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A weekly culture and ideas podcast brought to you by the Times Literary Supplement.
Gardens, Flowers and Floral Design
Clearing the FOG: Speaking truth to expose the forces of greed on WeAct Radio, 1480 am, out of Anacostia, Washington, DC. The ruling FOG (Forces of Greed) spin news stories in their favor and keep the masses distracted with celebrity gossip and reality shows. Each week we feature guests who are working to expose the truth and offer real solutions to the current crises faced by our nation and the world. Knowledge is power, and with this knowledge you will be empowered to act to shift power to ...
Three women of South Asian descent living in three corners of the world gather in this podcast to discuss the common love that brought them together - KOREAN DRAMAS!
A podcast for showcasing stories, essays, and poems from around the world.
This is a collection of French poems by Charles Baudelaire, originally titled "Les Fleurs du mal." It was popular in the symbolist and modernist movements of the 19th century, and the poems are about decadence and eroticism. (Summary by Assaf Koss)
The STEMcast Podcast is hosted by Dr. Reagan Flowers and is designed to inspire and advance STEM perspectives. Dr. Flowers interviews STEM + Art + Communications professionals from all walks of life and discusses the significance of C-STEM in their professional and personal life. You can expect a new episode each month with a complimentary newsletter.
This is a collection of 365 moral admonitions of Saint Francis of Assisi (1182-1226) and other notable Franciscans. The compiler of this anthology suggests that Francis "was inspired by God, six hundred years ago, to rekindle in His Church the spirit of humility, simplicity, poverty, detachment from the world, and ardent love of our crucified Redeemer." Indeed, these admonitions manifest a great concern for the cultivation of personal humility, meekness, chastity, and sorrow for sin. The adm ...
Focus on Flowers is a program on flowers and gardening hosted by Moya Andrews and produced by WFIU Public Media in Bloomington, Indiana.
Flowers and Fishnets is a fan podcast devoted to all versions of DC Comics' blonde bombshell, BLACK CANARY.
A podcast about props
A super cool discussion on anything and everything!
James is the king's gardener and he deeply enjoys caring for and cultivating flowers. He teaches his daughter Mary many principles of godliness through the flowers. One day Mary is falsely accused of stealing, and the penalty is death. Through many trials and hardships, Mary learns of the goodness of God, the blessing of praying for her enemies, how to consider her trials as a joy, and true forgiveness. (Summary by Abigail Rasmussen)
LibriVox volunteers bring you 17 recordings of Fire - Flowers by E. Pauline Johnson. This was the Fortnightly Poetry project for August 18, 2013.Fire-Flowers is taken from the book, Flint and Feather: Collected Verse by E. Pauline Johnson. (Summary by David Lawrence )
Pleasant non-fiction journey into the backwoods of the New England coastal countryside by the first president of the Connecticut Audubon Society, circa 1900. (Summary by BellonaTimes)
Souls n' Flowers
A pink haired, flower picking gnome warlocks travels in Azeroth and that wide expanse that is the Meta
Scott Flowers Show!
sports udates and recaps
No Rain No Flowers
Podcast by No Rain. No Flowers.
A female-led podcast focusing on all things the Walking Dead with hosts Amber and Katie. Listen to us disembowel #TWD and #FearTWD episodes weekly and tweet us your thoughts!
Talking all things Life, Motivation, Inspiration and Awareness, managing our anchored roots while learning, and finally Letting Flowers Bloom...💫
How do you tell apart a parrot from a carrot? A plover from a clover? A bay from a jay? Although there are several ways of differentiating, R. W. Wood’s use of pun and rhyme is one of the most entertaining! (Summary by Andrea L.)
LibriVox volunteers bring you 25 recordings of The Reaper And The Flowers by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. This was the Fortnightly Poetry project for April 8, 2012.Longfellow predominantly wrote lyric poems which are known for their musicality and which often presented stories of mythology and legend. He became the most popular American poet of his day and also had success overseas. He has been criticized, however, for imitating European styles and writing specifically for the masses. (Summar ...
Join the talented director as he discusses his film Flowers of Evil. Set in Paris, this experimental drama organically incorporates YouTube documentation of Iran’s 2009 post-election demonstrations and the government’s brutal reprisals into a tender love story between an Algerian-French hotel bellman and an Iranian student.
Christine Flowers
Local immigration attorney and prominent columnist Christine Flowers takes your calls every weekend and you can catch up on all the best moments right here.
I am new to this and hopefully I can be fun and do this
Jimmy Flowers
Film/tv actor and registered independent Jimmy Flowers talks about all things -- no topics are off limits! What do you have to say? Call and join the discussion!
Potted Flowers
A podcast about nothing and everything at the same time.
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Laura Nelson is the Coordinator of Science Education for Portsmith Public Schools. In this episode we discuss: Laura's extensive career in STEM. Obtaining a 5 million gift for STEM education. Creating innovative outlets for elementary students. Contact: Donate to CSTEM Annual Report
Plants with common names that are not so pretty should not deter us from using them in our gardens.
Keith Miller joins us to discuss everybody's favourite Renaissance man; the TLS's Fiction editor Toby Lichtig meets Anna Burns, the winner of the 2018 Man Booker Prize for her novel Milkman; this year's Nobel Prize for Literature, meanwhile, remains suspended following charges of serious sexual misconduct and cronyism – Richard Orange reports o ...…
I’m so excited to have you with me today because in addition to our fabulous episode addressing the timely topic of Regional Wholesale Flower Hubs, I want to announce the opening of Early Bird Pre-Registration for the 2019 Slow Flowers Summit! Yes, it’s so great to be able to unveil our program for the 3rd […]…
Let’s talk about cursed theater props, backstage superstitions, and scary objects used on stage!
Compared to other wealthy countries, large sectors of the US economy are more socialized than is realized. From energy to water to transportation, land and more, and from cities and states to the nation, there is public ownership and control. The neo-liberal era of privatization is winding down. This has particularly accelerated following the 2 ...…
Hey guys! The Long Yak this month covers some new dramas and some that we just finished. We don't have the news or upcoming segments in this one, but we'll definitely do them next Yak. Let us know your thoughts on whatever you're watching right now! TIME STAMPS - CURRENTLY WATCHING 00:06:18 - Familiar Wife 00:16:50 - Terius Behind Me 00:27:04 - ...…
Christine talks about "safe" injection sites, arguing they are illegal under the Controlled Substances Act. In the same segment, Christine talks to Tom McCourt about an increase in Colorado's DUI arrests since the legalization of recreational marijuana.
Christine is angered by the vandalism of a statue of Christopher Columbus and the History of Italian Immigration Museum.
Christine speaks to Victor Fiorillo about the possible suppression of the controversial new movie "Gosnell", which tells the story of Kermit Gosnell, an abortion doctor who killed hundreds of infants born alive during abortion procedures.
Sedums with dark-colored leaves look striking in the fall garden and contrast with the colorful autumn leaves.
Mary Beard reflects on the peculiarities of Homer's best-loved, many-sided epic; Neel Mukherjee on the scandalous survival of the Indian caste system; following the recent party conferences, James O'Brien offers a wry overview of Britain's political mess Books: The Measure of Homer: The ancient reception of the Iliad and the Odyssey by Richard ...…
I met today’s guest, flower farmer Melissa Smith,along with several others in the SC Upstate Flowers group a few years ago when they came to the Slow Flowers Meet-Up in the Raleigh-Durham, N.C. area. I found their sense of collaboration and mutual respect for one another very encouraging, because they are basically creating a new market in thei ...…
With Halloween just around the corner, we’re spending this week’s episode talking about blood. We have blood recipes, favorite types of commercial blood, and blood effects.
In 2017, eight men controlled half of the world's wealth and 70% of the world controls 5% of the wealth. Global elites, the 1%, are consolidating their fortunes without regard for the remaining 99% or the welfare of the planet. It is important to understand how this small number of people control the world and who they are so that we know what ...…
A podcast about nothing and everything at the same time!!
Tune into a very special, very heartfelt announcement from the Looking at the Flowers podcast! Find us at @latflowerska on Twitter and Instagram to let us know what you think about The Walking Dead!
One of impressionist painter T.C. Steele’s most admired paintings is “Selma in the Garden.”
This week we're featuring a short piece by Mark Tulin, Weekend in theSuburbs. This story was first published in the online journal, TheCabinet of Heed.Mark Tulin is a retired Family Therapist from Philadelphia who now resides in Santa Barbara, California. Mark writes about off-beat topics, humorous characters, and often fictionalizes his childh ...…
Michael Caines joins us to discuss female liberation in genteel Cheltenham; we look ahead to an Odyssey extravaganza, with Ted Hodgkinson from the Southbank centre; Paul Muldoon brings a salutary note of optimism to US politics and history with his new poem "With Joseph Brant in Canajoharie" Books Votes for Women: Cheltenham and the Cotswolds b ...…
It’s October 3rd and for most of us around the country, it’s time to start thinking about planting our bulbs for next spring! I recently immersed myself in this topic, thanks to an assignment from Garden Design magazine, whose editors asked me to interview Chanticleer Gardens’ plant information coordinator Eric Hsu. The article, “Planted Palett ...…
We've been talking a lot about Full House on our podcasts and we wanted to let you in on what got us started. This is the audio commentary we recorded over a month back when Anisa introduced Paroma and Saya to the wonders of Rain's interesting shirt designs and Song Hye-kyo's penchant for pigtails. All of our original reactions are captured her ...…
This week we talk about everyone’s favorite two-part expanding flexible foam, Flex Foam IT! We bounce around ideas about what makes this such a useful material for the props person. Learn more on the Smooth-On website.
Hello listeners! Stars in My Pocket will now be known as DRAMAS OVER FLOWERS! Everything you like about us will stay the same, just with a slightly easier to remember name! (Ooh, that rhymes!)
The 73rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly is taking place right now. President Trump spoke before the General Assembly and chaired a session of the Security Council. While the media has mostly focused on the laughter that arose when Trump claimed his administration has done the most of any president, there is much more going on bo ...…
Dr. Martina Ogbonna is a practicing Family Practitioner in Houston, TX. Dr. Ogbonna graduated from University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Medicine and has been in practice for 12 years. She currently practices at The Methodist Academic Medicine Associates and is affiliated with Houston Methodist Hospital. Dr. Letitia Franklin is ...…
Christine talks to WPHT listeners about the Brett Kavanaugh scandal.
Christine talks to communication specialist Dan Circucci about the sentencing of Bill Cosby and the Brett Kavanaugh hearing.
Christine speaks to Joe Hohenstein, who is running for State Representative in Pennsylvania's 177th District in Philadelphia.
These are few of my favorite deer-resistant plants.
In this bonus episode, the TLS's History editor David Horspool discusses Thomas Cromwell with Diarmaid MacCulloch, the author of a new, definitive biography.
Lorna Scott Fox joins us to discuss the fiftieth anniversary of Mexico's Tlatelolco of 1968, a travesty still shrouded in obfuscation; the TLS's History editor David Horspool discusses Thomas Cromwell with Diarmaid MacCulloch, the author of a new, definitive biography; and finally, Rozalind Dineen offers a round-up of interesting new podcasts B ...…
A few weeks ago, I spent three wonderful days in Denver, where I reconnected with my Slow Flowers friends and met many new ones. I was there as a guest of the Denver Botanic Gardens, returning for a second time as a featured presenter in the 2018 Bonfils-Stanton Lecture Series, “The Edge of Art and […]…
This week we're featuring a short piece by Paige Olausen, Disclaimer.Paige Noel is a hobbyist writer and college student. Paige is an environmentalist by training but uses writing as an outlet. The piece is a disclaimer and in a way a love-ish letter. It was a scary moment that tested her trust, a step forward in a relationship.Other People's F ...…
We are back after a brief hiatus! This week we talk about why we make watermelon look like steak for actors to eat on stage.
From August 21 to September 9, prisoners in 17 states went on strike to protest inhuman living and working conditions and to promote ten basic demands. Although the formal strike is over, some prisoners are being retaliated against and others are continuing to strike. We speak with Amani Sawari, a prisoner's rights activist, about the strike, t ...…
Hi everyone!! Were back.. finally. No rain. No Flowers. Without the bad, there is never the good. Hope this resonates with you. Lots of love - KC + Sarah
When autumn arrives, one can never have too many asters!
Philip Horne and Frances Wilson join us to discuss Henry James, the not-always masterly Master who gave us novels as apparently divergent as Washington Square, with its clear, tight prose, The Ambassadors (prone to accidents of publication) and The Golden Bowl, which spills pleasures of an altogether more sinuous nature; plus, details of a litt ...…
Less than a month ago, I traveled to Charleston, S.C., where I spoke at the Southern Flower Symposium, hosted by Lowcountry Flower Growers. A number of wonderful and incredibly talented farmers and designers participated in the one-day conference, which was themed: “Future Forward Flower Success.” It was a fabulous time and I was honored to […]…
This week we're featuring a short story by Stephen McGuiggan, Let thisDamn Day Break.Stephen McQuiggan was the original author of the bible; he vowed never to write again after the publishers removed the dinosaurs and the spectacular alien abduction ending from the final edit. His other, lesser known, novels are A Pig’s View Of Heaven and Trip ...…
The current generation is the first one in history that will have a lower standard of living than its predecessors and a shorter life expectancy. In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crash, where there are more people in part-time jobs with lower wages, fewer benefits and massive debt, people are forced to find ways to make a living. In his n ...…
When one has lots of different plants, it doesn’t always contribute to harmony and cohesion in a garden...
Roz Dineen on the time-stained image of the artist-addict, The Recovering by Leslie Jamison, and whether “stories about getting better [can] ever be as compelling as stories about falling apart"; "David Foster Wallace would send me letters and I wouldn’t answer them. He would send works in progress with forlorn notes. 'You’re under no obligatio ...…
Today’s guest is Natasa Kajganic and I’m so excited to host her on this Slow Flowers Podcast Episode because together we’re celebrating the debut of Canadian Flowers Week, which begins tomorrow, September 13, and continues through September 16. The origins of Canadian Flowers Week were a few years coming and truly began when I met […]…
There is a rising awareness that capitalism is at the root of many of the crises that we face, from the economy to the environment and climate change to the absence of democracy. We need to end capitalism to solve these crises. We speak with Emily Kawano, coordinator of the United States Solidarity Economy Network, about how we are changing the ...…
Juliana Texley holds a master’s in biology and chemistry, and a PhD in curriculum development/science education from Wayne State University, and has over thirty years of teaching experience. She is a graduate-level adjunct professor specializing in educational technology and assessment, science, and science teaching at Central Michigan Universi ...…
Aja Beech joins Christine to discuss the value of afterschool programs in keeping children safe.
Christine talks about Brett Kavanaugh and gets a call from Detective Jim Wood, who brought down Kermitt Gosnell, and producer Ann McElhinney, who both joined Christine to discuss Ann’s new feature film “Gosnell: America’s Biggest Serial Killer.”
Christine talks about Serena Williams and her false claim of sexism.
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