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Equestrian Legends is an online radio show (podcast) that celebrates the lives of men and women from different disciplines who have shaped the horse world in their chosen fields and, by popular acclaim, have become a legend in their own lifetime.
Equestrian Life Coaching Tips, tricks, hacks, and exercises
Any and all kinds of MLP fan music from the well-known to the unknown... and even non-related songs by Brony artists!LOUD AND IN GOOD QUALITY!!!You may request a song in the comments...VOLUME 2 NOW OUT!!!
Podcasts from The Alltech World Equestrian Games
Welcome to working from the inside out with Finesse Equestrian and your hosts Ellie and Hannah O'Brien. Join us on our journey as we unpack the Equestrian dream talking to incredible riders, equine experts and a few of our own tips too!
The Equestrian Performance and Fitness Podcast is brought to you by Equestrian Sports Specialist, Dr Jenni Douglas. Jenni has extensive research experience in equestrian sports with a focus on the riders performance and she along with guests will bring you conversation and insights into all aspects of equestrian performance including latest research, mindset, nutrition and fitness.
Premier Equestrian
Premier Equestrian was built around our primary passion for loving, training, and riding our horses. Every product we sell is measured against this passion for safety, practicality, and the well being of the horse. Contact Premier Equestrian at 1-800-611-6109.Premier Equestrian, LLC, began in early 2000 by offering affordable dressage arenas built from quality PVC materials. From the beginning we have striven to produce high quality products and offer them to our customers at affordable pric ...
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Ellie chats with Jane Pike from Confident Rider about how our mindset plays such a big part in creating our reality. Jane shares with us what she does as a Equestrian Mental Skills coach, gives some great tips for our listener questions and we share our learning journey around quantum physics. You can find Jane at Confident Rider on face book o ...…
In this episode Ellie chats with nz youth dressage squad rider, Madison Schollum. She shares about her three horses and training at the different stages, representing new Zealand in Australia and some great training tips for foundations and flying changes with her own mare Golda.
How horses teach us to let go to gain more control. Sorry everyone, I have having some sound difficulties. Hopefully will have this straightened out by the next podcast. Hey, I am a horse trainer, not a tech savvy genius.
"Work backwards until until you start moving forwards"Ellie chats with Tony Haines from Balanced Equine Performance about the journey the of horsemanship, the importance of a holistic approach and how training horses grow us as humans!
In this episode Ellie shares her lesson working with a horse with that won't load on to a float. She explains her process of working with it to build confidence in getting on the float without having to fight or force it on. She uses different modalities to get to the point where he feels happy to offer all four feet on the float!…
Ash shares her journey from difficult horse to Prix St George, mindset training, anxiety and PTSD and resilience to overcome and achieve your dreams.
Robin has worked with around 90 Kaimanawa since the first muster in 1997 and has written her book Eat the wind, about her experience with the Kais - a must read for any Equestrian!
In this episode, learn if its coaching or therapy that you need. Jenni believes its important to be able to understand the distinct differences and similarities of coaching and therapy to ensure when you sign up with EventFit you get success and that the services EventFit provides are right for you!
We chat about Lindsey' journey to learning about the hoof, dissections, common problems, what to look for and how it all impacts everything else!
In this episode Jenni talks you through steps for successful goal setting and the importance of setting equestrian goals, fitness goals and importantly personal and social goals. a cup of coffee, this ones going to be gooood!
Most of us at some point feel uncomfortable, embarrassed or shamed about setting big goals because the act of setting a goal asks us to become bigger than we currently are! This episode discusses what goal discomfort is, why we experience it and how you can set goals and shout them to the world, without fear of failure, embarrassment or justifi ...…
Stop using the excuse of "not enough time." Dig down and find the real reason you do not want to perform a certain activity. If you want something, you have to chose to make time for it.
Self-sabotage is something you may not even realise that you do! Its a way for us to remain comfortable, to retain control and to avoid negative feelings. However, if we learn how to allow ourselves to feel emotions, reflect on them, accept them and stop the procrastination, buffering and other sabotage techniques, we get to reach our goals fas ...…
We all require a different style of "push." This episode challenges you to find what works for you and if your current situation is serving your needs. Your situation is up to you, the people around you are only a support system. Be sure your support system can handle your greatness.
It's one thing to go bridless, but it's another to help a complicated horse and establish such trust and partnership that you become the first amateur rider to compete at the Washington International horse show. Hear their journey, highs, lows and some great tips!
This short pre-competition meditation can be listened to over again in times of need, save it to your phone and get ready to focus.- You have spent time and money training both yourself and your horse for this moment.- You are ready-You are prepared-You are strong -Your horse is ready for you to lead and show up for him -You are ready-The day i ...…
How your riding life is affected by your home life. How getting orderly, and cleaning up your life will make you an accomplishment hero. Be a high achieving super human that cannot help but succeed.
I always get asked, what strength and what fitness do I need as an equestrian? In this podcast I take you through the physiological demands of our sport and why what you need isnt the straight forwards answer you might be hoping for.
Episode 6 is focusing on the well know fact that dreams are just dreams until you act on them. You have one life to live, why waste it with your brilliance just in your head....get it out there!
We thought we'd better tell you a bit about us so you're not just listening to random people wondering who we are?! 🤔 So heyyy...we can't wait to get talking to amazing people and connecting with you!
A chat with our good friend and fellow horse trainer, Fiona Cosgrove. We hear about where Fiona' live of horses grew from, the horse that changed it all for her, ego and patience and some brilliant tips to take away. You can find more about Fiona at
Are you waiting on inspiration to take action? Maybe you should try taking action to find your inspiration. What are you doing daily to ensure you are keeping to the path?
We do a lot of talking about goals, and making sure that we set them, but actions plans are the real meat of our goal plannings.
Episode 3 hones in on how to use your POSITIVE words to your advantage. Your words have the power to change your life for better or worse. Be sure that you are sending out the right vibes to be in the correct mindset for success.
Welcome to Episode 2. Today we are discussing the role of fear in goal planning, and how you can use it as a guide to develop "true" goals...AND use them as a guide to plan out your action plan.
Episode 1- 1.Welcome to the Equestrian Athletes 2.What the podcast is about 3.What we off in life coaching 4. 3 quick daily habits to get into athlete mode Short and sweet podcast (lets face it...I have allot of technical to learn!) Cannot wait to bring you bigger and better episodes with each episode we record. Would love to hear what you woul ...…
Title: One Trick Pony [Remix]Artists: JackleApp & MicTheMicrophoneRemixed by: TheLivingTombstone
Title: One Trick PonyArtist: JackleApp & MicTheMicrophone
Title: Lost On The Moon [Rock Cover]Artists: GatoPaint & Eileen Montgomery
Title: Beyond Her Tomb [2nd half of "Beyond A Dream"]Artists: MicTheMicrophone, TheLivingTombstone & Glaze
Title: Beyond Her Tomb [1st half of "Beyond A Dream"]Artists: MicTheMicrophone, TheLivingTombstone & Glaze
Title: I Am OctaviaArtist: Eileen MontgomeryWriter: kadjakittenParody of: "Titanium"
Title: Baby Got FlankArtist: iBringDaLULZParody of: "Baby Got Back"
Title: Sonic Rhyme-BoomArtist: MicTheMicrophone
Title: A Long Way From EquestriaArtist: Andrew Stein (MandoPony) & AcousticBrony
Title: ThrillerArtist: BlackGryph0n & Apple Bloom (Michelle Creber) [feat. Baasik]Writer: Michael JacksonDubstep: BlackGryph0n
Title: Beat ItArtist: BlackGryph0n & Apple Bloom (Michelle Creber)Writer: Michael JacksonDubstep: BlackGryph0n
Title: When I Find My WingsArtist: MandoPony
Title: ShadowsArtists: Aviators [feat. Glaze]
Title: Pony Rock AnthemArtists: ShadyVox [feat. Nowacking & BreeFaithVA]Cast:ShadyVox - Neon LightsNowacking - Vinyl ScratchBreeFaithVA - Pinkie Pie
Title: Nightmare NightArtist: TheLivingTombstone [feat. MicTheMicrophone]
Title: Good Ol' DaysArtists: TheLivingTombstone & MicTheMicrophone [feat. JackleApp]
Title: At The Gala [Orchestral]Artist: NRGFORCE
Title: Rarity's Fashion Show [Instrumental]Artist: NRGFORCE
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