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The Masonic Roundtable is a weekly panel of Masons from around the world who discuss the latest and greatest in Masonic news, events, scholarship, and happenings. Join the conversation!
The After Lodge podcast is the after lodge banter of two men who happen to be Freemasons. It is not endorsed or recognized by any Grand or subordinate lodge of Freemasons. Drawing topics from the /r/freemasonry subreddit, as well as the other masonic networks, the Three Initiates of the After Lodge podcast discuss current-day topics within and without the fraternity.
Podcast by Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men's Health
This is a podcast which is for Freemasons and anyone who wants to know more about Freemasonry. Hosted by Robert Johnson, a member of several appendant bodies within Freemasonry. The show features a weekly episode where Masonic papers are read and discussed, famous Freemasons are explored and Masonic news is shared. Freemasonry for today.
Masonic Myths, Legends and stories for Freemasons, Anti-Masons, and Non-Masons. These stories of heroism, courage and honor are for everyone. Brothers Bunge and Cumsille hope to remind the brethren of why they became freemasons in the first place. For you non-members perhaps this Podcast can shed some light on why freemasonry exists and it's mission in the world. Sorry folks, but no conspiracy theories or illuminati tales here, just inspirational, motivating legends of the craft.
Masonic Central
Masonic Central - the pod cast for Freemasons by Freemasons. This show is a weekly talk show on the wide world of all things Masonic, from movies and books to academia and notables. The goal of the program is to create a heightened awareness of the venerable institution.If your looking to learn more about Freemasonry, then Masonic Central is the right place to be.
DJ DEANNE's Upcoming GigsSat 09 Mar, 19 Hydrate Saturday, Hydrate, Chicago, United StatesSat 11 May, 19 The Purple Party, TBA, Dallas, United StatesSun 19 May, 19 Peach Party Closing Party, Xion Atlanta, Atlanta, United StatesSat 01 Jun, 19 TBA, TBA, Orlando, United StatesSee the full listing here by GigaToolsAfter over a decade of pleasing enthusiastic clubbers, Deanne is more passionate than ever about bringing the party to life and her music to ...
House music for those who live for the mix and refuse to leave the dancefloor. Stop! Productions is DJ Marc Kelly & husband Gary Armstrong. All sets are mixed by Marc. Love to play all across the genre, but consider Vocal House and Tribal/Cha-Cha beats to be our main jam. Marc's style is to craft longform and seemless creative mixes between songs in order to achieve energetic and effortless build-ups, releases and smooth transitions of energy between songs to elicit maximum enorphins release ...
Deals the Brazilian BassMilenight à grandi dans le monde de la musique, d'année en année il découvre une passion pour la musique électronique , découvre les platines à 11 ans.Facebook // TwitterEnter a crazy dimension of Electro Houseand mixes designed specifically for people who love the world of nightits purely cool.A Mix Electro house every 1st and 15th of every month!and some # HorSerieby /! \ Dj Milenight /! \Facebook: More there will I love more will progressTwitter: Follow more there ...
Please "LIKE" my Facebook page to keep up to date with gigs and mixes: Francisco-based DJ Russ Rich brings you the best in vocal, progressive and tribal house music!Russ is one of San Francisco's busiest DJs, spinning regularly for parties like "Gus Presents Colossus," EPIC, Industry, ORGY, Poppers, and Bounce! In the past several years, he has spun opening sets for everyone from Hector Fonseca, Joe Gauthreaux, Freemasons and Dave Aude! Later this year, he will h ... |A continuous mix of classic house tracks, inspired by the Lightbox at Fire nightclub in Vauxhall, London. The mix lasts a mind-boggling 10 HOURS and includes OVER 100 CLASSIC TRACKS divided into five parts of around two hours. COLLECT THEM ALL!Recommended for fans of these artists:Freemasons / Gadjo / Seamus Haji / Deux / Sia / Stonebridge / Kylie / Axwell / Sunfreakz / Imogen Heap / Mason / Fonzerelli / Ian Carey / Edward Maya / David Guetta / DJ Delicious & Ti ...
THC is an interview-based show that seeks to explore topics of conspiracy, the paranormal, the psychedelic, & the esoteric with the best researchers and authors in the game.
The truth is rarely the best story. And when it’s not the only story, the truth deserves another look. Every Wednesday, we tell the complicated stories behind the world’s most controversial events and possible cover-ups. Conspiracy? Maybe. Coincidence? Maybe. Complicated? Absolutely. Conspiracy Theories is part of the Parcast Network and is a Cutler Media Production.
Bitrocka DJ Mixes
DJ mix sets by Bitrocka aka Andy Bernhard, producer and remixer from London. Remixes include Kylie, Freemasons, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and John Dahlback. Sounds spanning house, progressive, funky techno and nu-disco. Big chunky synthy anthems to deep and dark electro basslines.
The Media Podcast is your essential guide to TV, radio and the press, presented by Olly Mann. New episodes fortnightly.
Freeman has lectured around the world and unveils the inner-workings of secret societies. Freeman illustrates a world that is both cosmic and miraculous. He presents hope displayed in the creative spirit of humanity.
Hold That Thought
Hold That Thought brings you research and ideas from Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis. Throughout the year we select a few topics to explore and then bring together thoughtful commentary on those topics from a variety of experts and sources. Be sure to subscribe!
Conspiring To Argue
Two guys from the Midwest use a podcast to argue about everything from the existence of Bigfoot to Pepsi vs Coke.
WorldAffairs is a deep exploration of today's pressing global issues. In the age of the rehearsed soundbite and the talking point, each episode marries expert analysis with compelling conversation. Our hosts, former Senior National Security Council Director Jane Wales, and renowned journalists Ray Suarez and Markos Kounalakis, take listeners on a journey of what's happening in the world and why it matters to you. We want to hear from you! Please take part in a quick survey to tell us how we ...
Stuart Goswick, SFCC Film Department staff member, union film worker & veteran of the entertainment industry, presents a lively range of topics within the scope of the burgeoning New Mexico film industry. Stu hosts conversations and interviews with key people making movies in NM and keeps listeners up-to-date with current NM movie news, film reviews & more. Linda McDill, producer of Cinema Scope, presents Music in the Movies on the first Friday of each month.
Truth Be Told
Truth Be Told is a live 1-hour radio/webtv show with myself and my co-host Captain Ron. We seek answers from the world's leading experts in the field of UFO investigations, abductions, the Paranormal, secret societies, and historical moments and figures in history. We invite our listeners to learn and create their own truth based on each show’s content.
Total Immersion
Rylan and Tom Immerse themselves in different subcultures.
The Media Podcast is your essential guide to TV, radio and the press, presented by Olly Mann. New episodes fortnightly.
Fail to the Chief is the podcast where comic historian Thom Woodley talks about the men who became President... almost. Romp through the losers of presidential history, laugh and marvel at how different life might have been, had America made different choices.
Husband and wife team, Dave and Amy, along their brother Chad, dig into the paranormal topics of, Hauntings, Cryptids, Spiritualism, Mediums, UFO's, and Missing Persons Cases in order to bring normalcy to the topics. We are only afraid of that that we don't know so join us and get to know that which scares you!
A comedy conspiracy theory podcast with a smorgasbord of colourful language, drunken ramblings and weird news.
Those Conspiracy Guys is an Irish comedy podcast where we discuss all types and genres of conspiracy theories, paranormal happenings and true crime from Atlantean myths to Zapruder films; from ghosts and demons to alien abductions; from werewolves and vampires to CIA assassins and Russian spies. We have a big episode every two weeks, a True Crime show every other week and loads of other stuff every so often and you can head over to the website for details.Our aim is to cast a light into the ...
My name is Miles Coogler, and the truth is the most important thing to me. From a young age I dedicated my life to investigating some of the world's most complicated and insidious conspiracy theories from Aliens to Jay-Z. Every month I shine a light on a new topic and bring you, the listener, even closer to that most elusive of T's... the truth. Each episode delves into a new topic and gives you insight into the unfolding story of my life. Stay vigilant... expand your mind. Website: http://w ...
Chris Kidd's World
New podcast weblog
What's That About?
Luke and Don take a look at the topics and trends that make them raise their eyebrows and wonder, what's that about?
SM DPR (Slammin’ Music Done Precisely Right!) Productions is a remixing team from New York City comprised of Steven McCants and Donald P. Rhodie remixing tracks since 2005. SM DPR Productions originally was an Audio/ Visual team remixing Audio/ Visual Effects in the Greater New York Area. With influences such as Victor Calderone, Hex Hector, David DePino, Larry Lavan, Frankie Knuckles, Maurice Joshua, Freemasons, Thunderpuss, DJ Relentless and countless others we (SM DPR Productions) heard o ...
Podcast by Conspirament
A Podcast of Mothers' stories of childbirth. Weekly interviews of first hand accounts of child birth in Australia. Designed to help educate and inform first time pregnant women, parents wanting to have better births and birth enthusiasts who love to hear and tell birth stories. An entertaining and heartfelt resource for pregnancy, labour and delivery and postpartum. Topics included: VBAC, Calm Birth, Home Birth, Hypnobirth, Caesarean Section, Water Birth, Postpartum, Breastfeeding, Midwifery ...
The boys at R&D pick a subject every episode and then research topics within to discuss and tear apart.
Just the biggest bounciest dance floor fillers, after party anthems and stomping big room classics! From funky vocal house, to mainstream remixes and everything in between, this is for gym, beach, club, after party, or whenever. Guaranteed no gaps, no junk, and no radio edits, just an hour of the biggest bestest mixes I can find, as often as I can find them!Twitter / Instagram: @brightonjoelbyHomepage: or Facebook: ...
HJDB Mixes
HJDB Mixes
Most people think nothing ever happens in Canada but this simply is not true. This is a Canadian podcast, looking to explore the myths, legends and just truly good old tales Canada has to tell. I hope you join me in discovering some of Canada's most unique stories. You can find me at @nothingcanada on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or Emali me at
Cemetery Tales
Most people have a variety of feelings when it comes to cemeteries. Each Friday, join Jarod Terrell, a former Cemetery Sexton, as he shares stories of his time working in the cemetery industry. If you always had a fascination with gravesites, cemeteries, headstones, and horror/scary stories or films this podcast is for you. Welcome to Cemetery Tales Podcast. Enjoy!
Podcast by Hoff & Dunn
Belozerov Music
Official podcast by music producer Vladimir Belozerov.Selection of deep chill intelligent house und techno music.
Podcast dedicated to Cuban family history and Cuban genealogy. Topics include cemetery research, parish records, vital records, DNA and Cuban history! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Dedicated to the study of Freemasonry, Masonic news and the Art of Self-Improvement. The Winding Stairs takes you on a journey of enlightenment, through the practice of The Royal Art. A New Source of Light for the Modern Freemason. Hosted by Juan Sepulveda, Professional Artist, and Master Mason
Catholic Audio
Subscribe to benefit from a central hub of faithful Catholic teaching featuring some of the world's best Catholic apologists. You will learn about Dogma, hear debates, and be enriched by the Truth of Catholic history.
Planet Paranormal Feed List
Your Ancestors Want Their Stories to Be Told. Find out how genealogy can help you discover the mysteries of your family history.
Join me as we travel the spiritual nature of our being and drop all things that divide us.In regards to this podcast, eat the meat and discard the bone!
On Time
On Time: Recorded in Los Angeles with hosts Mike Senderovich and Chase Kaufman, 'On Time' delves into the innumerable details of horology, dissects watch industry trends, and explores the trials that come with being a watch collector, in an interactive, round-table format. Expressed opinions are never bought or paid for.
On Time
Recorded in Los Angeles with hosts Mike Senderovich and Chase Kaufman, ‘On Time’ delves into the innumerable details of horology, dissects watch industry trends, and explores the trials that come with being a watch collector, in an interactive, round-table format. Expressed opinions are never bought or paid for.
Sherlock and Nathan take you on a wild ride as they explore the life of El Libertador, father of six nations, kicker of Spanish ass and ultimately disgraced and broken general.
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Today on THC we welcome Jeremy Rothe-Kushel. Jeremy has a background in politics with experience in community organizing, media jamming, documentary journalism, and consensus-building. He's also worked in Permaculture, future-roots music production, performance, and education. He's on Twitter under @jeremywrk.He's also the co-host and producer ...…
Peter Levenda is the author of Unholy Alliance & Sinister Forces. He appeared in the TNT documentary, Faces of Evil, in his role as an expert on Nazi history with special regard to the occult and esoteric practices. He will also appear on the upcoming History Channel special, Nazi Prophecies. Peter has interviewed Nazis, neo-Nazis, Klansmen, Sa ...…
James Earl Ray, a 40-year-old escaped convict, pleaded guilty to the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. He was sentenced to 99 years in prison without trial. But years later, Ray claimed he didn’t act alone. He was a mere pawn at the center of a dark and twisty conspiracy to kill the civil rights activist. Sponsors! Zola - To start your f ...…
Join us this week for a look at two men, two stories and two resurrections...? We also have a wonderful piece by Bro Greg Knott in which he draws a heavy correlation to something we all might recognize. App extras include the piece we read this episode as well as a Masonic wallpaper for your mobile device. Thanks for listening and have an aweso ...…
Not so long ago, snake oil was sold as a remedy for any ailment. Good thing the FDA and PETA weren't around to prevent people from wringing out their snakes. Animals aside, what if we used people in our experiments instead? Leave it to the Third Reich to cross all moral boundaries and put our mortal bodies to the test. We'll wrap up this episod ...…
Hello and Welcome to Nothing Ever Happens in Canada, but this is simply not true! I'm Canadian Girl thanks for joining me today. We're going to look at a very unique explosion that was barely heard at all. We'll learn about what was once considered the most dangerous stretch of water, right here in Canada. How an underwater mountain know as "Ol ...…
How can we trust our emotions when even our minds are not free? Technology has now invaded our minds but, the control grid exists from the dawn of civilization. The age of the dark hero is upon us. We are possessed by our screens. Once dissected, the control grid displays one truth, authority fears the……
Neon Beats Radio Show. Till the next sunrise.
Opening: Punkrocker (Teddybears) Light crew After Lodge tonight What happened to the show last week?! A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about the 5th anniversary show John needs to know: can you carry a parachute on a commercial airline? The After Lodge Arraignment should be on Tuesday morning Did Harlan try to be a fake cop? Teasing out John's York Rite crus ...…
This week, the hosts of The Masonic Roundtable talk about the 2nd most famous American Freemason that ever lived--international man of mystery himself, Bro. Ben Franklin!
Opening: I Gotsta Get Paid (ZZ Top) Harlan discovers chocolate covered espresso beans Plugging another podcast (a legitimate one) Daddy Nick shows up with those new dad eye bags What's the hangup with profanity . . . is it generational? No. How to curse like a Nun Ancestry DNA tests - what could possibly go wrong? A musical Christmas thanks to ...…
The guys talk about the theory of hollow earth. Is our earth hollow and are there people living there?
TRUE CRIMEOn this episode we talk about James Joseph DeAngelo now known as The Golden State Killer and his 40 year reign of terror on the unsuspecting residents of California. During the 70s DeAngelo committed a series of brutal rapes and murders but did so in many different areas and with seemingly different motives and techniques.He was mista ...…
Pretty much everyone in the United States owns a cell phone today. Yet, they might be detrimental to our health. Some believe they can even be weaponized in the form of lasers, heat rays, and particle beams. The only major health study conducted to this point was funded by telecommunications companies, raising questions about the credibility of ...…
We dig into the topic of The Tarot this week. Dave, Amy, Chad and Eli all look into where the Tarot Cards originated and what they actually are. We talk about how to read them and even give you some advice on how to learn them yourself. Amy does a tarot reading for the podcast, and forgive her she is a little rusty. We go off topic a bit, but w ...…
This program is a re-air from 2018. In today’s reality, democracy no longer ends with a revolution or military coup, but with a gradual erosion of political norms. As a growing number of countries are chipping away at liberally democratic values, are these institutions safe from elected, authoritarian leaders? Daniel Ziblatt, professor at Harva ...…
You've probably never heard of James B. Weaver, but he's the first successful populist (leftist) candidate in American history. His 1896 third party run won five states and helped to change the landscape of politics from then on. In this episode, Thom Woodley tells you about his life, his politics, and maybe, just maybe, you'll come out a 'b.we ...…
In a long series of shows with Shamangineer, we've gone over a lot of the best research and marginalized leaders across the alchemical/ethereal sciences, divided up in previous episodes by element. Today, we approach this realm of information through Shamangineer's theory of the mind. You can explore the many resources that we talk about below: ...…
Join us this week as we talk some recent science news, Illustrious Bro. Harrison stops by for a new Masonic Minute sure to make you smile and finally, we discuss major contention that exists within our Fellowcraft degree! App extras are the papers we read as well as a Masonic wallpaper for your mobile device. Thanks for listening and have a gre ...…
Do we still consider a Super Blood Wolf Moon a bad omen? Is this a good time to demand justice? Does liberty lead to corruption? Let's explore the emanation of the psychic wound in the individual’s life, where society and enculturation can hamper freedom of expression and clear energy. Learn the requirements of the surrounding……
'Tis the season for our bumper predictions special, where we invite our roster of industry insiders to reveal their trends for the year ahead in tv, radio, print and online - and hold other account for what they predicted in 2018... with Jake Kanter, Steven D Wright, Maggie Brown, Steve Ackerman, Rebecca Gillie and Faraz Osman. Presented by Oll ...…
'Tis the season for our bumper predictions special, where we invite our roster of industry insiders to reveal their trends for the year ahead in tv, radio, print and online - and hold other account for what they predicted in 2018... with Jake Kanter, Steven D Wright, Maggie Brown, Steve Ackerman, Rebecca Gillie and Faraz Osman. Presented by Oll ...…
Happy New Year, everyone! This week, the hosts of The Masonic Roundtable are back with their New Year's resolutions!
SMQ AI is a dedicated Mandela Effect researcher who has been on this trail since its earliest days. His ongoing coverage can be found on his YouTube channel, where he has also suggested the reason for this misalignment between memory and the timeline could be the result of a mass extinction event in 2012, which killed us all and we're dead. You ...…
Clifford Mahooty is a Zuni Indian Elder and a member of the tribal orders of Kachina, Galaxy Medicine, and Sun Clan. Mahooty is a retired civil/environmental engineer. He is courageously conveying and disclosing information held back by the native tribes for decades.
Years ago, two hard working lads named Luke and Don couldn't get a crumb with the ladies. At the same time, hundreds of serial killers and murderers were getting fan mail from women who wanted to date and marry them. It hurt then, and it hurts now. This episode we investigate what that's all about!
Cell phones are a ubiquitous element of society today. We use them for just about everything. In many ways, they are beneficial to a person’s well being. We set alarms on our smartphones to wake us up, and fall asleep watching videos or texting with friends. Still, questions remain as to whether these devices are safe to use, or if they could a ...…
I think we had too much fun with this one! Amy, Dave, Chad and Special Guest Eli talk about The Mothman, and the history surrounding him. We talk about the original sightings around West Virginia, as well as recent sightings in Chicago and even back in West Virginia. What could this thing be? Is it a case of misidentify a known creature? or is ...…
In the last fifty years, a doubling of the world’s population has contributed to substantial habitat loss and large-scale species extinction. What can we do, as individuals and societies, to fight back against environmental degradation and animal endangerment? In this week’s episode, Jonathan Foley, Senior Scholar at the California Academy of S ...…
Join us this week as we talk with author, blogger and all around nice guy, Brother Lance Kennedy! We talk all things masonry in this in depth interview, specifically focussing on many elements of his recent articles. I encourage all the listeners to check out the articles for further edification. App extras include a mobile wallpaper for your m ...…
Back to OldSchool Trance Dance Mix by HjdB brooklyn bounce,svenson & gielen,westbam,darude,dj jean,t99.Hani and many more
In a time of genetically-modified babies, glow in the dark cats and pigs, human body parts grown inside of sheep birthed from artificial wombs, and deep space exploration beyond the borders of the known world, as New Horizons reaches Ultima Thule, we still need to return to "In the beginning" to understand where we are……
Hello and Welcome to Nothing Ever Happens in Canada, but this is simply not true! I'm Canadian Girl thanks for joining me today. Next week we're going to look at a very quiet explosion, that most people in the area did not hear at all. We'll learn about what was once considered the most dangerous stretch of water, right here in Canada. And how ...…
Harry Houdini had escaped from so many predicaments, but could he have escaped from Alcatraz prison? He was good at getting in, but did you know that Casanova was also good at getting out? Prison was just another temporary sentence for this bossonova beast.By (Research and Destroy Podcast).
We're back! After spending 18 months trying to come up with a new podcast idea, we came up with absolutely nothing. So, with our tail firmly between our legs, we present to you our newest what's that about episode on an extremely hard hitting topic.... why do finger nails grow faster than tow nails?
1- Beyonce-Green Light (Freemasons Club Remix) 2- Mika-Relax, Take It Easy(single edit) 3- Tom Novy ft Snap-The Power (Highpass Remix) 4- DJ Tilo-Mr Perfect (Extended Mix) 5- Junior Jack-See You Dancin' 6- Peter Gelderblom-Waiting 4 (Original Mix) 7- Sander Van Doorn-Back By Any Demand (Dope Mix) 8- Yanou ft Liz-King Of My Castle (Extended Mix) ...…
HitMix 2010 mixed by HjdB i made this in the early days fore a local radio station
HitMix in15min 2011 mixed by HjdB i made this in the early days fore a local radio station .
***HardStyle 2018 YearMix by HjdB 01-Project One-Resurrection (Extended) 02-D-Block & S-Te-Fan-Fire Up (Original Mix) 03-Wildstylez ft. Michael Jo-Colours Of The Night (Extended Mix) 04-D-Block & S-Te-Fan-Twilight Zone (Pro Mix) 05-Showtek & TNT-Mellow (Extended Mix) 06-Sound Rush-Froz3n 07-Brennan Heart ft Trevor Guthrie-Wont Hold Me Down Grav ...…
Happy New Year everyone!! We asked for your stories and this is what you gave us!! Amy Dave, Chad and Special Guest Eli Read to you some stories from our friends and listeners. Eli tells us of some pretty spooky stories that he recalls from his time in Louisiana and Guthrie, Oklahoma. We hope you enjoy this episode and if you have a story you w ...…
This program is a re-air from earlier in 2018. On December 12, British Prime Minister Theresa May faced a vote of no confidence in Parliament. May survived the test, but the lack of a Brexit deal still plagues her administration. The critical issue: how to avoid creating a hard border between The Republic of Ireland, remaining in the EU, and No ...…
James G. Blaine combined the politicking of Paul Ryan, the NYC elitist foibles of Hillary Clinton, and the plutocratic corruption of Donald Trump. And he almost became president in 1884. Hear comic historian Thom Woodley go into what kept this scandal-ridden, political wunderkind out of the White House.…
Today on everyone's favorite conspiracy podcast:Longtime THC staple and Ufology Guru, Nick Redfern, helps to close out another great year of podcast goodness with a conversation around his 50th book: Top Secret Alien Abduction Files.Want more from Nick Redfern? Nick's Books Nick's Blog Nick on TwitterDID YOU KNOW YOU'RE MISSING HALF THE SHOW?BE ...…
With a bit of commercial, a bit of funk and a new years eve classic, to finish off 2018 here's Ignition!*Now on Spotify! Search "Joelby" to access all episodes or use this link: bookings: episodes also: search "joelby" in iTunes, or go to ...…
MAIN EPISODEOn this episode we talk about an issue that permeates the fabric of society in almost every way possible and is considered a long term malicious attacks on American society and one of the most insidious systems of class based justice ever created; The War on Drugs.In the 1970s America was facing a crisis; a moral and social cancer t ...…
Brad Olsen is author of nine books including two in his Esoteric Series: “Modern Esoteric” and “Future Esoteric.” An award-winning author, book publisher and event producer, his keynote presentations.
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