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A Funny Feeling
Hàng tuần
Comedians and paranormal enthusiasts Betsy Sodaro and Marcy Jarreau invite their comedian friends and celebrity guests to tell their true paranormal experiences and hear spooky stories submitted by listeners.
Real Funny Stories
Has the world got you down? Do you need a good laugh today? Real Funny Stories has got you covered. Fantastic married duo Brook and Julie search the underbelly of the internet 24/7 to find the most ridiculous, hilarious, and unbelievably true stories that will make your day and put a smile on your face. Join us and prepare to laugh!
Tastes Funny
Tastes Funny focuses on the topics of comedy, food and travel. It is recorded weekly in the George Burns Room of the world famous Friars Club in New York City. The show is hosted by stand-up comedian and curious chef Mark "Jiggy" Jigarjian.
A weekly look into the biggest news in TV, Movies, and streaming services. Hosted by Kevin Coello and a rotating cast of the Kinda Funny crew.A Kinda Funny Show.New episode every Friday!
Comedians Brian Beaudoin and Frank Gazerro talk with comics and interesting guests from all over the country and challenge them to a variety of trivia games.
Manic Mondays
Weekly comedy show featuring funny music, News Of The Stupid, and more!
Devo Spice, The Great Luke Ski, and some rotating guest hosts discuss the most recent comedy songs posted on The FuMP.
Behind The Funny
Scott Higgins an Ace Aceto discuss comedy and life with incredibly talented people in comedy and entertainment.
A horror comics podcast brought to you by
Why That's Funny
Two guys from New Jersey just hanging out.
Four friends get together every week to hash out pop culture. What's left is, well....Funny!
Fists of Funny
A comedy show about pro wrestling. New Podcast every Thursday! We want to answer your questions on the air. DM us on Twitter @FistsofFunnyPod us or hit us up
The Bob Cesca Show
Hosted by Bob Cesca, the popular contributor and editor for The Daily Banter, the Bob Cesca Show combines funny liberal political talk from podcasters knee-deep in the trenches of the American political debate. Brought to you by bath and body products. Download our free weekly audio podcast in the iTunes Store and be sure to Rate and Review the show in iTunes.
A podcast featuring women of color with very different views on Hot Topics.
A weekly breakdown of the video games we've been playing and the biggest trending topics in gaming. Hosted by Tim Gettys, Greg Miller, and a rotating cast of the Kinda Funny crew.New episode every Monday!A Kinda Funny Show.
A good source for funny explanations and current news.
What do you get when you cross a self proclaimed philosopher, an ADHD sufferer, a millennial with 3rd world experience, and a guy that likes to keep everything on the surface?The No Nonsense Show10% Less BS Than Any Other Podcast Guaranteed
How We Do
The How We Do Podcast is a comedic show that explores the tough questions in life and every day living. The guys will take on a series of hypothetical and ethic questions as well as hit on the today's news topics.
A podcast about mysteries, the paranormal, urban legends & folklore. But ya know, keeping it light. From bro & sis @TheMythTraveler & @ChillinKristen 💀✨
Two brothers who happen to talk sports while engineering laughs for the world. Who would've thought that sports could be this funny?
A 1 on 1 podcast all about the Kinda Funny community by the community! Every episode will include a conversation with a fellow KFBF from around the world and we talk about what they're into, how they got into Kinda Funny, and discuss an old GOG/KFP topic among ourselves!
Hysterical History
Hysterical History is a comedy podcast where Alexis and Hailey, friends and history lovers, tell each other wacky yet factual stories from the past. Join them every TUESDAY for laughs and weird history realness.
Devo Spice has been described as the red-headed stepson of Weird Al Yankovic and Eminem, a fitting description since his comedy rap songs have topped the charts on the Dr. Demento Show, where Weird Al himself got his start. On The Insider Devo gives you a behind the scenes peek and what is going on in his demented world every month including some sneak peeks at new projects, and plans for the future.
Eavesdrop on freewheeling conversations between comedian and TV personality Jimmy Pardo and his sometimes famous, always funny friends. Unscripted. Unedited. Unstoppable. It's Never Not Funny.
Funny Bits Radio Show is where "laughter lives". This show is hosted by 3 comedians and a millennial, LaTice, Karl Rogers, Larry XL and Kayla. On a weekly basis they talk about anything funny in pop culture, news and the comedy scene. From time to time, Funny Bits will have guests in the studio for their live show, where the guest can promote what they're doing and join in on the fun hot topics discussion that always takes place. If you've ever wanted to know what National Calendar Day to ce ...
Join Aela, Justin and Jeff as they comment on all things pop culture, politics, hockey and more from the perspective of an urbane wit trapped in dirt road environment. Comedy! From the rustic.
What's So Funny!
It’s the reboot of What’s So Funny! and there’s a new spin on things! Our host, Dave Schwensen, returns and this time he’s brought three of his friends: Kelly, Tom, and Logan. Join in as we listen to comedy albums from the 1950s, ‘60s, or ‘70s. We’ll take a look at the life of the comedian as well as the cultural relevance of the album then and now. So sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh!
Kevin and Karl offer their opinions and honest feedback on popular and not-so-popular podcasts.
half hour comedy audio program
When Will It End?
A weekly comedy podcast that explores cinematic universes, as Josh and Charles watch movie series from start to finish.
A show about pop culture and fun storytelling
FTW's Radio Tour
Podcast featuring music from bands that will be playing Chicago in the near future. Relevant music combined with irrelevant content.
Sharp Tongue
Stand up comedian, Jessimae Peluso, holds nothing back in this hilariously fun and sometimes heartbreakingly candid podcast about comedy, sex, loss, and an eternal pursuit for the funny. It will feel like a conversation with that friend who always keeps it real. *Each week is something NEW featuring comedian guest hosts, movie interruptions, live stand up comedy clips and more!
Nobody Asked
Every Wednesday, join futurist Kyler Johnson, as he investigates the world around us, and things that may or may not happen. Nobody Asked for all of this, but Kyler will share anyway.
Podcast, Comedy Shows, Sketch videos and MORE! The "Good, The Bad & The Funny" was created by Comedian Aurelio Miguel Bocanegra in 2008. The podcast is co-hosted with Comedian Phil Medina and the shows are co-hosted with Comedian Fernando Flores. Give a listen, like, laugh and subscribe!
A joyful discussion of horror in cinema for all horror fans, not just know-it-all nerds (and also for know-it-all nerds). Part of the Bloody Disgusting Podcast Network.
Sunday Money
Join NASCAR Cup Series driver Corey LaJoie, FOX Sports personality Daryl Motte and MRN's own Lauren Fox as the bring you tales from both on and off the racetrack.
Greg Miller hosts the world's most popular daily video game news podcast alongside a rotating cast of industry veterans including Tim Gettys, Andrea Rene, Gary Whitta, Fran Mirabella, special industry guests, and more!New episodes every Monday-Friday!A Kinda Funny Show.
Funny to Informing’s Private RSS Feed for Funny to Informing
The show that turns the headlines into punchlines is back! Tom, Ed and Sam return as we ask the question - Have You Been Paying Attention? 8.30 Mondays on Channel 10!
Swish Edition
This fresh new reboot of the classic comedy and pop culture podcast, finds hosts Dale & Scott living and playing in Sin City. Live on tape from Las Vegas, Nevada, to the entire world.
The Funny Truth!
This show is guaranteed to have you in stitches. The Funny Truth presenters have hilarious debates and their topics are always extremely interesting. Our presenters bring out the truth in a funny way.
From rebellion leaders to scream queens and everything in-between, women have shaped sci-fi and fantasy since its inception. Each week Fangrrls founder & managing editor Cher Martinetti, contributing editor and author Preeti Chhibber, and associate editor Courtney Enlow celebrate the countless badass women in geek culture through funny, witty, and unfiltered deep dives into the nerdverse.
A couple of dudes talk about shit and try to be funny. Sometimes all at once.
Horrorble Podcast
Your reference for face-value reviews on horror films! Join Devon, Dylan, Manton and Blootster once a week for reviews, interviews and more.
Ask The Fellas
Four longtime college friends reunite to discuss important issues, dumb habits, sex & relationships, college stories, and 80s and 90s nostalgic memories. Appropriately Inappropriate. We aim to keep you laughing out loud during your commute. Weekly episodes released every Friday morning.
Providing audio commentaries to Hollywood's best and worst offerings
Al and Brantley make up stories about movies they have no intention of seeing, based purely on their IMDB descriptions.
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show series
Cameron Hawkins from DualShockers joins Greg to talk about Blizzard's terrible response, Riot's take, and Fortnite's death.Time Stamps - 00:03:33 - HousekeepingTHIS WEEKEND, Kinda Funny’s taking Toronto! EGLX is Saturday and Sunday!!Saturday 12:30pm - autograph sessionSaturday 7:30pm - Smash Bros Royal Rumble (main stage)S ...…
Greg gives his thoughts Concrete Genie, Fran talks Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and Imran totally sells Tim on Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair.Time Stamps - 00:00:06 - Start 00:03:20 - What We Got Wrong Last Week00:05:01 - Concrete Genie 00:32:36 - Ghost Recon Breakpoint00:43:01 - After Party- One Night Stand01:15:56 - PlayStation 4 Remote Play ...…
On this week's episode with my guest Blessing; we talk about living in Nigeria for part of his life, the inspiration behind Ok Beast, his Up and Comer week at Kinda Funny and what being selected means to him, the legend that is Donkey Kong 64 and we talk about that awful Impostor Syndrome! Follow Blessing on Twitter: @BlessingJr Follow Ok Beast ...…
Urine Therapy, Disgusting Passengers, Robot Babies, Sex Dolls For Rent, Dead Partner Replicas, Dr. Marijuana Pepsi, Foodie Calls, Travel Nightmare, 34 Bridesmaids, Open-Book Exam Cheaters, God Guns & Freedom, Insect Protein, Pole Artist, The Half Cake, Flat Earthers Join our community here to keep laughing!…
You know, in the comic book world, issue #100 could be considered a collector’s item, so what better way to ring in this monumental occasion, than by taking us back to the beginning? No, I’m not rebooting the show. When I started this podcast, I made a list of creators I wanted to talk to. The very first person on that list was Dirk Manning. He ...…
John and Coleman are back to the basics! No phone calls or guests, just raw banter. John celebrated his birthday so he was nursing a hangover and has been having “blonde” moments all week. Meanwhile, Coleman went and saw the new Joker movie and let’s us know what he thought of it, no spoilers! Also, they both went to the final Orlando City socc ...…
Kevin, Tim, and Nick talk about Picard, Onward, The Politician, and more.Time Stamps - 00:02:02 - What We’ve Been Watching00:36:59 - Housekeeping00:38:56 - ADS- News -00:45:00 - Cobra Kai Comic Book Series Keeps the Karate Kid Saga Kicking00:47:43 - Beverly Hills Cop 4 Will Start Shooting After Coming To America 200:50:25 - Blindspotting TV Ser ...…
This week Ace and Scott travel out of the Ace-ment to have a conversation with Brad Mastrangelo. We discuss Brad's beginnings in comedy which was based on a dare and how that built into him being one of the go to funny comedians in the Boston comedy scene and on cruise ships.By Scott Higgins Live Productions.
Active FM — Have certain women have in society created the wrong perception of the male species?By Active FM.
As an extra spooky treat we're doing bonus episodes all month to celebrate Halloween. This week's we have our good ole buds Jessica Jardine and Yamara Taylor joining us. Jessica Jean Jardine (ep 69) & Yamara Taylor (ep 1) Jessica is a member of the improv team ‘The Dragons’, performing Saturdays at UCB Sunset 10:30pm. And she’s Marcy’s co-host ...…
Devo Spice and Luke Ski are joined by Jeff Whitmire to discuss this week's FuMP songs. 'The Walmart Song' by Jeff Whitmire. Interview with Jeff Whitmire. News: Phil Johnson Filming Part 2, BomBARDed CDs Are In. Tour Dates. Happy birthday Jace McLain and Katy Frame! 'DND' by The Library Bards. Feedback.…
Camping al fresco with Adam Ferrara.
This week, Biji goes solo, and talk Friday Night SmackDown, Hell in a Cell, and the greatest upset in recent times. All that and more on Ep 78.
Summer is back and we're going to talk about it.By The Icebox Radio Theater.
Episode #531 Jamie Mack thinks that I have a white nose. So this is why my glasses sit higher on the bridge of my nose. All of this because he came to the show bespeckled in his new prescription joints. Grandfather time doesn’t care what kind of nose you have…Just throw these glasses on it. Are black people the most forgiving people on the plan ...…
On this episode, Jiggy and Lauren talk about the 7 wonders of the world. They also explore the difficulties behind dealing with airline customer service.
We all know Steve Martin as an actor, but in this episode we go back in time to his comedy roots with the album “A Wild and Crazy Guy.” From Disney Land to sold out stadiums, Steve Martin’s career exploded onto the scene forever changing the way we appreciated comedy. He can juggle, he can lasso, he can play the banjo, he appreciates art, and h ...…
Captain John hits his lowest credit score yet. Wilt agrees with John. TAKE OUR SURVEY - GET A FREE STICKER: Take WHY THAT'S FUNNY SURVEY - GET A FREE STICKER! Soundcloud: www.whythatsfunnypodcast.comBy Wilton Mackabee and Captain John.
This is a SUPERSIZED episode! Phil and i spend 45 mins talking about life and how it can sometimes pee on your couch. Top 5 tips for men who will eventually be 40 and more! Then at the 45min mark I interview my friend and incredibly talented Actor, David Fernandez. He is currently directing a pilot and he talks all about it. Along with a funny ...…
This week, it’s Frank’s birthday episode! Frank’s a huge fan of magic and Brian and Katie surprised him with Magician Adam Parisi. It might be the best birthday Frank has had since he was born. Adam’s an amazing magician. So tune in to learn more about him and to find out that Frank isn’t the only fan of magic on the podcast! This episode is br ...…
Interested in what our hosts go through in their daily lives? Can you related to any of their stories? Listen in and find out who's work life resembles you moreBy Rov & RJ.
We're back with a rather morose episode. Berg and the General have to break down the news of the lose of our beloved Nog. We cover other topics as well but we're pretty much focused in on the "penalties and rewards of age." Thanks for stopping by.
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