Best Fletch podcasts we could find (Updated February 2019)
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NFL obsessives Darren Fletcher and Vernon Kay have a uniquely British take on the NFL
Hey Fletch!
A podcast that will equip, coach and lead those who lead and manage the church. Dr. David Feltcher, also known as Fletch, passion is to hone church leaders in executive roles. Fletch is a Pastor for 35 years, and loves the local church.
Theo and Fletch
Two brothers who were gifted a podcast of their very own at birth (or maybe a day later).
The Magic Academy
Supporting coaching wizards! Rusty and Fletch chat over coffee and a Casserole Pot of questions
An irreverent, unscripted discussion of the the week's top mixed martial arts news by longtime journalist Chad Dundas and's Ben Fowlkes.
The Pitch
Named 'the best business podcast on startup life' by Fortune. Listen as entrepreneurs pitch to real investors—for real money. In each episode, we take you behind closed doors to the critical moment when aspiring entrepreneurs put it all on the line. While it offers a glimpse into the high-stakes world of venture capital, it’s really a show about human relationships: how people sell their ideas, what makes investors tick, and how these initial conversations can bloom into business deals—or di ...
Surf Splendor
Conversations About Surfing
You know when your hanging out with your buddies having a few drinks while talking movies....well that is us..Cinema Stash Re-Hash brings you back to the reason why you love movies from the 70's 80's & 90's, by celebrating the time when movies were made with original ideas, great scripts, priceless soundtracks and the use of practical effects. We are just a few guys who have seen way too many movies that just can't stop gabbing about movies, so Join us as we love them, make fun of them, and ...
Retro Fandango
Retro Fandango is a weekly podcast hosted by the opinionated Kevin (Buried on Mars) and the dashing Richard (Ram Vox).
Expanded Universe
Expanded Universe is a podcast about the Star Wars Legends series of novels, comics, games, and other media. Each month, Bryan Wade and a special guest will choose a book to read and discuss. Bryan loves the Expanded Universe. Won't you share it with him?
Cult Film Freak presents SKULL ISLAND SURFER, a cinema podcast show hosted by James M. Tate, creator of the popular movie review and interview site, and here you will enjoy conversations with the likes of REB BROWN, LOUISE FLETCHER, VINCENT SPANO and many others... From SPIDER BABY to RESERVOIR DOGS, let the SKULL ISLAND SURFER take you away..."Thank you so much for your keen eye for detail and for your enthusiasm and support of my work – it really means a lot to me. It is ...
Three's A Quorum
This is the tumblr we use to feed our podcast. That’s all that happens here. For our actual tumblr, go here:
Social creative podcast. Witty banter, blah blah blah. Archived episodes here
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Josh Kerr launched on to the world scene with two Air Show World Championships before the age of 20. After suffering a severe leg break he reset and found a home on the World Tour. During those 7 years, Josh’s family traveled with him and he developed a passion for entrepreneurship. Upon retiring from competition … Continue reading "255 – Josh ...…
Chelsea Brownridge wants to help dog owners keep their pooches safe when they’re out running errands together. Her startup, DogSpot, makes internet-connected dog houses, with features like webcams and A/C, and puts them in front of retail stores that don’t allow pets. Can Chelsea convince our investors that her dog houses are a must-have? Today ...…
The Simpsons, Ahmed Knows Best, Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Animated Series, Onrush, Titan Quest, Hotline Miami, Birdman, Sherlock Holmes
In this episode we take an uncharted journey to a world of mind time travel with Trancers 1984 Join us as we are surprised flabbergasted and conflicted with this interesting Indi scifi
Did Francis Ngannou knock Cain Velasquez out with the shortest uppercut ever seen by man? Did Velasquez's knee spontaneously self-destruct? Is Mirko CroCop back? Have Matt Mitrione and Sergei Kharitonov made amends? On this AQC episode of the CME, the heavyweight division is back to its old tricks!
In Episode 10, Dr. David Fletcher discusses an interns pay structure & payable hours for an assistant.
Rusty and Jim discuss coaching a National team, coaching abroad, Auckland grids and Mr Jimmy's chess...
Rusty rocks it with John Lavery, former Canadian Rugby pathway coach! Enjoy
In the new film, “Thank You, Mother”, Ishka Folkwell showcases Torren Martyn’s surfing on Simon Jones boards to craft an abstract narrative which highlighting that life design and board design are at their fullest expression when simplicity is employed. Torren and Ishka chat with David about the film, collaborating with Albe Falzon, and how to ...…
After losing his shirt on sports betting sites DraftKings and FanDuel, Adam Weinstein decided to flip the script on daily fantasy sports and give everyone a better shot at winning. He’s changing things up using prop bets instead of traditional fantasy teams. But the question remains: Is this a gamble investors are willing to take? Today's inves ...…
I don't know what to tell you. Richard went full Joe on this one for some reason. But we where able to scrap a bit of conversation together about Star Trek Bridge Crew, Eric Idle's bio, Star Trek Discovery, Diablo 2 mods, Rad Racer, and Deep Space 9.
Rusty rocks it with Clark Laidlaw, The New Zealand 7's Head coach. In Rusty's words...."This is now my new favourite podcast!" - We hope you enjoy...
In Episode 9, Dr. Fletcher gives advice on Executive Pastor (XP) training, leadership and how to become one.
So, wait ... WHAT happened to Robert Whittaker just before UFC 234? And how did Kelvin Gastelum play it? And did how we feel about Adesanya vs. Silva have mostly to do with our own fears?
The Chief wizards are catching up to talk ESPN fantasy league and some thoughts on the Six Nations ahead of "Le Crunch" this weekend.
In today’s episode we chat with Grain Surfboards co-founder Mike LaVecchia. Based in York, Maine, Grain builders hollow, framed, locally sourced wood surfboards. Mike’s background in boat building and his reverence for historic surf craft positioned him uniquely to push hollow framed board construction into a new design era. He chats about the ...…
Rusty chats with Elliot Blackmore who is a SEMH specialist Teacher as well as Gravesend and Sarries DPP coach!
A free sample of Ben and Chad's new podcast "Road Agents" which will be available to top-tier patrons at the CME's Patreon page. Like what you hear? Go sign up:
After a failed pitch on our show back in 2017, Industrial Organic founder Amanda Weeks was ready for redemption. And she found it, to the tune of $4.2 million. Now she’s back — with a lot to say about how much she and her business have grown. Today's investors are Jillian Manus, Phil Nadel, Howie Diamond, Jake Chapman and Sheel Mohnot.…
Star Trek Discovery, Saturday morning Trivia, The Last Jedi, Rogue Squadron 3D, Spider-Man PS4, RFGen NES challenge, Metroid Prime 4 delayed, Bohemian Rhapshity, Daredevil, Into the Spider-verse, Baby vampires, Jedi ghosts, HVACs explained, A Fandango Exclusive announcement
In this episode the Rehashers discuss a childhood fav with The NeverEnding Story Join us as we talk all corners of Fantasia and talk a little bit about Nothing
Jose Aldo and Marlon Moraes each got big wins at UFC Fight Night 144. Plus, your dudes look ahead to UFC 234's Robert Whittaker vs. Kelvin Gastelum and Anderson Silva vs. Israel Adesanya.
Jose Aldo and Marlon Moraes each got big wins at UFC Fight Night 144. Plus, your dudes look ahead to UFC 234's Robert Whittaker vs. Kelvin Gastelum and Anderson Silva vs. Israel Adesanya.
The long awaited podcast which promised to be a belter! Rusty and Richard Shorter (Non Perfect Dad) talking about Richards work in engaging parents. In Rusty's words "This was a really cool podcast" Opening with guitars and medieval Axes!!!!! Who knows where this one is going!
Rusty chats with a community coaching rockstar - Nick Wilkinson. Rusty met Nick for the first time at the Saracens DPP a few years back. Nick is a big supporter of The Magic Academy and its our pleasure that he found some time to chat with Rusty.
In Episode 8, Dr. Fletcher gives advice on permits needed for buses and bonfires.
Vernon & Fletch walk Radio Row and talk NFL to Beyo Akinfenwa, Greg Jennings, Alistair Kirkwood, Christian Wade, Neil Reynolds and suck in the sights and sounds of the Super Bowl in Atlanta.
The much anticipated and long awaited podcast where Rusty gets to share some magic with Richard Cheetham, distinguished professor of Winchester University. This one will be fun!
Zahra Kassam has been on the road in a major way, pitching her startup, Monti Kids. A few months before our show, she pitched on ABC’s “Shark Tank.” Today we find out: Did she win over any investors in her two very public pitches? And how do our investors compare to pitching the sharks? Today's investors are Alexandra Stanton, Sheel Mohnot, Cha ...…
Shupporting actor Shean Connery at your shervice on thish epishode of Retro Filmdango. Shigh-lander (1986), Indiana Jonesh and the Lasht Crushade (1989) and The Untouchablesh (1987). Shtamp your feet, Junior!
In The Magic Academy's latest podcast, Rusty and Fletch get to chewing the fat in Rusty's kitchen. On the menu... Rusty's favourite CPD as well as ideas around challenging large one sided scores in Junior Rugby.
Ryan Bader becomes the Bellator champ champ with his quick and easy victory over Fedor Emelianenko in the heavyweight grand prix final. Did Scotty Cokes and Co. just hit a towering home run? Plus, what to look for at UFC on ESPN+ 2.
Recorded at Surf Expo 2019, David Lee Scales and Chas Smith discuss new opportunities for brands to communicate their messaging through podcasting and how they utilize the Surf Splendor podcast network to access a broader audience, tell richer stories, and actively engage their fans. Topics covered include; podcasting 101, the anti-commercial, ...…
Tom Impallomeni is here to pitch Tribe XR, a VR app that teaches people to DJ. He’s got a vision for using virtual reality to teach creative skills — but the investors are skeptical. Can Tom convince them he’s putting the right spin on VR? Today's investors are Sarah Downey, Michael Hyatt, Charles Hudson, and Phil Nadel.…
Founder of one of surfing’s most famous social media profiles BoardPorn, Ron Shine discusses his start as an anonymous surfboard hoarder, the responsibility that comes with influence, his anti-advertising model, and he shares his thoughts on the imported surfboard debate. Also, author of Ice Cream Headaches, Ed Thompson joins us. Enjoy the show ...…
The boys have got it all covered, from the Championship weekend, the 2019 London games and Super Bowl plans for the trip to Atlanta and Fletch is excited. There may well be a breaking of the cigar virginity with Ditka and Jaws as Vern has pulled a few strings. He also explains why he missed the Bears when they were in London first time and Flet ...…
Hooper, The Seven Ups, HVACs, Ghostbusters 2020, Daredevil, Punch Out Wii, Vox buys a projector, Star Trek Discovery
In this episode the Rehashers discuss a interesting take on space VampiresJoin us as we talk about a naked chick
Ben and Chad break down the action from UFC on ESPN+1, as instructed by the huge amounts of listener mail they received.
San Diego band of surfers “Switchfoot” has sold millions of albums and won a Grammy over the past 20 years. I chatted with them on the eve of the release of their 11th album to discuss Gabriel Medina’s Pipe Master’s domination, prioritizing swell with work and family life, shaping surfboards, and how to honor one’s … Continue reading "250 – Swi ...…
Sorry, it's ben too long but large glasses of wine got in the way. But the Fumble is BACK and the Championship Weekend is under the microscope. It is Atlanta party planning time and Vernon has big nights set up involving cigars with Ditka and the Foo Fighters. Fletch doesn't sound keen to be honest. The GOAT has a bad hair day an it's not gone ...…
Debbie Wei Mullin is pitching her pour-over Vietnamese coffee startup, Copper Cow Coffee. The company is already doing well on Walmart’s shelves. But does she have what it takes to take the brand online? Today's investors are Alexandra Stanton, Sheel Mohnot, Charles Hudson, and Phil Nadel.
The Fan-cademy awards, RIP Super Dave and Penny Marshall, The Orville, Star Trek Discovery, King Kong, Leon the Professional, Looper, John Fogerty, Burt Reynolds, Phil Collins
The UFC's broadcast deal with ESPN is upon us, so Ben and Chad break down Henry Cejudo vs. TJ Dillashaw, talk about how a streaming-only product will affect fans and then nod to Nate Diaz jumping into the Conor-Khabib feud.
After a frustrating round of fundraising for her company PopCom, Dawn Dickson decided that VC was broken. She opted to take a different route: an initial coin offering, or ICO. But then her best-laid plans got all mucked up ... by Uncle Sam. Today's investors are Jillian Manus, Daniel Gulati, Phil Nadel, and Michael Hyatt.…
In this episode the Rehashers discuss probably the most recognizable Arnold comedies and that is Twins Join us as we try to find the resemblance
After holiday break, Ben and Chad are back like Francis Ngannou after knocking out Curtis Blaydes. On this episode: UFC 232 wrap-up plus UFC 235 goes from the outhouse to the penthouse.
In today’s episode Derek Hynd recounts his professional history and offers lessons for how surfing can learn past mistakes. He tells the vivid details of losing his eye (and permanent eyesight) while surfing heat. He spills the sordid details of his little black book (all 4 of them). He explains how he invented “The Search” … Continue reading " ...…
In today’s episode Maurice Cole contemplates recent tragedy and candidly laments compromising his integrity to chase business goals. He shares the story of a business failure and how the associated stress led to his body developing cancer. He explains why every surf brand has failed after going public and how he’s personally lost millions of … ...…
ICYMI, the CME put out a Christmas Spectacular last year about this time. Here it is again.
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