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Future Beats Show
A blend of deep futuristic beats and grooves. Beats from the past and here and now that still sound fresh. Its all about the fusion of sound!The podcast is mainly recodings of the biweekly show on weds nights at 9pm on occassion special mixes when I have time!
Progression of a DJ
Progress with me as I discover the House of Music and deliver a fusion of fresh, funky and progressive house beats!
Mr Mintee's Freshcast
A random and ecletic mix of music, from classics, current hits and future bangers
Blood and Black Rum Podcast
The Blood and Black Rum Podcast is a weekly podcast from Ryne at and his friend Chris Martin. We're talking everything from niche horror genre fare to classic films to video games and comic books. We're an ecletic duo - and that's probably due to the drinking we do while recording. We take breaks along the way to talk about the best beer and liquor we've had that week.
The Best of Radial Blur
Radial Blur is a weekly deep and underground house program on MyHouse-YourHouse Radio. Bay Area native Ornette is your host and selector for the show. This podcast is a distilled version of the program and features his personal favorite picks and guest spots from the show's run of 5+ years. There's absolutely no filler in these archives so the frequency of updates varies. To hear the show live, you can tune in at every Thursday night at 8pm PST or 0400 GMT (early Fr ...
Digiwaxx Radio
Welcome to Digiwaxx Radio. The Official podcast destination for Official Digiwaxx exclusive mixes by the best DJs worldwide. We will feature an ecletic mix of talents and styles to make you fall in love with music again and again and again. Enjoy and tell a friend.
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Howdy Folks, DJ Matador here bringing you the bigger they are the harder they fall. DJ gower made the trek to Chico and DJ EJ (Gowers Seed) even makes an appearence. Its the next day and were pretty haggard but still bring you one hell of a podcast. So sit back and enjoy this ecletic yet shredding mix. Thanks For Listening, Matador Artists Incl ...…
Join us live as we play an ecletic mixture of music for your listening pleasure and discuss everyday topics of interest
Join us live as we play an ecletic mixture of music for your listening pleasure and discuss everyday topics of interest
Join us live as we play an ecletic mixture of music for your listening pleasure and discuss everyday topics of interest
Join us live as we play an ecletic mixture of music for your listening pleasure and discuss everyday topics of interest
Join us live as we play an ecletic mixture of music for your listening pleasure and discuss everyday topics of interest
Eat Sleep Code Podcast
On this episode of Eat Sleep Code, Michael Crump and Clint RutkaS from Microsoft discuss their project Windows Template Studio, a new getting started experience for Universal Windows Platform.01:44 EC: This week there's a lot of amazing things being announced at Build. You guys are working on something that is coming out of this Build week. Why ...…
Ed and Brian cover the latest news in the development community including: Microsoft ends it's quest to include an object mapper. We'll look at all the ways you can build Native Mobile applications that look professional. Your favorite text editors battle it out for a place in our hearts. And JavaScript Dominates the Stack Overflow Developer su ...…
Topics include: - View Denis's Collections in our Special Edition Facebook Live Video AND on his Instagram! - The History of the Steiff Teddy Bear! - The Difference Between Hoarding and Collecting! - How Denis's Partner and Author Eric Tallman Deals with a House Full of Collections! - Vintage and Ecletic Collections Ebaying! - Bike Thieves! - E ...…
Lucky We Live Hawaii
Today we find out what it’s like to be an Irishman (and Haole) growing up in Hawaii. We talk story with writer, musician and creative spirit JAMIE WINPENNY . We get up close and personal, discuss his ecletic career and how he’s gotten … Continue reading → The post An IRISHMAN in PARADISE appeared first on Lucky We Live Hawaii.…
Brooklyn Props Podcast
DJ Sakir reminds us of DJs like King Britt and Geology, equal parts soulful and ecletic. She joins the crew on this episode to talk music, art and life. We get into the origins of her creativity and her forthcoming DJ lifestyle brand OHM, how she deals with the male-dominated DJ culture, booking gigs in Brooklyn, growing up in Florida and parti ...…
We're rounding up a great year for ZoneOneRadio by presenting to you some of the very best bits of content from all our shows. #LondonArts talked to Chic legend Nile Rodgers following his now legendary performance at Glastonbury. Jenny Runacre reminisces with him about London in the 70s and the punk scene. #LondonGigGuide beat Jools Holland to ...…
Worst Gig Ever with Geoff Garlock and Mike Pace
John Frusciante is many things: improviser, comedian, podcast dude, musician, funky monk. He brings his ecletic personality and fun antics "under the bridge" and tells some epic tales of joining the world's worst Smashing Pumpkins-inspired bar band, getting a tv sketch show right out of college and how that fell apart (and the subsequent movie ...…
Dark Beauty – Dark Talk Radio
Subscribe (iTunes): Ready for an amazing ecletic mix of music for your week this amazing summer. POOLSIDE with Topher Adam. This week’s playlist is a group of songs I have heard all over the place and Shazam-d it. So enjoy and remember “SHAKE DAT ASS!” The Sun – The Naked and Famous Money – The Flying Lizards Night Ai ...…
GeorgeS DJ - Funky Cast
An ecletic mix of tech/electro house merging with vocal. Mixed bag of artists including; Nik Denton, A.T.G.O.C., NuBreeb, The Ones, Mauro Picotto and Full Intention.31st December, 2011 01 : Repeated Love (Extended Mix) - A.T.G.O.C. 02 : You Dont Know 2010 (Dom De Sousa Club Mix) - Nik Denton 03 : It's True (Dabruck & Klein Remix) - Axwell & Seb ...…
Miranda Lynn, owner of My Ecletic Bookshelf, tells all in her post about the advantages of working with indie authors. "An Indie Blogger Tells All" touches on: Cheaper Books Easier Commincation More Personal Relationships Tune in to hear more!
The Netherlands' latest talent in deep, melodic techno joins the podcast for episode 55. Nadia Struiwigh is a unique DJ and producer who crafts stories through her productions and sets. This hour mix is a fine example of Nadia's deep and hypnotic style, accentuated with ecletic melodies.
After a one year hiatus from the show, the exciting Italian duo Idiot Idols make their return for episode 53. Always fresh and consistently original, Idiot Idols blend up a physcadelic mix full of ecletic and inspirational dance music.
Jazzin Em Up with Cres O'Neal
June 23 - Jazz Keyboardist/Composer - Bob Baldwin That's right folks, Bob Baldwin returns to Jazzin Em Up With Cres O'Neal to discuss his soon to released CD,, a masterful blend of smooth, sexy, and ecletic sounds that will surely leave your musical tastebuds craving for more.r.…
T - Free Sessions
Seaworthy is the long awaited second offering from independent filmmaker Nathan Oldfield, the maker of the highly regarded and award winning underground surf film Lines from a Poem. Nearly three years in the making, Seaworthy documents a variety of individuals and the different ways that they approach wave riding. The film presents a left of ce ...…
Pedro Carneiro: Audio & Video Podcast
This a recording I made in 1995 - "Ecletic Fusion" by Christopher Hussey, with Simon Baggs on violin!
Two Tramps in Mud Time
A catalyst is substance that speeds up a chemical reaction without being destroyed in the process, more colloquially it is something, a person, event, or anything that propels one to act. And there is no finer introduction to the podcast that is The Yank Sizzler than the twined notions of inspiration and the active instigator that remains undes ...…
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