yield rhythm. We cover quick pathophysiology, types of A fib, complications, rate and rhythm control, cardioversion, and who gets anticoagulated. Phew! Get ready!Website: www.emboardbombs.com…
3.6 roentgens? Not great, not terrible.... what is terrible is Acute Radiation poisoning. We cover what you NEED TO KNOW for boards. This WILL be on exams and you don't want to miss these chip shoot questions. KI prophylaxis, when to determine if exposure was lethal, and why organs don't explode... yep we really cover it all.Website: www.emboar ...…
There's a reason Iltifat Husain has never been camping. Join us for this week's bonus bomb, where we tell an embarrassing story that's sure to make you laugh at us (not with us) and then discuss HyperK: a medical emergency EVERY doctor should know!Website: www.emboardbombs,comBy EM Board Bombs
On this episode, we will explore the neck and why the Elder Wand should not be used by nerdy & clumsy friends in enclosed spaces. We talk why zoning is super lame and not on boards anymore (so don't learn it), a cool mnemonic to remember neck injuries in the ED, and who needs CTA vs OR. As a bonus, we talk pitfalls of intubating these patients! ...…
Return of the Jedi- Dr. Casey Glass joins our intrepid hosts again to discuss POCUS and high yield exam questions related to it. We talk 1st trimester US, tamponade, abruption, and torsion. Altogether, its a pretty fun experience apart from the lame jokes.Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
On this episode, recorded LIVE at #SAEM19 in Las Vegas, our intrepid hosts discuss Pikachu, Mickey Mouse, and patients being naked and delirious in Sin City. Another typical day, really. Let’s talk about this high mortality, sympathomimetic condition that requires skillful intervention! www.emboardbombs.com…
Why the hell is the P silent in Pneumonia? In other news, we talk dispositions, antibiotics, and all about PORT/PSI. HIGH yield classic main course stuff for boards. Gotta eat your veggies as your Mother always told you, well now its time to review common things for boards (PNA). We hope you followed that reference...www.emboardbombs.com…
We have a very special "Call in the Experts" Session this week. Joining us is Dr. Casey Glass, POCUS Guru and suspected Jedi Master. We talk FAST, Aorta, and what comes up on boards so you can ace the US section. You won't want to miss this one!www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
We discuss everything you need to know about Succinylcholine and Rocuronium, both our two must trusted NMBAs for RSI in the ED. We discuss why we use paralytics the majority of the time, side effects, differences in practice, and classic board-relevant side toxicity.Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
Who doesn't love dinosaurs!? We tackle the rest of all those "C named" problems of the gallbladder, specifically Choledocholithiasis and Cholangitis. How to diagnose, complications, management in the ED, and ultimate Dispos. Also credit to our advertiser: Bilitonin. Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
Blake Briggs is all on his lonesome as he shares his favorite activity in the ED- ELECTRICITY! Why we do it, rapid ACLS indications and key points regarding defibrillation, and stats on common cardioversion questions.Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
Wood stoves kill. We expose this ugly truth along with why American Lit majors always get CO poisoning on tests. Let’s talk CO, hyperbaric, and when to do it. Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
Winter storm got you shivering? Let’s defrost you with a “hot” board topic that is SURE to come up. We discuss hypothermia, diagnosis, approach to rewarming, EKG and lab findings, and complications. Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
Iltifat Husain and Blake Briggs drop some rapid Board Bombs on bites in the ED. This guide covers micro, approach to wounds and subsequent infections, when to give antibiotics, when not to close the wound, and what antibiotics to use. Enjoy this pun-filled episode.Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
We discuss a complex topic and make sure its under 17 minutes. Methanol, Ethylene glycol. How to catch it, how to diagnose it, and how to treat it! Siri makes a guest appearance.Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
Dr. Briggs discusses everything you need to know about seasonal Influenza. Do we do the flu swab? What’s the deal with boards and Tamiflu? Let’s find out in this fireside chat sure to make FDR proud.Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
We talk about board-relevant material with IV steroids. Not only sepsis but quickly review steroid side effects and ALL the major board relevant indications for IV steroids. Let’s get swoll…. and a buffalo hump.Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
IT’S BONUS Time! We discuss pearls of wisdom regarding asymptomatic hyperglycemia in the ED. Dr. Briggs shares a strange encounter in the coffee shop as well.website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
We’re not gonna sugarcoat it. We are going to hit DKA and HHS hard- all the epidemiology, presentation pearls, and diagnoses as well as complications. Thanks to Mountaineerdoc (Dr. Jimmy Scheidler) for the request!Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
We discuss the high yield principles of urethral trauma, breaking down the types of injury, myths, and board relevant diagnostic steps. Beware to all men listening.Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
Happy Veteran’s Day and Armistice Day! We discuss the ultra-high yield blast injuries- their presentations, epidemiology, and injury patterns on boards. We make this one stick!Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
We talk about Acute Chest- epidemiology, common bugs, what antibiotics to give, the diagnostic workup, and when the heck to think about exchange transfusions. Shoutout to Ikram Irfanullah, MS4 for writing the stem!Link to website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
Dr. Husain shares a hilarious story from work and we discuss ICD’s and VT.Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
29. The Piano Man causes Vtach by EM Board BombsBy EM Board Bombs
Today Blake Briggs is all by himself to handle a subscriber’s question on bleeding trachs. He also rambles about useless information everyone should know.Link to website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
Today we freak everyone out about the highly dangerous high pressure injuries, how the physical exam is not helpful, the prognosis, and complication rates. Should be terrifying.Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
State fairs are fun…but not for your gallbladder. We cover biliary colic, cholecystitis, emphysematous cholecystitis, HIDA vs US, and complications. We even had time to breathe. Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
Today we discuss Lyme Disease, why doxycycline is our favorite antibiotic, #blessed. You can even give it to kids (shocker!).Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
The Battle Royale between two common crystalloids- NS vs LR. We bring you the rundown and why we belong to the House of Ringers.Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
Struggling with pediatric EKGs? Great- we hate 'em too. Let's tidy up some of those myths and what to look for!Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
Lebron vs Kobe? Don't bother asking Dr. Husain. Any bad layup can cause a shoulder dislocation. We discuss the presentation, epidemiology, diagnosis, and complications of these common dislocations.Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
Today we cover the FAST exam. All those stats you hate about it, why we do it, and the particular board-relevant topics you'd encounter. Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
Today we learn all about board-relevant snake bites. What to do before the hospital, when to observe, when to treat, and why Australia is the most dangerous place in the world. Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
We discuss this short little pearl on a common board question: What you have to do when someone needs meningitis prophylaxis. Also making an appearance is Lion King and awkward teenagers.Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
Join us for a rapid Bonus Bomb as a thank you to all our subscribers. This is awesome, non-board relevant trivia that might come in handy one day on the golf course, hiking, or if you just have bad luck.Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
The classic lightning strike ED patient. We discuss paths of least resistance, why German is an aggressive language, and what the hell keraunoparalysis is. Link to the Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
Here we talk about Camel City (#reppin' the hometown), COPD exacerbation complications and causes, Gold Criteria, and when to give Antibiotics and steroids. Whew, needless to say its a jam-packed episode. Link to the Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
Nothing a little soap suds can fix right? Wrong. Time to rely on modern medicine AKA antibiotics. Mad Max and Gustillo teach us some things about open fractures. Great movie btw.Link to the Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
In a world where patients get hot, its up to us to tactically place ice packs in strategic locations to stop heat stroke. Or dunk them in a bath.Link to the Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
The pulses wither, clinging to the last piece of intima, explodes into hemorrhageThat was our (first and last) attempt at an aortic dissection haiku.Link to the Website: www.emboardbombs.comBy EM Board Bombs
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