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A weekly journey into the world of bookers, producers, decision-makers, and talent about the art of saying yes and no. Plus: other stuff! Hosted by Jamie Flam.
Flam is a podcast of which Sarger001 and Karimcash55 converse for 30-60 mins. They occasionally either have a guest or play a game.
Film Flam Men
Why do certain movies make money and others fail? Why are some studios good at creating franchises and others bad? And why did Taylor Kitsch get two blockbuster leading man roles in 2012? And then how did he blow *that* opportunity! These are just some of the topics that “Film Flam Men” Alex & Joel will try to answer and debate before they get tired and resort to trying to stump each other with bizarre and difficult movie trivia games. (Can you name the top grossing non-sequeled studio relea ...
FLIM FLAM is a radio show in Toulouse FR on RADIO FMR 89.1. I play JAZZ, DEEP FUNK & SOUL every weeks (live streaming on wednesday 20h-21h) PODCAST MENU : mixes, radio show with friends, playlist.
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Happy Holidays from Jamie Flam and Gatekeeper!
Marianne Ways (Booker, Night Train with Wyatt Cenac) and Jamie discuss about how she got her start, what it takes to set up a great show, and what makes a comedian stand out. Plus: Silly and weird!
Roy Wood Jr. (Stand up, The Daily Show) and Jamie discuss how to navigate road rooms and coast clubs, the delicate balance between likability and arrogance, and the fallacy of TV credits. Plus: Pineapples & Chili!
In this recording from Central Park, Paul Mecurio (The Late Show, The Daily Show, Stand up) and Jamie take a look behind the scenes at Late Night with Stephen Colbert, Paul’s path from Wall Street to stand up, and what it takes to be good at audience warm-up. Plus: Knife fight!
Barry Katz (Louis CK, Dave Chappelle, Tracy Morgan, Jay Mohr) and Jamie discuss some of his favorite live comedy experiences, the ebbs and flows of comedy club dominance, and what it takes to be an absolute killer on stage. Plus: Flamtasia!
Jamie is on his way to New York, tune in next week to hear his conversation with Barry Katz!
Rachel Reynolds (Producer, Morning Becomes Eclectic, KCRW) and Jamie discuss the art of asking for what you want, how to keep sane when things get crazy, and all the cool perks of booking and producing a tastemaking radio program. Plus: Griffith Park!
Baratunde Thurston (Futurist comedian, writer, cultural critic) and Jamie discuss embracing your creativity, how to create your own job description, and the exciting direction of art and technology. Plus: The Danger Zone!
You don't need to listen to this episode. Season 2 starts next week.
Dana Eagle (Stand up, “How To Be Depressed: A Guide”, Last Comic Standing) and Jamie discuss how depression effects creatives, how to leave things unfinished, and the surprising power of cake icing. Plus: A big announcement!
Carol Leifer (Seinfeld, Saturday Night Live, The Larry Sanders Show) and Jamie discuss how to approach gatekeepers, breaking into the comedy industry, and being the ambassador of your own career. Plus: Trump!
Ptolemy Slocum (Westworld, Nerdist School) and Jamie discuss the advantage of stepping into chaos, the pitfalls of defining yourself by your work, and the benefits of meditation (even if you don’t do it daily). Plus: Smoothie/Juice!
Jeff Cohen (Entertainment Lawyer, "Chunk" from Goonies) and Jamie discuss the transition from front of camera to behind the scenes, the role of an entertainment lawyer, and the art of deal making. Plus: Sloth!
Happy Holidays from all of us here at Gatekeeper!
Jim Florentine (Stand Up, Louie, Crank Yankers, That Metal Show) and Jamie discuss the seemingly arbitrary intersection between luck and talent, the challenges of performing stand up at a heavy metal concert, and how crank calls can create a comedy career (and how jealousy can destroy it). Plus: Nog!…
Chris Trew (The New Movement, Air Sex Championships, Hell Yes Fest) and Jamie discuss local independant comedy, the role festivals play in bringing comedy to smaller cities, and how to stay produce. Plus: A special drop in from Lee Keeler (Writer, Producer)!
Beth Appel (UCB LA), Troy Conrad (Set List), Andrew Steven (The Seeso Seeshow, Gatekeeper), and Jamie discuss the ins and outs of booking a venue, working hard and fighting entitlement, and differences and similarities of clubs, rooms, and theaters. Plus: Seeso!
Margaret Cho (Stand up) and Jamie discuss the necessity of taking risks, the changing role of stand up on late night TV, and how to straddle different comedy rooms. Plus: Bing!
Alice Wetterlund (Stand up, People of Earth, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates) and Jamie discuss the road to a late night TV set, comedy as art, and how to use the stage to communicate. Plus: Kid A!
Lindsay Flinn (Paramount, 20th Century Fox) and Jamie discuss the world of television production, the importance of having a 10,000 ft view, and finding something of value on each step of your path. Plus: Pretzels!
Rob Bell (Author, Speaker) and Jamie discuss how to become your own gatekeeper, developing creative habits and disciplines, and how to stay inspired. Plus: Weird British Accents!
Brittany Everett (Earwolf, Hollywood Today Live, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson) and Jamie discuss the craft of talent booking, how to survive in a career with little job security, and the need to always keep doing. Plus: Jamie's SNL Debut!
Sean Aronson (The Voice Behind The Voice, St. Paul Saints) and Jamie share stories about gatekeepers in the world of sport announcing and comedy in this swapcast. Plus: Bill Murray!
Brooks Wheelan (SNL, Stand up) and Jamie discuss his journey to Saturday Night Live, escapism, and how to overcome feeling unfunny. Plus: Dabblers!
What kind of trouble did Jamie get into now?
Eric Blake (Comic View, Comedy Central Presents) and Jamie discuss Eric’s path from street life to the stage, when you know you’ve found your voice as an artist, and how to weather even the toughest storms in life. Plus: Dog Shoes!
Brian Moses (Roast Battle) and Jamie discuss how to turn a comedy community into a live show, then how to turn that live show into a phenomenon, then how to turn that phenomenon into a TV show. Plus: The Godfather of Soul!
Randi Siegel (Jimmy Fallon, Comic Relief, National Lampoon, and Jamie discuss knowing when to take opportunities, the value of showing up early, and the business side of comedy. Plus: Horns!
Ed Crasnick (Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Sopranos, Self Help Comedy Hour), Laura House (George Lopez Show, Samantha Who?, Mindfulness Meditation), and Jamie discuss their comedy journeys, the search for happiness, and the benefits of meditation. Plus: Bathroom Breaks!
Josh Sandoval (Producer/Booker) and Jamie discuss their experiences as TV stand-up set vetters at Just For Laughs in Montreal, how to pitch and sell television shows, and why persistence is vital to survival in entertainment. Plus: Caffeine!
Jamie sits down with Jackie Kashian & Dave Ross for a quick conversation during the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, Canada.
Ron Babcock (Stand up, Adam Devine's House Party) and Jamie discuss how to book your own stand up tour, productivity, administration, and finding your focus. Plus: HOT TIPS!
Rick Jenkins (The Comedy Studio, Boston) and Jamie discuss the balance between being a performer and a booker, the stand-up development process at his venue, and his own list of rules for a successful club. Plus: A Comedy Diatribe!
Ramon Rivas II (Accidental Comedy Fest, Comedy Central Half Hour) and Jamie discuss how far being undeniable can take you (even without representation), being on both sides of the "gatekeeper" fence, and how comedy is evolving in the Midwest. Plus: Sandwich-casting!
Abbey Londer (Riot LA, Midnight Merriment with Ron Funches) and Jamie discuss creating a festival, putting everything on the line, and the importance of being supportive and nice. Plus: Salami!
Sarah Pappalardo ( and Jamie discuss feminism in comedy and the media, how to build an online magazine from scratch, and the importance of perseverance, Plus: I book a comedy club!
Jamie is in the mountains so there's no new episode this week. Gatekeeper will return to it's regularly scheduled programming next week. Take care.
Charlie Sotelo (SXSW Comedy) and Jamie discuss the evolution of comedy at SXSW, what he looks for in talent when booking the festival, and how personal character is as or sometimes more important than talent. Plus: Sinbad!
Matt Belknap (aspecialthing records, Never Not Funny) and Jamie discuss how to build a successful comedy record label, what goes into producing a seminal comedy podcast for over a decade, and how to utilize technology to organically build a career in comedy. Plus: The Internet!
Jordan Brady (I Am Road Comic, The Maria Bamford Special Special Special!) and Jamie discuss his evolution from stand-up comedian to filmmaker, ways to maximize income on film projects, and having passion for every aspect of your art. Plus: Eye Candy!
The first ever Gatekeeper potpourri—two interviews for the price of one! First, Mason Currey (author of “Daily Rituals”) and Jamie talk about creating meaningful creative work while also earning a living. Next, Jamie and Chris Mazzilli (Gotham Comedy Club, Talent Manager) talk share booking stories and advice for comedians of every level. Plus: ...…
Amanda Meadows & Geoffrey Golden (The Devastator Press) and Jamie discuss the world of comedy publications, best practices for submitting writing proposals, and making the type of art you're a fan of. Plus: Fire!
Jensen Karp (Get Up On This, Gallery 1988, Hot Karl) joins Jamie to discuss the art of juggling multiple projects, the importance of curating art and your day, and what food inspires creativity. Plus: RAP!
Cristela Alonzo (Comedy Central, Cristela, Conan) and Jamie discuss the art of passionate persistence, why late night TV sets still matter, and the importance of sticking to your guns. Plus: Spring cleaning!
Reeta Piazza (GM, Hollywood Improv) & Erin Von Schonfeldt (VP of Talent, Levity Entertainment), discuss 40 years of collective experience working at, running, and booking talent in The Improv club chain. Plus: Chili!
Graham Elwood & Chris Mancini (LA Podfest, Comedy Film Nerds) and Jamie discuss gatekeeping in the world of podcasting, the nitty gritty of producing a successful annual festival, and how to use crowd funding and other resources to fund your creative pursuits. Plus: Adbot is back!
Bart Coleman (@midnight, Late Night with Seth Meyers, The UCB Show) and Jamie discuss what he looks for when booking talent, how to craft the perfect late night set, and why being fearless (even with social media) can have a positive impact on your career. Plus: A talking emoji?!
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