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Best Equelizers podcasts we could find (updated November 2019)
Best Equelizers podcasts we could find
Updated November 2019
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Writer buds Mike Knoll and Madison Jones pitch sequel and prequel ideas for films that they think deserve one. They're wrong. Releases every Monday.
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The Equelizers are taking a little summer vacay after that epic season one finale! Don't turn off the podcast player yet though, cuz we still have some wonderful deleted moments that didn't make the cut for you to enjoy. After you listen to this episode and are looking for something to listen to while the Equelizers are AFK, please check out so ...…
Assemble Freakquels as we bring the endgame of The Equelizer's first era with Mike's much anticipated The Evengers. Madison and a Who's Who of previous guests lend their voices to this mad dream. This week has it all. Literally.By The Equelizers
It's grimoire's and G.R.I.M.O.I.R.E as The Equelizers ask not what The Barnavelts and Mrs. Zimmerman can do for them but what they can do for The Barnavelts and Mrs. Zimmerman in The House With a Clock in the Walls: The Book of Death. This week has it all: Bepis P, Jan Brady, and Beans from Even Stevens!…
The Cold War brings new threats to England and The Prices as The Equelizers bring Bedknobs and Broomsticks into the spy filled swinging sixties with Golemey! This week has it all: Murder She Wrote, Madison can't say Lansbury, and Paul is Gambit?By The Equelizers
Deja vu abounds as Jackson Eflin returns to pull the sequel sword from the podcast stone as The Equelizers present Sword and the Stone 2: Once and Future! This week only has The Return of Don Pablos.By The Equelizers
It's to sequel and way beyond as The Equelizers take on the intergalactic spin-off, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins! Join us as we look to the darker future of Disney's favorite Space Ranger. This week has it all, but more importantly it's chicken nugget night at the prison cafeteria!…
Mike and Madison gamely take on one of (previous guest) Jessie Cooper's favorite childhood movies as The Equelizers lament The Pest! This week has it all: That's Still Absolutely Raven, Shaloubatics, and certified pewp humor!By The Equelizers
Things get dicey as The Equelizers roll initiative to pitch their sequel to the much loved, and critically acclaimed, Tom Hanks box office smash Mazes and Monsters! This week has it all: Bottomless Jell-O pits, Madison doxxes us, and Hyenas all the way down! Outro Music: Critical Hit by No More Kings…
It's so delicious as Jessie Cooper radicalizes The Equelizers AND A Troll in Central Park! This week has it all: dumb thumbs, eco-terrorism, and Jessie tries to take credit for birds! Alphabet Flight Creepy CrittersBy The Equelizers
We were on a break but The Equelizers return as Mike brings Romy and Michele's High School Reunion into the modern era! This week has it all: The Alan Cumming Story, A Secret Bing, and The Tomb of Nicholas Cage!By The Equelizers
Holy Transdimensional Wormhole, Batman! It's a purrrfect storm as The Equelizers verse themselves in Catwomen past, present, future as they pitch Into the Catterverse! This week has it all: shit parrots, The Cripps National Spelling Bee, and the extremely specific inexact science of handwriting!By The Equelizers
Drink every time we say Cool Dog as Daniel Na joins The Equelizers to save Jimmy's soul in their pitch for Cool Dog 2 (that one doesn't count)! This week has it all: Math Facts, Abba night, and that good time reefy green!By The Equelizers
Happy New Year Freakquels! It's a new year, with new chances as the Equelizers give a second chance the Kevin James classic "Paul Blart Mall Cop". This episode has it all; dragon wishes, WWE wrestlers, and the cure for the worst disease known to humankind!By The Equelizers
Dashing through the snow in a one horse open pitch The Equelizers suit up to help Kurt Russell save Christmas yet again! This week has it all: the most sexual Santa, Tony Shaloub Presents: How I Would Have Done It, and Little Monica Gellar!By The Equelizers
Pity the Fool who skips this episode as The Equelizers piece together their plain for The A-Team 2! This week has it all: orbs, El Gris, and Bak's back!By The Equelizers
Never give up, never surrender as The Equelizers pitch the next generation of a cult favorite Galaxy Quest 2! This week has it all: Whoopi's back!, romcom pessimism, and we're still 10 years old!By The Equelizers
Abandon your apartheid allegories all ye who listen here as The Equelizers tackle District 9! This week has it all: Joey Tribbiani, Redbox spit it back?, and the molemen return!This week's special end theme is by YAOG. You can find their Soundcloud linked below!https://soundcloud.com/user-211008459/friends-theme-sad-yaog…
It's a trick or treat as The Equelizers twist the bones and bend the back of a Halloween classic and summon a sequel to Hocus Pocus! This week has it all: Witch interrogations, a bazooka, and skate tricks!By The Equelizers
Freakquels the buzz is true! The Equelizers blaze back into action with guest Cecilia Long for Judd Apatow's The Wicker Man 2! This week has it all: Madison's bad introductions, three pronounciations of Buruchel, and the omni-sequel!By The Equelizers
It's business as usual as The Equelizers pitch that sequel everyone's been waiting for! This week has it all: Scott Bakula, Scott Bakula, and Scott Bakula! #GotchaBy The Equelizers
All rise for the kidnapped and honorable Jackson Elfin as they act as judge, jury, and executioner this week as The Equelizers plead their movies' cases in the first ever September Sexy Showdown. Which Equelized movie will be saved from Jackson's spectral saif? It's up to Mike and Madison to lawyer up to defend their pitche's legacy and save th ...…
Mike rebreaks the curse as The Equelizers return to the Wilhern House in Penelope 2! This week has it all: opening bit theft, Upswipes, and grandma redemption.By The Equelizers
Put on your best powdered wig and head for the theater as The Equelizers conduct the orchestra for their sequel to the 3 hour behemoth Amadeus. This week has it all: deepest desires, robot jealousy, and more Tiger Woods than you might think.By The Equelizers
Brittany Means sings her secret song as The Equelizera finance her spectacular spectacular pitch for Moulin Rouge 2! This week has it all: all the emotions, our favorite absinthes, and STRAWBERRIES! Brittany's Soundtrackhttps://spoti.fi/2vYdTFN Madison's Tattoo Artisthttps://bit.ly/2nRSmdeBy The Equelizers
Start your engines and hold onto your chimps as Mike takes The Equelizers through the checkered flag of Speed Racer 2! This week has it all: Patron saint Emile Hirsch, Zoids, and sultry pancake orgasms! Hollywood's Whitewashed Version of Anime Never Sells https://bit.ly/2nzEXqqBy The Equelizers
Madness takes it's toll on The Equelizers as Madison Jones delivers their pitch for The Rocky Horror Truman Show crossover only Mike asked for. This week has it all! We'd tell you more but that would ruin that antici… The Blurring of Sexual and Consent Boundaries in Rocky Horror Picture Show https://bit.ly/2LSeZNb…
Blast off with the Equelizers and guest Janine Winfree (Guess What You’re Going to Hate) as they give the movie Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius a new Sheen. This week has it all: Sexy Miss Fowl, hairstyle theft, and a Nolan esque after credit scene!By The Equelizers
It’s Much Ado About Mingle as The Equelizers play matchmaker and answer Jessie Flemming’s challenge to bless the world with a sequel to Christian Mingle. This week has it all; The dad from Psych, Admiral Tobolowsky, and a lotta talkin’ ‘bout Paul!By The Equelizers
Does a gun have a soul? The Equelizers bring in Jessie Fleming to help answer this question as she pitches her sequel to The Iron Giant! This week has it all: Hog hugs, tips on proper comic book storage, and a climatic battle between Vin Diesel and the Keith David space dragon!By The Equelizers
It's a...smooth? landing for The Equelizers as Mike brings home their Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow trilogy! This Week has it all: Corporeal Madison, a satanic ritual, and a psychic clone of FDR!By The Equelizers
The Equelizers take off into the Wild Blue Yonder as Madison Jones begins our first trilogy with their prequel to Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow! This week has it all: endless lemonade, The Mandela Effect, and Daddy's Tomaters!By The Equelizers
It's the Greatest Show on Earth as The Equelizers bite deep into the neck of Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant. This week has it all: snake songs, Tony Hale, and the return of John C. Reilly's penis!By The Equelizers
It's a case of too many papas as The Equelizers celebrate the holiday with Invisible Dad! This week has it all: Faction rivalry, dad cloning, and the arrival of KingDwarf 69!By The Equelizers
join the Equelizers every Monday as they birth the cinema sibling to your favorite and not so favorite films into existence right into your ear holes.By The Equelizers
Break out your combs because the Equelizers get a little hairy as they tackle the daunting privilege that is Trolls 2. This week has it all: casting the McElroy brothers, a blood curse and the return of Sam Elliot!By The Equelizers
The vaults are opened as The Equelizers sweep up the goofs left on the cutting room floor! This week has it all: crimes, riddles, and The Rodeo Burger!By The Equelizers
Kiley Neal returns to navigate The Equelizers back to Treasure Planet! This week has it all: podcast blood pacts, cyborg man/pirate boy love, and Mike and Madison get to eat this week!By The Equelizers
Guest Kiley Neal leads The Equelizers on a luxury murder boat vacay in her pitch for Ghost Ship 2. This week has it all: Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife), The truth about Chris Hemsworth, and murder versions of classic Disney characters!By The Equelizers
The Equelizers have just one thing to say this week: we're so, so, sorry...By The Equelizers
Mike rises to the challenge of taking a fictional life as The Equelizers present this week's episode, The Lizzie Mcguire Movie 2! This week has it all: Adam Lamberg’s IMDB page, DCOM royalty, and possible demonic blood oaths! Why not find out what our Disney cash in dreams are made of this week on The Equelizers?…
Only Chris Elliot can prevent Punxsutawney fires as The Equelizers see the shadow of Groundhog’s Day. This week has it all: Stephanie’s Curse, Chandler Bing, and EDUCATIONAL ARSON! Get out those fire extinguishers Freakquels because this one is lit as hell! ?By The Equelizers
The code word is SEQUEL this week as The Equelizers go head to head with their pitches to DreamWorks’s 2010 animated comedy Megamind. This week had it all: puns, fucking dragons, and a new movie rating system ?By The Equelizers
Ten hut Freaquels! Play time's over as The Equelizers dig into 1998's Small Soldiers. This week has it all: The Rodeo Burger, Mike going on a government watch list, and My Little Pony parodies! There will be no mercy.By The Equelizers
The name’s Meh, Gene Meh. For your ears only, The Equelizers bond over 2017’s The Emoji Movie! This week has it all: Mike’s past in copyright infringement, Stranger Things, and more delightful body horror! This one is sure to make you ! Tune in every Monday on iTunes, Google Play and everywhere else podcasts are found!…
The Equelizers strap into their giant Eddie Murphy robots to bring you Meet Dave 2! This week has it all: Mike Myers, Riley Finn from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and delicious meals at affordable prices! Tune in on iTunes, Google Play and everywhere else podcasts are found!By The Equelizers
Put your claws together as the Equelizers crack the shell of Yorgos Lanthimos's The Lobster. This week has it all: the return of Daniel Na, John C. Reilly’s junk, and more dog soldiers. If you’re thinking of skipping this one you butter think again!By The Equelizers
This week The Equelizers issue a Plumber Alert as special Guest Daniel Na warp pipes us to the mushroom kingdom in his pitch for the sequel to 1993's Super Mario Bros. Strap on your rocket powered jumping boots and read up on your Trotsky because this one will 1UP every other podcast you'll listen to this week.…
This week The Equelizers cop to some bad bookkeeping before Madison Jones takes center stage to morph their lack of any contextual knowledge about the film, or the books which spawned it, into an answer to the lost challenge to create a sequel to The Golden Compass. This week has it all: Patronus Talk, Daniel Craig, and The Hardest Mike Has Lau ...…
Synchronize your watches as The Equelizers welcome guest Jackson Eflin to pitch their idea for a sequel to the 2002 film Dog Soldiers. This week has Wine Moms, Too Many Davids/Annas, and Mike and Madison bring the Equelizer Thunder to London and Valley Forge! God, we hate Joffrey.....By The Equelizers
Jump in your strawberry jacuzzis and mix up a batch of Secret Sauce as The Equelizers bring you the mondo-sized sequel to Nickelodeon's 1997 film Good Burger!By The Equelizers
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