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In the spirit of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad and Gary Keller’s Millionaire Real Estate Investor, and as an alternate to the Dave Ramsey, Jim Cramer, Motley Fool and Suze Orman shows, Matt Theriault, real estate investor, entrepreneur and author will show you how to create wealth through conventional and creative real estate investing while improving your financial education so you will have the option to realistically retire in the next ten years, or less… and enjoy the good life whi ...
Enoch Aminu Podcast
Pastor Enoch Aminu is a conference speaker, an Anointed Man of God, who is totally devoted to the things of God in a dimension that can't be rivalled. He is a prophet par excellence, mandated to preach the mysteries of the Bible with signs and wonders, Peace, Progress and Prosperity through Our Lord Jesus Christ across the Globe. He Founded and Presides over "Enoch Aminu's Ministries" and " Pure Fire Miracles Ministries International" that brings liberty and upliftment to spiritual captives.
"This week in Forex" is a weekly TV News Show, recorded in New York and London . Written, produced and presented by Aidan Doyle, the show provides it's worldwide viewing audience a market round-up of the events of the previous week,and an outlook for the week ahead, within the worlds largest finacial market, Foreign exchange. Also includes a section featuring trading advice from a different renowned trader each week.For your local programing and other info visit the Official Show website: ww ...
Weekly Friendship Church Sunday School Class designed to help you understand the basics to Financial Freedom.
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This Friday, Matt explains how to move quicker on your real estate journey. More specifically, he reveals how to make your RE portfolio faster, why you should not underestimate your first deal, and how to get in touch with likeminded people.By Matt Theriault.
In this episode, Matt explains how you can use the money inside of your 401K to invest in real estate. Moreover, he reveals how you can get tax deductions when borrowing money from your retirement account!By Matt Theriault.
The "Do Over" Guy continues his series on your most burning concern of how to stay motivated. This way back Wednesday, Matt walks you through his exact process of creating certainty and removing all doubt in the achievement of your dreams and goals.By Matt Theriault.
This Tuesday, Mercedes prepared an educational episode you should definitely listen to! She explains the 3 key things you need to pay attention to in order to find the best turnkey provider. Tune in and find out moreBy Mercedes Torres.
This Monday, Matt explains why being debt-free is significantly prolonging your journey to financial freedom. Take a listen and find out more!By Matt Theriault.
Learn from other people's mistakes because you will not be here long enough to make them all on your own.” Mark Twain This Sunday, Matt decided to share 5 mistakes he wishes he knew before he became a real estate investor. Also, you will learn about the upcoming new lead generation pilot program that Josh Miller, Epic’s rock star client, has cr ...…
“So, if it’s child’s play to someone else, why cannot be child’s play for you?”, Matt Theriault In today’s episode, Matt explains why is important to play big regardless of your results. Furthermore, he shares the stories of some of the most successful businessmen in the world and how thinking big helped to become what they are now. Also, you w ...…
“So I have to ask myself in advance if this problem happens today, what would my business look tomorrow?”, Matt Theriault If the answer to this question scares you, tune in! Matt shares the most expensive lesson you can get, for free! In addition, you will learn about the upcoming new lead generation pilot program that the former Epic student h ...…
In today's episode, Mr. Matt Theriault reveals how to build an email buyer’s list. More specifically, he shares 3 proven strategies that will help you to build one for yourself! In addition, find out about the upcoming new lead generation pilot program that the former Epic student created for selected investors.…
This way back Wednesday, the "Do-Over" Guy continues his series on your most burning concern of how to stay motivated and focused. Motivation is a vital part of your business. Unfortunately, it doesn't last and that's why you have to nurture it. Tune in and find out how!By Matt Theriault.
This week, Mercedes, our turnkey girl, shares her secrets on how to find money to buy a rental property. Tune in and find out 5 proven strategies to use them in combination with traditional financing for your real estate investing!By Mercedes Torres.
In today’s episode, Matt shares 11 REI hacks (plus 1 bonus) to speed things up while maximizing gain and minimizing loss. So, which one of those are you going to implement for utmost acceleration?By Matt Theriault.
Tune in and find out what is the key thing to reach financial freedom using real estate and where you can learn what are the right activities to become a successful RE investor.By Matt Theriault.
In today’s episode, Matt explains how you can get great deals thanks to fast and efficient funding for your RE investing. Tune in and find out how to access it without going to a bank or a lender and paying their high fees.By Matt Theriault.
Debt is an essential resource to build massive wealth. Therefore, Mr. Theriault shares 5 points to maximize your wealth creation using debt. Learn the difference between good and bad debt, where to use debt, when you should leverage it, and many more!By Matt Theriault.
The sky is falling, the recession is on its way, and it cannot be stopped! Therefore, Matt Theriault shares 5 defensive and 5 offensive moves he is going to make to prepare himself for the upcoming crash. Tune in and find out more!By Matt Theriault.
Knowing how to stay motivated can be the difference between "doing over" and "doing over again." On this way back Wednesday, Matt shares two of his favorite and most effective practices that help him stay motivated.By Matt Theriault.
Meet Aaron Chapman, a branch manager real estate finance at Security National Mortgage Company, who will tell you how investing in turnkey properties can make you successful in a fast-paced real estate business, even if you are a busy professional. Learn why communication is very important for succeeding in real estate, why you should not worry ...…
By Enoch Aminu Ministries.
In this quick episode, Matt explains why everybody cannot be business owners and what is needed to become a successful entrepreneur. More specifically, find out the key formula for getting rich in real estate!By Matt Theriault.
By Enoch Aminu Ministries.
This Sunday, Matt interviews Andrew Keel, a CEO of Keel Team, a company that currently manages 16 manufactured housing communities across seven states. Tune in and find out what are the things you have to watch out when moving into mobile home parks, what skills are required for this kind of business, what Andrew thinks about 2020 recession, an ...…
In this episode, Matt explains 3 hot strategies for finding the hottest markets. More specifically, he explains how to find hot zip codes, why you should create surveys, and shares 2 key questions you want to ask property managers.By Matt Theriault.
Before you become a great real estate investor you have to become a great marketer. Therefore, Matt Theriault is joined with Brad Costanzo (aka Oppurtuneur), a founder of Costanzo Marketing Group, a principal of Costanzo Capital LLC, and a host of Bacon Wrapped Business podcast. Tune in and find out what are the key advertising opportunities fo ...…
In this episode, Matt shares the Epic Game Plan that will help you become financially independent and consequently a wealth creator! Take control over your profit and become your own boss!By Matt Theriault.
This Wednesday, we are going way back into philosophy. Ever asked yourself, what is "it" to which you're adding meaning that is creating your life? By the nature of being human, you ARE doing it. The only question is are you doing it consciously or is it being done for you? You'll want to know as your answer to these questions will determine yo ...…
This week, Mercedes shares what she and her property managers do to find quality and long term tenants. Reducing tenant turnover by keeping the good ones for a longer period of time can help you be a more profitable landlord and investor! Therefore, tune in, and take a listen. Our turnkey girl has some hot tips for you!…
By Enoch Aminu Ministries.
In today's episode, we are focusing on real estate education! Matt Theriault shares the outstanding RE coaching programs and helps you pick the best one for you! Tune in and find out more!By Matt Theriault.
In this episode, Matt explains what is the key thing to successful long distance investing and why you should not listen to people who advise not to invest in properties that are further away than the driving distance from your home. Furthermore, he reveals 10 hard knock tips for selecting good property managers.…
In today’s Epic Field Report, Matt hosts Kevin Beem, a member of Epic Pro Academy who closed 3 deals (4 houses total) in the past 4 months! Tune in and find out what deal was the best one for Kevin, how he founded these deals, and the biggest lessons he learned from these transactions.By Matt Theriault.
Last morning Matt received another email with the question on how to use $100,000 to build a real estate portfolio. Tune in and find out what Matt would do in this situation. Moreover, he shares the 5 places (plus bonus one) to find money to buy a property that’s not your $100,000!By Matt Theriault.
At Epic Real Estate we make money without needing any money! In this episode, Matt Theriault explains how you can do the same, specifically through finding off market properties. Take a listen and find out more!By Matt Theriault.
Using a snippet from Og Mandino’s book The Greatest Salesman in the World, Matt reveals the 3 basic steps on how to become successful! These steps are easily applied in any endeavor to which you aspire, therefore listen carefully!By Matt Theriault.
Mercedes shares her understandings of putting an investment property under LLC and the ways you can do it. It is extremely important to understand if this is the right option for you! Therefore, tune in, and listen carefully.By Mercedes Torres.
Our guest today is Jordan Harbinger, a wall street lawyer, a talk show host, and a communication and social dynamic expert, aka the Larry King of podcasters. Tune in and find out how Jordan decided to become a lawyer and a podcaster, his understanding of quick report building, his experience in work with corporations and military, how his busin ...…
Do you want to maximize your profits and save time with real estate investing? Tune in, Matt has some hot tips for you!By Matt Theriault.
By Enoch Aminu Ministries.
In today’s Epic Field Report, Matt is joined with Ryan, a member of the Epic Pro Academy FB group, who closed a great wholesale deal in less than 24 hours. Tune in and find out how Ryan found this particular deal, the biggest lesson that he learned from this transaction, and how he finds deals with no marketing budget.…
Some people think they are too old for real estate investing, others think they are too young. Recently, Matt was asked if it’s too late to start investing in RE at the age of 35. Inspired by this question, he decided to share his reply with you in today’s episode. Tune in and find out Matt’s answer as well as why it is so universally applicable.…
This Thursday, Matt shares the 4 ways to make a deeply discounted offer without offending the seller. Grasp them, avoid causing resistance among sellers, and losing deals.By Matt Theriault.
“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” Jim Rohn We are going way back when Matt Theriault hosted Chad Wade, an author of "Cracking the Producer’s Code” book and a person who went from riches to rags and back to riches. Tune in and find out more about Chad’s journey as he shares life-changing insights ...…
Inspired by Hold that House Show, Mercedes shares the 10 Commandments of Property Manager. Tune in, go through all the 10 points, and choose your property managers wisely!By Mercedes Torres.
Whether you hit a plateau with your REI business or if it’s not growing as fast as you would love to, Matt has 11 smart strategies to grow it further!By Matt Theriault.
In this Christmas encore episode, Matt shares 5 hot principles to find deals when there are NONE to BE found. Don’t let stagnation or chaos hold you back. Put these strategies to work to grow your real estate investing business above and beyond your goals!By Matt Theriault.
Inspired by the recent Epic’s episodes Matt continues to share articles and give his critique. This Saturday he comments on an article titled “How to Earn Passive Income through Real Estate” by Chris Hogan, a number one national best selling author, a dynamic speaker, and a financial expert. Tune in and find out why Matt disagrees with the poin ...…
How will you dominate the market this week? Matt shares the answers of his real estate Facebook community members to this question as well as gives his opinion on the subject. Therefore, tune in, and find out what are the key things to dominate the market!By Matt Theriault.
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