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Best Florian Heise podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Florian Heise podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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My name is Florian, I am an Architect, Father and Small Business Owner, living in sunny Brisbane Australia. I created this to channel and podcast to discuss politics, social justice, education, Men's Rights, and anything else that interests me. I generally try to see both sides of a situation and like to focus on Australian content. #AusPol #Australia #Politics
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Calls are being made for the government to increase stimulus spending. Are we in danger of our leaders falling for the broken window fallacy?By Florian Heise
Another RBA rate cut is predicted, will it help the economy or has monetary policy depleted its effectiveness?By Florian Heise
After six months of the lowest sales in years, is Melbourne's property recovering? Or is it just a combination of limited supply and the insane number of rate cuts?By Florian Heise
The US is calling Australia out on our three hidden recessions.By Florian Heise
Existing housing purchases are not included in CPI. How would our inflation rate look if it were included?By Florian Heise
Government guarantees have the potential to drive up housing.By Florian Heise
Housing Affordability is a huge problem in Australia and will dampen hopes that soaring housing prices will save the Australian economy from recession.By Florian Heise
Job vacancies drop and unemployment rates rise.By Florian Heise
Frydenberg pins hope on soaring Housing Prices to save the economy.By Florian Heise
Petrol prices soared recently in Australian and have remained high.By Florian Heise
Surprisingly, household spending intentions are looking up. A temporary blip or a change in trend?By Florian Heise
Former Treasurer Peter Costello believes Australia has been in a hidden recession.By Florian Heise
Foreign Influence on Australian Companies is going to be recorded.By Florian Heise
The RBA is hoping that tax returns will save the Australian economy.By Florian Heise
The NSW construction industry is collapsing with the largest number of bankruptcies since 2015.By Florian Heise
The RBA is uncertain why the Australian economy is slowing down. And they are our central planners' people.By Florian Heise
Germany's manufacturing sector is in recession.By Florian Heise
The Australian Building Code Board is making out of cycle changes to the National Construction Code as a response to the Shergold Weir Report.By Florian Heise
Real Estate baron John McGrath sells his last property. Agent's exiting the market is surely a sign of a boom?By Florian Heise
Another good weekend for the property market is leading some pundits to claim are rebound is underway. I am much too sceptical.By Florian Heise
Vic Roads has implemented a social procurement methodology in their tendering process. How can this be reconciled with merit-based outcomes?By Florian Heise
Fire protection defects might be the next Australian construction issue facing the industry.By Florian Heise
China's economy is slowing and economists are concerned about the potential impact on the Australian economy.By Florian Heise
The Corruption and Crime Commission in Western Australia has accused WA's Potato Regulator of serious misconduct. Of course, a CEO needs a $400,000 redundancy from regulating potatoes.By Florian Heise
Negative Interest Rates are irrational, let's look at the Austrian perspective.By Florian Heise
The Senate has referred the Cash Ban Bill to the Economics Legislation Committee and the due date for submissions is the 15th of November. Are you going to make a submission?By Florian Heise
Australia's unemployment rate has risen in August to 5.3% despite the RBA's hopes and dreams.By Florian Heise
The Perth Convention Centre is Sinking. Yes, sinking.By Florian Heise
Cold Rock Ice Creamery stores are closing abruptly. A clear example of the challenges facing small business in the retail sector.By Florian Heise
Let's look at the recent behaviour of the State-controlled Potato Marketing Corporation of WA to learn how terrible and wasteful government intervention can be. This one turns into a slight rant.By Florian Heise
The Cash Transaction Ban has passed the coalition party room and is now one step closer to becoming law. Still waiting on the release of those treasure submissions...By Florian Heise
Australian food production hits a four year low due to the drought and international conditions.By Florian Heise
The public is beginning to learn that private Banks are "printing" money out of thin air.By Florian Heise
Investors are losing millions of dollars because of the Ralan Group Collapse. Buying off the plan isn't risk-free.By Florian Heise
The Transport Workers Union is comparing voluntary agreements between Uber and their contractors with slavery. This is how industries and opportunities for individuals are destroyed.By Florian Heise
With calls for a return to Rudd era direct government stimulus, it is worth looking at the broken window fallacy and asking whether our current housing affordability crisis may be in part to blame on Rudd?By Florian Heise
Claims have been made that China was responsible for a recent cyber attack on the Australian Parliament and major political parties.By Florian Heise
Oil prices spike amid threat of war because of a recent drone attack on a Suadi Arabian refinery and oil field.By Florian Heise
Jobs in the construction section have crashed.By Florian Heise
By refusing to release any information about buildings with a flammable cladding risk, is the NSW government putting landlords before lives?By Florian Heise
Output at several solar farms in Australia has been slashed due to grid issues with the grid. When consumer confidence in renewables take a hit?By Florian Heise
Talk of Negative interest rates is appearing more frequently in Australia media.By Florian Heise
Calls for direct stimulus to avoid the recession, although everything is still fine.By Florian Heise
Australia's high household debt levels are putting us at risk of a global shock and the debt levels continue to rise.By Florian Heise
The Australian Financial Review has published another article about the government's proposed cash ban, attacking all the critics as conspiracy theories by using their own conspiracy theories.By Florian Heise
Let's look at nine arguments for why Australia isn't heading to a recession and then discover the one result that changes everything.By Florian Heise
President Trump is calling for negative interest rates. A random tweet or a sign of the true state of the US economy?By Florian Heise
The AFR recently wrote a story about DFA's Martin North. Let's look at the article from an Influence and Pre-Suasion perspective to see how it has been written to nudge peoples opinion.By Florian Heise
The Australian eSafety Commissioner has developed a process and is instructing ISPs to block websites.By Florian Heise
Over a third of Mascot Towers Owners cannot afford their $60k repair bill and because of thermal loading on the building in summer, time is running out. Should the state government step in and help these people or is this an example of Caveat Emptor?By Florian Heise
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