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You wanted the best...You got the BEST! The hottest talk show in the mornings! Russ, Dirty Jim, Angel & Carlos get Central Florida moving every day with their unique blend of humor, talk, and relating to what is going on in the Orlando area.
Keys Bartender
A comedy podcast from the lower right corner corner of the U.S., the Florida Keys, and things do get weird down here. Targeting .3 % of the listening public that enjoy our variety of humor and also have the ability to not be offended by Bar Language. Jim struggles to stay on topic with the help of his cohost Jenna and guest.
TheLienZone Podcast Hosted by Alex Barthet covers a wide variety of Florida construction law topics. – Alex has been described as the attorney most of his competitors aspire to be. Known for finding the best path among a variety of options to achieve a client’s particular goals, Alex serves as litigation counsel to several statewide and local contractors and material suppliers. Always good humored and on the go, Alex is the answer man for clients and employees alike on all sorts of technical ...
Danger Close
Point Blank is a podcast about hardboiled, noir, and detective fiction. Mixing serious analysis and humor, the co-hosts (Justin and Kurt) discuss a classic or contemporary work of crime fiction each episode. In addition to major works, they offer shorter reviews, and examine noir-ish topics such as alcoholism in detective fiction, the femme fatale, and race and labor in crime fiction. Stroll with Kurt and Justin down the rain drenched alleys and mean streets as they explore the fascinating w ...
Deep Less Than Z
Deep Less Than Z is a podcast about whatever topics your hosts think of that day. A lot of Florida Man, a lot of personal anecdotes. Plenty of terrible humor.
Now Swirling
Join this young, interracial couple as they embark on their journey to early retirement in their affluent Florida beach town. David, a hard working and charming Gen X’er, and Samantha, an ambitious and straightforward millennial, share their daily adventures + struggles and discuss their viewpoints on relationships, finances, culture, parenthood and more. Follow the duo in their weekly episodes as they re-invent the American dream, while keeping their heads above water in paradise.
Dan Skinner shares his love of books through conversations with area authors and spotlighting local and regional artists. The topics will be wide ranging. For example, we will learn about the history and mission of the Lied Center and Theatre Lawrence as part of our arts focus. Upcoming non-fiction book interviews will include a look at mental health care, drug enforcement, leadership, trees, and the legacy of Bobby Kennedy. In the world of fiction, Dan will talk with David Baldacci about hi ...
Gabbin' with Giddy
A fun and offensive podcast with absolutely no format. Episodes could consist of interviews, rants, or guest hosts. All episodes will be explicit, have off color humor, and be NSFW
I love real estate! As a full time Realtor I love the marketing, branding, PR and all things related to it! The Real Estate Influencer Buzz is my way of having coffee and conversations with influencers I highly respect in and out of real estate with my gal pal point of view. I hope my episodes will resonate and help you grow as a Realtor, entrepreneur and/or a side hustle boss. If we haven't met I'm Michele Bellisari...Michele Bee and this is my show baby! A midlife mama, wife, Realtor, dog ...
BAKTalk Podcast
Join hosts Rhea Ban, LaKae and C Rich for their weekly podcast covering music, pop culture and social issues that matter. Ranging from deep to humorous commentary, listen to them break down the news of today.The show is broadcasted from Atlanta, GA, Hosts Rhea Ban (Miami Gardens) and LaKae (West Palm Beach) hail from Florida. While C Rich is straight out of East Atlanta. Three friends, three prospectives, chopping up game from every angle of news and entertainment.
Join David Washington and guests for a candid, humorous, and enlightening conversation about Central Florida politics.
Join me in shameless freedom of expression!Welcome to the Real Talk with TaChé Podcast, where talk isn't's real!TaChé is an influencer, educator, and boy mom living in sunny South Florida serving up her unorthadoxed thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics in pop culture. When she is not drinking coffee, TaChé uses her social media platform to motivate and spread positivity.With a bit of humor, her goal is to give a unique perspective that may not be your mother's cup of tea.F ...
Retro Road Podcast
Ever watched an old movie and got caught up in the romance of train travel? Maybe you’ve found yourself wondering what it might’ve been like to cross the country by car, eating at roadside diners and staying in a motor court comprised solely of tipis. While these thoughts sound nostalgic, they’re still available to today’s traveler, and The Retro Road Podcast is here to explore these types of travel and more: cool and doable vintage wanderings for the modern adventurer. Hosted by Mary Snyder ...
You wanted the best...You got the BEST! The hottest talk show in the mornings! Russ, Dirty Jim, Angel & Carlos get Central Florida moving every day with their unique blend of humor, talk, and relating to what is going on in the Orlando area.
Tyler Cowen engages today’s deepest thinkers in wide-ranging explorations of their work, the world, and everything in between. New conversations every other Wednesday. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.
Late entry in the Boy Chums series set in WWI-era Florida focuses on four working-class adventurers: young adults Charley & Walter, manservant Chris, and man of the world, Captain Westfield. Has the distinction of Chris being black; he's a stereotype for sure but is pretty much treated as an equal, like a grown-up Buckwheat -- with a dry sense of humor -- from the Our Gang comedies.. - Summary by BellonaTimes
Professor Birdsong received his J.D. from the Harvard Law School and his B.A. from Howard University. He teaches law in Orlando, Florida. After graduation from law school he worked several years with a large law firm. He then entered into a varied and distinguished career in government service. First serving as a diplomat with the State Department with various postings in Nigeria, Germany and the Bahamas. Professor Birdsong later served as a federal prosecutor. After leaving government servi ...
Bethel Church
Bethel Church is in the center of Tampa, Florida. Pastor Mike Tedder has been the pastor for many years and brings the message with excitement, humor, conviction, and power. Listen in and connect with our church!
The best way to find what we're all about is to listen! Join us every week for a new episode and in between catch up by listening to past episodes. You can look forward to exciting interviews, Top 5's and our lifetime search for humor and wisdom. Feel free to share your thoughts with us by leaving a voicemail, email, or contacting us via twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Also, don't forget to subscribe on iTunes! Thanks for listening! - Matt & Jonah
Welcome to the at the Slice of Heaven 24-Hour Pie Shop and Driving Range. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, but the rest of us will stay right here. It's a place where all-you-all can always leave your troubles behind. But let me make it clear, speaking for the staff and the regulars as well as myself. We are not saying you should actually leave your troubles here when you exit the premises. No, that's just plain crazy, and I for one can't use them. I have enough of my own. I'm ...
Calamitous Company
Suspect stories and wino wisdom each Thursday from Casey & Sacha!
Many readers will already be familiar with Uncle Remus’ favorite animal characters – Br’er Rabbit and Br’er Fox among them – and some of the popular tales concerning them. (To this day, “tar baby” as an expression for a particularly sticky situation that is almost impossible to solve, has passed into the English language and common use.) Even people who have never read any of these tales will know exactly why you don’t throw a rabbit into a briar patch, mainly because Walt Disney produced hi ...
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MONDAY 04.22.2019 The Gator Entertainer Savannah is back from Jamaica. Everybody's Easter. Robots and the Roomba and Russ. RRR - Worst Jobs in America. Monster Sports - Orlando City, Solar Bears and Magic. Embarrassing Moments. Steven Kramer. To The Top with Carlos. Brittney Spears. Listener Email. K.O.D.…
GOT Incest/ Shout out to UK listeners/ New Jersey Frog / Choych
FRIDAY 04.19.2019 Changing your daily routine. Book Fair Day hustle. What in the world is a Pergola? Russ and death of snake eggs. RRR - Easter Food. Words. KOD - More Words. Monster Sports - Magic. EndGame. Angel on the 1s & 2s. To The Top wit h Carlos. Open Phones. Email. BOTW - Surprise!!
Shout Out: Web Guys! Thank you for keeping all of our favorite apps and websites going so that we don't have to do other boring stuff. Drake the Sports Jinx, lets hope it works for the Magic playoff game! Motivational Minute: Carlos had been ignoring a serious health issue which finally lead to him having to get...LISTEN AND FIND OUT!…
Carlos & Megan Navarro welcome you to the very 1st "To The Top" podcast! You will find out the inspiration for the show, their mentors, what to expect from "To The Top" and how to begin to achieve the mentality to get "To The Top"!
We touch upon taboo subjects such as Butt Play, 1 to 10 scale on sexuality, and we play a little of "Have you ever?"
THURSDAY 04.18.2019 Getting caught up. Avengers End Game. Ryan comedy night? To The Top with Carlos - Tiger Woods ya'll. Is it the end of the guitar solo? From the Improv Deon Cole in studio. Mark Nejame in studio. Monster Sports. RRR - Famous Person from Arkansas. Open phones. Listener Email - Say it first. KOD.…
The guys from PTB have in Rauce from the JCS and have AFT (a fun time). This podcast is UNCENSORED, so be cool.
Shout out: Single Moms. They deserve all the love! Tupac's "Keep Your Head up" is still their perfect song! 2005 - 2019 ---> So much has happened since Tiger Woods won his last Masters tourney! It was a different world then for sure and we go into it!Motivational Minute: Redemption. We ca all achieve it. It is not too late for you. Take the fir ...…
Cutting people off/ The Mark/ The VA/ Blacklist Drugs/ Don’t ring the bell
WEDNESDAY 04.17.2019 Finding about the low T. Bogus Amazon reviews. Monster Sports - Orlando Magic. The Robot Dogs. To The Top with Carlos - Control The Controllables. Open Phones - It gets weird. RRR - The next food rage. When the ghost come to visit. Jeff Kaufman. Nerdy News. Guest who over stay their visits. The new WEED burger. KOD. Karrina ...…
Carlos Navarro takes you "To The Top"Carlos won a contest that he DIDN'T even know he entered! It made him extremely happy and the way he won is quite crazy! Motivational Minute: We are all going through something. Whether we see it on the inside or out. No one is perfect. Control the controllables and be grateful for what you do have and the s ...…
Executive Protection/ Drunk Bitches/ Shitty Music/ Hands up don’t shoot/ snail trails/ Bad trips/ shitting your pants
Listen to Miami Construction Lawyer Alex Barthet as he interviews the owner of on 4 easy and inexpensive ways to market your construction business. Are you a developer, contractor, subcontractor or supplier? Do you have questions about your construction contract? Call Alex Barthet 305.347.5295. Alex also publishes weekly article ...…
Jim almost gets a hate symbol tattooed by mistake. We discuss the worst pick up line ever.
TUESDAY 04.16.2019 Going to the parks with the kids. Ryan is all about the logo!! Protect the logo. RRR - Doors and woman. Shareen Kassam in studio and still ain't married. Notre Dame burns. How do deal with litter bugs and loud music. Claiming an abandoned boat. Det Barb from CrimeLine calls in. To The Top with Carlos - accountability. Monster ...…
Carlos Navarro takes you "To The Top"!Shout Out: Call Center Workers! You all put up with a lot! Personal Story: Armpit hair...I when did you get yours? Carlos got his very late and jokes about it. Motivational Minute: Take ownership of your problems. The good and the bad. It is the only way to really learn and grow.…
I am sooo happy to have been able to interview Jenn Herman on the "cast"! Grab your drink and kick off your shoes for the latest #sipsocialsell sesh all about Instagram ... and some other social stuff too! Hey when two Canadians get together you know it will be informative, fun and full of tips and techniques to help you grow your business, eng ...…
Shitty sleeping bags, contractors and Magic tricks, Dick vein NCOs, PC culture and dick bosses
MONDAY 04.15.2019 Angel gives Russ the keys back. Going to the Zoo. Couples experience. The last Kiss Concert in ...Tampa with Russ. Getting the lights popping. 6 Things - Tiger Woods. Monster Sports - Orlando Magic. RRR - Who is Madam X. Ryan working EDBD 26. Steven Kramer in studio. DooDoo in the beard. Open Phones. and the K.O.D.…
Are you ready for our deep discussion of Horace McCoy's existential noir classic, They Shoot Horses, Don't They?? We sure are. We dig into the text, discuss Sartre, Camus, de Beauvoir, talk about existentialism in the context of writers like Woolrich and Goodis, and share our latests reads in Five Round Burst. Join our Goodreads group. Find us ...…
Rednecks have fun with bullet proof vest, Rev Pat Robertson is still a maniac, an ex Rolling Stone is a shit bag, a poacher gets what he deserves, New York needs to get their hospitals in check, a teacher is wrongfully fired, and Massachusetts does the right thing.
Brass Lady Balls, Seeing dicks everywhere, Dead Squirrels, Security Forces...SF! YEEAAH! , Presidential Security Cock suckers, Nugget, Is it true love? Red Dots vs Iron Sights
04.12.2019 Angel and Ryan at the wheel. One of them woke up super early. Nipsey Hussle funeral. Angelique in studio. Record Store Day. Apprenticeships and law. From the Imrov Margret Cho in studio. Getting a pet. Angel get Big TImed at a gig. RRR - Cheese. Fritz on Entertainment News. Orlando Pride goalie Haley Kopmeyer in studio. KOD. BOTW…
A dog uses a dildo as a chew toy,Jim tells an old joke. Jenna has a windfall of booze.
Jim and Tyler get tattoos at the premier parlor in South Florida, South of Heaven in Key Largo. Father, Brandon and son, Anthony tell us about the industry. The interview wraps with Jim getting his first tattoo after narrowly avoiding getting the worst tattoo imaginable.
THURSDAY 04.11.2019 - The LAST KISS Tampa!! News story his close to home. Fried Chicken etiquette. Have you done your taxes? When should you ask a co-worker out after a break-up. Open phones. RRR - A Hawkeye movie? Things you don't need a license for and Black Holes. To The Top with Carlos. Watch Partys and Game Of Thrones. Are you ...…
Carlos Navarro takes you "To The Top" Shout out: Waiters! Burger King released a new commercial that is upsetting a lot of people with claims that it is racist. I really don't think it is but what do you think?Motivational Minute: What is your limiting belief? What have you been telling yourself for years that has been holding you back? YOU hav ...…
One of these day the podcast room will actually work correctly, until then these episodes sound a little wonky. But we had Ross McCoy in studio and just hung out and talked toys on the prairie, fortnight, and tiny socks.
WEDNESDAY 04.10.2019 National sibling day. Getting knee looked at. Family heirlooms. To The Top with Carlos - ASPCA. Riding elephants. About balance. RRR - Q-tips. Hey are you a bartender? Open phones. Jeff Kaufman in studio. Nerdy News. Game of Thrones. Monster Sports - NBA greats retire. KOD. Karrina in studio.…
What is pancake fucking? Do dyed pubes taste like cotton candy? What to do when you shit your self in a onesie with another man on top of you, is the line backer for the SeaHawks a SEAL?
Carlos Navarro takes you "To The Top " with...Tipping: You are doing it the wrong way. 3 easy ways to do it right and save MONEY! ON THIS DAY: Abraham Lincoln was the first President to create one of the best organizations in the world that has helped millions of innocent souls!Organization: The mind is a messy office! It's not made to organize ...…
Ed Boyden builds the tools and technologies that help researchers think about and treat the brain, an organ we still know surprisingly little about. When it comes to how our brains make decisions, form emotions, and exhibit consciousness, there is still a lot we can learn. But just as fascinating as the tools Boyden and his team build is the wa ...…
Listen to Miami Construction Lawyer Alex Barthet as he discusses on top 9 changes you can make to your construction contract to better protect your company. Are you a developer, contractor, subcontractor or supplier? Do you have questions about your construction contract? Call Alex Barthet 305.347.5295. Alex also publishes weekly articles on hi ...…
Razor Scooters, Supernatural and Magic 8-Ball write-ins
Jim and Jenna discuss weird things said and Jenna's hubby becomes Jim's co-worker.
TUESDAY 04.09.2019 The never ending speed lights in front of the station. Viral ax video. Gruesome video culture. College admissions scandal. RRR - He's 50? New Oreo's. Monster Sports - NCAA Mens Championship. Open phones. Still living at home after college. To The Top with Carlos. Crimeline with Det. Barb. Asking for a text when your boyfriend ...…
Carlos Navarro takes you "To The Top"!Shout Out : Cafeteria Workers! Motivational Minute: Easy ways to have a great morning...and it starts with a good night before!
MONDAY 04.08.2019 This is Russ's KISS week. Carlos meets Mike Tyson. 6 Things - Wrestlemania Brett Hart attacked. Doing your taxes. RRR - SNL cast member hosting. Ryan and his beard. Steven Kramer in studio. To The Top with Carlos. Going to Las Vegas? Monster Sports. KOD. email
Carlos unexpectedly met Mike Tyson this weekend and he almost lost his mind! Carlos tells the story in great detail on how he ended up actually chatting, laughing and even hugging him! Motivational Minute: Redemption, we can all achieve it with effort and Mike is a shining example of that.
Obelisk the Tormentor, Kobe Bryant, Scorpion and Crack Heads
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