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BRUUUUCE!!!! Just say that and any Buffalo sports fan who was around for the 1980's and 1990's knows exactly who you're referring to.
Something weird happened over the weekend. The Bills had a draft that left most of their fans happy.
I finally have my plan of attack for the Buffalo Bills and the first round of the NFL draft. Click here to check it out and then react as you see fit.
The St. Louis Blues spent four seasons being a really good regular season team and three seasons being an underachieving playoff team where their best players came up very small.
She's back! My daughter, Garnet, returns with her third annual hardcore look at the NFL Draft. In 2014 at the age of 2, she culled prospect rankings of numerous draft analysts and ranked them herself (OK, with my help) strictly based on aggregrate results. She would have drafted tight end Eric Ebron for the Bills that year, had they not traded ...…
The saying goes that "the best predictor of future behavior, is past behavior". With that in mind, here's my prediction for how the Bills schedule will play out. Opponents? Who needs 'em?! Aren't we somewhat used to this by now?
The offseason can go pretty quickly and the Sabres have plenty to get done. With requests of Tim Murray, Dan Bylsma, Matt Moulson, and all others involved, Jeremy White lays out his Sabres Offseason To-do List.
I’m not the general manager of an NFL team but I play one on the radio. If I were the GM of the Buffalo Bills, I’d be handling the Tyrod Taylor contract situation exactly the same way.
As we enter the final week of the NHL season, the standings say the Sabres are closer to last place overall than a playoff spot. But is there anyone who doesn't think the season has been more of a success than failure?
Tyrod Taylor threw 20 touchdown passes and six interceptions in 2015. He posted a 99.4 passer rating and 7.10 adjusted net yards per attempt, the best such numbers by any Bills quarterback in history to have started at least eight games in a season except Jim Kelly in 1990. Taylor also rushed for 568 yards, a Bills record. The Bills went 8-8. B ...…
NFL owners are discussing 19 different rules proposals this week but they aren't talking about the most important one.
The best untold story of this Sabres season, The Year of Jack Eichel, is how good Sam Reinhart is. You watched Boston University games for the first time to see what Eichel is, and then the World Championships. You spent $300 on his jersey before he skated a professional shift. You (OK me) and Bulldog spent 25 minutes of valuable air time break ...…
Mark it down. March 12, 2016. Perhaps the greatest single day in the history of University at Buffalo sports.
It must be pretty cool to be a professional athlete, right? Maybe not. Just ask Scott Norwood.
Twenty-two games, at least half of which they'll play without Ryan O'Reilly. Five points up on last-place Toronto, with three games this March against the Leafs. Six days to the trade deadline, which probably will set several bottom-dwellers, somehow, back. We're headed for another dramatic finish in the land of the Buffalo Sabres. If it's exci ...…
They haven’t asked me but if the Bills were wondering, here’s what they can do this off season to make me happy. Draft a quarterback and in the first round if you can. Yes, despite the fact most of you would be happy to see the Bills use
Defense wins championships. Its been a popular phrase amongst Bills fans since Sunday night.
Hockey games can be interesting. They were more interesting years ago but you still get the occasional wild one, a back-and-forth tussle with a scrap or two mixed in. The playoffs are fun too but that's usually just on TV. Regular seasons are so lengthy that too often you have matchups of weary opponents comprised of players just trying to stay ...…
The NHL does plenty of things that make us shake our collective heads but its time to give the league some credit.
Bills GM Doug Whaley says that the Bills are open to the idea of a contract extension with Tyrod Taylor. Is Tyrod open to one? Should he be? WGR's Jeremy White runs down the five factors that could play into this game, from holdout, to 1st round QB.
The playoffs are a near-impossibility, and they weren't this year's mission anyway.No one is talking "tank", which became the buzzword for selling off older players and those on expiring contracts for youth and draft picks, something many teams like the Sabres have done and all teams like them should have. As a state of mind tanking is off the ...…
As we prepare for the penultimate day of football in the 2015 NFL season, I’m wondering again how many times I will think to myself “why doesn’t the NFL just follow the lead of college football?”
WARNING: This article is long, because it should be. --------------------------------- Sixteen years, no playoffs. Bills fans know it well. Some might wear it as a tattoo, like a badge of honor, if it didn't need changing every year. The scar of the playoff drought looks uglier if you add that only once all these years (2004) have the Bills mad ...…
I was wrong. I went into the game feeling like it wouldn’t matter to me but it did.
This morning on WGR, Bills GM Doug Whaley spoke highly of Tyrod Taylor while stressing, “the team has the possibility, and I stress possibility, of a quarterback in the future.” Is Tyrod the guy for the job? We don’t know. What’s the next step? That we do know….
As is always the case when it comes to the late December portion of the NFL schedule, we remember just how boring late season, meaningless games can be. If I didn’t have to watch the Bills-Dallas game because of my job, there is no way I would
(WGR 550 - Andrew Peters) Eichel isn’t “struggling”, he’s adjusting. Just because the kid isn’t lighting the lamp every night, doesn’t mean he’s not playing well. With the Sabres going into Christmas break and the rebuild well underway, I think its evident or simple to say that the public’s high expectations of Jack’s arrival was going to be an ...…
Tuesday night's Sabres-Devils game was so devoid of compelling action that your mind was free to wander, which can be good as long as it's not stumbling again and again over the prices of tickets and Harbour Club German Chocolate cake. I had a nice time with my brother-in-law and two friends, not that any of it was because of the hockey game. O ...…
Through 28 games this season, the Sabres have 25 points. Through the same amount last year, they’d picked up 22 points. A three point gain certainly wouldn’t tell the story though, would it? Jeremy White takes a look at what’s happening, and what should come next.
This was about as close to a must win game as you can get and the Bills took care of business.
Somehow, a column at good-idea Monday announced the Bills as, to boil it down, a team with a good quarterback and nothing more. I read it, and there was no disclaimer anywhere about it being an April Fools joke. You need more than a good quarterback to win, Bills, it was declared, presumably to widespread uproarious laughter ...…
I hope you enjoyed a relaxing Sunday of watching the NFL. Now its time to get serious and its time to study up on the Bills and Patriots in advance of Monday night's clash.
The NHL has a problem on its hands and it reared its ugly head, again, in Buffalo this week.
Sal Capaccio's Arrow Up, Arrow Down, and The Big Picture from Thursday's Bills win over the Jets
What's more fun in sports to discuss than NFL quarterbacks? So many versions of this parlor game: eye test vs. statistics, wins vs. yards, personality vs. performance. If it were an actual game you could play with friends surely it would be called Cam Newton, or at least he's the picture on the box. The Bills this season have merged onto the qu ...…
We finally got an opportunity to see Tyrod Taylor, Sammy Watkins, LeSean McCoy and Karlos Williams all healthy and in the same game.
What a difference a healthy lineup makes for the Bills offense. But you probably knew that, didn't you?
And cut. That's a wrap everyone, thanks for coming to the 2015 season and please arrive home safely.
We've learned that Tyrod Taylor is unlikely to play this week against the Bengals. Taylor made some great plays last week, but the passing game was limited, to say the least. In this week's All-22 review we'll see a big part of the field ignored by the offense, and the latest masterpiece from the defensive line.…
BUFFALO, N.Y. (MS) -- Dylan Strome's first NHL goal wasn't how he grew up imagining it, but he'll take it. Drafted third by the Buffalo Sabres in June's draft, Strome centered a pass for teammate Mikhail Grigorenko that bounced in off an opponent's skate, the Sabres' lone goal in Monday's 4-1 loss to Columbus. Buffalo is 0-3 to start the season ...…
I'm not sure where the Bills season goes from here but I'm pretty sure it would have gone down the you know what if they didn't beat Tennessee.
Sunday's disappointing loss to the Giant was a parade of penalties and missed opportunities. The Giants were able to capitalize on a few mistakes from the Bills, while Greg Roman's offense simply wasn't firing on all cylinders. The All-22 is here to tweak Tyrod, and give fist-pounds to Stephon Gilmore and Ronald Darby.…
For the second straight home game, the Bills laid an egg and at times were their own worst enemy.
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