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The Fitness Industry Podcast, powered by Australian Fitness Network. Touching on everything from client coaching and hypertrophy, to nutrient timing, leadership and business growth, The Fitness Industry Podcast features insightful conversations with global leaders in the fitness industry.
Liam Sherriff is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Business Mentor on a mission to help new and aspiring personal trainers build, grow and sustain a profitable personal training career.
I breaking open the fitness industry with interviews from industry professionals, cracking the myths and breaking down everything that this industry has to offer
Building a sustainable business, taking your first steps into personal training, transitioning into online coaching.
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Second episode of 'An Insight Into An Fitness Industry' with Youtuber - mtp fitness In this one, we talk all about Youtube. Marius has been doing YouTube for over two years now with a vast amount of knowledge on how this media platform works. He gives his insight into how to best market yourself, as well as his thoughts on being unique in the i ...…
The first ever epiosode of 'An Insight Into An Fitness Industry' with personal trainer, online coach and mens physique competitor Cameron Mackay. In this one, we talk about how you can go about taking your first steps in the fitness industry. Also, how you can make the transition into online coaching. Future plans in both personal training and ...…
In this episode, performance coach Matt Truscott talks meeting clients where they need to be met, why we need to help clients move before we load them up, and why PTs should specialise to become experts in a niche area, with Network’s Kathryn Weihen.
In this episode, exercise physiologist Tony Boutagy talks how to enhance health and prolong life by expanding the volume of mitochondria in your body, what type of training is most effective for doing this, and the role that nutrient timing can play in the process, with Network’s Oliver Kitchingman.
In this episode, physical therapist and movement coach John Polley, aka, JP, talks psychological, emotional and behavioural performance, meeting the six human needs, and responding to the human being not the human body, with Network’s Alisha Smith.
PT studio leader Luke Carlson talks personal training-centric club culture, constant team learning, customer intimacy, and why great PTs shouldn’t be ‘promoted’ to PT managers, with Network’s Oliver Kitchingman.
The UK’s leading female health and fitness educator, Jenny Burrell, talks pelvic floor screening, moderating nutrition to match metabolic changes, and the need for self-compassion, with Network’s Rachel Livingstone.
Branding expert Derek Barton talks low cost club refreshes, over-delivering on your marketing promise, and why plain walls aren’t the inspiration your members are looking for, with Network’s Oliver Kitchingman.
The legendary ‘fascia man’ Thomas Myers talks kinaesthetic skills and grounding the body, training the forgotten body parts, and the miracle of human movement, with Network’s Alisha Smith.
Nutrition scientist and dietitian Dr Joanna McMillan talks saturated fats and coconut oil, the low fat vs low carb farce, the war on sugar, and how paleo and vegan diets have more in common than we might realise, with Network’s Rachel Livingstone.
Physiotherapist and women’s health specialist Merrin Martin talks understanding how the pelvic floor works with the core, ‘nuts to guts’, and the ‘polite’ way to wee when the Queen is in the next cubicle… with Network’s Rachel Livingstone.
Legend of the fitness sales scene, China Richardson, talks rapport, clarity of motivation, and why you should decline clients if you can’t over-deliver for them, with Network’s Oliver Kitchingman.
Managing Director of Willows Health Group, Troy Morgan, talks working with wearables not against them, and translating data into meaningful actions and achievements, with Network’s Oliver Kitchingman.
TRX developer and educator Fraser Quelch talks the real origins of TRX (or should that be TravelX?), foundational movements and how this fitness tool can be used with everyone from clients with MS to elite athletes, with Network’s Rachel Livingstone.
Renowned trainer and educator Krista Popowych talks creating a sense of fun and community with training clients, managing mixed abilities in small group training, and her top training tools for outdoor group work, with Network’s Kathryn Weihen.
Eating disorder survivor and campaigner Eleni Psillakis discusses acknowledging problem behaviours, the danger of equating body image with physical and mental health, and why fitness professionals are really health professionals.
Starting early • Welcome to the industry • Why compete? • Giving to the industry and working on my craft • Team abel fit • What is to come
Mindset and performance coach Greg Sellar talks fixed and growth mindsets, understanding other’s viewpoints, and why falling off the fitness wagon is feedback, not failure, with Network’s Oliver Kitchingman.
Renowned club owner, industry adviser and health club consultant, Bill McBride talks people vs tech, and how to over-deliver your way to profitability, with Network’s Oliver Kitchingman.
The Director of Curriculum for Precision Nutrition, Krista Scott-Dixon, talks the effect of exercise on the immune system, the role protein plays in recovery, and why we should eat stinky foods, with Network’s Rachel Livingstone.
Head of Fitness for Les Mills New Zealand, Ish Cheyne, talks specialisation, contracting and cashflow, and why trainers should stop trying to get married in a Tinder world, with Network’s Oliver Kitchingman.
'Corrective’ exercise specialist and performance enhancer Perry Nickelston talks re-thinking movement, why medicine is disempowering, why we need to be truly proud to be fitness professionals, and walking the crazy shit path... with Network’s Alisha Smith.
YogaFit Program Director, Lisa Greenbaum, talks how fitness professionals can incorporate yoga into their training, correcting meditation misconceptions, and why breath is the key to it all, with Network's Alisha Smith.
The hugely inspiring Maureen ‘Mo’ Hagan, Senior Vice President of CanFitPro, talks the importance of tenacity, the magnificence of mentoring, the need to find the joy in what you do every day, and why you need to be the product of your product, with Network’s Ryan Hogan.
Mick Cunico, Fitness First Australia's National Fitness Manager, talks training trends, the return to ‘traditional’ free weights workouts, and building a base of strength, with Network’s Ryan Hogan.
Fitness podcaster Chantal Brodrick talks key habits of industry leaders, focusing on the common traits of educating, supporting and empowering team members in order to enjoy shared success, with Network’s Oliver Kitchingman.
In this episode, Duncan Peak, aka YogiDunx, talks the mainstreaming of yoga, consistency of mindfulness, and smashing stereotypes, with Network’s Kathryn Weihen.
In this episode, coach, educator and ‘elder’ of the industry, Ian O’Dwyer talks quality of life, the true motivators for older adults, and preventing the unnecessary tragedy of health decline, with Network’s Rachel Livingstone.
In this episode, behaviour scientist Michelle Segar talks unearthing motivations, reframing fitness as a fun mood enhancer, and why we should treat exercise more like sex… with Network’s Oliver Kitchingman.
In this episode, ‘The Movement Guy’ and multi-discipline master trainer Andrew Chadwick talks overcoming personal pain, individualising functional training, and what can happen to your career when you keep saying ‘yes’, with Network’s Alisha Smith.
Nutritionist and sports dietitian Peta Carige discusses how affordable genetic testing can increase client buy-in to training and nutrition programs, with Network’s Emma Harvey.
In this episode, The Retention Guru, Dr Paul Bedford, talks surprising findings of the 2017 Australian Fitness Industry Retention Report, making sense of big data from 900 clubs, and how the numbers can reveal the demographic you should be marketing to, with Network’s Ryan Hogan.
Exercise physiologist and anti-quackery crusader Dr Bill Sukala talks fake science, alternative facts and the abuse of social media, with Network’s Oliver Kitchingman.
Fitness business and marketing leader Justin Tamsett talks people power and technology, the US versus Aussie fitness market, and why the niche shall inherit the earth, with Network’s Oliver Kitchingman.
In this episode, physio, fitness instructor and Network Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Lisa Westlake, discusses the rewards of safely training pregnant clients for every PT, with Network’s Oliver Kitchingman.
In this episode, strength and conditioning specialist, and avid devourer of exercise science texts, Tony Boutagy, talks programming, weight loss & hypertrophy and being open to differing fitness philosophies, with Network's Bel Fong.
Nutritionist and naturopath Teresa Mitchell-Paterson talks nutrient density, superfood marketing, and kale vs spinach... with Network's Emma Harvey.
Medical doctor and brain plasticity expert Dr Helena Popovic talks comfort eating, neuroslimming, and the language of weight ‘loss’ with Network's Emma Harvey.
Human movement and performance specialist, Michol Dalcourt, talks sickness prevention, staying curious, and ‘coming home’ to Australia, with Network’s Bel Fong.
Leadership expert Steve Pettit talks the value of humility, the difference between managing and leading, and why having the desire to see others succeed will determine your own success as a leader, with Network's Oliver Kitchingman.
Prominent exercise physiologist and neuroscientist Paul Taylor talks motivational interviewing, coercion and how exercise strengthens the area of the brain responsible for willpower, with Network’s Oliver Kitchingman.
Leading dietitian and nutritionist Matt O’Neill discusses the power of building habits over willpower alone for fat loss, meal planning, maintenance and the importance of ‘the next goal’, with Network’s Oliver Kitchingman.
Club owner and program developer Helen Vanderburg talks innovation in group programming, work-life balance, and evolving from professional athlete to globally respected fitness industry leader, with Network’s Ryan Hogan.
Pioneer of personal training, Wendy Sweet, discusses the dawn and evolution of personal training, the problem of selling PT to clients who aren’t hungry for it, and how managers can improve their club PT operation, with Network’s Oliver Kitchingman.
Assistant director of performance nutrition at Precision Nutrition, Adam Feit, talks nutrient timing, protein consumption windows, eating real food and coaching tactics for client adherence, with Network’s Emma Harvey.
Performance and productivity coach Andrew May talks resilience, daily pause points, scar tissue and the importance of disconnecting from tech to reconnect with yourself, with Network's Oliver Kitchingman.
Creator of the Animal Flow and Bodyweight Athlete training programs, Mike Fitch, discusses the 9 pinnacles for building a perfectly symmetrical body, and the importance of self-care and repair, with Network’s Alisha Smith.
Nutritionist and Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Cam McDonald, talks caffeine, genetics and performance, with Network’s Kathryn Weihen.
Mindset coach and weight loss hypnotherapist Kylie Ryan talks NLP and behaviour shift, extrinsic motivators, and how to coach clients to self-empowerment, with Network’s Emma Harvey.
Content marketer and fitness professional Lynsey Fraser talks the best social platforms for fitness, and how to cut through the noise to reach your customers online, with Network’s Oliver Kitchingman.
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