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Every week on the Follow My Lead podcast, John Eades interviews exceptional leaders to extract their secrets and best practices to transfer knowledge to the leaders of tomorrow. The show focuses on helping modern professionals be better prepared to lead themselves and lead others. Popular topics include: Leadership, Management, and Motivation
Welcome, and thank you for checking out Oak Hills Church's weekly podcast! Pastored by Max Lucado and Travis Eades in San Antonio, Texas, we are a dynamic, non-denominational congregation committed to caring for our neighbors and nurturing communities.
Welcome, and thank you for checking out Oak Hills Church's weekly podcast! Pastored by Max Lucado and Travis Eades in San Antonio, Texas, we are a dynamic, non-denominational congregation committed to caring for our neighbors and nurturing communities.
The Drum Shuffle
Insights, perspectives and conversations for drummers
W@W WRAP = [W]eekly [R]ead [A]ct [P]ray. This is your short weekly inspirational application of scripture. Our hope is that this short clip will empower you to live a God-first, Christ-led, Holy Spirit-inspired life.
Nationally syndicated advice columnist Amy Alkon's podcast with the luminaries of behavioral science and psychotherapy.
South Louisiana’s Exclusive Sports Talk Leader
A podcast highlighting car culture in the PNW
RSN Breakfast Club
Harf and Whitey punch out The Breakfast Club, Victoria’s own sport and racing breakfast show, weekday mornings from six. And you’re invited to join the Club. The Breakfast Club rolls out the day’s cracking sports talk across Victoria, starting your morning run with A-grade chat, breaking sport and racing news, sporting stars, the Tab sports-betting markets, and your opinion by phone, Tweet, text, Facebook or email.
The Mom Squad Show
The Mom Squad Show - is a witty, edgy and modern perspective on life from Two Moms, Two Journalists, Two Hosts and Two Friends. Straight from the Kyra’s kitchen and Christine’s home studio these two smart and zany moms discuss news of the day, pop culture, mommy hood and men in a way that will make you laugh, think and be inspired. There’s no makeup, no hair dresser, and no frills just real moms, real life.
Bestselling authors Gillian McAllister and Holly Seddon discuss the truth about being an author, plus expert insider interviews.
Rocket Files – Coaching Uncut is a weekly podcast by professional AFL Coach, Rodney Eade. If you’ve ever wondered why coaches do what they do or just want a coaches perspective on the AFL season, Rocket Files is for you.
A sketch of the lives of some of America's early Statesmen: George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Jackson, Daniel Webster, Henry Clay, Charles Sumner, Ulysses S. Grant, and James A. Garfield. (Summary by Barry Eads)
MaKayla Eads
Settling in a new city can raise a lot of questions. How does the bus service work? Can I join the local library? Where do I go to get advice on renting a home?Tune in on Tuesday at 8.30pm as Robbie and the team from Citizens Advice Bureau bring you all the latest news and information of special interest to new migrants settling in Dunedin.Supported by OAR FM Dunedin's Connecting Cultures Zone.
Matt and the gang get together every week to lovingly record a comedic podcast that dives deep on video, board, pen and paper and all types of gaming. We’re the only podcast with our own championship belt.
Danny begins his tale regretting the length of his tail until he is corrected by Mr. Toad. Then he has a series of stalkings by Reddy and Granny Fox. He is captured by Hooty the Owl and escapes mid-flight to Peter Rabbit's briar patch. Peter goes to Farmer Brown's peach orchard and gets caught in a snare and barely escapes himself. Finally Danny gets trapped in a tin can and must use his wits to escape Reddy Fox again. (Summary from Wikipedia)Cast:Narrator..............................Linett ...
Ulysses is a groundbreaking novel in which Irish author James Joyce explores realism through stream-of-consciousness technique and shifting narrative styles. It was published in serial form between 1918-1920 and first published in book form in 1922. The story follows Leopold Bloom through Dublin during the course of one day: June 16, 1904. The events and characters of Ulysses parallel those of Homer's Odyssey, with Bloom corresponding to Odysseus. Although the book was the subject of early o ...
Mel McGowan, Freddy Martin & friends discuss theme park design with themed entertainment industry experts.
IRC Book Club
Welcome to the IRC Book Club audio experience where hosts Jonathan Graham (MD Inward Revenue Consulting) and Michel Price (Partner Inward Revenue Consulting) review an influential sales or business book each week. We deconstruct the advice given and add our own veteran insights to help listeners improve their sales game. The authors and other special guests join us for the banter.
In today’s fast-paced, technology driven environment, it’s imperative for executives to use the most innovative strategies and think outside the box in order to stay competitive. Welcome to GroundBanking, stories about innovation in the financial industry. Each episode we’ll feature experts in banking and FinTech who will discuss the challenges and opportunities in today’s marketplace – whether it be embracing new technology, coming up with new lines of business or finding more efficient way ...
An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations is the magnum opus of the Scottish economist Adam Smith, published on March 9, 1776 during the Scottish Enlightenment. It is a clearly written account of political economy at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, and is widely considered to be the first modern work in the field of economics. (Introduction from Wikipedia)This project was proof listened by mim@can, Betty M., and Barry Eads.
The EndAllDisease Podcast is a series of evidence-based nutrition, cancer and red light therapy presentations by Bestselling author Mark Sloan. The goal of this podcasts is to create a better world by empowering individuals to take their health into their own hands. If you like learning new concepts and practical information that you can immediately apply to your life to better yourself, then you will absolutely love this show. Disclaimer: The information contained in this podcast is not med ...
“Dizney Coast to Coast” is an entertaining and informative podcast all about anything and everything related to The Walt Disney Company. Consider this your warning: listeners of DCTC have been known to temporarily leave their reality while they dream of their next (or first) Disney vacation. DCTC is hosted by Jeff DePaoli, an avid Disney fan who spends far too much time in the parks and being consumed by Disney products. He suffers from O.C.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Disney), but has learned t ...
Mr. Crittenden Yollop makes friends with the man who came to burglarize his home and sets out to help him return to where he really wants to be...prison. This humorous satire takes a somewhat different look at prisons, criminals, the law and reformers. - Summary by Barry Eads
Join Shauna and Vicki of G.E.E.K.S Paranormal, as they talk history, hauntings, and interview some of the best-known people in the field, with technical difficulties and all! A new upload every week! Or listen live on, Wednesdays 9PM ET / 8PM CT!! Let's explore!! Support this podcast:
Joining the Continental Army as a teenager, Joseph Plumb Martin spent the next eight years fighting in the Revolutionary War as an enlisted man. His memoirs tell in detail his experiences during that time...the bitter cold, hunger, loss of life, long marches, and fear of battle. He also includes tales of fishing, hunting, and other activities...including encounters with a "saucy miss". His narrative reveals much about American life at the time and is one of the fullest and best accounts of t ...
Culture Re-Defined. Millennial Connection is a collaborative platform that fosters innovation, engagement, talent, and community. This is the place where curiosity is sparked, and dots are connected.
Jack London credited his skill of story-telling to the days he spent as a hobo learning to fabricate tales to get meals from sympathetic strangers. In The Road, he relates the tales and memories of his days on the hobo road, including how the hobos would elude train crews and his travels with Kelly’s Army. - Summary by Barry Eads
50 People in 50 weeks discuss leadership principles and how they overcome daily obstacles.
Linda Gassenheimer’s Food News and Views airs every Thursday at 1 PM. She features food personalities and the latest food news. Certified Wine Specialist, Nora Adler, joins Linda giving sip tips. And more, Florida’s hottest food critics will be giving us the news on what’s happening in the restaurant scene in South Florida. As an added bonus, Linda will leave you with quick and easy Dinner in Minutes recipe. Join her each Thursday with call ins at 305 541 2350 or 844 727 9922. You can live s ...
The Sorrows of Young Werther (German, Die Leiden des jungen Werther, originally published as Die Leiden des jungen Werthers) is an epistolary and loosely autobiographical novel by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, first published in 1774. The story follows the life and sorrows of Werther after he falls desperately in love with a young woman who is married to another. A climactic scene prominently features Goethe's own German translation of a portion of James Macpherson's Ossian cycle of poems, whi ...
A man who has been condemned to death writes down his cogitations, feelings and fears while he is waiting for his execution. He does not betray his name to the reader or what he has done. He describes his life in prison, everything from what his cell looks like to the personality of the prison priest. (Introduction by Wikipedia)Part of Section 2 read by Nadine Eckert-BouletThis project was proof listened by lh, Barry Eads, and Chieko.
A biography of Jesse James as told by his son, Jesse James, Jr. We are treated to inside tales of Jesse's childhood and home life; what drove him to become a Confederate guerrilla during the Civil War; his life after the war and how he became a wanted man. Since it was written by his son, it is a little biased and we are not told anything about any crimes Jesse and his gang committed. Some of the stories of Jesse's war adventures are a little hard to believe, but a good read nonetheless. - S ...
Originally published by the Norwegian-American economist Thorstein Veblen while he was a professor at the University of Chicago in 1898, the Theory of the Leisure Class is considered one of the great works of economics as well as the first detailed critique of consumerism. In the book, Veblen argues that economic life is driven not by notions of utility, but by social vestiges from pre-historic times. (Summary modified from Wikipedia)Proof-Listeners: Illiterati, Sarah Jennings, mim@can, Ken ...
23 year old Cornélie de Retz is a Dutch Divorcee who goes to Italy to start a new life and most part of the novel is filled with the details of romantic conversations, emotions and finally the Inevitable follows. Find out what the Inevitable is and immerse yourself in the explicit and delicate details of the author as he takes you round the world of Cornélie de Retz. (Summary by sidhu177)This project was proof listened by Rapunzelina, Larry Wilson, and Barry Eads
Second Volume of the novel that formally inverts Don Quixote: as the don mistakes himself for the knightly hero of a Romance, so Arabella mistakes herself for the maiden love of a Romance. While the don thinks it his duty to praise the Platonically pure damsels he meets (such as the woman he loves), so Arabella believes it is in her power to kill with a look and it is the duty of her lovers to suffer ordeals on her behalf. (Summary by Wikipedia)This project was proof listened by Stav Nisser ...
After The Bar
Three guys, talking about anything and everything, after the bar. Live streamed, live chat, random guests. Lot of booze.
Discussions from stars. Music, Art, Truth.
Philip Dru: Administrator: a Story of Tomorrow, 1920-1935 is a futuristic political novel published anonymously in 1912 by Edward Mandell House, an American diplomat, politician and presidential foreign policy advisor. His book's hero leads the democratic western U.S. in a civil war against the plutocratic East, and becomes the dictator of America. Dru as dictator imposes a series of reforms that resemble the Bull Moose platform of 1912 and then vanishes. (Summary by wikipedia)This project w ...
The Curse of Capistrano by Johnston McCulley is the first work to feature the fictional character Zorro (zorro is the Spanish word for fox). The story was later republished under the name The Mark of Zorro. Senor Zorro is deemed an outlaw as he fights those in authority while seeking justice for the oppressed. He also woos and captures the heart of the lovely Senorita Lolita, but her father would see her married to the rich Don Diego Vega. Meanwhile, the ever persistent Sgt. Gonzales is clos ...
A sampling of the children's books written and illustrated by E. Boyd Smith. The first story is Mr. Smith's version of the Story of Noah's Ark. He then tells us the story of Pocahontas and Captain John Smith. Next we join a hen as she hatches her chicks and their life on the farm. We then go on several adventures with Bob and Betty as they visit their Uncle's farm, go to the seashore and learn about ships, and then learn about railroads and trains. Our last story is a brief history of the Un ...
Make it Happen with Costa Women are snapshots of inspiration from Business leaders on various topics to help make it happen in your business and life. Make it Happen with Costa Women offers you small but mighty, rich, intense moments of inspiration.
This collection of eight one-act dramas features plays by Eugene O'Neill, George Bernard Shaw, John Galsworthy, Susan Glaspell, William Dean Howells and John Millington Synge. It also includes a dramatic reading of a short story by Frank Richard Stockton. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett) Before Breakfast read by: Elizabeth Klett, Pat Redstone The Buller-Podington Compact read by: Algy Pug, Lars Rolander, David Lawrence, mb, Elizabeth Klett, Levi Throckmorton The Dark Lady of the Sonnets read by: ...
Quarterly podcast featuring interviews of local people in and around Norfolk, in association with Chatterbox, the Norwich Talking Newspaper.
An Earful of Queer
A monthly podcast hosted by Matthew Bright, featuring LGBTQ writers and poets, plus music, and regular segment 'Duelling Dandies'.
Podcasts and webinars from OCLC Research.
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Pre recorded: 5/29/19 Airing: 6/5/19 On Anchor: 6/16/19 The G.E.E.K.S. ladies welcomes their new friend Kevin Eads!! Listen as they speak to him about his books, his experiences, and more! Hear it first on on Wednesday, 6/05/19 @ 8 PM CT / 9 PM ET! #kevin #eads #kevineads #haveyourselfamerrylittlekrampus #writer #author #horror #epgp ...…
Are creatives more prone to anxiety and stress? Does extensive phone use get in the way of writing and thinking? How can authors cope better with the weirdness of being in the public eye? The Honest Authors discuss this and more with Psychotherapist and author Hilda Burke.By Honest Authors.
Disney fans rejoice! Mark Eades is an Imagineer who worked on the epic attractions Star Tours and Honey, I Shrunk the Audience. Listen as we discuss their creation. That and so much more on this episode. COMMUNITY: Join the DCTC community and be rewarded including early episode releases. SHOP: DCTC Merch https://www ...…
Welcome to Amy Alkon's HumanLab: The Science Between Us, with Amy Alkon interviewing the luminaries of behavioral science. There have been two major schools on negotiating -- Ury, Fisher and Patton's "win-win"/"relationships are everything" approach and Roger Cohen's "nail 'em to the wall" hardball approach. Harvard Business School professor Mi ...…
The Breakfast Club with Daniel Harford, Adam White, and Sharelle McMahon. On the show today, Rob Harris from the Associated Press with the latest in the 2022 Qatar World Cup saga, Jason Richardson from Royal Ascot, RSN Chief Football Reporter Mark Stevens with the latest AFL news, SBS Soccer Expert Craig Foster, and Taylor Adams from Collingwoo ...…
In hour two of After Further Review, Matt played Mickey Loomis audio on Brees and Michael Thomas, Lee Feinswog stopped by to talk Pelicans and beer, Lakers are NBA title favorites, Nick the Intern called back to give us an update on free tacos and more! The post After Further Review 6-18-19 Hour Two appeared first on 1045 ESPN.…
Jacques Doucet joins Matt to promote Red Rock and Blue softball game and more! The post Jacques Doucet trash talks Matt for Red Rock and Blue game appeared first on 1045 ESPN.By 104.5 ESPN.
In hour three of After Further Review, Matt was joined by Jacques Doucet to promoter Red Rock and Blue, played Dave Aranda audio this morning, Ryan Theriot called in to asses the taco situation, Matt checked back with Nick the Intern on his tacos and more! The post After Further Review 6-18-19 Hour Three appeared first on 1045 ESPN.…
We get all the reaction from the Matildas game against Jamaica with SBS Soccer Expert Craig Foster.By RSN - Racing and Sport.
Matt is joined by Lee Feinswog talking the AD trade, “The one thing I like about Ball is he does have the ability to step back and shoot a long three,” Feinswog said. On Naz Reid, “I’d be surprised if he is ever an All-Star,” Feinswog said. On Tremont Waters, “You don’t get to run around and play the type of defense he played at LSU in the NBA, ...…
Mark Stevens gives us his four points as well as all the latest footy news including the tribunal last night and a young Pie's gamble.By RSN - Racing and Sport.
Taylor Adams jumps into the Inner Sanctum for this Wednesday with the Pies coming off the break where he had hoped to return but we'll find out how his recovery is tracking from re-injuring his groin.By RSN - Racing and Sport.
In hour one of After Further Review, Matt discussed the Pelican picking up Alvin Gentry’s contract option. Gentry is not a championship coach. But is he the right guy to develop these young player? He sends Nick the Intern to get free tacos, goes around the SEC and more. The post After Further Review 6-18-19 Hour One appeared first on 1045 ESPN.…
The Early Mail for racing today at Sandown with Patrick Payne & Robbie GriffithsBy RSN - Racing and Sport.
Jason Richardson joined the Breakfast Club from London after Houtzen raced overnight plus we'll compare what it's like there compared to back home at Flemington.By RSN - Racing and Sport.
Rob Harris AP Global Football/Sports Writer with the latest on Michel Platini being questioned by police in France over the awarding of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar.By RSN - Racing and Sport.
“People are capable of so much if we allow and inspire them to do it.” In season 21 episode 4 we are joined by Mike Vacanti. He is the founder of the Humans First Club and is a leading voice for creating healthier places to work. In the show we cover: - What holds an organization back from focusing on its people? - How perfection hurts us - Why ...…
The Breakfast Club with Daniel Harford, Adam White, and John Hastings. On the show today, Australian ODI Cricket Vice Captain Alex Carey, Brett Deledio from GWS, NBL CEO Jeremy Loeliger, Cameron White looking at the Cricket World Cup, and Max Gawn from Melbourne in the Inner Sanctum.By RSN - Racing and Sport.
In hour three of After Further Review, Matt talked with Pelican beat writer, Andrew Lopez, about what New Orleans does with the 4th pick. Matt reacted to LaVar Ball’s opinion on his son, Lonzo going to NOLA, took more of your calls on the AD trade, broke down an NBA Mock Draft and more! The post After Further Review 6-17-19 Hour Three appeared ...…
“It was the best possible deal the pelicans could get, considering the circumstances,” Andrew Lopez on Pelicans trading AD. His initial thoughts: It’s a win for both teams. Lopez didn’t think Lakers player, Kyle Kuzma, was a good fit with Zion and that Griffin used Kuzma as bait for more picks. Lonzo Ball is elite at everything except his shoot ...…
In hour two of After Further Review, Matt was joined by Lakers Podcaster, Anthony Irwin on how both Lakers and Pelicans benefit from the trade, former LSU player, Austin Nola, made MLB debut with Seattle Mariners, LSU Football commit, Patrick Jenkins joined the show as well. Pelicans getting calls on 4th overall pick and more! The post After Fu ...…
John Ehret Defensive End, Patrick Jenkins is a 6-2′ 285lb 3-Star player who committed to the Tigers on Monday. Ed Orgeron and Dave Aranda wanted to see him in person first at the LSU camp this week. Jenkins said he “dominated” the one-on-one. A Marrero native, Jenkins never had a dream school because he never thought he’d be this big of a recru ...…
Cameron White joined the Breakfast Club as he will do throughout the cricket world cup to give us a rundown on his thoughts on the Australians at the moment as well as how the other teams are tracking.By RSN - Racing and Sport.
Jeremy Loeliger, NBL CEO jumps on the line to announce a huge signing in the NBL as part of the future stars program. Lamelo Ball announced he has signed for Illawarra HawksBy RSN - Racing and Sport.
Brett Deledio joined the Breakfast Club for Around the Grounds and we'll find out what he's up to in his week off from footy plus what the feeling around the Giants is after a solid win in Tasmania.By RSN - Racing and Sport.
Scott Gullan joined the Breakfast Club with all the latest footy news including the MRO plus some key ins at the Saints.By RSN - Racing and Sport.
Locked On Lakers Podcast host, Anthony Irwin, joined the show. “Holy cow, The Lakers got the next great Lakers center,” Irwin on Lakers fans reaction to getting AD. Irwin didn’t think the trade would happen until Magic Johnson left the Lakers, David Griffin was hired and Boston wasn’t willing to trade Jayson Tatum. But which team won the trade? ...…
Max Gawn jumps into the Inner Sanctum fresh from a break after dominating on Queen's Birthday Monday despite the Dees falling just short against the Pies.By RSN - Racing and Sport.
The Early Mail for racing today at Ballarat with Craig WiddisonBy RSN - Racing and Sport.
Australian Vice Captain Alex Carey joined the Breakfast Club ahead Australia's next match against Bangladesh on Thursday plus we reflect on the win against Sri Lanka.By RSN - Racing and Sport.
It’s E3 2019 and we’ve got every single thing shown at the press conferences and a few tasty tidbits that weren’t! Final Fantasy VII Remake, the breathtaking Keanu Reeves is in Cyberpunk 2077, Marvel’s Avengers, Jon Bernthal’s dogh and so much more! Subscribe here! Like the show? Please consider supporting us on Patreon at ...…
It’s E3 2019 and we’ve got every single thing shown at the press conferences and a few tasty tidbits that weren’t! Final Fantasy VII Remake, the breathtaking Keanu Reeves is in Cyberpunk 2077, Marvel’s Avengers, Jon Bernthal’s dogh and so much more! Subscribe here! Like the show? Please consider supporting us on Patreon at ...…
It’s E3 2019 and we’ve got every single thing shown at the press conferences and a few tasty tidbits that weren’t! Final Fantasy VII Remake, the breathtaking Keanu Reeves is in Cyberpunk 2077, Marvel’s Avengers, Jon Bernthal’s dogh and so much more! Subscribe here! Like the show? Please consider supporting us on Patreon at ...…
The Breakfast Club with Daniel Harford, Adam White, and Scott Gullan. On the show today, Rowan Marshall from St Kilda, RSN Chief Football Reporter Mark Stevens, Former AFL star turned caddy Brendon Goddard, and Rodney Eade wraps up Round 13 of the AFL.By RSN - Racing and Sport.
Our normal Monday host Brendon Goddard joined the Breakfast Club as he is just about to jump on a plane back home to Australia after caddying in the US Open with Marcus Fraser.By RSN - Racing and Sport.
Mark Stevens joined the Breakfast Club for the latest on the Max King scare yesterday plus the crowd behavior issues that have plagued the AFL again.By RSN - Racing and Sport.
After the Saints posted another win, ruckman Rowan Marshall joined us in his breakout year for the club to discuss the back half of the season for St Kilda.By RSN - Racing and Sport.
Rodney Eade joined the Breakffast Club to review Round 13 with a couple of dramatic finishes including the Dogs holidng on over Carlton and the Suns falling just short of the Saints plus crowd behavior is on the agenda again.By RSN - Racing and Sport.
#TheEarlyMail for racing today from Pakenham with Greg Eurell & Chris Hyland.By RSN - Racing and Sport.
Over a billion people tuned into the India vs Pakistan clash and Adam Collins brings us the latest from Old Trafford plus we'll check in on how the Aussie camp is after the win over Sri LankaBy RSN - Racing and Sport.
@AndrewCMayes with all the latest sporting news from Overnight. Catch up on what has been making news in the world of sport with the Breakfast Bite.By RSN - Racing and Sport.
Disney fans rejoice! The Main Street Cinema at Disneyland has been taken over by merchandise, Magic Kingdom is getting a new holiday fireworks show and Disney+ is coming to the D23 Expo. That and so much more on this episode. COMMUNITY: Join the DCTC community and be rewarded including early episode releases. SHOP: ...…
Week 8 of The Family MattersA sermon series featuring Travis Eades.By Oak Hills Church.
Week 8 of The Family MattersA sermon series featuring Travis Eades.By Oak Hills Church.
Do you sometimes feel alone, weak, or incompetent to do the work our Lord has set before you? …to live out your calling and make a difference? …to glorify God in all you do and to proclaim the good news? There are 3 important lessons we can learn from the apostle Paul… 2 Timothy 4:17 (AMP): “But the Lord stood by me and strengthened and empower ...…
Chef Michael Schwartz and talks about what’s for Father’s Day and his new restaurant, Tigertail and Mary. I checked in with him at the restaurant and found his son, Harry (namesake for Harry’s Pizzeria) making a pizza for his Dad. And Miami New Times Food Editor gives restaurant news and a Steak Sandwich Quick Fix dinner for Dad.…
In this episode, chat about 'Cut' Part 2 of Michael Hyatt's 'Free to Focus'. The section is all about saying no to tasks or conversations that will distract you and cause you to be less productive. Jonny and Mike use examples from their experience in sales of what can go wrong if you don't say no enough.…
While Summer in the PNW is beautiful, it also means packed roads and construction. does have some great short drives, this is the perfect time to go on a drive for a weekend or even a few weeks. We recap some of our favorite getaways in this episode and Dan has laid out the routes in detail below. We hope we inspire you to get aw ...…
Boomer, Harf, Whitey and Rama preview the clash between the old rivals Hawthorn & EssendonBy RSN - Racing and Sport.
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