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Work Alchemy: The Impact Interviews is a weekly Business Podcast where Ursula Jorch has wide-ranging and deep conversations with highly successful entrepreneurs and leaders about what it takes to have impact. Seth Godin, Marianne Williamson, Prince Ea, Soledad O’Brien, and Martha Beck are just 5 of the over 100 interviews to date. Work Alchemy was created for you: entrepreneur, solopreneur, and small business owner, so you can have your own unique impact. If you want insights, inspiration, a ...
Alex Grimbley from EA SPORTS and Chelsea star Cesc Fàbregas discuss the new game FIFA 16 Ultimate Team™. Hosted by Adam Leventhal at the Apple Store, Covent Garden in London.
EA SPORTS Executive Producer, Dan Box, and Arsenal midfield maestro, Aaron Ramsey, celebrate the release of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. Aaron unveils his FIFA Ultimate Team and discusses his selections with former Arsenal legend and FIFA 15 commentator, Alan Smith, at the Apple Store, Regent Street in London.
EA Sports Podcast
Games at EA
Braeden and Chris discuss games at Episcopal Academy.
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EA Church Podcast
Podcast by Effingham Assembly of God Church
EA Trax Podcast, featuring Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL)
Get the latest game updates, interviews, and conversation from EA's Community Team and special guests.
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As a writer and feminist marketing consultant, Kelly Diels is a social critic who helps feminist entrepreneurs sell without selling out. The interview gets off to a fast start as we explore the implications of feminism in marketing and business.
Act Normal Part 3 - Pastor Dallas Bear - 9 30 18 by Effingham Assembly of God Church
This is a special FIFA Launch edition of the EA Community podcast with FIFA 19's Corey Andress to discuss the release of FIFA 19, fan reactions, and the upcoming patch. Corey also shares insights on the best teams to play in Champions League, and much more. EA Hosts: Corey Andress, Global FIFA Community Lead @EACoreySA Chris Mancil, Director of ...…
Are You In The Right Seat - Act Normal #2 - Pastor Dallas Bear - 9 23 18 by Effingham Assembly of God Church
Recently recognized in Inc. Magazine‘s 5000 fastest growing companies in the US, Versado Communications, piloted by Josh Barricklow, offers business consulting and training solutions to the healthcare industry. Josh has developed the company and its unique culture, along with the Versado Foundation, supporting community and economic development ...…
Act Normal #1 - Do We Give What We Have - Pastor Dallas Bear - 9 16 18 by Effingham Assembly of God Church
Change is essential in business, or it fails to thrive or be sustainable. When you lead your business’ change process like a boss, you can save time, energy, and money. Here are 10 ways to lead change effectively in your business.
A special Battlefield V edition of the EA Community Team podcast recorded live at Gamescom 2018 in Cologne Germany. A wide-ranging conversation that includes comments on AMD RTX support, Frostbyte, and more. Community Managers: Lee Williams, Dan Mitre, Jeff Braddock Developers: Aleksander Grondal, Executive Producer…
An Overflow Of Thanksgiving - Pastor Dallas Bear - 9 9 18 by Effingham Assembly of God Church
This is the debut episode of the EA Community Team podcast recorded live at Gamescom 2018 in Cologne Germany. This episode features conversations about Anthem, Star Wars Battlefront, FIFA, and Battlefield. Community Managers: Chris Mancil, Lee Williams, Corey Andress, Ben Walke, and Andrew Johnson.
Living In The Overflow Of Hope - Pastor Dallas Bear - 9 2 18 by Effingham Assembly of God Church
Leading Vedic astrologer, energy practitioner, and best-selling author Prema Lee Gurreri puts her expertise to work for leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and change agents, Using her intuitive approach to business-building, she uses her Sacred Wealth Code to help her clients manifest wealth and create meaningful lives doing what they are mea ...…
Multi-business entrepreneur Nicole Spencer is on a mission to help people connect, whether it’s through her crytocurrency consultancy or her business coaching for fitness coaches. Learn more about the impact that cryptocurrencies can have in the world in this interview.
Cornelia Gamlem, human resources expert, helps entrepreneurs understand what is needed to effectively work with others in their business. Hiring, managing, and compensation are all topics the interview delves into, so you can have more impact with your business.
Money is essential to your business, right? Some people would say that business is all about money. I believe that money can serve a higher purpose: your impact. The way that you choose to wield that tool of money has a direct effect on your impact and your business. Join me in this episode to explore your own relationship with money in your bu ...…
In her book, Breaking Up With Busy, Yvonne Tally addresses one of the big issue of our time: overscheduled women. She provides practical tools for breaking the busy habit. Yvonne is also a meditation and de-stressing program leader in Silicon Valley, a business environment well known for its high achievers, so you know she has valuable experien ...…
As the Omega Institute’s Chief External Affairs Officer, Carla Goldstein helps Omega connect its work to change-making efforts around the world. She doesn’t stop there in having impact: Carla co-founded the Omega Women’s Leadership Center to bring together women and training them to wield power for collaboration and connection.…
Is the ‘D-word’ holding you back? We creative entrepreneurs can get scared away by that word, ‘discipline.’ Making consistent progress, creating real change, requires it, though. Listen in as Ursula shares how discipline doesn’t have to be ‘the D-word.’
Comedy actor, writer, and teacher Tom Chalmers has run the gamut from training with Second City to Artistic Director at Groundlings East/Gotham City improv. His focus on teaching brings the principles of believing in yourself, your abilities and your product/service into this arena.
A near-death experience woke Jerome Braggs up to deep spiritual truths, and led him to create a business to share how to live with well-being through what he calls the Soul Medicines. Listen in as Jerome shares his extraordinary journey to healing and impact.
Author and CEO Meriflor Toneatto specializes in helping ambitious women entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders reach financial prosperity while having impact, what Meriflor calls fulfilling their social promise. Her work is so aligned with the message of impact – find out more in the conversation.…
Author and consultant Rebecca Barnes-Hogg helps small businesses achieve transformation by finding the talented people they need. Listen as she describes her journey from corporate America to being part of the entrepreneurial world, and how she can help your small company.
Award-winning expert in advertising, media, youth culture, and tobacco control, Robin Koval took her for-profit skills into a non-profit, to great positive effect. Hear about the arc of her career and how she works with culture to create impact.
Nancy Noel’s artwork has inspired millions and hangs in the homes of world leaders like Oprah Winfrey. Nancy has published 9 books. Her work also includes children, including those with disabilities like the dyslexia she herself has and through a school she supports in Kenya. She credits her spiritual focus with her success.…
Storyteller Patti Digh’s work manifests in several ways: facilitator and creator of social justice and diversity/inclusion programs, 8-time book author, and creator of the Life Is A Verb annual camp. She helps us improve the quality of our engagement, at work and in our lives.
As an award-winning writer, producer and editor, Jennifer Uteda creates films about brave women who are changing the world in their own personal way. Her SheWarriors documentary series inspires women and young girls to ‘go for it’ in life. Her entrepreneur documentaries are helping women to market their businesses, so they can make a difference.…
What’s your relationship with discomfort? Are you avoiding it and at the same time avoiding things that would bring your message to more people? What if your discomfort is just part of having impact? If that’s how you choose to look at discomfort, then what would you be willing to do to make a difference in the world?…
Is the Impostor Complex holding you back from having impact? Life and business coach, speaker, and writer Tanya Geisler steps up to bring clarity to why we procrastinate, people-please and other signs of the Impostor Complex in action. She shares her own experiences and offers insights and solutions so you can have the impact you’re called to have.…
Leader of the Women Like Us Foundation, Linda Rendleman promotes gender equality and social justice globally through the foundation, her books, and the documentary Women Like Us: Three Journeys. One Mission. To Change the World.
Braeden and Chris discuss games at Episcopal Academy. In this episode we discuss Brawlhalla and the culture that has stemmed from it here at EA.
Bestselling author Linda Kohanov explores the healing potential of working with horses and offers programs that address leadership, emotional and social intelligence, and stress reduction. Her empowering work helps us understand how varied leadership skills are and how to wield the 5 skills.
It’s a new year! Full of possibilities. Possibilities for you to have more impact with your business. But in order to make the most of them, you have to step up. Is this your year to make a difference, to transform possibilities into impact? Business coach Ursula Jorch, your host on this podcast, talks about what it takes to have the impact you ...…
Will Wise and Chad Littlefield are business partners in a unique leadership and communication training company. They ask powerful questions, which is also the title of Will’s new book, as a way to amplify trust and connection, and help people create a workplace that is worth showing up to.
Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler recently expanded his expertise from being the world’s leading authority on keratoconus, an eye condition, to the field of Perceptual Intelligence (PI), how we interpret and occasionally manipulate our experiences to distinguish fantasy from reality. Learn how PI affects your marketing and your life.…
Impact and influence strategist Wendy Lipton-Dibner is a real find in the business world. She’s someone who is willing to experiment to find the right path. Listen in as we hear her personal and professional story of impact.
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