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Encounter - Redeemer Church
Encounter is the Youth and Young Adult ministry of Redeemer Church. Mission: ENCOUNTER the love of God. EXPERIENCE the transformational power of The Gospel. CONNECT with other believers. GROW in your faith in Jesus Christ. #Encounter
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As we continue on our series, Culture wars, Pastor Tim Nicolette teaches on what sex is and isn't based on the Biblical scriptures. Be blessed.
We are continuing our Beatitudes series through the book of Matthew at Encounter Albany. Be Blessed!
Join us as Pastor Jacob Milea brings Pt 3 of The Beatitudes. Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.
Pastor Tim Nicolette will be preaching our second installment on the Beatitudes. Be blessed!!!
In the first part of our Beatitude series Pastor Tim talks about what it means to be blessed.
be·at·i·tude bēˈadəˌt(y)o͞od (noun) supreme blessedness. synonyms:blessedness, benediction, grace; more: the blessings listed by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5:3–11). Come join us as we kick off The Beatitudes.
We conclude our It's Complicated sermon series on relationships with a Q&A Panel Discussion led by Pastor Scott and Yvette Packard and Pastor Rob and Laura Martin.
We're continuing our "It's Complicated" series as Pastor Jacob Milea preaches on dating.
In the last of 4 sermons in our "It's Complicated" relationship series Pastor Mark Schilling preaches a practical word on when you are ready to date and how to do it.
This week we will be continuing our "It's Complicated" sermon series on Relationships.Pastor Scott Packard is going to bring a word about marriage as we continue with part three of our "It's Complicated" series.
In the 3rd sermon of our 2017 relationships series "It's Complicated" Pastor Sam preaches on the meaning of covenant in marriage and in our relationship with God.
We are continuing our It's Complicated series on Relationships Join us for the second installment on this series focusing on Singleness.
In the second part of our "It's Complicated" relationships series Pastor Tim preach on singleness and finding your fulfillment in Christ.
Come join us as we go live with our "It's Complicated" relationship series. We'll be looking at the life of Samson and it will be 🌹BUENO🌹.
In the first part of our relationships series "It's Complicated" Pastor Tim preaches on the biblical pattern of authority that is forged in our relationship with our parents and practiced in our marriages and dating relationships. "The degree to which you give honor to your parents is a shadow of how you will honor your husband or wife"....YIKE ...…
Guest speaker Brett Kunkle is a worldview and apologetics speaker out of Orange country California. In this sermon he powerfully shows why many of us how doubts about God and what we should do with them.
Over the past two weeks we have been discussing topics of Origins and Being by answering the questions, "Where Did We Come From?" and "Who We Are?" Pastor Sam Luce, is going to be bringing the word as he discusses the topic of Destiny and addresses the question, "Where Are We Going?"
The most important questions we must answer in life are about Origins, Being and Destiny. Last week we discussed "Where Did We Come From?" This week Pastor Jacob Milea will be preaching on "Who Are We?".
The most important questions we must answer in life are... ▪️"Where Did We Come From?" ▪️"Who Are We?" ▪️ "Where Are We Going?" Which are exactly what we'll be discussing!
sermon spoke by encounter youth pastor.
Encounter - Redeemer Church
Join us for a taste of our Encounter Christmas service! With Jenna Myers performing a special and pastor Tim Nicolette bringing a special Christmas sermon.
In our mini series "The Parables" we take a look at the parable of the lost sheep and the lost coin out of Luke chapter 15.
In one of the most important topics of our series Josh Moore preaches on the topic of "Race" and what the bible has to say about it.
In the third session of our "There is a Verse for That" we are joined by Encounter's very own Sara Kardas, Stephanie Schilling, and Rutha Kyi for a panel discussion on the topic of Modesty.
In the second part of our There is a Verse For That series we take a close look at what the bible says about Homosexuality.
Encounter - Redeemer Church
In the First part of new our "There is a Verse for that" series Pastor Sam Luce sets the bedrock for the rest of our series discussing if there is a set truth and what does the bible claim of itself.
Encounter - Redeemer Church
In the last part of our "Old School" series Pastor Tim Nicolette preaches about the future vision for the youth ministry.
Encounter - Redeemer Church
In the second part of our "Old School" series Pastor Mark Schilling preaches about what our youth ministry should be all about through the story of Jacob.
Encounter - Redeemer Church
In the first part of our "Old School" series our senior Pastor and the founder of our youth ministry Pastor Mike Servello Jr. preaches on where we have been as a youth ministry and some things that we will continue to do moving forward.
Encounter - Redeemer Church
In the last part of our Trinity series Pastor Tim preaches in the role of the Holy spirit in our lives.
In the second to last installment of our From the Cross series Tim Nicolette bring a word on the finished work of Jesus Christ and what it means for us.
Continuing in our series " From the Cross" Tim Nicolette preaches out of John 19: 28 After this, Jesus, knowing that all was now finished, said (to fulfill the Scripture), “I thirst.
In our latest session from our series "From the Cross" Pastor Sam Luce brings a powerful word on Jesus's words "My God, my God why have you forsaken me.
Encounter - Redeemer Church
Our 2016 Dominican Republic missions team gives us a recap of what the trip was like and what god did.
In the second part of our From the Cross series Tim Nicolette preaches on Jesus saying "Today you will be with me in paradise".
In our new series From the Cross we will be looking at the 7 statements Jesus made from the cross. In the first part Pastor Mark Schilling preaches on Jesus's word "Father Forgive them".
Tim preaches out of John 11 on the resurrection and the life.
Encounter - Redeemer Church
In the third sermon of our I AM sermon Tim Nicolette preaches on how doors separate, provide access, and comfort out of John chapter 10:7-10.
In the second part of our I AM series Pastor Mark brings an awesome work on reflecting the light of christ.
Encounter - Redeemer Church
In our new "I AM" series Tim Nicolette preaches on how Jesus is the bread of life.
In the Third part of our EACH ONE WIN ONE series Tim Nicolette preached on the response to evangelism out of John chapter 3.
In the second part of our EACH ONE WIN ONE series Josh Moorebrings an awesome word out of Matthew 13 on the practice ofevangelism.
Encounter - Redeemer Church
In our new series EACH ONE WIN ONE we will look at some of theelements of evangelism. In the first sermon of the series TimNicolette preaches on the call to evangelism.
In the final sermon of our "the QUEST (ion)" series Pastor Mark preached out of Luke 7:44 on the question "Do you see this women". Check it out this was an awesome message.
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