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Fletch, Vaughan and Megan every week day across New Zealand from 6am – 10am. Listen in for the best music, biggest celebs, latest gossip and a bit of a laugh..
NFL obsessives Darren Fletcher and Vernon Kay have a uniquely British take on the NFL
Theo and Fletch
Two brothers who were gifted a podcast of their very own at birth (or maybe a day later).
Hey Fletch!
A podcast that will equip, coach and lead those who lead and manage the church. Dr. David Feltcher, also known as Fletch, passion is to hone church leaders in executive roles. Fletch is a Pastor for 35 years, and loves the local church.
Examples of how Avaya enables the mission critical, real-time communication applications of the world’s most important operations by providing the most complete portfolio of software and services for contact center and unified communications with integrated, secure networking.
FCC NewsBytes is a feed of selected press releases related to the telecommunications industry as published in the Federal Communications Commission Daily Digest. In addition to policy decisions, NPRM’s and Monthly open meeting agendas are presented.
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Producer Anna the Nanna, A HOT Friday Flashback and who is tracking you?
Fletch did something to his bum, Community Notices and what did the hairdresser talk you into?
We found a hidden skill from Megan yesterday, This Is Why I'm Fat and what would you say to your pet?
A real life NFL kicker joins us and we kind of change our tune on kickers a bit. Some real insight into the life of the least heralded member of an NFL team from a guy who has lived it, the former Panther & Raven Rhys Lloyd joins the pod. We go live via the telephone to Rhys, after the first attempt to connect ended in a narrow escape for the p ...…
It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas, How Do You Know and we find the biggest age gap between siblings.
This week's podcast will help you respond to when people tell you that you are not a Pastor and how to encourage us all to respond to emails.
A heroic tramping story from Mount Taranaki, Mosh Monday and did you take a finders fee?
Today on the show, Swipemares returns, the top six things you learnt from the Apple announcement and whats the weirdest thing you've found on the street?
Today on the show, Swipemares returns, the top six things you learnt from the Apple announcement and whats the weirdest thing you've found on the street?
It's the day before the FVM tramp! Megan's top 5 arguments from her 250 days of marriage and your health class chats.
October is coming, and with it―the 38th GITEX Technology Week. Imagine: in 1981, its first year, the fastest modes of communication between companies were the fax machine and telephone. Large companies used an internal mailman to physically deliver messages to colleagues on other floors. Even then, GITEX celebrated pioneers in technology and lo ...…
A post-P!nk rundown from Megan, Community Notices and what did you have to do to get over someone?
....and it's only week 1. Darren & Vernon talk about their contrasting American Football themed Saturday fun, at the Brit Bowl and NFL Kick Off in Piccadilly when Fletch came face to face with his Bete Noire, the charming Mr Matt Forte of your Chicago Bears. They talk Week 1 and the Browns, Steelers, Packers & Bears. Like everyone they like the ...…
0 sleeps until Megan's Dad sees Pink! Toasted sandwich ingredients and when did a sleep in put out lots of people?
Vaughan was knocking on the wrong door in the weekend, the downside of sleeping naked and what did you do in the name of weight loss?
It’s well-documented in several studies that most active shooter incidents are over within 5 minutes to 12 minutes. Likewise, the average response time for public safety personnel ranges from 13 minutes to 18 minutes. The Naval Post Graduate School, the State of Massachusetts, the FBI and NYPD research projects all point to two key factors in r ...…
Body parts that always get a comment, Friday Flashback and your emotional teenage songs.
Intern Anya got up-sold on her facial, Don't Get Fletch Started and what did someone give you to impress you?
The NFL Season is back and so are Vernon Kay and Darren Fletcher who are over excited. Fantasy teams are picked and Vernon has had a nightmare, but not as big a nightmare as the purchase of a plastic Patriots jacket. Fletch has a worse one though. Super Bowl picks and all that stuff, plus the most important player in the NFC is named. Fletch is ...…
Megan's dad is counting down the sleeps until Pink, How Do You Know and have you ever got a DNA test?
Fletch and Vaughan made their own version of Andrew's 'Magical' music video, It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas and what did you bring home from holiday?
Megan won Father's Day, phone survival stories and when did you touch something you shouldn't have?
The PSAP RTT Education Day will provide information to PSAPs and other emergencycommunications systems about RTT features and benefits for emergency response personnel andconsumers (including consumers with disabilities); best practices for processing RTT requests fromservice providers; and ways to implement the RTT service feature. Among other ...…
Vaughan got caught talking to himself in the toilet, Friday Flashback and did you date a mummy's boy?
Nadia Lim is in studio, big purchases that your partner didn't worry about and should Fletch pay Caitlin for taking him to the airport?
Hous Of Hutton reveal their latest range for this years NZ Fashion week, It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas and when did your phone screen betray you?
Soundkeeper Gary lost Fletch's GPS, Megan was surprise weighed yesterday and when did you lie about being pregnant?
Fletch heard something that shocked him, Community Notices and when did you put off going to the doctor?
Episode 2: Who Creates the Vision in a Church & Do You Cancel an Obligation for an Exciting Invitation?
Caitlin sold something that wasn't hers, Don't Get Fletch Started and your dancing injuries.
Vaughan got a massage, Swipemares and how much have you spent on a game?
Auggie has been sleep-talking, It's Beginning To Look A Lot Christmas and you Dad's signature dish.
You vs. Super Glue, Community Notices and when did you try on a discount?
Usher is on the phone! Dr Pimple Popper and what did you do while you were pregnant?
Vaughan messaged Caitlin's Mum, Friday Flashback and what do you carry around for people?
Prime Minister - Jacinda Adern is on the phone, This Is Why I'm Fat and when did you not read the instructions?
A solution for Producer Anya's shaving regime, the top 10 red flags for a relationship and what note did you get from your neighbor?
Some alarming news on Producer Anya's birthday, It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas and when was someone too perfect?
Caitlin dropped into some Fortnite in the weekend, curly questions from kids and does your partner have hot siblings?
Fletch answes two questions: Just Got Dissed in an Email and Am I Underpaid?
Caitlin needs to repair her letterbox, your family tree and how quick did you go exclusive after dating?
Getting ripped off overseas, Don't Get Fletch Started and what diet didn't wok for you?
Vaughan had an episode at the hardware store with a plastic bag, Swipemares and what picture did you post that got you in trouble?
Megan had a fall this morning, controversial burger ingredients and what are your weird family names for things?
We have a liar within the show, Community Notices and what small argument got out of hand?
This Can't Leave The Room, Friday Flashback and what did you get a tutor for?
Vaughan has found how to fix his back for free, Don't Get Fletch Started and what do you normally eat before getting to the supermarket checkout?
Tayla from Love Island Australia is on the phone, It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas and what type of picture on dating sties always hooks you in?
Gartner has recognized Avaya as a Leader in its 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications, Worldwide—just weeks after we earned our spot in the Leaders quadrant for the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure.This is the ninth time that Avaya has been in the Leaders quadrant for UC, reflecting Gartner’s confidence ...…
Indie won Class Representative yesterday, Swipemares and when did you hit up a celebrity about their thing?
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