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The original Gamercast podcast, now in its 8th year, brought to you by Paul and Catherine, Charlotte and more. Every week we have a new podcast and every day we have new articles on the website covering the latest news, new releases, rants, previews
Jaded Gamercast
Two jaded gamers bicker and bitch about wargames...
SA Gamercast
Podcast by SA Gamer
Gamercast Network Pirate Radio launches for Grand Theft Auto IV on Tuesday, April 29th, in conjunction with the launch of the retail game for the Xbox 360 and the PLAYSTATION 3. GNPR presents a new audio outlet for the scum and villainy of Liberty City, offering them their first alternative audio solution to the clutter of Grand Theft Auto IV's FM airwaves. Gamercast Network Pirate Radio consists of shows dedicated to bringing a unique voice to Liberty City.
Four Dudes, One Mic and a whole lot of nothing better to do. We are here to bring you the latest news of the gaming industry. We never stay on topic and can't help but open our beers during the show, but we will make you laugh and want to yell at us.
A weekly gaming and tech podcast from the eyes of a few teenagers.keywords: game, gaming, tech, news, technology, xbox, ninendo, sony, ipod
Welcome to our first official podcast! We talk about video games, technology and entertainment!
Bad Dad GamerCast
New Episodes Available Every Tuesday by 9AM EST!Check Us Out On iTunes. For Video Gaming Dads Everywhere. Game Responsibly...or Just Wait Until Everyone is Asleep. Join us! Our sole purpose is to share great games with you and accumulate many more friends along the way.
The BroTeam Gamercast is a podcast dedicated to video games! Hosted by the bro-est bros around, come and listen as we talk about the games we're playing, the ones we love and hate, and the pure excellence of bromances.
When pitlord Kromus the Undying spewed forth what we now know as "the universe" a small portion of his waste matter coelesced into a pinhole dimension. This reality of filth overlaps our own and produces vibrations that sound vaguely like human voices, as well as often emitting a high pitched squealing that can loosen the bowels of even the stoutest mortals. Using scrying devices only recently unearthed, we record these sounds and post them to iTunes as "The Video Game Show"
Welcome to the Ball Out Gamercast! We are just a couple of big time internet nerds who like video games and ignorant rap music. We enjoy long walks to the fridge and discussing life in the digital age - such as online dating, multiplayer gaming and freaky things that happen only on Craigslist. If you're interested in hearing our opinions on week old gaming industry news, you shouldn't listen - that isn't us. This whole thing is much weirder than that.Hosted by Thrizzle and YuckyChuckyPowered ...
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Sometimes games get that you love are ignored by the people around you. We take the time to dive into games to explain why we love them and think others should give them a look.
Games are expensive, especially with DLC, microtransactions and more, but the price has stayed at $60 overseas. We look at the details and it gets... messy.
If you thought things would slow down after the massive 2017, it seems 2018 has some stellar releases coming up. We highlight a few of the games that we are looking forward to.
Did you grow up with the PlayStation 1? We look back on the best, the worst and the reason why the console felt ubiquitous in South Africa.
As amazing as 2017 has been for gaming, it has had some pretty terrible moments too. We discuss them with a level head and a heavy heart, trying to not get too upset about them (this time)
Games that stood out through going back to the drawing board, taking the world by storm or grabbing our imaginations.
With the holiday season upon us, The BDGC Crew brings you a Thanksgiving update about what 2018 has in store for the Bad Dad Gamercast!
How important are graphics in video games? We seem to always be talking about graphics, but that isn't what makes us go back to a game, so why do we do this?
BDGC Episode 29 - Is PS Plus and Games with Gold Devaluing Games?With the promise of free games every month, TheLastGarcia and Mr. KodiakCup discuss the controversial topic of the PS Plus and Games with Gold subscription services bringing down the value of games. Adrift in the space station, the BDGCrew brings you the latest Bluskadoo News abou ...…
In this month's retrocast we look at the Sega Mega Drive and how the upgrade in graphics, the pop culture appeal and more made it a popular purchase for many South Africans. We also talk about some of the weirdest add-ons you have ever seen in a console.
We discuss the games releasing in the month of November
BDGC Episode 28 - Ultra Dosing and Paris Games WeekTheLastGarcia and friend of the BDGCo Mr. KodiakCup talk about the benefits of ultra dosing to spark the creative process. Climb aboard, as they get lost on a journey to the inner mind. Join them on this trip, as the guys bring you the latest Bluskadoo News and stay for a topic of show that is ...…
Join the BDGC crew as they receive a mysterious package from an unknown dimension that will test their friendship. Witness the TheLastGarcia, Mr. Bluskadoo, BenShep, returning guest KodiakCup, and BenShep’s cat Sansa as they attempt to breathe life into your favorite video game show, while evil forces try to tear their souls apart. Listen to th ...…
We discuss how badly we would like cross platform for our games, and why it hasn't happened yet.
Ever suffer from gaming burnout? There are several kinds and all of them have their own causes. We discuss how it happens, and getting out of the slump.
We explore the allure of retro games, the joys and pitfalls of being a collector and the best games to play on the NES. Get ready for all things 80s!
BDGC Episode 26 - SNES Classic Impressions with KodiakCupTheLastGarcia is joined by fellow listener and homie to the Bad Dad Gamercast, the one and only, Mr. KodiakCup. Join us for Bluskadoo News, where we discuss The Darkest Dungeon being developed for the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s obtuse YouTube regulations, the Wii Shop Channel’s closure, ...…
We look at the games of October and what we are looking forward to. Turns out there are a lot of games. So many games. Send help please.
We talk about NBA 2K18's microtransactions, the new PES and how game services like Xbox Live / PS Plus allow us to try games that we might not necessarily ever buy.
BDGC Episode 25 - Nintendo Direct and Sony’s 2017 TGS Conference TheLastGarcia is back and ready to bring you some of the latest games from Nintendo's most recent Direct Presentation and Sony’s 2017 Pre Tokyo Game Show Press Conference. Included in this bundle is your healthy dose of BluSkadoo News, some New Game Releases for your Xbox One, PS4 ...…
This week we discuss Destiny 2, because that is pretty much all that people are playing right now. We also discuss Pokemon Go and how Africa is being ignored right now, and Pewdiepie blurting out a racial slur and the ramifications of it.
We discuss the games of September that have caught our attention, what we are playing at the moment and the news of the week. This was recorded before WB Games made a statement that money will be donated to the Forgey family regardless of where you get the Forthog Orc-Slayer DLC, so things get slightly heated.…
BDGC Episode 24 - Shame About Not Playing Popular Games and Destiny 2 Release Mr. Bluskadoo and TheLastGarcia are here to discuss all of the best topics in video gaming. Get a healthy portion of Bluskadoo News where we talk about some Destiny 2, The Inpatient, Settler’s of Catan VR, and Funstock Retro’s new Atari handle hybrid console. Our topi ...…
We discuss why people pre-order and whether you should or shouldn't get a game at launch, as well as the games that have our attention this week.
BDGC Episode 23 - Too Many Game Remasters and The Email Piano SegmentAnother successful night at the Space Fortress comes to a close. Join BenShep, Mr. Bluskadoo, and TheLastGarcia for some of the best topics in video gaming. There’s some Bluskadoo News where we talk about some Wolfenstein 2 Pre-order bonuses, a new Fist of the North Star game, ...…
Gamescom is here and there have been a lot of announcements to look at, but the Microsoft conference has us baffled. Do we need exclusives and what impact to they have on console sales and attitude to those consoles?
BDGC Episode 22 - OrlandoiX17, Game News, and TacosJust in time for Taco Tuesday! Your favorite gaming podcast is back and so is SmilesB! After a long time away from our Space Fortress, SmilesB is back to bestow upon us some new Nintendo Switch news. Join the BDGC crew as they do a let’s play of the text adventure game “A Dark Room.” Also on th ...…
Are you a completionist? Do you enjoy the feeling when a trophy or achievement pops up on your screen? We do too and we are discussing some of our best trophies and why we sink hours into getting them.
BDGC Episode 21 - UFO 50, Mordor’s Microtransactions, and Rogue Legacy?These bastards did it again! The rest of the crew is out slacking about but TheLastGarcia is here to brings you the latest gaming news!Join him, as he talks about The Frozen Wilds update for Horizon Zero Dawn, Moss Mouth’s UFO 50, Shadow of War’s Microtransactions, and the l ...…
BDGC Episode 20 - 1/4 of A ShowMath is real and it’s in our title! TheLastGarcia is back and joining him is he who brings you the latest gaming news, Mr. BluSkadoo. Also, the adopted gaming hipster BenShep is here to join in on the fun. Join us as we talk about Sliming the Ranch, with the addictive Slime Rancher. There’s also some talk about ph ...…
Episode 1 of BROTEAM Gamercast! In our first episode we break down what the podcast is about. We then waste no time diving into the game we're nerding over!Send an email and tell us about your favorite games!
There are so many games coming out in August that what started as a side note in the episode became the main topic.
After a 2 week absence, TheLastGarcia is back to play host and put the dad back into the Bad Dad Gamercast! Join him, BluSkadoo and the adopted gaming hipster BenShep. Get a hearty dose of BluSkadoo News where the BDGC Crew dig into the Player Unknown Battlegrounds Invitational, the Dragon Quest 11 announcement, PokemonGo Fest, the recently ann ...…
We the GamerCast is back! In Episode 97, Sean Capri has sweet hangs with Married to the Games' Chris McCrackin. The two nerds talk about a complicated relationship with Nintendo and Xbox One X.By (Sean Capri).
Pre-orders, press, audience, excitement for games and people just wanting to have fun all mix up into a dangerous cocktail. Time to discuss hype, with a dash of PUBG and Destiny 2 love.
We the GamerCast is back! In Episode 96, Sean Capri has sweet hangs with Marissa Roberto. The two nerds talk about Seinfeld-themed Stardew Valley farms, Canada, and signs from the universe!By (Sean Capri).
Welcome to episode 2, where we discuss open world games and why we love them so much, and why so many of them are full of inane clutter.
We the GamerCast is back! In Episode 95, Sean Capri has sweet hangs with David Ray. The two nerds talk about the Gameboy Color, the allure of sports games, and how games tap into our creative minds!By (Sean Capri).
Welcome to the SA Gamercast, a podcast about any news you might have missed, the games the team is playing at the moment and discussing topics related to gaming and the gaming experience. This week we discuss game difficulty and its many facets.
BDGC Episode 18 - The One Where It Did Good!The sun sets for a second week and there is still no sign of SmilesB and LastGarcia. BenShep decides to call off the search. With tears running down their faces, they ask... "What do we do now?" As BenShep wipes away the tears, he stands up. "We continue the show. For them." BluSkadoo with a twinkle i ...…
We the GamerCast is back! In Episode 94, Sean Capri has sweet hangs with Alejandro Buendia. The two nerds talk about marathon gaming sessions, the Xbox One X, and making serious cash thanks to education!By (Sean Capri).
BDGC Episode 17 - PS4 Goes Boom For July 4thThe show must go on. After a lightning strike took out TheLastGarcia's PS4, nothing will stop him from bringing you the content that you crave on this Independence Day edition of the BDGC. It’s a short but sweet Episode 17, with some Bluskadoo News, Free Online Games for the month of July, and BDGC Co ...…
We the GamerCast is back! In Episode 93, Sean Capri has sweet hangs with Ben Butler. The two nerds talk about living on a submarine and Ben teaches Sean it's okay to love Shooters!By (Sean Capri).
BDGC Episode 16 - Nintendo and Ubisoft E3 Games AnalysisWith Bluskadoo out of the office; BenShep, SmilesB, and TheLastGarcia are back to bring you a detailed analysis of the games showcased at the Nintendo and Ubisoft E3 press conferences. Also, a short discussion on being solicited by webcam girls on the PSN. It’s a brave new world out there ...…
We the GamerCast is back! In Episode 92, Sean Capri has sweet hangs with Dapper Tux. The two nerds talk about giving blood in the name of video games and going to E3!By (Sean Capri).
Your favorite Jaded Gamers are back! Mostly because you wouldn’t shut up about it… I didn’t even get a year of peace. BUT OH WELL!! Time to talk about 40K 8th Edition, Firestorm Armada, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Wonder Woman, Han Solo Movie News, Horus Heresy Books, Doctor Who, and much much more! You […]…
BDGC Episode 15 - The E3 2017 Extravaganza SpecialHappy Father’s Day Homies! We’ve been gone for a while but now we’re back. Join us for our E3 Extravaganza Special! TheLastGarcia and BluSkadoo discuss the Xbox and Sony press conferences. Does the Xbox One X have the BDGC’s attention? Is Sony the king of E3? Is SmilesB’s plumbing fixed and read ...…
We the GamerCast is back! In Episode 91, Sean Capri has sweet hangs with Ian Preschel from OK Beast Podcast and A+ Anime. The two nerds talk about moving to Japan, Kinda Funny Live 3, and influential relationships with our parents.By (Sean Capri).
In Episode 90, Sean Capri has sweet hangs with the Garret Bland and Chelsey Capri. The three nerds react to the Third Party E3 2017 Conferences and someone is crowned the greatest predictor ever.By (Sean Capri).
In Episode 89, Sean Capri has sweet hangs with the Nintendo Guru Bobby Pauls, Poli Games’ Joseph Moran, and DaceSpace's Dave Moore. The four nerds react to the Nintendo E3 2017 Spotlight and someone is crowned the greatest predictor ever.By (Sean Capri).
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