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ATFAQ – Assistive Technology Frequently Asked Questions
A weekly dive into the big questions about this city of ours, hosted by Christina Greer, Azi Paybarah and Harry Siegel, and produced by Alex Brook Lynn.
Horseshoe FAQ
Indianapolis Colts news and discussion
Cardiologist FAQ
Listen to an explanation of common cardiovascular terms and medical procedures as well as health care advice from the heart experts at Osceola Regional Medical Center.
FAQ City
Have a question about Charlotte? WFAE will find out the answer. Submit yours at
Podcast by Lavaris Public Adjuster
Parker Lennon (ACSM) & Chuck Stach (NASM) Certified Personal trainers with over 20 years combined knowledge in the fitness industry talk the latests fitness trends, workout methods, and diet, while interviewing expert guests in all realms of the industry.
Work FAQ
With tips and advice for thriving in today's workplace, this is 'Work F A Q', hosted by Andrew Beveridge. In each episode we tackle one of your frequently asked questions about a wide range of workplace challenges. Andrew is joined by different professionals who share their thoughts and advice. Let’s face it - work can be hard. You don’t just want to survive it - we’re here to help you thrive.
A series of Podcasts focused on the "Whats Next" Campaign of the Rock Christian Church Ministries in Washington, DC. This gives you the opportunity to ask our Pastor questions concerning Sunday Service.
FAQ Off!
Two British guys talk about Pop Culture stuff as though they're well informed, but usually end up talking about Tea and nonsense
Podcasts that may sometime be gaming related and sometimes not but will always be entertaining.YouTube:!/EoSClanT-Shirts: ...
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With Democrats poised to keep holding every statewide office, FAQ talked with City and State's Rebecca C. Lewis about the high stakes fights for control of the state Senate in Albany and the House in Washington, and the races here that could decide which party triumphs.By FAQ NYC.
Few Charlotteans may remember Earle Village, the public housing community built in First Ward just outside uptown. It was a bustling community that stretched from 6th street to 10th street, roughly bordered by Myers Street and Caldwell Street. It was the place where 400 of the city's poorest families resided — until the village was condemned to ...…
Panel – Brian Norton, Josh Anderson, Belva Smith, and Wade Wingler – Q1- Wheelchair backpack zipper pulls? Q2- Transcription pedals? Q3- App showdown Notability vs. AudioNote Q4- Spotify Accessibility? Q5- Sending Livescribe Notes to Google Drive or Evernote? Q6- Using phone for emergency alert button? Q7- Wildcard question: Do you still have a ...…
Councilman Jumaane Williams was thisclose to becoming the Lieutenant Governor Andrew Cuomo dreaded. He fell short, but his political stock has never been higher. He talked with the FAQ crew about the change coming to Albany, the state of New York City and what's next for him — including the friendship that might keep him from running for public ...…
Here's a taste of Jumaane Williams, on clearing the lieutenant governor's for the Working Families Party with a new "campaign" against state Senator Simcha Felder; full interview up soon.By FAQ NYC.
Azi talks with the Green Party gubernatorial hopeful Howie Hawkins, who makes his case and talks some stuff about the Working Families Party.By FAQ NYC.
Scott STRINGER or STRINGER Bell? ——You have any idea what I had to do to get where I am today? When I say I’m ready, you best believe it. (The youngsters?) Look, I’m going to empower this generation.… learning how to work the system. I had to learn it when I was 30; and they will learn it as well. If the man coming, make ready for the man. I do ...…
The second episode of the 6 part Podcast Series - FAQ Podcast: What's Next
Charlotte has never been a Nashville or even an Atlanta when it comes to live music, but that's not to say a local scene doesn't exist here. It's just a little tougher to find, especially after a string of live music venues shut down in the last few years.By
Panel – Brian Norton, Josh Anderson, Belva Smith, and Wade Wingler – Q1- Accessibility in Canvas Q2- Deaf/HOH communication Q3- Notetaking options for Blind and Visually Impaired – Q4- Classroom tools for persons with limited mobility Q5- Wildcard question: What are you doing with all your old pictures? —- Transcript starts here —- WADE WINGLER ...…
New York's Democrats came out in force, to punish local incumbents even as they stood behind Cuomo and helped Tish James, his pick for attorney general, make some history.By FAQ NYC.
A podcast with tips to protect your family and your property when dealing with a hurricane.
The first episode of the FAQ Podcast focusing on the Whats Next Campaign. This weeks topic is the church and repentance.
Here's a question that comes to us from WFAE listener Summer Cook. She wrote to FAQ City wondering where all of Charlotte's neighborhood names came from. For example, who is Elizabeth? Or Cherry? What about Dilworth?By
This is my first podcast as I present "FAQ's for a Public Adjuster". Each podcast will answer a frenquently asked question from my clients and the public. Feel free to email questions to
Panel – Brian Norton, Josh Anderson, Belva Smith, and Wade Wingler – Q1- Scanning pens Q2- Real-time GPS trackers Q3- Head worn Video Magnification Devices – Q4- Intellikeys alternatives Q5- Wildcard question: What would you have done differently when you were 15yrs old based on where you are now professionally Transcript starts here… WADE […] ...…
A week before primary day — the moment of truth in most New York elections — we pull back the curtain on the voice of the papers in a conversation with editorial board members Mara Gay of the New York Times and Alyssa Katz of the Daily News about how they decide who gets the nod, and why this may be the rare year in which endorsements really ma ...…
In a supersized episode 5, we ask aspiring Attorneys General Zephyr Teachout, Tish James, Sean Patrick Maloney and Leecia Eve to say whether or not Donald Trump and his crew are emblematic of the New York real estate world, and what would change if each of them gets to be the new sheriff in town. Plus, former A.G. candidate Mark Green runs down ...…
The FAQ City team is on vacation this weekend. Since we have so many new listeners joining us, we want to share with you one of the most popular questions we've answered on the podcast....By
Panel – Brian Norton, Josh Anderson, Belva Smith, and Wade Wingler – Q1Hiding default apps in iOS 11 Q2 Windows tablet mode Q3 Braille not working with Windows Narrator Q4 simple apps to help with laying out math equations Q5 low vision, limited dexterity talking watch Q6 chair that allow person to rock without tipping […] The post ATFAQ082 – Q ...…
Are you listening, Cynthia Nixon? The original Democratic underdog has some thoughts on what it’s like to run against the party powers that be for governor of New York.By FAQ NYC.
Mayor Bill de Blasio sat down with us at Gracie Mansion to talk about his Murdoch-oriented media critique, how his progressive Democrats have already won the fight for the soul of the party, and why — hey, Cynthia Nixon! — he still he isn't ready to endorse some of those progressives.By FAQ NYC.
Ever wondered why Charlotte celebrates Pride in August, and not in June, like most other major cities? WFAE listener Jennifer Lange did.By
Panel – Brian Norton, Josh Anderson, Belva Smith, and Wade Wingler – Q1 iPad with garbled speech Q2 Parental controls on iPad Q3 Hearing solutions for school Q4 Computer restore solutions Q5 Chrome extensions for Math Q6 App for words into American Sign Language (ASL) Q7 Is coding really necessary for kids The post ATFAQ081 – Q1 iPad with garbl ...…
New York City is the center of the universe, at least we think so. But what if it turned out that the universe didn’t revolve around us but in fact we revolved around… Albany? If the Democrats finally retake the state Senate and the Empire State turns deep blue, everything changes for Mayor de Blasio. Or at least that's what he hopes. We talked ...…
John Liu thought he was on track to be New York City's next mayor in 2013 before a federal investigation overshadowed his run. Now, he says, things have changed and he's trying to get back in the game as one of a group of Democrats running primaries against the former so-called "Independent Democrats" who've helped Republicans keep control of t ...…
The spelling and pronunciation of Little Sugar Creek, which flows into Sugar Creek (or is it Sugaw Creek?) have been a source of debate for well over 200 years. Which is right?By
Panel – Brian Norton, Josh Anderson, Belva Smith, and Wade Wingler – Q1- 18 cell refreshable braille display Q2- College Notetaking devices Q3- College Disability Offices – Q4- Live Listen on AirPods iOS12 Q5- Jaws touchscreen support Q6- Music Therapy apps Q7- Wildcard question: Google bundled apps on Android. ...…
How is the relationship between Charlotte and Raleigh? Are we good? Charlotte is North Carolina's largest city, while Raleigh is the state capitol. Seems like tensions between the two have been simmering on and off for decades.By
ATFAQ079-06-26-18 releases 07-09-18 BEST OF EPISODE – Panel – Brian Norton, Josh Anderson, Belva Smith, and Wade Wingler – Q1 Braille displays for iOS Q2 Amplification for meetings Q3 What to do with old AT Q4 Converting text to audio Q5 GPS tracking of students Q6 Differences between Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple Home […] The post ATFAQ0 ...…
For decades, a four-foot gold statue has stood at the intersection of Queens and Providence Road, his right index finger extended. Sometimes he's dressed up for sporting events or weddings at the Methodist church next door. Last September, he disappeared from the intersection, leaving only a few patches of monkey grass where his pedestal stood.…
ATFAQ078 – Panel – Brian Norton, Josh Anderson, Belva Smith, and Wade Wingler – Q1 Zero force keyboards for neuropathy Q2 App to demonstrate making change Q3 Pulling up pants with one hand Q4 Buzz clip or Sunu band Q5 Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive controller Q6 If everything is now wireless, why are there so many […] The post ATFAQ078 – Q1 Zero for ...…
Caroline Cann and Andrew Walker take your questions regarding storylines to follow now until training camp.
Does it seem like something's missing around Charlotte? Something small, green, or brown? Listener Hope Nicholls thinks so. She wrote in to FAQ City wondering about what seemed to be a total absence of cankerworms this spring.By
Panel – Brian Norton, Josh Anderson, Belva Smith (she’s back!), and Wade Wingler | Q1 Apps for K-8 students with learning difficulties Q2 Apps for emotional regulation Q3 Sturdy reachers and grabbers Q4 zero-force keyboards Q5 accessible game controllers Q6 Is an iPhone worth $900? ——-transcript follows —— WADE WINGLER: Welcome to ATFAQ, Assist ...…
On this week's FAQ City , listener Margaret Peeples has lingering questions about a 2016 report in The Charlotte Observer that found between 2000 and 2016, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department had destroyed more than 1,000 sexual assault kits.By
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