Best EMBArassing podcasts we could find (Updated January 2019)
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Rosie Wiklund Is...
A podcast where we talk embarassing moments and how we survived, self love, body positivity, growing up growing older, being neurodivergent and living in imperfect bodies.
A weekly podcast hosted by a Freeloader and a Dope Chick. Entertaining you with the latest in Pop Culture, Relationship Topics, and plenty of embarassing stories.
The Tom Watts Show
Awkward silences, embarassing stories and despair. The life and times of Tom Watts...only on Insanity Radio
Stark and Swint
Kyle “the Swint” and Ryan “the Starky” bring you a list of new things to try every week. Whether it be Savannah’s 4 best restaurants guaranteed to give you food poisoning or Bill Clinton’s 3 most embarassing affairs, Kyle and Ryan have you covered. New episodes air Tuesdays at 7pm EST.
House Sadness
Looking for a reason to feel good about yourself? We invite you to House Sadness to enjoy childish bits, social experiments, a touch of self deprication, and embarassing tales from guests in a sad attempt by Jacob and Josh to feel slightly better about themselves...if only for a short time.
The twisted world of Matt Lees and his bff "Just" Jon and their cast of super friends. You'll never know what to expect from the Sparetime Legends Podcast Network.
A podcast that is anything but half-assed.
Dirty Talk 509
Dirty-Talk, Crazy, Random, Puke your guts outPARENTAL ADVISORY required Mature Content may vary. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Three huge fans of music and culture who talk about their mass obsession with it.
Cars Unfiltered
Our sometimes bizarre points of view on cars, trucks and lots of other random sh...
The Jay & Tay Show
Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, ladies and gentlemen and everything in between! We are Jarred Stephen Meek and Taylor Long, otherwise known as Jay and Tay! We are not your average podcast, we think. We're kind of just saying that. Because we do whatever we want here on The Jay & Tay Show. With our fun segments, we get real about things like Sex, Love, Friendships, and everything else that goes on in our day to day lives! Join us!
Three girls with very funny opinions on the world. Tune in to hear us talk about things we would never talk about with our moms!
Super Panic Frenzy Podcast: Welcome to the apex of pure entertainment and wisdom. Come join Steven Suptic and Reina Scully as they discuss their weekly adventures in life, providing endless hours of delightful pleasure.
Join Mr.Colm Hayes each weekday from 11am on 2fm as he talks to the nation, taking calls, texts, tweets and emails.
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It's Saturday night and we are SNOWED IN, folks! I'm liquored up on grandpa's secret cough syrup and spilling all kinds of stories I will surely regret tomorrow, but who knows if tomorrow is even going to happen?! It's a Snowmageddonpocolypse out there and there's no time for nice-ities. I accidentally spill the beans on a recent i-shit-my-pant ...…
Lees and Just Jonny are back with their 2019 debut episode! Lees went to Disneyland Paris "Stream It, Steal It, Buy It, Ignore It" as JP reviews Spiderverse and Lees talks BumbleBee.We want you to "Bandersnatch" your favourite moviesWhiskeyGhostbusters 3 All this and much more! @legendpodcast…
In this episode, I come to grips with the fact that I need to let go of an extremely shameful part of my past. I try to take you behind-the-scenes, if you will, of what the mind of an addict looks like. This is all just from my very personal experience and how I worked through it. Also, the intro of this episode will rock your tits off. You're ...…
This week, we talk about Salamondrin/Alejandro's Mclaren Senna fire, Cadillac's EV plan and the North American International Auto Show. Take a list and come along with us for the ride!
Food n stuff Become a supporter of this podcast:
A hooey! Become a supporter of this podcast:
This week we discuss Tom's experience driving a Tesla Model S P100D and a Model 3. We also find out what our "car resolutions" are for 2019.
Going to over 150 shows in 2018 combined, Miro, Ashley + David choose their most memorable live music moments of the year.Twitter:
Go grab your butter and gravy boat, folks! This is a real mash up episode with all the fixins! Self abuse, religion, Christmas, politics, those damn neighbor kids, insensitive jokes and FRIENDSHIP. Does that sum it up well enough? Who knows, who cares, this is free entertainment and 2018 is almost two thousand and late! Enjoy the show.…
In this episode, Miro, Ashley + David go over their top 5 projects that came out in 2018.Twitter:
Hi Become a supporter of this podcast:
In this episode, Miro, Ashley & David discuss part 2 of their top 10 albums of all time.Twitter:
Happy Holidays everyone! Thank you for listening to our podcast this last year! 2019 has some fun things in store for the podcast! We're going to be focusing on interviews! We're really excited to talk to industry leaders and enthusiasts! This week on the podcast we talk about Elon Musk's Boring Company and the latest tunnel completion...Mike t ...…
Just Jonny and Mr Lees wanted to say thank you to all of you loyal listeners and our pod-family. Thank you for 2018, and here's to 2019 and beyond! MattLees feat. Just Jon - (You're A Mean One) Mr. Grinch @legendpodcast
Mumbo jumbo jumbly wumbles Become a supporter of this podcast:
Latest episode of Dirty Talk 509 Become a supporter of this podcast:
This week we talk about the layoffs and downsizing of GM and Ford. Will EVs bring back manufacturing to the US?
#LiMST alumni Doctor Squee (Galifrey Stands Podcast) hosted a live 24 hour podcast in aid of Dogs For Good UK and was kind enough to ask your boys to fill in one of his slots... heh. **The recording of our episode is a straight rip from the live stream and is not up to our usual quality** Just Jonny and Leesy went live for 2 solid hours with Sq ...…
Latest episode of Dirty Talk 509 Become a supporter of this podcast:
Latest episode of Dirty Talk 509 Become a supporter of this podcast:
Become a supporter of this podcast:
Ermagherd it mer Become a supporter of this podcast:
Lees and Just Jon are back with a huge (yuge) episode! They pay tribute to Stan LeeLees has another "vampire" storySomeone made the list!Matt drops a review of "The Grinch"The story of Matt's Strange Package part 1Tony's Grandad Joke! All this and much more in an action packed episode! @legendpodcast #LiMST #IHOPNetwork…
Tom's back, and has trouble remembering how to speak. Sal talks about sneakers for a second...and Mike feels weird until "they" show up.We hope you enjoy this episode of the Cars Unfiltered Podcast!Our thoughts go out to all of those in California that are experiencing loss. We all hope that the recovery happens quickly and that everything can ...…
Join Simone and Kat as they discuss Simone's first online date back in the day (spoiler alert: it was a failure) a healthy night-time routine we should all try and a Thanksgiving themed 'would-you-rather'. 'Life is Pretty Rough; laugh through it with us'. xo
Our sympathies definitely go out to any employees at any company that is struggling. But I think most of us saw this one coming...
Lees and Just Jonny are back with the first episode of the IHOP Network era, and they have a special guest Vic aka Kodak Brown from the Buffet Boys podcast! Vic fills us in on the Buffet Boys hiatusLees needs advice on some strange post he receivedJonny tries to convince Lees to join him rock climbingLees drops all the deets on the IHOP Network ...…
Faraday Future may be losing founders and money, but GM and Ford are ramping up their electric game.
What's up lil Chewers? Does that work??? Who cares, we have a DOOZY of a show for you. It's a full on vent sesh. I break down why I had to remove myself from politics and social media for the past year, along with spilling ALL of the tea and crumpets in my current relationship experiment. I also willingly describe, in vivid detail, what my inte ...…
We talk about the latest episode of This Is Us. (aka cry-therapy on NBC), the Titanic recreation, some dating BS one of us has recently gone through, and find out which one of us is a Sociopath through very thorough and scientific testing. (A pole we fond on Google) Sit back and enjoy. Life is Pretty Rough; laugh through it with us.…
It's the Legend In My Spare Time Halloween Spook-tacular 2018! Real life Vampires, you say?Tony's Grandad Joke is back from the dead! Horror author Jake Ridge wrote us a completely original story for this year's episode. Lees created sounds and music to turn it into a full on audio drama. #LiMST is proud to introduce; "It Came With The Storm" B ...…
Mike and Sal get rolling on...- Small trucks aren't that small anymore.- Sport badges on SUVs?- Why are American automobiles so unreliable?
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After a bit of a hiatus, your favorite messes are back! In episode 3, "addiction", a topic that hits close to home for Kat and Simone, the girls talk about how it has affected their families and how they have been able to deal. Don't worry, a fun game of "would you rather" breaks up the sap and will make you chuckle. Remember to be nice to each ...…
In this month's episode, I talk to you about why having kids is absolutely terrifying to me and how the grieving process affects all aspects in your life. Mainly, your relationships. I tell you about some of the lessons I have learned from my mom's death and the realization that I am the spitting image of her. Grief is an incredibly isolating e ...…
The new USMCA deal, is it good or bad? Is there a conspiracy in the industry to make Tesla fail? Cadillac moving from New York to Detroit! Mike and Sal tell us their 3 favorite vehicles growing up.
Lees and Just Jonny return! The boys are STILL undefeated in #BoringPodcastWars but what really started it with Dinner And A Podcast?The List Of Lees is back; and it's a banger!Just Jon has an entry for "Am I An Asshole?" All this and much more in a brand new edition of your favouite podcasters favourite podcast! #LiMST @legendpodcast legendinm ...…
This is it folks....this time for real. Yes, it's over! Listen to the episode to find out why, but this is the final episode of The Jay & Tay Show. So, we're reliving our favourite memories and guests, plus of course talking about sex and making a cariboo confession! So, sit back and enjoy! It may be the end of the podcast, but Jay & Tay are ne ...…
Matt got the chance to chat with Ben Blood, who plays defence for the Cardiff Devils in the EIHL. They discuss Ben’s history with hockeyHis adjustment to leagues in EuropeLife in Cardiff BayWhat he misses most about homeFavourite Movies, Ninja Turtles and much more! @legendpodcast @bennyblood24 on Insta and Twitter…
Lees and Just Jonny are back! Lees announces a new projectThe results from MattLees vs Cancer are in!How did JP do as "sound guy"?Lees played a gig in France!They discuss a little podcast that has some kind of beefWhat did LiMST do to start another pod war? They discuss the now controversial "Friends Trivia" All this and much more! @legendpodca ...…
Hey guys! You loved our last ASMR episode, in fact it was the top listened to episode! So we decided to do another full ASMR episode for you! We play with a lot of cool things, and we do some reading, and a "guess that item" game. Hope you enjoy! Check out our social media for some video footage.FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL ...…
This week we're doing things a little differently! We sat down with no agenda, and just talked for a while! We caught you up on our lives, which includes impending graduation, starting to get on track with health and fitness, including intermittent fasting. We also chat about our new place we're living in, and the fact that fall is coming, and ...…
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