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All the public presentations by David Bates
Today's Issues
Hosted by AFA President Tim Wildmon, Today's Issues airs each weekday from 10:30AM to 12:00PM CST on American Family Radio's Talk Network.
Rethinking Hell
Rethinking Hell is a central resource for a view on Hell called Conditional Immortality (a.k.a. conditionalism or annihilationism). Focusing on this biblical view as held by many Evangelical Christians, we interview notable proponents, respond to the challenges of critics, present the stories of people who once held to the traditional view but are now rethinking hell, and much more.
Between the Times
A Podcast of Christ Church Presbyterian in Charleston, SC
Mystic-Skeptic Media Presents: Raiders of the Unknown Podcast. Our new show focuses on religious history and biblical theology. We are researchers who dig through scholarship, archeology, history and the supernatural to find the discernible truth of some of the most enigmatic subjects in human history. David Daniel Gonzalez is a volunteer radio producer and host of Mystic-Skeptic Radio show/podcast which addresses popular culture, politics and philosophy. Since 2015 he has worked in the fiel ...
Grace Central Coast is a Gospel-centered, multisite church doing all we can to GO & GROW with Gospel on the Central Coast of California. Thanks for listening. We'd love to hear how God's Word and the Gospel have encouraged your heart. Let us know at
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Healing X Outreach radio is an apologetics countercult based podcast ministry! We interview scholars, former cultists, and host moderated timed debates on important theological issues striking the Christian church today! We are listener supported radio! We are a ministry affiliate of EMNR (Evangelical Ministries to New Religions find out more at
Catholic Audio
Subscribe to benefit from a central hub of faithful Catholic teaching featuring some of the world's best Catholic apologists. You will learn about Dogma, hear debates, and be enriched by the Truth of Catholic history.
Derek Prince Legacy Radio is hosted by best-selling author, Stephen Mansfield, author of The Faith of George W. Bush and the biography of Derek Prince. Derek Prince Legacy Radio represents the next step in bringing the solid, practical teaching of Derek Prince to a new generation of listeners.
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Shine As Lights
A Unified Network of Doctrinally Sound Podcasts for Your Edification & Enjoyment
In 1984, brothers John Van Stormbroek, Alfred Bouter and Gideon Levytam formed by Gods grace a ministry called The Holy Scriptures and Israel Bible Society of Canada. The purpose of the ministry was to reach our Jewish people with a copy of the Hebrew Scriptures. The Old Testament (The Tenach) and the New Testament (The Brit Ha-Hadasha). Over the years, we've had the privilege of providing many copies of God's Word to the Jewish communities across Canada. As time passed by, the Lord Yeshua t ...
A weekly podcast exploring academic research on religion and featuring top scholars in history, sociology, political science, economics and religious studies.
Tiim Talks
Taking Interest In Ministry
Charles Foster Kent was one of the premier scholars in Jewish Studies at the turn of the century. He was particularly well-known for his comparisons of early Christianity to its Jewish roots. He also wrote several distinguished histories of Israel, the Jewish people, Torah studies, and the development of oral Torah.
Hank Hanegraaff's podcast designed to range farther and dive deeper into both perennial and contemporary issues of interest to thinking Christians.
St Mark Sermons
Upper Room Media is a ministry of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Its mission is to bring the word of God from a timeless faith into your hearts and mind anywhere at anytime.The Orthodox Church worships God in continuity with the earliest Church, and as such is the oldest Church. It is a Church of balance: between the mystical and the tangible; between spirituality and theology; between the worship of God and service to humanity. Everything is in balance, otherwise known as right worship, which ...
Where top-tier scholars help increase religious literacy and understanding.
Each week, we gather as "loving community for bold exploration." These messages help us engage with God and one another along the way. Join us.
Let the Bird Fly!
A podcast about living freely in a world given back to us
Simply The Bible
Welcome to Simply the Bible, the through-the-Bible teaching program of Pastor Daryl Zachman of Calvary Chapel Treasure Valley. Daryl looks to go through the scriptures in its entirety verse by verse and chapter by chapter. You can tune in each weekday on KBXL 94.1 The Voice at 4:15 PM MST.
Mormon FAIR-Cast
Critical questions. Faithful answers.
Critical questions. Faithful answers.
Trinity Park Church is a multiethnic Christian congregation in Morrisville, NC. We currently have over 25 nations represented in our church, from nearly every corner of the earth! In our diversity at Trinity Park, we find unity in this one fundamental belief: Jesus restores broken people through the Gospel.
Sunday sermons at Zion Covenant Church in Jamestown, NY.
Sherwood Baptist Church is known across the country as "the church that made a movie," having released four films—Flywheel, Facing the Giants, Fireproof and Courageous—through their ministry, Sherwood Pictures. In his weekly sermons featured on this podcast, Pastor Michael Catt challenges listeners to radical obedience through a deeper relationship with Christ.
Swedenborg & Life is a weekly webcast that explores a broad range of spiritual topics in the context of Swedish scientist and seer Emanuel Swedenborg’s experiences of this life and the next. This audio-only podcast is an adaptation of a video-based show, and there will be times when there are references to the visuals in the original episode. To get the full video experience (absolutely free!) check out our YouTube channel, offTheLeftEye. For more about Emanuel Swedenborg, visit www.swedenbo ...
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LDS (Mormon) Leadership Best Practices
Lessons from the Women's Ministry of Countryside Bible Church - Southlake, TX
Welcome to Journey Church
Lance Johnson comes by way of a life of struggles having been trapped by the unrelenting grip of alcohol and drug addiction and the desperate life style that comes with it. He brings a fresh word that is woven into the fabric of a life that has known the agony of an empty soul. One early fall day in September of 1990 he had an encounter with the King of Kings that not only changed him but has eternally altered the lives of thousands that now proclaim along with him that “When Jesus sets you ...
The expository teaching of the Kootenai Community Church Adult Sunday School.
Wherever the Freshwater of God flows, there will be life.
Trent Henderson is the primary teaching pastor at Heritage Park. Located in the suburbs of Houston, Heritage Park has a diverse congregation from NASA engineers to Houston Firefighters. Take some time and list to God's Word.
The Third Wave
The Third Wave podcast takes a fresh look at the world of psychedelics, hearing the stories of people both in the psychedelic fringe and in mainstream society. We want to share how psychedelics are transforming the lives of people everywhere, both inside and outside of the psychedelic community. By revealing and unraveling the vast range of personal psychedelic experiences, we hope to change the cultural stigma surrounding psychedelic use. Our conversations will focus on the use of psychedel ...
Listen to preaching from Doxa Church in downtown Bellevue, WA.
Podcast, Livestream, and Bulletin
New Life Christian Church Chantilly Campus Podcast. New Life is an Independent Christian Church in Chantilly VA serving NoVa and the surrounding communities. Find out more at
Got Questions? The Bible has Answers! We'll help you find them! Audio versions of frequently asked questions.
Seeking Him
Let God transform you—one minute at a time! Bite-sized Bible teaching from Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth.
A podcast of Center for Ancient Christian Studies
What would you give to know that your family will be faithful to Jesus over the long haul? And I'm not just talking about you and your children - but their children, and their children after them. What would you give? The biblical picture of Christian faithfulness is radical faith, faith that is uncompromising and unrelenting in its desire to honor Christ above all things in the practical things of everyday life. That radical faith, passed down from one generation to the next is the only thi ...
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Listen to preaching from Doxa Church in downtown Bellevue, WA.
These prophetic messages have been given by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Since early 2012, the Lord has been warning everyone in recent times through His messenger angels, who bring on the revelations and prophetic messages to His beloved Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen.
The Journey through the Bible podcast is recorded live each week in our adult Sunday School class. We are committed to in-depth, verse-by-verse study of the Scriptures. By studying only a few verses at a time, our slow pace allows us the chance to dig into history, geography, customs, archaeology, and more to gain a clear understanding of the text. Focal passages sometimes overlap due to the fact that the class is interactive and taught in a discussion format. Some weeks we get farther than ...
Leading Saints
Become a Leader, Not a Calling
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show series
Derek begins this Christmas season study on the love of God by stressing the need to know the One from whom it comes. We can only know God as Father if we know His Son, Jesus Christ. This love is so vast. Paul prayed for believers to have a revelation of it, as he continued all his earthly life seeking to know this One, and exhorting all to fol ...…
After seventy years of combined ministry, the two pastor-hosts have both experienced and witnessed some humbling and humorous moments related to Christmas performances.
A new MP3 sermon from Northwest Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: Politics and Language in Jesus' Day Subtitle: Miscellaneous Speaker: Lester Hutson Broadcaster: Northwest Baptist Church Event: Sunday - AM Date: 12/16/2018 Bible: Galatians 4:2-5 Length: 44 min.…
A new MP3 sermon from Theophilus Orthodox Presbyterian Church is now available on with the following details: Title: Nehemiah 6:1-19 Subtitle: Long Story Short Bible Study Speaker: Peter Sim Broadcaster: Theophilus Orthodox Presbyterian Church Event: Bible Study Date: 12/16/2018 Bible: Nehemiah 6:1-19 Length: 28 min.…
A new MP3 sermon from Christian Apologetics Research Ministry is now available on with the following details: Title: Matt Slick Live 11-29-2018 Speaker: Matt Slick Broadcaster: Christian Apologetics Research Ministry Event: Radio Broadcast Date: 11/29/2018 Length: 47 min.
Jason Rink talks to Max Borders about his book, The Social Singularity, where they discuss the promise of a decentralized world.
The same gospel that delivers us from Satan and sin also sets us free to serve our Savior with all our hearts.
A new MP3 sermon from Redeemer Reformed Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: Bible Foundations - Part 3 Subtitle: Bible Foundations Speaker: Pete Smith Broadcaster: Redeemer Reformed Baptist Church Event: Sunday School Date: 12/16/2018 Length: 40 min.
A new MP3 sermon from Hidden Hills Sov. Grace Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: The Foreknowledge of God Subtitle: Bible Lesson Speaker: Craig Thurman Broadcaster: Hidden Hills Sov. Grace Baptist Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 12/16/2018 Bible: Romans 8:29, 1 Peter 1:20 Length: 38 min.…
A new MP3 sermon from Reformation Bible Church is now available on with the following details: Title: Honest Answers to Honest Questions Subtitle: Parish Principles Speaker: Mike Chastain Broadcaster: Reformation Bible Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 12/16/2018 Bible: 2 Timothy 3:16-17 Length: 37 min.…
A new MP3 sermon from Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: The Last Message of Through the Bible in a Year Subtitle: A Year Through the Bible Speaker: Mark D. Campbell Broadcaster: Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church Event: Sunday - PM Date: 12/16/2018 Bible: Revelation 22:6-21 ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Grace Reformed Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: Do You Believe The Bible? Subtitle: History Applied Speaker: Ron Johnson Broadcaster: Grace Reformed Baptist Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 12/16/2018 Bible: 2 Peter 2:4-6 Length: 37 min.…
Joy is taking a perspective of having to be in a neutral state all the time into positive mindsets where we experience the depth of emotion that we have been gifted with. - Cole NeSmith
Pat Curtis | Luke 1:46-55 | 12/16/2018 Mary responds to Elizabeth’s prophetic blessings by joyfully praising God because through the Savior to be born to her He is fulfilling His promises to Abraham and to Israel and will exalt the humble, reversing the Fall, turning the world right-side-up.
A new MP3 sermon from Flagstaff Christian Fellowship is now available on with the following details: Title: The Beauty of the Bible Part 1 Subtitle: Sweeter Than Honey Speaker: Dave Berry Broadcaster: Flagstaff Christian Fellowship Event: Sunday Service Date: 12/16/2018 Length: 47 min.…
A new MP3 sermon from Highland Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: Pt 11 Genesis Study, Genesis 2:15-25, Creation of Eve Subtitle: Genesis Bible Study Speaker: Byron Chesney Broadcaster: Highland Baptist Church Event: Sunday School Date: 12/16/2018 Bible: Genesis 2:15-25 Length: 41 min.…
Three Witnesses of Yeshua the God-Man, Part 1
Practicing The Virtue Of Patience (Fr Mark Bassily) by St Mark Coptic Orthodox Church
Kurt Francom, the host of the Leading Saints podcast, is an adjunct professor at LDS Business College in Salt Lake City, Utah. During the fall semester, he taught a class called Leadership for Life and this episode is the main part of a final project of the course. You will hear from President Bruce C. Kusch, president of LDS Business College, ...…
Kurt Francom, the host of the Leading Saints podcast, is an adjunct professor at LDS Business College in Salt Lake City, Utah. During the fall semester, he taught a class called Leadership for Life and this episode is the main part of a final project of the course. You will hear from President Bruce C. Kusch, president of LDS Business College, ...…
The guys continue their Wingin' It series on the life of Martin Luther by exploring his early education. Luther was afforded a good education that prepared him for university. It was rough and, yes, he did get beat a few times, but he emerged fully prepared to take on the rigors of a college education. Of course, it wasn’t just the curriculum t ...…
Wade and Mike continue their Wingin' It series on the life of Martin Luther with a look at his childhood. They explore the question “What was it like to be a kid from Mansfeld”. Wade makes the case that Luther, the Mansfeld kid, was a true Detroiter at heart. Listen in as they paint a picture of Luther’s upbringing in a religious, strict, but l ...…
This Wingin' It is the first in a new series Wade and Mike are doing on the life of Martin Luther. Before getting into Luther’s family, birth, and childhood (that’s the next episode), they discuss why we should take an historical look at Luther. The great reformer didn’t just impact the church, but the whole world, perhaps in ways we don’t alwa ...…
Rethinking Hell contributor Chris Date responds to comments recently made by James White on the Dividing Line, in which White rightly explains that biblical language of Christ shedding his precious blood means he died as a substitute in place of those for whom his sacrifice was made. Chris asks, if the blood of Christ points metonymically to hi ...…
Saturday 12/15/18 1pm ET/12pm CTRL/11am MTN/10am Pac Call in and listen at 1-347-934-0379 and or online at: Not in the United States compare your times available using: In this re-Broadcast Gus ...…
Pastor Wolvin and Pastor Stone sift through some relevant information for the Christmas season as well as some irrelevant nonsense.
Jesus is a powerful Savior and King—which is just the kind we need.
Do the news reports of rivers and other bodies of water turning blood red have anything to do with the end times? What does the Bible say about water turning into blood in the end times?By
What does it mean to ‘run the race set before us’ (Hebrews 12:1)? What is the race and why should we run it?By
Does the Bible say anything about Russia in relation to the end times? What is Russia's role in the end times?By
What is the Russian Orthodox Church? How is the Russian Orthodox Church different from other Orthodox churches?By
What is the story of Ruth and Boaz? What can we learn from Boaz being Ruth's kinsman redeemer?By
What can we learn from Ruth’s loyalty to Naomi? Why did Ruth stay with Naomi after Orpah decided to return home?By
Why did Ruth and Orpah make different decisions? Why did Ruth stay with Naomi after Orpah decided to return home?By
What is a sabbatical year? What did the Israelites live off of during the sabbatical year?By
Who were the Sabeans? Where did the Sabeans live in relation to Israel? Where does the Bible mention the Sabean people?By
What is the meaning of sackcloth and ashes? How are sackcloth and ashes symbolic of repentance?By
What is the Sacred Name Movement? What are the beliefs of the Sacred Name Movement?By
What was a sacred stone in Leviticus? What is Leviticus 26:1 talking about when it mentions a sacred stone?By
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