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America's premier investigative documentary series since 1983. We answer only to you.FRONTLINE presents audio versions of select full-length episodes for listening on the go. Want more full-length FRONTLINE Audiocasts? Please leave a review and let us know what you think.
The world seen through the eyes of artists
Podcast by Frontline Church
This is the main feed for the entire Frontline Gaming Network lineup of podcasts. Subscribe to never miss an episode of Signals from the Frontline, Chapter Tactics, 40k Stats Centre or Art of War! New episodes weekly, covering every aspect of Warhammer 40,000 and competitive play.
ACEP Frontline, hosted by Dr. Ryan Stanton, features in-depth conversations on the hottest topics in emergency medicine and critical care.
Frontline Ministries International
Podcast highlighting people working for social change.
Join Mike and Matt each week as they discuss the latest episode of the Cartoon Network hit series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
An award-winning, original, investigative series made by the team behind the acclaimed PBS documentary show, FRONTLINE. From the long and deadly arm of 9/11, to a police shooting in West Virginia with a startling twist, to what life is really like for children living in a Kenyan refugee camp, each episode follows a different reporter through an investigation that sometimes is years in the making. The FRONTLINE Dispatch – because some stories are meant to be heard. Produced at FRONTLINE’s hea ...
Frontline Chatter
Frontline Chatter is a community podcast focusing on the End User Computing (EUC) market and it’s community.Every fortnight Frontline chatter will bring you the latest news in EUC and interviews with the interesting and (at times) crazy individuals in the EUC community.Facts not guaranteed, hilarity will ensue!
Front Lines MTB
Mountain Bike Trail Advocacy
Field Trip
What if you could hear from leaders in school systems all around the country? People who are finding innovative ways to solve problems and make strategic decisions as they work to hire, develop, retain and support teachers and staff? From superintendents to principals, from human resources to curriculum and instruction to special education, we’re talking with people who have something to say in K-12 – and we’re sharing those conversations here.
Thinking Out Loud is podcast for Christians who want to welcome difficult conversations. Every other Thursday, Nathan Rittenhouse and Cameron McAllister will discuss these timely issues and draw from their experience as frontline apologists to show how Scripture addresses all of our most pressing cultural concerns.
IT Visionaries
Welcome to IT Visionaries, your #1 source for actionable insights, lessons learned, and exclusive interviews with trailblazing IT leaders. When you subscribe to IT Visionaries, you’ll get two weekly episodes. Each is packed with value, stories, and trends - all directly from leaders on the frontlines of technological innovation.
Frontline Praxis
A non-sectarian leftist podcast on organizing and direct action. We talk to the organizers you want to hear from to find out how they're doing it, in order to provide a loose how-to for those listeners who might be wondering how to get similar efforts started in their area.
Mongabay Newscast
News and inspiration from nature’s frontline, featuring inspiring guests and deeper analysis of the global environmental issues explored every day by the team, from climate change to biodiversity, tropical ecology, wildlife, and more. The show airs every other week.
Earshot - ABC RN
Earshot presents documentaries about people, places, stories and ideas, in all their diversity.
The ThoughtWorks podcast plunges deep into the latest tech topics that have captured our imagination. Join our panel of senior technologists to explore the most important trends in tech today, get frontline insights into our work developing cutting-edge tech and hear more about how today’s tech megatrends will impact you.
On The Frontline Podcast aims to be a free form venue where people can speak openly, promote a product or just plain old talk shit. The language can be offensive so you may want to pass if you're easily offended. Hope you enjoy the ride as much as we do.
We analyze all things Fantasy Football each week during the NFL season.
Frontline Community
Frontline Community
Today in Focus
Hosted by Anushka Asthana, Today in Focus brings you closer to Guardian journalism. Combining personal storytelling with insightful analysis, Today in Focus is The Guardian's daily podcast that takes you behind the headlines for a deeper understanding of the news, every weekday.
Mothers speaking openly about children's mental health
A series of short podcasts to help leaders prepare well for Frontlines 2011.
Frontline Ministries
Podcast by Frontline Ministries
Podcast by FrontlineFantasyFootball
Frontline Church's vision is to continually work towards accomplishing our five Zeros.
Host Arun Rath takes listeners behind-the-scenes of PBS's award-winning public affairs series FRONTLINE, with producer interviews, sneak previews of upcoming reports, and timely discussions with today's top newsmakers.
Mongabay Newscast
News and inspiration from nature’s frontline, featuring inspiring guests and deeper analysis of the global environmental issues explored every day by the team, from climate change to biodiversity, tropical ecology, wildlife, and more. The show airs every other week.
Join Monocle’s editors and guests drawn from our unrivalled pool of international commentators, analysts and experts to unpack the issues dominating the day’s agenda. From diplomatic wrangles and border disputes to big business and frontline politics, this is the programme you need to hear to make sense of a dynamic and sometimes volatile world.
Podcast by SEIU Healthcare
Hosted by Leo Beas and Emmanuel Basulto, the Cowbell Kingdom Podcast offers fans Frontline Coverage of the NBA and the Sacramento Kings.
FRONTLINE is a weekly feature brings you fresh stories from modern China and explores the society behind these scenes.
Work place discrimination. Everyday struggles.
Indie Frontline
Podcast feed for Indie Frontline, hosted by Wicasta Lovelace and Windhaven Network.
YOUINHDonline since 2008, has been on the frontlines of defending our Faith in Jesus. Tackling issues of life and what it means to be defined by Christ.
Frontline 2014
Messages from Frontline 2014 in Moab, Utah.
The Frontline Club
Home to over 200 talks and screenings a year.The Frontline Club is the London hub for a diverse group of people united by their passion for the best quality journalism. With its elegant restaurant serving the best of British cuisine and its atmospheric members' bar, the Frontline Club is a unique place to discuss, debate and be inspired. Our events, screenings, workshops and restaurant are open to the public.
In a nod to the protest albums of the 1960s and 70s, Bhi Bhiman’s Peace of Mind finds inspiration in the chaos that is modern American life. So much so that he had to release the album as a podcast and dig deeper on everything from immigration to religion, racism to Russia with experts, activists and artists like author Dave Eggers, religious scholar Reza Aslan, attorney & advocate Rabia Chaudry, LaDoris Cordell, and more. Part politics, part Behind the Music, all fascinating, Peace of Mind ...
Audio version of John Mauldin's weekly blog, Thoughts From The Frontline.
a16z Podcast
The a16z Podcast discusses tech and culture trends, news, and the future – especially as ‘software eats the world’. It features industry experts, business leaders, and other interesting thinkers and voices from around the world. This podcast is produced by Andreessen Horowitz (aka “a16z”), a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm. Multiple episodes are released every week; visit for more details and to sign up for our newsletters and other content as well!
Welcome to On the Frontlines of Multiple Sclerosis, a ReachMD series with the latest education and information on diagnostic and prognostic advancements and treatment options for patients with Multiple Sclerosis.
Welcome to On the Frontlines of Multiple Sclerosis, a ReachMD series with the latest education and information on diagnostic and prognostic advancements and treatment options for patients with Multiple Sclerosis.
FG podcast
Frontline Gastroenterology publishes articles that accelerate adoption of innovative and best practice in the fields of gastroenterology and hepatology. Frontline Gastroenterology is especially interested in articles on multidisciplinary research and care, focusing on both retrospective assessments of novel models of care as well as putative future directions of best practice. Specifically Frontline Gastroenterology publishes articles in the domains of clinical quality, patient experience, s ...
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Show notes: GW pre-order: 3:03 Imperial Fists preview: 20:58 SoCal Open: 32:46 ITC Update 36:23
In this episode of ACEP Frontline, we talk to a couple of EMS leaders about the current course and trends in EMS and how the traditional "walls" between emergency medicine and EMS are coming down.By Ryan A. Stanton MD, FACEP.
Martin Chulov, who covers the Middle East for the Guardian, has spent the past week on the frontline of north-east Syria. He describes the fallout from Trump’s shock decision to withdraw US troops. And: Amelia Gentleman on the EU citizens struggling for the right to remain in the UK. Help support our independent journalism at ...…
From government whistle blower to Hollywood movie. The director Gavin Hood and the former British intelligence worker Katharine Gun speak to The Cultural Frontline about how her decision to leak the details of an alleged US plan to bug UN delegates before the Iraq war changed her life and became an acclaimed film starring Keira Knightley.How fa ...…
The post 10/13/19 – Pastor Mary Pat Gokee – “Stand Up For Truth” appeared first on Frontline Ministries International.By Andrew Miller.
Andrew Burkhart continues our “Warrior Poet” series by teaching on the ways God confronts the “Saul” in us from 1 Samuel 9-15.By Frontline Church.
Mike and Matt are are back to discuss the Star Wars Resistance episode, Into the Unknown! Plus they talk Triple Force Friday! All that and more on this week’s new episode of Rebel Cels!By ThunderQuack Podcast Network.
The Frontline Battle- Kingdom Weapons- John Harding- 2019.10.06 by Frontline ChurchBy Frontline Church.
Episode 22 Guest: Rachel Frome, MSW Host: Shimon Cohen, LCSW Listen/Subscribe on: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify Follow on Twitter & Instagram, Like on Facebook Join the mailing list Support the podcast In this episode, I talk with Rachel Frome, who is the Program Coordinator of Social Workers Against Sol ...…
A chat with Simon Townsend all about IGEL.For more information on IGEL, go here: Frontline Chatter.
As a follow-up from last episode, we check in with IMBA Canada to hear about their Provincial Council Programs. We’re joined by Executive Director on IMBA Canada: AJ Strawson, Jay Darby: Field Program Coordinator for IMBA Canada and the Chair of BC Council and Dean Campbell: Board Member of IMBA Canada and founding Board Member of the Ontario C ...…
While in high school, Wendy Pfeiffer won a contest and was brought on to do a research project at NASA. It was the first time she was exposed to computers and she fell in love with the technology. From there, Wendy slowly grew into a career in tech and now serves as the CIO of Nutanix. On this episode of IT Visionaries, Wendy explains what her ...…
Over the years, there have been numerous approaches to data management: from data warehouses and data marts to data lakes — collating data in a central place. Today, we see many failure modes when it comes to building big data platforms, with organizations stuck in building data architectures such as data lakes that never deliver business value ...…
Global environment editor Jonathan Watts discusses the Guardian’s investigation into the fossil fuel industry, and the structures that need to change to halt the climate emergency. And: Gary Younge on Donald Trump’s mental health. Help support our independent journalism at The Guardian.
Peter Goodman and Terry Stiastny join host Guy De Launey to discuss the proposed new Brexit deal, the IMF’s warning that corporate debt could trigger the next financial crisis and Donald Trump’s strange and threatening letter to his Turkish counterpart.By Monocle 24.
30 years ago Bill was a Policeman and Brett was a teenager heading towards a life of crime. But then Bill said something to Brett that turned his life around. This is a rare encounter between two men whose lives have been scarred by violence and anger, who want to reach out and help each other to heal.…
As our newsfeeds continue to fill with disheartening headlines about the state of the church in North America, Nathan and Cameron discuss the perennial challenge of hypocrisy, and argue that Christianity helps us make sense of our consistent moral shortcomings. Follow the Thinking Out Loud hosts on Twitter: Cameron McAllister - @CamMcAllister7 ...…
Jennifer Rankin and Polly Toynbee discuss the dilemma facing MPs as the government edges towards a Brexit deal. Plus, Cara Reedy on what it means to be a person with dwarfism. Help support our independent journalism at The Guardian.
Tessa Szyszkowitz and James Rodgers join host Andrew Mueller to discuss whether the EU and the UK can reach a deal this week, shifting alliances in Syria and whether televised political debates can change voters’ minds.By Monocle 24.
Plans for ocean floor mining are moving forward globally -- especially around thermal vents that create deposits of metals like gold, silver, copper, manganese, cobalt, and zinc -- but humans have explored less than 1% of the deep sea, so it’s fair to say that we really have no idea what’s at risk. On this episode we speak with deep sea biologi ...…
Plans for ocean floor mining are moving forward globally -- especially around thermal vents that create deposits of metals like gold, silver, copper, manganese, cobalt, and zinc -- but humans have explored less than 1% of the deep sea, so it’s fair to say that we really have no idea what’s at risk. On this episode we speak with deep sea biologi ...…
The One Where The Sky Fell and The Meta Ran Naked Through The Streets Download or Subscribe to the Podcast: Youtube Playlist: Timestamps: 0:00 Special Report on the Iron Hands Meta20:00 Regular Intro 24:48 ...…
Writer and author Kapil Komireddi and journalist Mary Dejevsky join Monocle 24’s Daniel Bach to discuss the shifting power dynamic in the Syrian conflict, why the UK government wants to introduce stricter regulations about voter ID and Xi Jinping’s recent trips to India and Nepal.By Monocle 24.
Chapter Tactics is a 40k podcast which focuses on promoting better tactical play and situational awareness across all variations of the game. Today Pablo, Skari, Brandon Grant, and Abusepuppy use game design elements and talk about what GW needs to do in order to nerf Iron Hands and bring balance to the meta. Also, the guys talk about the lists ...…
There’s no doubt that when Jason Warner joined the team at Github he would have a lot of questions to answer. Github was trying to find its footing in a development industry dominated by the Googles of the world, and as the SVP of Technology, Jason was the man looking to rebuild trust and vision within the company. Jason succeeded and on this e ...…
This podcast (first recorded in 2015, now being rerun as one of our evergreen classics/ favorites) -- is ALL about emoji. But it's really about how innovation really comes about: through the tension between open standards vs. closed/ proprietary systems; the politics of time and place; and the economics of creativity, from making to funding. So ...…
A Hong Kong protester describes why he has returned to the streets, week in week out, in the face of an increasingly brutal crackdown by the authorities. And: Polly Toynbee on the Queen’s speech. Help support our independent journalism at The Guardian.
Andrew Mueller is joined by Isabel Hilton and Michael Binyon to discuss the jailing of Catalonian independence leaders and the aftermath of the UK-US diplomatic immunity row. Plus: looking back on Eliud Kipchoge's trailblazing sub-two hour marathon and dissecting the designs of the UK's new £20 note.…
Join Nick Nanavati and John DeMaris as they break down Astra Militarum Strategy with LVO and ITC Champion Brandon Grant. Brandon breaks down his overall strategy for his Mono Astra Militarum List. Like us on facebook. Find us on Patreon. Battalion Detachment 5 CP (Astra Militarum) [33 pl 497 pts] Regiment: ...…
Jamie Doward and Max Sanderson join Anushka Asthana to navigate a way through the haze of the debate around vaping. Is it really safe? Plus: Frances Perraudin on the anniversary of #metoo – what has really changed after two years of the campaign against sexual harassment and sexual assault. Help support our independent journalism at theguardian ...…
Charles Hecker joins Emma Nelson for a look at the Sunday newspapers.By Monocle 24.
Vincent McAviney and Florence Biedermann join Emma Nelson to discuss whether the Irish prime minister is leading the way on Brexit, and the possibility of EU sanctions on Turkey.By Monocle 24.
In the remote Aboriginal communities of Central Australia, a musician most of us have never heard of, was “bigger than The Beatles”.By ABC Radio National.
We look at protests in Ecuador and elections in Argentina as Monocle’s Americas editor at large, Ed Stocker, joins Tom Edwards for a LatAm round-up. Plus: Austria, the changing face of fashion, and objects d’art.By Monocle 24.
Show notes: We sell tabletop games and supplies at a discount! Hit us up for your next gaming order at or visit our webstore at Timestamps: GW Pre-order: 1:49 New Sisters of Battle: 4:29 P ...…
As a parent, learning your child has a learning disability or other special need comes with a whirlwind of emotion. “Who will take care of them when I’m not here? How will I make sure they get the supports they need?” Fear and anxiety rear their heads. Everything you pictured about your child’s life is suddenly in doubt – including what school ...…
Rahul Pathak’s experience in the tech industry dates back to the early days of the internet boom and he’s been riding the wave, monitoring trends ever since. The journey has allowed Rahul to be on the cutting edge of all kinds of new technology, including what he’s doing now with big data and block chain. Rahul currently serves as the GM of Big ...…
The One Where Val Runs Out of Gas. Download or Subscribe to the Podcast: Youtube Playlist: Timestamps: 06:19 Northwest Open 25:46 Basement Open Team Tournament 46:56 Triumph at MOAB 1:03:03 Middle of Nowher ...…
Harry Dunn died in a collision in August with a car allegedly being driven by the wife of a US diplomat, who left the UK soon after under the rules of diplomatic immunity. Patrick Wintour looks at what might happen next. And: author Jonathan Safran Foer on changing the way we eat to avoid climate catastrophe. Help support our independent journa ...…
Joy Lo Dico and Somnath Batabyal join Monocle’s Ben Rylan to discuss whether the media is successfully – and responsibly – covering Brexit. Plus: European IS fighters are causing problems again, and have we become better at recognising fake news?By Monocle 24.
We will all face trials and tribulations in this christian life. Some will be our own hands whiles others will be at the hands of others: either way we will go through them. How we handle those trials is the reflection of our faith in Jesus Christ. How wil we respond? What will our prayers be? Take a listen today and get some insight into what ...…
Lisa O’Carroll and Rory Carroll tell Anushka Asthana that solving the Irish border problem is still key to a Brexit deal. Plus: Wendy Laura Belcher on African literature. Help support our independent journalism at The Guardian.
Salma El-Wardany and Jonathan Fenby discuss whether inflammatory rhetoric around Brexit has finally dispensed with dog whistling. Plus: is Xi Jinping a credible peacemaker and should countries do more to connect their rural populations with city-dwellers?By Monocle 24.
Most people in technology agree that cyberthreats will be one of the biggest dangers we face in the coming years. In our increasingly-connected world, we’re more vulnerable than ever before and the threat of one bad actor taking out an entire power grid or critical network system is real. Retired Army Major General John Davis knows this better ...…
In 1995, the Nigerian government executed the Ogoni Nine – environmental activists who were trying to fight Shell’s exploitation of their homeland. Now, four widows are taking the oil company to court. And: Dan Sabbagh on the ramifications of Trump’s shock decision to withdraw from the Turkish-Syrian border. Help support our independent journal ...…
Quentin Peel and Stefanie Bolzen join Andrew Mueller to ask whether concern over the threat of recession in Germany is well founded. Plus: are leaks an essential valve in the political process and is robotic storage the solution to soaring rents?By Monocle 24.
The Guardian US correspondent Amanda Holpuch discusses her recent trip to St Louis, where 13 black children have been fatally shot since April. And: Polly Toynbee attends the first day of the Extinction Rebellion protests. Help support our independent journalism at The Guardian.
Holly Dagres and Robert Fox join Markus Hippi to ask what Donald Trump’s shifting position on Syria means for the US’s former allies. Plus: as unrest in Iraq is met with violence, have we entered a new age of protest?By Monocle 24.
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