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The Energy Gang
Looking to understand the fast-changing world of energy? This isn't your ordinary energy business show. Every week, we debate and discuss the latest trends in energy, cleantech, renewables, and the environment. Join us as we explore the forces transforming energy markets in America and around the world.
Hear from energy pioneers from across the globe who are accelerating the shift to clean energy by making their own electric power for their homes, offices, and communities. Join TED speaker and Solar Inventions CEO Bill Nussey and co-host Sam Easterby as they talk to the individuals who are disrupting the century-old grid monopoly and making clean, local energy a reality. Visit for more.
Wynn Free is a Talk Show Host, Author, Physician, Researcher, Scholar, Songwriter, Poet, Contactee of the Elohim and Spiritual New Age Speaker.Wynn Free is also the principle author of the international best seller - The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? with David Wilcock.Wynn Free had the unusual experience of having a voice talk to him via two women with whom he had personal involvements. This voice said they were the original Creators of the physical universe.This is our "Sunday Grid Healing ...
Straight talk about the world’s transition from fossil fuels to renewables with energy expert Chris Nelder
ETS On The Grid
Zpryme On The Grid is a podcast about energy and the utility industry. Every two weeks, we dive into topics and bring on guests to discuss issues affecting utilities, customers, solution providers, and much more.
How to live a healthy authentic lifestyle
Join RenewEconomy founder and editor Giles Parkinson and columnist and energy markets expert David Leitch as they discuss the week's main events - politics, solar and storage.
Energy Policy Now
Energy Policy Now offers clear talk on the policy issues that define our relationship to energy and its impact on society and the environment. The series is produced by the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy at the University of Pennsylvania and hosted by energy journalist Andy Stone. Join Andy in conversation with leaders from industry, government, and academia as they shed light on today's pressing energy policy debates.
The Columbia Energy Exchange podcast features in-depth conversations with the world’s top energy and climate leaders from government, business, academia and civil society. Hosted by Bill Loveless, the program explores today’s most pressing opportunities and challenges across energy sources, financial markets, geopolitics and climate change as well as their implications for both the U.S. and the world.
The energy industry finds itself on the brink of a global transformation. Acute challenges like increasing consumer and regulatory demands, renewables implementation and integration, and calls for improved operations and efficiency are revealing the limitations of current operational regimes. The solution is a secure, smarter, modernized grid, one founded on connectivity, reliability, and cybersecurity. At Intel, we believe that the right technology can enable an intelligent, integrated grid ...
Greentech Media (GTM) is devoted to covering emerging green and clean technologies. As renewable energy becomes an increasingly large sector, the business community needs a source with up-to-the-minute news on solar, smart grid, enterprise energy solutions, wind energy, electric vehicles, biofuels, water, batteries and storage, finance and VC, and policy throughout the sectors. Visit for more stories, research, webinars, and conferences.
Along Those Lines
The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association's podcast is focused on the important stories from across co-op country about the issues that matter most to rural America and the energy industry.
Podcast by Florence School of Regulation
Messages you need to hear for Your Life.
The Columbia Energy Exchange podcast features in-depth conversations with the world’s top energy and climate leaders from government, business, academia and civil society. Hosted by Bill Loveless, the program explores today’s most pressing opportunities and challenges across energy sources, financial markets, geopolitics and climate change as well as their implications for both the U.S. and the world.
Magnetofunky is a laid back (and often explicit - you bet your ass) weekly podzine of extremely eclectic music and progressive politics, with a focus on energy independence for the 99%.
Grid Geeks
Podcast by Grid Geeks
A constant stream of SingularityHub's high-quality articles, read to you via an AI system.
A discussion of global and local environmental law issues. Produced by the University of South Dakota School of Law and the International Environmental Law Committee of the American Branch of the International Law Association. Hosted by Professor Myanna Dellinger
Join Liberty Environmental’s experts in discussing topics of current interest in the environmental field, as they affect business and industry. This podcast is an informative and engaging discussion about environmental challenges by specialists in environmental due diligence, site remediation, air quality, regulatory compliance, natural resources, and other areas.
Smarter Grid Weekly
Your Source for Grid Intelligence
Running, adventure, mindfulness, escaping & returning home with more energy and insight.
Energy Bite
Energy Bite is a weekly 90-second podcast focused on energy technology, opportunities, and challenges related to every day life. It is produced by Carnegie Mellon University's Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation.
Science news and technology updates from Scientific American
Podcast by Beyond the Electron: The Energy Cloud
Off Grid Solutions for an On Grid World
Weekly News Video Teaching Local Energy Self Reliance
Energy Talks
Covering the big issues driving the energy transition and decarbonisation of the world’s energy networks.
On closer inspection, we find science and especially mathematics throughout our everyday lives, from the tap to automatic speed regulation on motorways, in medical technology or on our mobile phone. What the researchers, graduates and academic teachers in Karlsruhe puzzle about, you experience firsthand in our podcast "The modeling approach".
AEMO Energy Live
AEMO operates the energy markets and power systems across eastern and south-eastern Australia. We make sure that when you turn the switch, the light comes on; if it doesn't, we work to bring it back on as soon as possible.We make sure the gas comes on when you need it. We also provide emergency management services across the interconnected gas grid.Power system security is our highest priority.We plan, develop and operate markets that are responsive to energy sector needs and support long-te ...
SmartPlanet (Video)
CBS Interactive’s SmartPlanet features thought-provoking progressive ideas on diverse topics that intersect with technology, business, and life, and matter to the world at large. Whether you are making technology decisions for your business, or eco-conscious decisions for your home, SmartPlanet will give you the 360° coverage you need to feel informed and connected to the news and information that matters to you.
Survivalist Prepper, all about survival skills, prepping, preparedness and living off the grid without too much “tin foil hat” stuff. Learning how to become more self sufficient when disaster strikes. Stay up to date with the latest prepping news and information like bugging out, prepping and survival gear, and food storage etc.
New thinking for off-grid communities worldwide
In just one hour, Ariel gives you as much information as possible on common themes that she has seen in her twenty years as an energy healer. In each show, Ariel teaches another tidbit on the structure and function of the human electromagnetic field, and describes how a good energy healer repairs the energetic grids, rivers and vortexes in your energy field.brbr Ariel also tells you how you can maintain the energy healing work yourself, through prayer, visualization and action. Ariel shows y ...
IQPC Australia
IQPC provides business executives around the world with tailored practical conferences, large scale events, topical seminars and in-house training programs, keeping them up-to-date with industry trends, technological developments and the regulatory landscape. IQPC's large scale conferences are market leading “must attend” events for their respective industries. IQPC produces more than 1,500 events annually around the world, and continues to grow. Founded in 1973, IQPC now has offices in majo ...
Landmark Home and Land Company’s discussions regarding the conceptualization of your new home, architectural design, engineering, permitting processes and uses of panelized homes to control your budget, save money and build your new home.
Welcome to Vox Markets Originals.This channel features a range of interviews across four series: Business Lives, Industry Experts, Moving Averages and Spotlight.If you wish to suggest a guest to appear on the Podcast, please email:
The social innovation series covers a wide range of topics around the way that businesses need to address issues of sustainability. Based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, the series looks at how large scale industries such as Hitachi can work for the common good while developing commercially viable products and services. Areas that are explored in detail include energy (including batteries, digital grids and sustainable and clean energy sources), transport (including inf ...
Ask Allie
Join intuitive advisor Allie Theiss for spiritual-shifting advice Spiritual-Shifting Advice for Busy People to unlock your gifts, move forward with life, deal with the craziness of the world, increase your personal energy, discover your soul mates, and more - normally in 30 minutes or less. Allie will offer topics with a dash of humor, a sprinkle of insight, and a pinch of attitude. Toss in your FREE question or FREE reading into the drawing to see if you're picked to have your question/read ...
Welcome to the ShossX Podcast, hosted by Product Manager, Startup Mentor and Voice Technology Leader, Mike Shoss. On this podcast, you'll find a mix of all different aspects of the tech space to current thoughts on new products or tactics. As well as conversations about finance and Green Energy!
Scientific American
Hàng tuần
Science news and technology updates from Scientific American
Crystals & Coffee
Crystals. Healing. Balance. Tune into your intuition to find your path and achieve your goals.Become a crystals & coffee member:
The CyberWire
More signal, less noise—we distill the day’s critical cyber security news into a concise daily briefing.
Nick & Shae Peterson from share their personal journey towards simple, intentional living which lead them to pay-off debt, sell the majority of their possessions, remodel and inhabit a vintage Airstream travel trailer leaving them with time, money and energy for what truly matters. Podcast discusses: simplicity, minimalism, intentional living, lifestyle design, frugality, alternative housing, living off the grid and pursuing a life with meaning & purpose. Join us in simple, ...
Join us each week for Gems of Wisdom, a Soul Sanctuary and community to inspire hearts, minds, and lives through art, charity and conversations that deepen our connection.
Hear directly from the people producing EPRI’s critical research covering all facets of the power industry. EPRI Unplugged tackles topics ranging from renewable energy to long-term operation of the nuclear fleet as we take a closer look at the transforming power system.
Emma Mumford's podcast is the place to go for everything Spirituality! From the Law of Attraction to being a Girl Boss Emma has you covered with her weekly episodes. This is one honest, funny, and raw podcast which will help to transform your life. Emma Mumford is an award-winning Life Coach & Blogger, YouTuber, Speaker and Best-Selling Author.
Finely Tuned
Ogni mese
Listen in as we talk with people who care about our built environment, the energy it uses, and how it's all maintained. This podcast is built by Gridium.
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Oliver Woldring and Jose Zapata from ITP Renewables discuss OpenCem, which allows people to model their own energy transition. Plus: AEMC’s new rules.By RenewEconomy.
Battery storage will play a central role in decarbonizing the nation’s electric grid, yet the rules by which batteries will compete in electricity markets have yet to be agreed upon. --- The cost of battery electric storage technology is falling rapidly, creating opportunity for batteries to play a growing role in the nation’s electricity syste ...…
This Startup Wants to Store Grid Energy by Lifting Concrete Blocks . The energy transition is underway. It’s not just crucial for climate change that we kick our fossil fuel habit—it will soon be more expensive not to. In the UK, for example, it’ll soon be cheaper to bu...By Thomas Hornigold.
Why do TSOs and DSOs need to cooperate more than in the past? Viviana Vitto, Head of Market Studies and Strategic Analysis at Enel Global Infrastructure and Networks, joins Joana Freitas, Ambassador of the Lights on Women initiative of the FSR, to discuss how the energy transition is shaping the need and configuration of TSO/DSO coordination. I ...…
Issue 988 October 10 2019 Continuing the assistance from Orem and Galactic BeingsBy Omega Communications.
Iraq is one of the world’s largest energy producers, but its people and its economy are hampered by pressures of electricity shortfalls and rising demand. The reliability of electricity services has long been an issue for the country, with violent protests breaking out last summer in the south due to blackouts from high demand. The disruption c ...…
Could you do us a favor? Take our listener survey so we can give you more relevant content: This week on Watt It Takes: how a computer nerd who loved assembling electronics became obsessed with designing a solar-storage system to light up Africa. In this episode, Powerhouse CEO Emily Kirsch sits down with Xavier Helgesen, the ...…
Some notes on not jumping to conclusions that incidents are cyber attacks. A false flag operation shows the difficulty of attribution: not everything that purrs is a kitten, because sometimes it’s a bear. Notes from the ISC Security Conference in Atlanta, including some reflections on the criminal market’s business cycle, the dangers of social ...…
It’s a small country with big ambitions when it comes to climate change. The new government in Denmark plans to overhaul entirely the way it conducts climate policy, with a goal of reducing emissions by 70 percent by 2030 compared to 1990. And it says it’s doing so based on what science tells us, not what political expedience would suggest. In ...…
Hey guys and welcome to my 89th podcast episode and Season 2! I'm excited to share with you this week an interview with content creator and speaker Sachin Sharma. I hope you enjoy this episode xx Sachin's website - FREE Weekly Manifesting Worksheet - Grow Your Wellness Busines ...…
How 3D Printing, Vertical Farming, and Materials Science Are Overhauling Food . Food. What we eat, and how we grow it, will be fundamentally transformed in the next decade. Already, indoor farming is projected to be a US$40.25 billion industry by 2022, with a compound annual growt...By Peter H. Diamandis, MD.
Abandoned - The Program; Theory - Capital Crises; Treason - The Class Assassins, collusion - RECREATE, Betrayed - Jamie Green the Pothead, Time To Impeach ft The Whispy Fescue - Gab Session Studios; Geeknotes: 10/20 - Afro Comic Con, SAE Expressions College, Emeryville, 10/22 - Book Talk - The Lie of Global Prosperity, The Green Arcade, SF, 10/ ...…
Researchers at Independent Security Evaluators (ISE) recently published a report titled SOHOpelessly Broken 2.0, Security Vulnerabilities in Network Accessible Services. This publication continues and expands previous work they did examining small office/home office (SOHO) routers, network-attached storage devices (NAS), and IP cameras. Shaun M ...…
Could you do us a favor? Take our listener survey so we can give you more relevant content: The world’s fifth-largest economy looked more like a developing country last week, as PG&E purposefully cut power to millions of people in Northern California for days. We knew this was coming. The growing safety and financial risk of w ...…
Clickfraud arrives via a third-party SDK, and the app developers who used it say they didn’t know nuthin’. Maybe they didn’t. A Trojanized TOR browser warns its bro’s that, whoa, you’re out of date and the police might see you, but it’s really just stealing the bros’ alt-coin. WiFi bugs are fixed in Kindle and Alexa. Don’t try to jailbreak your ...…
We're talking about data standardization with Cengizhan Yenerim ,Director of Demand Risk Management at Engie North America. What starts off as an episode explaining the difficulties of data standardization region to region evolves into a discussion on creating the right ecosystem within organizations and communities to allow for a healthy and s ...…
Why Principles Over Practices Are the Key to Timeless Success . Why do some leaders and teams achieve great success in complex, uncertain, and fast-changing environments, while others who are equally capable struggle? Earlier this year, I found myself in a room wit...By Barry O'Reilly.
Gudrun talks with Changjing Zhuge. He is a guest in the group of Lennart Hilbert and works at the College of applied sciences and the Beijing Institute for Scientific and Engineering Computing (BISEC) at the Beijing University of Technology. He is a mathematician who is interested in system biology. In some cases he studies delay differential e ...…
Cozy Bear isn’t back--Cozy Bear never really left at all. Iran says the Americans are dreaming: there was no cyberattack in retaliation for Iran’s implausibly deniable missile strikes on Saudi oil fields last month. Malicious audio files are dropping cryptominers and reverse shells into victim systems. An international dragnet collars hundreds ...…
Algorithms Are Designed to Addict Us, and the Consequences Go Beyond Wasted Time . Goethe’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is a classic example of many stories in a similar theme. The young apprentice enchants a broom to mop the floor, avoiding some work in the process. But the enchantmen...By Thomas Hornigold.
Going Off the Grid and Homesteading is something most of us think about at one point of another. Could you really do it? Could you leave everything behind and start from scratch? Like a lot of people out there, Lisa and I have toyed with the homesteading idea in the past. The fantasy of getting […] The post Going Off the Grid With Brian & Pam a ...…
Issue 989 - October 17 2019 In the Station of Light with Orem and experience Joy with Golden Light Galactic Beings.By Omega Communications.
The US may have retaliated in cyberspace for Iran’s strikes against Saudi oil fields. China’s new C919 airliner seems to have benefited greatly from industrial espionage. An old botnet learns new tricks. Typosquatting as an election influence trick. A look at price lists in the Criminal-to-Criminal marketplace. Recovering from ransomware. And w ...…
Personal Planetary Healing Meditation with Wynn FreeBy (Wynn Free).
Personal Planetary Healing Meditation with Wynn FreeBy (Wynn Free).
South Africa is one of the most coal-dependent countries in the world, with abundant (if low-grade) coal resources, a grid that is almost entirely powered by coal, an industrial base that is powered by coal, and a huge fiscal dependence on coal exports. And it’s debt-laden state-owned power company is not only in need of repeated bailouts, but ...…
Animals Are Out, Alt Protein Is in—and It's Cooking Up Some Unbelievable Creations . A new food economy is taking root. It’s showing up in the dairy section of grocery stores and in the drive-thrus of Burger King. Plant-based milk, meat, and even sushi are appearing more regularly on m...By Peter Rejcek.
Rumblings on the Red Planet act like x-rays, allowing scientists to probe the hidden interior of Mars. Christopher Intagliata reports. -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.comBy Scientific American.
Season 2 of Along Those Lines kicks off with a look at co-ops' role in protecting the national electric grid. Hear from Co-Mo Electric Cooperative's Ryan Newlon, who works with the National Guard on projects that examine real-life threats and defense strategies for cybersecurity, and NRECA’s Barry Lawson, who discusses how co-ops work with key ...…
Ransomware hits companies in France and the US. A Finnish energy company sustains a suspicious IT incident. Turkey jams social media as it rolls tanks against the Kurds. Pegasus spyware said to be in use against Moroccan activists. Silent Librarian is still making noise. The Lazarus Group is back with a malign crypto-trading app. China tightens ...…
This Strange Rule Is What Makes the Human Brain So Powerful . Run a supercomputer every second of every day, and eventually its storage will fill up, its speed decrease, and its components burn out. Yet our brains run with astonishing efficacy nearly every moment...By Shelly Fan.
This is a branded podcast made in collaboration between the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and GTM Creative Strategies. As grids get saturated with wind and solar electricity, there’s pressure to find new ways to store that energy across daily, monthly or seasonal variations. Could the answer be a billion-year-old microbe? The National Re ...…
China is the world leader in emissions of heat-trapping gases, and the Chinese government is taking many steps to reduce emissions, including policies that have made China the world's leader in renewable energy and electric vehicles. But other Chinese policies are working in the opposite direction, including support for coal-fired power plants. ...…
China is the world leader in emissions of heat-trapping gases, and the Chinese government is taking many steps to reduce emissions, including policies that have made China the world's leader in renewable energy and electric vehicles. But other Chinese policies are working in the opposite direction, including support for coal-fired power plants. ...…
Investment in Quantum Computing Is Booming—But Will a Quantum Winter Follow? . Quantum computing is red hot right now, not least after Google’s recent announcement that it had achieved quantum supremacy. An analysis by Nature shows the quantum hype is translating into a massive i...By Edd Gent.
Hey guys and welcome to my 88th podcast episode and Season 2! I'm excited to share with you this week my tips and advice on taking a vacation from your manifestation list. I hope you enjoy this episode xx FREE Weekly Manifesting Worksheet - Grow Your Wellness Business Online Course - ...…
Practical Spirituality, How to turn daily chaos into Peace. This can be, for most of us, a game changer. We have the capacity within us to utilize any difficulty as a transformational tool to increase our consciousness and to be at peace.This is the key to living an extraordinary life. Selina Maitreya will share with us this new lifestyle of us ...…
Michael Gillespie is a programmer at Emsisoft, as well as a host of the popular ID Ransomware web site that helps victims identify what strain of ransomware they may have been infected with, and what decryptors may be available. He's written many decryptors himself, most recently for the Syrk strain of ransomware. Links to the research and Mich ...…
Monster - DTFamous; Theory - Dancing Grid Downs; Ghoul Grunge - Crispy Dead, Wrong Eyed Jesus - GERM BOMB, Witch! - Slow-Fi, Haunted - Concrete Theory; Geeknotes: 10/14 - Indigenous Peoples Day, Yerba Buena Gardens Festival, SF, 10/18 - The 4th Annual Environmental Equity Summit at Cornerstone, Berkeley, 10/19 - Poetry Pentathlon 2019, The Book ...…
This week, Director of Research Programs Erin Autin returns to the podcast for a lively discussion on Scooters. Perhaps you've seen them around your town. We dive deep into new research to figure out what ordinary people are saying about them and also what the safety concerns are.There is still time to register for Start@ETS head over to https: ...…
BitPaymer ransomware is exploiting an Apple zero-day. “Attor” isn’t your ordinary malign faerie: it’s also an espionage platform that’s been carefully deployed against Russian and Eastern European targets. FIN7 upgrades its toolkit. Apple does what the Chinese government asks it to do, blocking a mapping and a news app from users in China. And ...…
In the environmental industry, we like to deal in the known - but must occasionally face the unknown. In this episode of Environmental Experts Radio, Host David Coyne welcomes Dr. Karl Markiewicz of the ATSDR to discuss how a set of synthetic chemicals called PFAS has emerged as a pervasive contaminant that is creating unique new challenges to ...…
We Can't Even Comprehend the Massive Data Haul We'll Soon Get From Sensors . “Hey Google, how’s my health this morning?” “One moment,” says your digital assistant. It takes thirty seconds for the full diagnostic to run, as the system deploys dozens of sensors capturing gigabyte...By Peter H. Diamandis, MD.
A US Defense Intelligence Agency analyst has been charged with leaking national defense information. Europol releases its 2019 Internet Organized Crime Threat Assessment. NSA Director Nakasone says the Agency’s Cybersecurity Directorate will first focus on protecting the Defense Industrial Base from intellectual property theft. CISA wants subpo ...…
Scientists Found New Antibiotic Molecules—Right In the Human Microbiome . The human microbiome is the dark matter of biology: we know it’s there and critically balances health from disease. We can broadly examine microbe members with advanced DNA sequencing methods and infer...By Shelly Fan.
What do electricity consumers really want? In this episode, Annette Jantzen, Secretary General at the National Energy Ombudsmen Network, shares her thoughts with Joana Freitas, Ambassador for the Lights on Women initiative of the FSR, on the main needs and concerns of electricity consumers, in the changing context of the energy transition. Acco ...…
In this episode, Chris Peeters, CEO of the Elia Group, shares his views with Joana Freitas, Ambassador for the Lights on Women initiative of the FSR, on what the digitalisation of the energy system really means and discusses the key challenges and consequences for different market players. In Chris Peeters’ perspective, one of the immediate use ...…
In this episode, Tara Connolly, EU Climate and Energy Policy Director at Greenpeace, reflects on the real impact of energy transition on the environment, in a candid conversation with Joana Freitas, Ambassador for the Lights on Women initiative of the FSR. While there is a big drive today in Europe to switch from fossil fuels to renewable sourc ...…
What is the impact of the energy transition in the electricity prices for consumer? Monika de Volder, Senior Economic Officer at BEUC – The European Consumers Organisation, discusses with Joana Freitas, Ambassador for the Lights on Women initiative of the FSR, the expected impact of increased renewables and consumer-oriented services in the ret ...…
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