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Try listening to this. We wish you luck. Or, just Google the Enneagram.
This is a podcast about many things but mostly the enneagram. We don't plan things.....they plan us.
An Enneagram Podcast by Certified Enneagram Coach Milton Stewart, aimed for those who want to take personal growth and professional development to the next level!
Enneagram & Coffee
Enneagram and Coffee is the podcast dedicated to discussing the beautiful and hard parts of working with the enneagram. We focus on understanding the enneagram and using it as a tool for self-compassion.
The Art of Growth (formerly the Enneagram Panels Podcast) is dedicated to seeing people end patterns of self sabotage and fulfill their potential. We see the world differently and to get there we need a better understanding of ourselves and those around us. We work to develop wellness patterns for individuals and teams. Find out more or contact us at www.theartofgrowth.org
This is a podcast about down to earth work of transforming our world, our relationships, and most importantly ourselves. We cover topics like yoga, the enneagram, and tarot, as well as many other means of personal and spiritual growth. Find out more and stay up to date at www.abirobinsyoga.com/consciousconstruction
Who are we? Why do we act, think and feel the way we do? How can we become our best, most authentic selves? Welcome to Typology, a podcast that explores the mystery of the human personality and how we can use the Enneagram typing system as a tool to become our best, most authentic selves. Hosted by author, speaker and counselor, Ian Morgan Cron, Typology features interviews with thought leaders from every sphere of life, including renowned Enneagram authors and teachers, psychologists, theol ...
You don’t have to go through life with your hair on fire–there is another way to be productive and experience success in your REALIFE! Through real-life stories, interviews, and practical application, host Teresa McCloy, Enneagram Professional, Business Coach, and the creator of the REALIFE Process™ will share each week how to apply the Enneagram in your life! If you’re looking to bring your most authentic self to your life, relationships, and work take a look through the nine lenses of the ...
Podcast by Dr. Joseph Howell
Enneagram & Coffee
Enneagram and Coffee is the podcast dedicated to discussing the beautiful and hard parts of working with the enneagram. We focus on understanding the enneagram and using it as a tool for self-compassion.
Using the wisdom of the Enneagram, and ongoing discussion and conversation, we will grow compassion for ourselves and others, as well as a better understanding for why we do what we do!
Millenneagram: Enneagram Affirmations & Ass-Kickings for a New Generation
Personality Hacker teaches you the coding language of your mind and how to use it to create great relationships - a fulfilling career and happiness.Are you born with your personality, or does it develop over time? What is intuition? What's the fastest way to use your natural gifts to improve overall happiness? Join Joel Mark Witt and Antonia Dodge as they discuss small changes in your personality and relationships that have big impact.
Personality Hacker teaches you the coding language of your mind and how to use it to create great relationships - a fulfilling career and happiness.Are you born with your personality, or does it develop over time? What is intuition? What's the fastest way to use your natural gifts to improve overall happiness? Join Joel Mark Witt and Antonia Dodge as they discuss small changes in your personality and relationships that have big impact.
How does the way we’re wired affect our life? The EnneaCast explores personality, relationships and the gospel through the lens of the enneagram - with a little twist up our sleeves. Each episode features enneagram coaches, authors and counselors sharing their wisdom and playing funny games based on their personality. A production of Love Thy Neighborhood, The EnneaCast is hosted by Jesse Eubanks and Samantha Stevenson. Be a part of the conversation! Submit your questions by visiting @LTNpod ...
Upside Down Podcast
Upside Down Podcast features unscripted conversations on spirituality, culture, and God's Upside Down Kingdom. We dive into justice, spirituality, and Christian culture. No topic is off limits.Upside Down Podcast is a collaborative, Christian podcast co-hosted by Kayla Craig and Lindsy Wallace. Some of our most popular episodes include Hashtag Blessed, The Enneagram, Downward Mobility, Gentrification, and a special interview with John Perkins, civil rights leader and founder of the Christian ...
A Deeper Dive into the Enneagram
Gain knowledge and accessible skills for you to have healthy, right relationships. Brought to you by Love Married Life.Each week, Bob and Audrey Meisner share their experience and practical advice for having healthy relationships. Bob and Audrey have been helping relationships and marriages for over the past 15 years and gained a wide range of insight into topics such as communication, forgiveness, personality traits, conflict, sex, and tons more. They are excited to share with you their gai ...
This series of 10 podcasts discusses the Enneagram, which describes nine different personality types, each with amazing gifts and some challenges. Understanding the characteristics of each type helps us to better understand ourselves and others and increase our self-awareness and personal development. Know yourself and the people in your world better through this fascinating tool. Please rate and review this episode and series. Visit us online at: http://www.noble-works.net/ YouTube series: ...
I help sensitive spiritual nonconformists live wholehearted, unconventional lives.
Not another religious podcast, just a couple of angsty heart types, Kristy (4) and Gina (2), who never shut up about the Enneagram. Kristy and Gina are both Enneagram-based coaches and online instructors. You can follow and find us at @kristy.fountain and @ginagomez.co! Sit with us while we reveal the basic foundations of the Enneagram as well as the incredibly detailed spectrum of this efficacious personality system!
No Chill Enneagram
A safe space for enneagram fanatics and a really dumb idea for a podcast. We can't stop talking about the enneagram, so we made a podcast to get it all out of our system. Every week, Richard Clark and Bethany Perkins are joined by a fellow fanatic to talk about how bad their obsession has gotten, type people and things, and just generally talk about the enneagram without restraint or chill.
This podcast explores the enneagram, a newly revived yet ancient spiritual tool of personality discovery which helps you better understand yourself, others and God.
The Nine Views is a space created by Luchi and Jose Fernandez to promote the knowledge of the Enneagram. This podcast will cover all the aspects of the Enneagram, and how it will give you the key to open the door and start your inner journey of self-discovery, as well as understanding others.
E9 Podcast
The E9 Podcast is our attempt to use Enneagram language to listen to the stories of people who are not like us. We want to learn from them and gain their perspective on life. And maybe, through a shared language, we can explore together the shared humanity that goes deeper than our differences.
Spiritual Charlotte
Spiritual Charlotte’s Kendall Heath & Debbie Chisholm muse about all things spiritual and healing in & around Charlotte, NC and waaaay beyond! *Fill out the guest request form on our website to be considered for the show.
Thrive Talk Radio
En gång i månaden
Radio for Possibility
You are one perspective shift away. The goal of this podcast is to increase your self-awareness so that you can have clarity, peace, and freedom. If you feel stuck or lost, like you’re adrift in the sea, this audio experience is for you. I’ll cover topics like MBTI, Enneagram, StrengthsFinder, purpose, NLP, personality, business, Christianity, leadership, and effective communication. I’m an ENTJ (MBTI) and 8w7 So/Sx/Sp (Enneagram). If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry. I will help ...
Call it Good
Call it Good is a podcast about letting go of things—expectations, fear, & perfectionism, by learning to overlook the gap between where you are and where you want to be, and instead honoring the growth along the way. Host Ali Wren chats with authors, creatives, and influencers, along with everyday women. Together they explore the beauty and freedom that can be found when we call something good, even if it’s not perfect.
An Invitation to Withness
Voices Podcast
Ogni mese
There are a growing number of people who have given up on church, hit a wall in their faith, or been left with lingering question regarding the Christian tradition which was passed down to them. But they're not ready to entirely walk away from God, spirituality, or faith — if anything, they believe faith is what grounds us and helps us to make a difference in our shared world.Maybe this is your story.We started this podcast to elevate voices who are re-imagining faith.
Every Friday, Alena brings you Miniphanies, aka. mini-epiphanies. Reflecting on her experience as a spiritual director, entrepreneur, and modern mystic, her stories will inspire you to live with intention, dive deep, restore your faith, and remind you that everything is spiritual. Renewing hope for a meaningful life, authentic relationships, and genuine truths, Alena challenges us to reconnect with our true selves, the Holy Spirit, and creation.
Type 3 Podcast
TI’m Craig gross, a 42 year old type 3 who discovered the Enneagram over a year ago from my friends Levi and Brandi. I didn’t care much for it until I read The Path Between Us and read it aloud to my wife Jeanette. After 20 years of marriage trying to turn my type 5 wife into a 3 like me, I finally gave up and realized I should just try and understand her more and work on myself. In the last few months I have made significant changes in my work life, home life, and beyond as I dig more into ...
Type This Cast
A Podcast where we take a look at our favorite stories through the lens of the Enneagram.
Lost Man Standing
Exploring Spirituality, Ecology, and Sex through the Sacred Masculine
The Savvy Sauce
Practical Chats for Intentional Living
Every weekend message just a click away, so whether you missed a service or just wanted to hear it again its here and its free!
Reclaiming Feminism for Christianity
Take the Upgrade
A podcast from a therapist, life coach and fellow human about living a better life through awareness, intention and laughter.
How She Got Here
Conversations with Everyday Extraordinary Women
dealingwith on Huffduffer
blah blah blah
Wonderfully Made
This podcast features authentic conversations with world-changing women who are living out their unique purpose. Join us as we interview female movers and shakers and be inspired to know your value and live life to the full.
DinkaDaily's Podcast
Reel Quacks
Film/shows & Psychology/Personality Typing -- our two favorite things, combined! Fun, frivolous (and often surprisingly profound) discussions about the psychology of our favorite films, shows, and characters, sometimes accompanied by a beer or two. We are fascinated by Myers Briggs (MBTI) and the Enneagram, so you might learn a thing or two about yourself, as well!
Village Mama
Village Mama aims to explore the lives of mothers like you and me, who are navigating parenthood the best way we can. We’re trying to create a village where we can share our joys, sorrows and frustrations. Where even though we’re making supper, or driving to work, we can still experience that feeling of sitting around a kitchen table or on a front porch talking to women who’ve been there, who get it and who are choosing to be real about their experience. Join host, Char Lekx as she interview ...
RELATE podcast
Two generations of women, Mom and daughter, take on today’s hot topics in hopes of challenging each other’s views, nourishing each other’s souls, and having a great time over a hot cup a coffee.
The #1 Podcast For Christian Mompreneurs JESUS + Coffee + Online Marketing, Sales, Entrepreneurship, Mindset + A Whole Lotta Hot-Mess-Mama Sprinkled In! DID WE JUST BECOME BEST FRIENDS?! Stefanie Gass helps women uncover their God-led calling, launch successful podcasts and create online courses. She is obsessed with the idea that SHEpreneurs can create passive income businesses that light them up! Stef’s call is empowering women to claim their BEST lives by working less, yet making more.
StaR Coach Show
Weekly Show exploring Strategies, Tools and Resources for professional coaches.
In it’s simplest form, Rivers Crossing Community Church is a group of ordinary people seeking extraordinary lives. We are a collection of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences that share a common desire to seek God.
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Let's get personal. In this episode Joel and Jim talk about how they got into the Enneagram, why they work with it, and where they are going with it. "The Enneagram Panels Podcast" is now "The Art of Growth." Check out our work and keep in touch at www.theartofgrowth.org to find out about Enneagram coaching, relationship coaching, and our upcom ...…
In this episode we continue the series on Enneagram in Color with Jay a Type 3. Jay works in law enforcement and gives his unique perspective on how the Enneagram can help communities of color with personal growth and mental health. Connect with us Website - DoItForTheGramPodcast.com Instagram - @DoItForTheGramPodcast Email - DoItForTheGramPodc ...…
Just know we are not tryna be experts here, just having an open dialogue about mental health & the 'gram as requested. We don't own any of this info, we either found it online or in a book probably.By probablytheenneagram.
Today Sarajane is talking all things lines. Each number goes to a different number depending on if they are in stress or rest. She explains what she was originally taught about the lines between numbers and how she approaches them now. You’ll hear how you can move to the high and low points of the numbers in your line and what you can do to use ...…
Today's episode is all about our beloved 6's! I had the honor of sharing the stage with two amazing lady 6's who do an incredible job of showing us what it's like to be a 6! This was recorded at our monthly South Austin Enneagram Meetup at Orange Coworking. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss any of the action, and don't forget to give us a ...…
This week Ian welcomes back Becca Stevens--author, priest, and founder/president of Thistle Farms. Last week, they began to explore Becca’s resistance to the Enneagram. But today, Ian walks Becca through the process of discovering her Enneagram type. This episode is full of great insights for anyone looking to figure out their type. So, regardl ...…
How could building a framework or creating a process position your brand, business, or you personally as an entrepreneur for growth? Knowing where you are taking people from to where you are taking them to is crucial! As we continue our series on the Enneagram in Your REALWORK, come behind the scenes of the REALIFE Process®! In this episode, we ...…
Dr. Howell and Lark Howell are joined today by Dr. Lucy Morris, a family medicine doctor who is currently doing a fellowship in integrative medicine from Anniston, Alabama. Dr. Morris is an ennegram novice and asks a lot of wonderful beginner questions on this episode!By Dr. Joseph Howell.
Enneagram 3, husband, and father of two beautiful girls, Sean Palmer is on today's episode of The Enneagram Journey! (He is also a pastor, speaker, writer) This episode is full of so many great sound bites: "3s don't cut corners. We find efficiencies." "Why is the investment in who we are and what we believe so low?" "How many people I have tal ...…
Part two exploring how the Enneagram can help build your relationships with Enneagram coaches, authors, and spouses, Beth and Jeff McCord. Connect with the McCords Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Resources Mentioned in this Episode Becoming Us: Using the Enneagram to Create a Thriving Gospel-Centered Marriage YourEnneagramCoach.com Free Enneagra ...…
By now, you know I have a slight obsession with the Enneagram Personality test and maybe you can relate and know why I'm all sorts of fired up about it... or maybe you're like OMG what is the Enneagram already!? Regardless of which bucket you fall into, today's episode is a must... I brought on one of my favorite humans, Blake Guichet who is ev ...…
It’s a popular (and sometimes controversial) typology system that can help you understand yourself and others better, but how can we use the Enneagram in light of the gospel to help our marriages thrive? Beth McCord of Your Enneagram Coach is here to walk us how to look at our marriages and close relationships through the lens of the Enneagram ...…
Spoken and Written by Richard Rohr. All credit, respect, and my thanks goes to him and his teamDisclaimer: I didn't make this nor do I inherently agree with everything spoken. (Additional Disclaimer in comment section)This series is made years ago back when DVD's were a thing and so I've spent weeks trying to hunt down the video files until I f ...…
Intro/Outro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0pVXEBA3PU&list=RD--YiHE-06Rw&index=22 (pilgrim) Today we’re talking about Self-Preservation dominant 8s aka NOT Marissa but Donald Trump. Also known by Enneagram resources as the "Survivalist". In this episode we cover: How Marissa isn’t self-preservation dominant and Tara’s mind is blown, then we ...…
We’re familiar with or at least heard of the Enneagram, but how can it help us usher in a more livable world for the most marginalized among us? What does this age-old tool of self-discovery have to say to us today, in our deeply polarized often tragic times? In this episode, Lindsy and Kayla talk with Jesse Eubanks and Sam Stevenson of the Enn ...…
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