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A weekly culture and ideas podcast brought to you by the Times Literary Supplement.
Bible Study Audio
Gardens, Flowers and Floral Design
Team Flower
Listen as we talk with influential florists, growers and flower industry professionals. Be notified when new podcast episodes are released and receive fun video tutorials when you sign up for our Pen Pal Club for free at
The #wildflowerhour podcast: tales from the botanists bringing the internet into bloom every Sunday night between 8-9pm. Half an hour of wild plants from Britain and Ireland.
The #wildflowerhour podcast: tales from the botanists bringing the internet into bloom every Sunday night between 8-9pm. Half an hour of wild plants from Britain and Ireland.
Focus on Flowers is a program on flowers and gardening hosted by Moya Andrews and produced by WFIU Public Media in Bloomington, Indiana.
Clearing the FOG: Speaking truth to expose the forces of greed on WeAct Radio, 1480 am, out of Anacostia, Washington, DC. The ruling FOG (Forces of Greed) spin news stories in their favor and keep the masses distracted with celebrity gossip and reality shows. Each week we feature guests who are working to expose the truth and offer real solutions to the current crises faced by our nation and the world. Knowledge is power, and with this knowledge you will be empowered to act to shift power to ...
A podcast for showcasing stories, essays, and poems from around the world.
The STEMcast Podcast is hosted by Dr. Reagan Flowers and is designed to inspire and advance STEM perspectives. Dr. Flowers interviews STEM + Art + Communications professionals from all walks of life and discusses the significance of C-STEM in their professional and personal life. You can expect a new episode each month with a complimentary newsletter.
This is a collection of French poems by Charles Baudelaire, originally titled "Les Fleurs du mal." It was popular in the symbolist and modernist movements of the 19th century, and the poems are about decadence and eroticism. (Summary by Assaf Koss)
In 'Grace Harlowe Overseas', we see Grace and her friends travel to Europe in order to serve in World War I (Summary by ashleighjane)
Marlene Simon, The Plant Lady, and her musings with people in the world of gardening, botany, horticulture, repurposing, treasure hunting (very loose marlene definition), cat-trapping, fitness and anything else she finds intriguing at the moment
We are a non-denominational, grace-based church located near Flower Mound, TX. Follow Jesus, Make Disciples.
Hosts Tim, Ryan, Greg, Noah, and Matt go album by album discussing all things Smashing Pumpkins, all things Billy Corgan, and all things that are not those things.
Your Sharefaith Website
Flowers and Fishnets is a fan podcast devoted to all versions of DC Comics' blonde bombshell, BLACK CANARY.
"Sometimes short stories are brought together like parcels in a basket. Sometimes they grow together like blossoms on a bush. Then, of course, they really belong to one another, because they have the same life in them. ...There is such a thought in this book. It is the idea of the search for inward happiness, which all men who are really alive are following, along what various paths, and with what different fortunes! Glimpses of this idea, traces of this search, I thought that I could see in ...
A super cool discussion on anything and everything!
Jimmy Flowers
Film/tv actor and registered independent Jimmy Flowers talks about all things -- no topics are off limits! What do you have to say? Call and join the discussion!
Jackson Flowers
💛Eternal Life 🔱
LibriVox volunteers bring you 17 recordings of Fire - Flowers by E. Pauline Johnson. This was the Fortnightly Poetry project for August 18, 2013.Fire-Flowers is taken from the book, Flint and Feather: Collected Verse by E. Pauline Johnson. (Summary by David Lawrence )
Christine Flowers
Local immigration attorney and prominent columnist Christine Flowers takes your calls every weekend and you can catch up on all the best moments right here.
The latest from Mississippi State University Extension's Southern Gardening Radio Show.
A podcast about props
This book is a good reference on the perennial flower gardening and landscaping. It contains information on growing the plants from seed and explains how to grow and care for the traditional garden flowering plants, bulbs, trees, and shrubs. There are sections covering all aspects of ornamental gardens including water gardens and caring for house plants in the winter. The author has lots of unexpected but good advice in her chapter of Don’ts, for example: “ Don’t supply with cut flowers, pla ...
Saint Rose of Lima, T.O.S.D. (April 20, 1586 – August 24, 1617), was a Spanish colonist in Lima, Peru, who became known for both her life of severe asceticism and her care of the needy of the city through her own private efforts. A lay member of the Dominican Order, she was the first person born in the Americas to be canonized by the Catholic Church. (Summary from Wikipedia)
The PlantAdvice Gardening Podcast is a podcast covering all aspects of gardening and horticulture, from general gardening advice through to a selection of our favourite plants and plant combinations to reviews of the annual garden shows featuring interviews with the key garden designers and exhibitors.
Critical Care podcasts from the Intensive Care Network
Talking all things Life, Motivation, Inspiration and Awareness, managing our anchored roots while learning, and finally Letting Flowers Bloom...💫
Asmr German Flower
Hopefully giving you some calmness,triggers through my voice, breath and sounds.
I am new to this and hopefully I can be fun and do this
Dreams of a Flower
Dreams read from my dream journal from 1995 to now
Plants are everything. They are also incredibly interesting. From the smallest duckweed to the tallest redwood, the botanical world is full of wonder. Join my friends and I for a podcast celebrating everything botany.
Emily Dickinson’s Garden: The Poetry of Flowers (2010)
Messages from Senior Pastor Randy Jackson of Bible Baptist Church in Kissimmee, FL
Sermons from Calvary Chapel Flower Mound, TX. Pastor Jon Bell. Calvary Chapel Flower Mound (CCFM) is a non-denominational, Bible teaching church located in Flower Mound Texas. Our mission is to let everyone know about the love of Christ.
Inspired by the design and happenings centered around the Standard Hotel on Flower Street in downtown Los Angeles. Periodically updated pods of super short visually packed filmed editorial stories from around the globe, that give glimpses of modern design, cutting edge emerging entrepreneurs, cultural happenings and global affairs, inspired by or edited from the cinematic essays found in the critically acclaimed EDITION29 tablet magazines.
The four series follow Grace Harlowe and her friends through high school, college, abroad during World War I, and on adventures around America. In The High School Girls Series, Grace attends Oakdale High School with friends Anne Pierson, Nora O'Malley, and Jessica Bright. The four promote fair play and virtue while winning over troubled girls like Miriam Nesbit and Eleanor Savell, playing basketball, and founding sorority Phi Sigma Tau. The group becomes friends with boys in their acquaintan ...
Souls n' Flowers
A pink haired, flower picking gnome warlocks travels in Azeroth and that wide expanse that is the Meta
Advice about Life Lessons and Life Journeys
The Golden Flower Podcast shares exciting new information on Kundalini and Human Potential. It provides insights on Golden Flower Meditation (GFM), a powerful method of sexual sublimation whose goal is a complete revitalizing of the human body. JJ Semple discovered this method in The Secret of the Golden Flower, an ancient text dedicated to prolonging life, improving health, and overcoming death. The techniques behind GFM are so secret the ancients swore an oath never to reveal them. JJ Semp ...
Scott Flowers Show!
sports udates and recaps
Further adventures of Allan Quatermain.This is one of the 14 books that H. Rider Haggard wrote - starting with "King Solomon's Mines" - depicting the adventures of Allan Quatermain, great English hunter in the wilds of mysterious Africa. (Summary by laineyben)
Set during the Tudor period of English history, When Knighthood Was in Flower tells the tribulations of Mary Tudor, a younger sister of Henry VIII of England who has fallen in love with a commoner. However, for political reasons, King Henry has arranged for her to wed King Louis XII of France and demands his sister put the House of Tudor first, threatening, "You will marry France and I will give you a wedding present – Charles Brandon's head!" (Summary adapted from Wikipedia)
Pleasant non-fiction journey into the backwoods of the New England coastal countryside by the first president of the Connecticut Audubon Society, circa 1900. (Summary by BellonaTimes)
Tune in to the craziest, randomest movie reviews, and just talking. For more of the artwork that you see, check out SHAXSTAX at DEVIANTART.COM
A female-led podcast focusing on all things the Walking Dead with hosts Amber and Katie. Listen to us disembowel #TWD and #FearTWD episodes weekly and tweet us your thoughts!
The four series follow Grace Harlowe and her friends through high school, college, abroad during World War I, and on adventures around America. In The High School Girls Series, Grace attends Oakdale High School with friends Anne Pierson, Nora O'Malley, and Jessica Bright. The four promote fair play and virtue while winning over troubled girls like Miriam Nesbit and Eleanor Savell, playing basketball, and founding sorority Phi Sigma Tau. The group becomes friends with boys in their acquaintan ...
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The national movement for improved Medicare for All is gaining momentum, which means that we have the real potential to win a national universal public health insurance and means that our opponents will double down on preventing this. We speak with Dr. Carol Paris, outgoing president of Physicians for a National Health Program, about how the si ...…
This week, we talk with Natalie Kearns, the Head of Props at the Grand Theatre in Ontario. She discusses her background, which includes work done in both the US and Canada, as well as a brief stint in England.
Host: Gary Bachman, Ornamental Horticulture Specialist
Host: Gary Bachman, Ornamental Horticulture Specialist
Christine discusses the removal of confederate statues and the news that the statue of former Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo will stand.
Christine has a wide ranging discussion about race on the first anniversary of Charlottesville.
After a murder-suicide in Manayunk earlier this week and a Friday night funeral and viewing for 7-year-old Kadyn Mancuso, Christine examines how and why the system failed her.
A listener Q&A episode this week featuring: Seedless green & red grapes producing very small fruit – why and how to fix How to know when a watermelon is ripe and ready to harvest Avocado trees grown indoors – when and how to move outside Edible weeds – example, Purslane Techniques to propagate a Crape Myrtle from a sucker Azalea health Best soi ...…
Pollination is a fascinating phenomenon to ponder. There seems to be as many variations on the subject as there are flowering plant species. Wonder and amazement wait around every corner. My guest today has devoted his career to such investigations. Joining us is University of Northampton professor Dr. Jeff Ollerton who, among other things, stu ...…
Part of our Wednesday Night Bible Study series in the Book Isaiah.
Host: Gary Bachman, Ornamental Horticulture Specialist
Listen on Apple Podcasts Tap to listen to podcast Love it? Leave a review! Katelyn James Photography In this episode of the Team Flower Podcast, Courtney Inghram is sharing a few relatable obstacles and fears she's faced and how she overcame them. We are diving into what it looks like to market yourself as a new designer and how to avoid stress ...…
There are about 150 species of perennials and shrubs in the genus Lysimachia.
Host: Gary Bachman, Ornamental Horticulture Specialist
Patients admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) are at increased risk for cardiac arrhythmias. They may be the reason for admission or resulting from the underlying condition. Treating exacerbating and contributing factors is the first step in management, however in certain cases may not be sufficient. Further the diagnosis of the arrhythmia ...…
The intent of this presentation is to provide an update of coronary assessment and management for the adult intensivist. Discussion points will include: 1. An assessment of coronary severity, using established methods, in particular fractional flow reserve (FFR), 2. Which stent- highlight the evolution of the stent to the current generation and ...…
Are we entering a new age for LSD, full of medical potential? Can it shed its heavily tie-dyed cultural baggage? And who has written the finest prose about psychedelics? Toby Lichtig joins us to discuss; Eri Hotta (re)introduces us to Natsume Sōseki, "the greatest novelist of modern Japan"; Kate Chisholm considers the chequered history of Virag ...…
I’ve enjoyed so many amazing and rewarding experiences in recent months, including spending time with today’s guest, with whom I’ve connected at two important events. I’m so happy to introduce you to Kaifa Anderson-Hall, founder and visionary of Plants and Blooms Reimagined, a socially-minded floral program based in Washington, D.C. I first met ...…
This week we're featuring a short story by Jenean McBrearty.Jenean McBrearty is a graduate of San Diego State University, who taught Political Science and Sociology. Her fiction, poetry, and photographs have been published in over two-hundred print and on-line journals. She won the Eastern Kentucky English Department Award for Graduate Creative ...…
Host: Gary Bachman, Ornamental Horticulture Specialist
The post Isaiah 60 “The Book Of Isaiah” appeared first on Calvary Chapel Flower Mound.By admin.
We continue our conversation from last week with Jim Guy, Patricia Olive, and Deb Morgan, the officers of the Society of Properties Artisan Managers. We learn about the grants they award, the future of prop technology, and just what a “props designer” is.
Host: Gary Bachman, Ornamental Horticulture Specialist
People in the United States have a long way to go to achieve the social and economic gains that other countries, such as the Nordic ones, have. The big question is - how do we make those gains? We discuss that with George Lakey, a lifelong activist, academic and movement strategist. On the one year anniversary of the Charlottesville rallies, we ...…
Dr. Watkins’ research presently encompasses the areas of critical infrastructure and network security. He is also developing expertise in the area of bio-inspired cyber security. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Georgia State University where he was advised by Raheem Beyah, three M.S. degrees in Biotechnology (Johns Hopkins University) ...…
Host: Gary Bachman, Ornamental Horticulture Specialist
Debate: Who should care for GUCH? Presenters: Dr Susanna Price & Dr Peta Alexander. Moderator: Dr Bennett Sheridan
GUCH - A growing problem by Dr Susanna Price.
Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) in infants presents as inadequate systemic or pulmonary blood flow, or heart failure from intra-cardiac shunts. Approaches to surgical intervention comprise primary repair, early palliation with subsequent repair or definitive palliation. CHD palliation evolved in the pre-cardiopulmonary bypass era. In 1938 a pate ...…
Inotropic agents are commonly used in critically ill patients to support myocardia contractility either in the setting of cardiac surgery or ischemia or in the setting of sepsis associated myocardial dysfunction. The most commonly used agents are beta-agonist drugs (dobutamine), mixed beta and alpha agents (adrenaline and dopamine), phosphodies ...…
Acute heart failure (AHF) is defined as rapid onset of new or worsening signs and symptoms of heart failure. It represents a life-threatening condition requiring treatment for fluid overload and hemodynamic compromise. Presentation may be initial diagnosis with symptoms and signs of AHF or acute decompensation of pre-existing cardiomyopathy. He ...…
In non-cardiac ICU patients, the two major causes of acute myocardial dysfunction are sepsis-related cardiac depression (SRCD) and stress-related cardiomyopathy, the most common cause being the former. The main mechanisms responsible for SRCD include release of cardiac-depressant substances such as pro-inflammatory cytokines, hyporesponsiveness ...…
Ventricular pump function is often compromised during critical illness and for a variety of reasons. The most common cause of a limited cardiac output in acutely ill patients is right ventricular (RV) dysfunction. Exacerbations of chronic obstructive lung disease or the use of high end-expiratory pressure sin acute lung injury to support arteri ...…
The Wollemi pine is one of the world's rarest trees. These mysterious gymnosperms was unknown to science until 1994. Their discovery made headlines around the globe. My guest today, Dr. Heidi Zimmer, has the distinct honor of working with this wonderful species. Join us for a conversation all about Wollemia nobilis. This episode was produced in ...…
Over 65,000 people are diagnosed with heart failure every year in Australia. Heart failure is implicated in the deaths of 61,000 individuals per year. Although the need for cardiovascular support is common in patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with about 60% of ventilated patients requiring some form of inotropic or vasopressor support, ...…
Christine welcomes guest Thom Nickels and they discussed literature, architecture and all the rest.
Christine addresses the elephant in the room, the issue of same sex abuse in the Catholic Church.
Christine discusses the hypocrisy of Mayor Kinney and the NY Times when it comes to racism.
Mutations happen, just ask the X-Men. Zane Moore, a PhD student at UC Davis, wants to know why. More specifically he wants to know what possible long term ramifications can be – an effect known as “mutational meltdown”. Zane’s particular area of study are Albino Redwoods, mutant trees that lack chlorophyll. He has been studying these since he w ...…
Christine talks with legendary P.R. executive and television host Dan Cirucci about a variety of topics, including the highs and lows of life in Philadelphia.
Christine talks about Perry de Marco, the criminal defense lawyer moonlighting as a YouTube star - and crossing professional boundaries in the process.
The post Matthew 5:33-37 “Integrity And Truth” appeared first on Calvary Chapel Flower Mound.By admin.
Christine challenges the idea of "male privilege" and fields calls on the topic.
Christine talks about the recent history of the papacy, and criticizes the influence of "social justice" on the Vatican and Pope Francis’s announcement opposing the death penalty
Host: Gary Bachman, Ornamental Horticulture Specialist
Listen on Apple Podcasts Tap to listen to podcast Love it? Leave a review! Ashlee Brooke Elisha Braithwaite Photography We’re talking with Margie Keates of The Lovely Ave, a company that makes beautiful paper flowers, on this episode of the Team Flower Podcast. Margie began making flowers for her own wedding in 2013. After two years of side pro ...…
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