Best Fiber podcasts we could find (Updated January 2019)
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Kelly and Marsha came at yarn and fiber from different directions, but both love it. Marsha is an accomplished knitter, learning to dye yarn. Kelly is a spinner who knits and weaves. Fiber is one of the many shared interests after over 30 years of friendship. The show is about our adventures in knitting, spinning, dyeing and other fiber arts.
Fiber Talk
A podcast for Fiber Art hobbyists.
Jason and Ben play classic LucasArts video games and talk about it. We cover the history, gameplay, and the most difficult puzzles from those old adventure games you love. Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, Sam & Max, and Day of the Tentacle are all covered here, plus a few insights, interviews, and some snazzy music. Plus a bunch more of course. New episodes up monthly. Relive your youth or someone else’s!
Welcome to Ballyhoo Fiber Emporium, a podcast for people who love fiber animals and creating fiber arts!
Fiber Knitche
This is a podcast about knitting, spinning, cooking, and my knitting escapades while traveling abroad
Fiber Side Chats
The USA's leading carbon fiber inspection and repair facility. | Remade in the USA | Better Service through Science |
FIBER Podcast
Exploring the deeper corners of the electronic music spectrum
The Crafty Hive
Join your hosts Dana and Kristi as they discuss their never-ending passion for fiber arts. Each episode, we discuss our own crafty lives, such as what we've been making, as well as a myriad of topics related to fiber arts and crafting in general.
A podcast about all things fiber. Shows include features on knitting, crochet, spinning, and weaving. Members of the staff of Knitpicks are interviewed about various topics, as well as the general public. Tune in to hear about creative people working in all areas of the fiber community!
Fiber Hooligan
We've Moved! You can find us at our new home at
A podcast about knitting, crocheting, sewing, and other fiber arts. Hosted by Greg Cohoon (KnittingDaddy on Ravelry) and Pam Maher (fibercrafty on Ravelry).
A podcast about knitting, crocheting, sewing, and other fiber arts. Hosted by Greg Cohoon (KnittingDaddy on Ravelry) and Pam Maher (fibercrafty on Ravelry).
Knitting, crochet, spinning, and fiber podcast. Following the fiber adventures of the indie dyer behind Fairy Tale Knits.
We Are Yarn
A Fiber Podcast
High Frequency Fiber
A vibrant knitting and spinning video podcast!
New Audio White Papers, Interviews and Round Table Discussions from Fiber Internet Center will you and your IT department. On the web site, White Papers are also available in PDF form. Many contain informative images while the Audio versions help make visualization possible.
Owl Knit With Ewe
Feeling lost in the knitting world? Want to see fiber from my perspective? Join me and I'll knit with you.
The Collage Creative podcast is weekly interview show dedicated to uncovering the motivations, daily routines and practices of women and men who are living life on their own terms. They may do this through a business they’ve created or they may simply choose to live differently in some way. What I hope to learn is what gave them the courage to say the heck with it, I’m doing it my way. We will delve into their routines, habits, favorite books, podcasts etc. On the flip side, we’ll talk about ...
Last Stitch Effort
Mia and Kate are talking about their fiber adventures with humor and sass. Join us as we gab about all things knitting, crochet, and various other needlework!
Behind the Wool
Technically, we knit.
A podcast about knitting, spinning, dyeing, and learning all the things in the fiber arts!
Maiwa Podcasts
Luminaries in the textile arts present at the Maiwa School of Textiles. These presentations are from an international collection of writers, travellers, craftspeople and artists.
TwinSet Designs
Twinset Designs Podcast is hosted by identical twins, Jan and Ellen. They share their thoughts on life, their current fiber adventures (in knitting and spinning and…), and their exploration of the design world.
A storytelling podcast featuring fiber artists from around the world
Business of Craft
The Business of Craft Podcast (sponsored by Stitchcraft Marketing) is a lively show where our host Leanne Pressly interviews business leaders and entrepreneurs of fiber arts, fabric, sewing and other creative companies so you can learn to craft a better business.
Morning on the Dock are conversations about creativity as a way of life. Super chill, rambling and full of surprise turns, these chats are just like the ones we have hanging on the dock at Squam Lake during our weekend retreats.C'mon and join us - the water's fine!Squam is a lake, a gathering, a community. Squam Art Workshops are retreats that help you reconnect with your best self. Each session offers something a little different, from fiber arts to mixed media, photography to writing, and ...
The Furry Knitter Podcast follows the adventures of indie dyer, knitwear designer, and fiber arts teacher Rachel Frank (and her cats). In this weekly podcast she entertains, educates, and empowers knitters around the world giving them a sneak peek into the world of dyeing, designing, and experimenting with different techniques and tools. Viewers are delighted by the cast of Siamese co-hosts who love to get in on the fiber fun. While this podcast focuses on knitting, Rachel also dives into sp ...
Fiberton Acres
Fiberton Acres' Podcast looks at the funny side of horticulture and animal husbandry. We look at the history of the field, and mix in our crazy experiences in raising our fiber animals, farming and more!
Asheville Talk
A show about entrepreneurs, city influencers, and the fascinating people that make up the fiber of this town we call Asheville. On each show I will sit down with a different person thats part of our awesome community and learn what they do, where they came from, what makes them unique, and why Asheville. I hope you enjoy!
EMPOWER your knits and purls in this weekly podcast with editor, designer and business coach Kara Gott Warner. Get the tools and advice to finally start and ROCK your fiber-loving crafty-preneur business and lifestyle!
A monthly podcast about knitting, spinning, dyeing yarn and fiber. Includes reviews, yarn/fiber projects, occasional giveaways, techniques and more! Join the Delusional Knitter for a crazy ride through life with a fiber obsession.
Close Knit
The Close Knit podcast celebrates fibre artists from around the world. You'll hear from knitters, crocheters, natural dyers, weavers - all are welcome on the Close Knit Podcast.
The Geek Girl Crafts Podcast is a bi-monthly podcast hosted by geek girls who like to talk about geeky topics (like SF/F, books, conventions, cosplaying, technology, etc) as well as their crafting life (costuming, cosplaying, fiber arts) and how those two play together.
Funny Lady Film Club
Alexandra Fiber & Danielle Gibson (aka The SRSLY. Girls) are writing partners, BFF's, and TOTAL cinephiles. Each week, they get together with funny, opinionated guests to talk about the canon of movies that every girl should see! It’s all connected — would we have “Mean Girls” without “All About Eve”? Would we have “Step Up 2 The Streets” without “Step Up”?! These are matters worth discussing. It's not the AFI 100 -- It's Funny Lady Film Club.
This is the Podcast for the Friday Night Study at Worship Generation. We are the 18+ Group of our Church that Gather to Study the person of Jesus, to Worship His Name, and to Glorify Every Fiber of His Being! Come Join us!!!visit www.worshipgeneration.c
AJ Knits
AJ knits is weekly fiber crafting podcast. The host AJ has been knitting for about 10 year and crocheting almost as long. Join in to hear what's on the needles and all about AJ's learning curve as a new spinner.
A podcast for makers
A podcast to inspire through knitting, photography, and life
Podcasts on the subject of swine nutrition.
Free fitness, nutrition, biohacking, fat loss, anti-aging and cutting-edge health advice from! Tune in to the latest research, interviews with exercise, diet and medical professionals, and an entertaining mash-up of ancestral wisdom and modern science, along with Q&A's and mind-body-spirit optimizing content from America's top personal trainer.
Designer and author Mary Beth Temple talks to the ladies (and men) who love crochet. Crocheters, yarn folks, designers and magazine editors are all fair game.New shows weekly!
Iron Radio
An audio library and podcast site for bodybuilding, sports nutrition, athletes and coaches.
Promoting strategies to increase healthspan, well-being, cognitive and physical performance through deeper understandings of biology.
Needles Knots & Wool
A podcast about nalbinding and other ancient crafts with a modern twist.
Have you ever wondered if there’s a natural way to lower your high blood pressure, guard against Alzheimers, lose weight, and feel better? Well as it turns out there is. Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM, founder of, and author of the instant New York Times bestseller “How Not to Die” celebrates evidence-based nutrition to add years to our life and life to our years.
How would you fight a Yeti in hand to hand combat? Would you attempt to sell your soul to the devil in the interest of science? How can you prepare for a zombie apocalypse? Find out all of this and more every week on the Weird Things podcast, where your hosts, Andrew Mayne, Justin Robert Young and Brian Brushwood probe the most challenging questions about the paranormal, supernatural and fringe.
A weekly talk show about lifestyle science, plant-based nutrition, and athletic performance.
Watch what you want, where you want, when you want on whatever device you please. Take control of your TV, Movies and more.
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News & Announcements contact me via PM on Ravelry if you’d like to enter the lottery for the Knit Local Getaway the winter session of Fleece to Finished Object is fully-subscribed, but you can contact Hope’s Favorite Things for a waiting list or to find out about other fiber arts classes The Back Porch Hedgewitch by … Continue reading Episode 215 →…
Episode 212 is probably the ONLY podcast, video, audio, whatever that covers IGF-1 in depth like Mike Arnold and I do in here! Things that people arent talking about and SHOULD, things that people shouldn't waste their money on, everything IGF-1 related is covered in this episode! •••SUPPORT OUR SPONSOR••• (COACHING) Alex - ...…
Niraj Naik, my guest on today's show (and the same guy who invented the crazy holotropic-style breathwork protocol I do in my sauna) is a qualified pharmacist who comes from a background of working long hours for several years as a community pharmacist. Becoming a certified “legal drug dealer” at the ripe age of 24, he got to witness first-hand ...…
What is resistant starch and why is it good for you? Find out how you can optimize your gut health by adding resistant starch to your keto diet. And learn more about how you can support the gut so that you can be the healthiest version of yourself! Visit for the complete show notes of every podcast episod ...…
Submitted for the approval of the Knit Night Society we call this Episode, "Russian Christmas! Part 2” .... and part 2.0 and part 2.1 and part 2.3 ..... what is with all the technical difficulties?Have we ever even done this before?We’ve waited to celebrate Christmas with you guys, well, and each other. We exchange fiber related gifts and tell ...…
On this week’s episode, we discuss the the FN 509 MidSize pistol (basically a FN 509 with a short grip), The Maxim Defense PDX, and the Rock Island Armory VR80 AR style 12 gauge shotgun. For all the show notes and back episodes, head over to
Mastering the Knits S4E2: Paper Daisy Creations brings LotsofSocksKAL! Welcome to the Mastering the Knits podcast! Natalie starts off this episode with some announcements and extras! Last episode of series 4. Giveaway (1:39) January’s giveaway is a skein of the Fiber Seed. In my hands (3:00) Natalie mentions the Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House ...…
TOPICS: The Spoken Wheel website is the place to signup for future episodes or review past episodes Sport touring article on definition in one man's opinion BMW R1200 RT test ride BMW Motorrad achieves eighth all time sales high Subaru WRX STI S209 Mid-engine Corvette discussion AND is the Deuce for sale? EVENTS: Easyriders show Charlotte 2019 ...…
Peter Ballerstadt is a Forage Agronomist, who graduated from the University of Kentucky and went on to work for Oregon State University. In 1992 he left working for the university and went on to work in the private sector. In 2007 he began his health journey to reverse obesity, and deal with insulin resistance.…
Today on the show I have Candice English, the founder and creative brain behind the Farmers Daughter Fibers. We talk about her career, working crazy 60 hour weeks and how that ultimately led her to quite and begin her company. At the end, we dive into the things she’s most excited about too – supporting the Empowering Native Women Initiative. S ...…
It’s time to close the chapter that is Thought For Food. It’s been an incredible experience, and one that has changed the course of both of our lives tremendously. However, this is just a stepping stone to bigger things, and we aren’t going anywhere. We have new projects on the horizon, new ideas, and we plan on making more epic shit happen ver ...…
My life is a little bit...strange. As an immersive journalist, self-experimenter and self-professed “biohacker”, I do relatively unconventional things to upgrade my body and brain. For example, I have this blood glucose monitor installed in my arm. It monitors my blood sugar 24-7. I wear a cognition-enhancing laser light helmet at work during t ...… is a new developer resource released at Chrome Dev Summit last year to help developers with topics such as fast load times, network resilience, SEO and more. With integrated lighthouse, the automated performance auditing tool, it can analyse your sites and provide deep insight into what you can do to improve. Join us this week with Rob ...…
It’s the original counterculture diet. But is the macrobiotic diet healthy? This episode features audio from Pros and Cons of a Macrobiotic Diet and Benefits of a Macrobiotic Diet for Diabetes. Visit the video pages for all sources and doctor’s notes related to this podcast.
Building Blocks by Debbie RowleyThe middle of the week has arrived on time and Debbie Rowley joins Gary to talk about not waiting until retirement to do needlework, preparing linen, Canvas A Needlepoint Adventure, the Needlearts Mystery Retreat, and several other topics, related or not. We also simply talked a lot. Regardless, we’re confident y ...…
Episode 211 addresses a question that I've been getting bombarded with lately and that is HOW TO LOWER HIGH GLUCOSE LEVELS. Hopefully this is the last podcast I have to talk about this on because I've made a few specific guides JUST on glucose levels. But as always I LOVE answering your questions so please take notes and remember that your situ ...…
My guest today Brian Edman works as an account executive with our friends over at predictive ROI. He has spent his career thus far focusing on search and optimization strategies and he has a lot of new insights about how to do SEO well that I wanted our listeners to know about.
Amazon’s free streaming service, Game of Thrones final season date, and new Captain Marvel trailer. All this and more on Cordkillers! With special guest Kristi Kates. Subscribe to and support Cordkillers at If we get to 1850 patrons or $1850/episode, we can begin the Spoilerin’ Project and give you show-based Spoiler ...…
Plum Blossom Kimono by Margaret Bendig This week’s guest is needlepoint designer and teacher Margaret Bendig of Margaret Bendig Designs. She specializes in charted/counted-needlepoint designs and has created several kimono designs, many geometrics, and a large collection of Christmas ornaments. She also stays very busy teaching at her local sho ...…
It's never easy for anyone who gives up being a vegetarian or a vegan. It's a very hard day when that universe collapses around you, but you have to go on... no matter how right you think something is, it might not be, and so you have to stay engaged... if you stop engaging with what you think is the truth, and you think you've got all the answ ...…
Happy New Year! In this episode, I share an update on recent projects, and respond to prairiepoet’s question about the tubular cast on and bind off that I have referenced so frequently over the past few years. It has really become a favorite set of techniques. If you haven’t yet tried them, I hope that … Continue reading Episode 214 →…
This week Dr. Jose Antonio, founder of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, returns to talk recent research and June's ISSN meeting in Las Vegas. Topics range from genes that make you a successful or poor dieter, to a newly-discovered benefit from eating eggs, to animal versus human studies, to the importance of actually collecting da ...…
When it comes to living a long life, demographers, epidemiologists, gerontologists and other researchers on aging have long puzzled over the theoretical question of the maximum potential for human lifespan, along with the host of proposed practices we can implement that help us achieve that potential. There is, after all, in the past decade alo ...…
On this week’s episode, we discuss the some new pistols. The Mossberg MC1sc, Glock’s new G43X & G48, along with Walther’s new Q5 Steel Frame Match pistol. For all the show notes and back episodes, head over to
Are you someone who’s dealing with symptoms of anxiety or depression or other mental health issues and not really knowing what to do, where to turn, or what steps to take? A renowned expert in the ketogenic diet, Ali Miller talks about how we can use the keto lifestyle to heal our anxiety. Visit for the c ...…
Mastering the Knits S4E1: Planting Fiber Seeds! Welcome to the Mastering the Knits podcast! Natalie starts off this episode with some announcements and extras! Giveaway (3:45) December’s giveaway is a pattern of your choice up to $5 on Ravelry. Winner announced in the episode. January’s giveaway is a skein of the Fiber Seed. In my hands (5:05) ...…
Opening statement TOPICS: Jon rides the all-new Can-AM Ryker New details were announced for the Harley-Davidson LiveWire, mainly the price and range Loud Pipes Racing has a new site with more details added thougout the year Signup for the next Spoken Wheel episode if you are interested in joining EVENTS: Easyriders show Charlotte 2019 - January ...…
Today I am here with Megan Elizabeth, the founder of Making Things, a brand new app that gives you access to a huge library of patterns from many different designers - digitally as a monthly subscription. The features are wide ranging but one of my favorites is that it works as a stitch counter tool and will hold your place mid pattern, so you ...…
Episode 210 brings up a pretty common question that gets asked all the time...GLUTATHIONE supplementation! Is it worth it? Does injectable work better than oral? What benefits does it have? We go into all that and more in this episode! Then in the second portion, we cover insulin and GDA use for absolute beginners so you can understand the basi ...…
It's that time of year... aka the New Year. Aka the time of year when the already rampant bad health/fitness nutrition advice is even MORE prevalent. In today's episode, I take some of the worst pieces of fitness "advice," diet programs, and general fallacies that YOU guys left on my Instagram and got into some of why those protocols/recommenda ...…
Jan 10 2019, Q&A Episode 393: How To Increase Testosterone After Exercise, Keto For Athletes, Keto Pancakes, Cream Cheese, CBD Gummies & More! During this podcast intro, Ben mentions Thorne Mediclear, The Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club, Elemental Health CBD, BioCBD, Thorne Hemp and his new book releasing at Have a podcast question ...…
Our grab bag of facts today includes adding milk to your coffee, the best food for late pregnancy, and the benefits of blueberries. This episode features audio from Does Adding Milk Block the Benefits of Coffee?, Best Food for Late Pregnancy, and Benefits of Blueberries for Mood & Mobility. Visit the video pages for all sources and doctor’s not ...…
Blackbird Inn from Little House Needleworks, stitched by Vonna Pfeiffer.It’s that day again and Vonna Pfeiffer joins Gary to talk about irons, the Linen and Threads SAL, stitching rotations, New Year projects, HAED projects, WIPs, and whether beginner pieces are necessary. If you started a new project on Jan. 1, post it on Instagram and use has ...…
Episode 209 is the 2nd Q&A episode with Mike Arnold! In this episode we cover the safest possible cycle for someone wanting to use slightly more than just trt, our favorite stimulant and non stimulant based fat loss supplements, how to correct elbow pain from overuse, and EVERYTHING about Injectable SR9009 from its potential benefits to how to ...…
This episode features a Q&A session with Dr. Rhonda Patrick. The questions were sourced from social media followers of both FoundMyFitness and also Zero Fasting Tracker, a convenient mobile app used widely in the fasting community for logging. In this 45-minute podcast, Dr. Patrick answers some of the most popular questions related to fasting, ...…
iTunes on Samsung, Golden Globes hardware, and The Punisher returns! All this and more on Cordkillers! With special guest Mulango Akpo-Esambe. Subscribe to and support Cordkillers at If we get to 1850 patrons or $1850/episode, we can begin the Spoilerin’ Project and give you show-based Spoilerin’ Time feeds. Find out ...…
In this episode, Adrienne interview's Lani Estill, the rancher who raises the wool used in A Verb for Keeping Warm's new farm yarn, Gather. Then Adrienne checks-in with Kristine, the owner of A Verb for Keeping Warm - and speak to her about her dream of making a soft naturally-dyed yarn made with California wool. Following the AVFKW Fall Lookbo ...…
Ringing in the New Year with lace knitting, a vegetable terrine, lots of project planning, and a geographic survey of our listeners. Full notes with photos and links can be found in the podcast section of our shop website: Join the community on Ravelry or email us with your thoughts. ...…
Subscribe at to receive a link to the chart for Debbie’s 2018 ornament. Today we celebrate 100 Sunday shows. Returning to help with the celebration is Debbie Rowley, the person who was kind enough to record the first Fiber Talk show. In this show we covered a variety of needle arts topics, only a couple of which were on the list ...…
What's the latest research on the timing of meals? From bedtime snacks, to gut rest, to the recommended number of meals each day and night, Dr. Mike Ormsbee shares his knowledge. The focus stays on fat loss and muscle gain. Also tune in for news and discussion on menu calorie counts, the myco-supplement cordyceps sinensis, and more. Finally, pa ...…
In Episode 44, I spoke to Isadora Alvarez of Back Beat Rags. Lately I’ve been particularly intrigued by production - how a person gets into clothing and textile production and design, what this process looks like and the many complexities within it. I’ve been admiring Isadora’s laid back style and commitment to natural fibers for some time, the ...…
NextHealth is a brand new, cutting-edge, biohacking facility that is taking California by storm. In this conversation between Ben Greenfield and Dr. Shah of NextHealth Clinic in LA, you'll hear... ...a magnitude of information related to health and wellness, including: diets, exercise regimens, herbs, music, CBD, lab tests and much more, record ...…
Next Spoken Wheel episode is scheduled for January 31, 2019 @ 9pm eastern, contact us if you are interested in joining the round table conversation. TOPICS: Post Christmas ride to Greenwood, SC. Rich, Jon, Rico, and Steven Case (Riders of Loud Pipes member) for lunch at Mill House Pizza. R6 is on the lift for another gasket change Jon rode to t ...…
Episode 208 is an all encompassing guide on CBD oil! After seeing a few hundred results of people personally using CBD, I felt it was time to make an updated guide with what the literature says, as well as the actual results from application. On top of that, I FINALLY HAVE AN APPAREL STORE open for The Prep Coach clothing! Its the same great qu ...…
On this week’s episode, we discuss the MantisX review. a modular pistol from Zev called the OZ9, and CZ USA’s new P10S. We also might have gone off the rails some. For all the show notes and back episodes, head over to
We’ll be tackling a bunch of brand new questions for our Keto Hot Seat episode today. And what better way to start the new year than to get the answers we are looking for and finding our way to the healthiest, happiest place that we can be! Enjoy! Visit for the complete show notes of every podcast episode ...…
Guest Info & Website Daniel James Duncan’s BIO In order to discover this blessed lifestyle of a raw/high-fruit diet, I had to go through a bit of suffering - arising from ignorance… something I'm so grateful for experiencing, to now where I have discovered the Truth & appreciate Life in such a profound way, knowing I can consciously create my W ...…
Today on the show I have Julie Weisenberger, the pattern designer and creator of Cocoknits. She is, I think all of us will agree a knitting legend and we have so much fun as we dive into how she came up with her fancy Cocoknits technique and of course what lead her to create her gorgeous line of knitting related products. Lots of take aways and ...…
We sit down to discuss our experiences with meditation/mindfulness practices and how it has impacted our lives. Shop: Waking Up Course:
That's right, another Carnivore, Folks. But, we're not just speaking to any carnivore. We're talking to the one and only Keto Carnivore!!! This great conversation from 2017 with Amber O'Hearn is being re-released from the vault as part of The Carnivore Chronicles. Listen to us chat about eating a carnivorous diet, computer programming, and her ...…
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