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Perfectly Generic Podcast is a weekly discussion on Homestuck, Hiveswap, and related works. It's hosted by Kate Mitchell and a rotating panel of guests.
Generic Drift
Just a couple of Brits talkin’ about mind-blowing science
Punk rock, hardcore punk, indie rock music, talk, general debauchery.
Generic Live Show
Delivering your weekly dose of genericness from around Austalia and the globe
Hi, I’m Case Kenny (@case.kenny on Instagram) and I firmly believe that the world belongs to those with perspective. Perspective doesn’t come from the latest curated headline online, or the latest self help guru. It comes from weirdos. Nerds. Misfits. Odd balls. Eccentric, future CEOs. jetsetting artists and musicians… people who chase purpose and understand that they are always one decision away from a totally different life. I’m fascinated by human potential and the mindsets that allow us ...
All the audio you could want from NBA on ESPN Radio.
Not Generic
From supporting Danny Rampling, K-Klass and The Shapeshifters, Connor Lavender-Moore bring you his unique twist and magical touch to the freshest and hottest house anthems every month in the Not Generic podcast series. Be sure subscribe for free to this series so you don't miss out on the latest and greatest new music, from hot new artists to classic anthems, designed and engineered to uplift you and take you on a magical and eclectic journey through music.
The GAP Podcast
The GAP Podcast, or Generic Acronym Podcast Podcast, is a podcast featuring Luke Lawrie and Joab Gilroy (plus whoever they can con onto the show) where they talk about the games they've been playing. This thing is 400+ episodes long and it's all one giant long arc. With every ep being between 60 to 250 minutes long there's no way you'd ever catch up. There's no real point in trying.
One Small Thing
Observations and maybe jokes from a writer, teacher and generic internet personality.
Superheroes are common in Oliver’s world. He doesn’t pay them much attention since he’s just trying to survive his city government internship and the latest useless—but time-sensitive—project that’s been dropped on him. Then he mistakenly takes the super serum the Milwaukee mayor wrote into the budget to help his slumping re-election campaign. Now Oliver is dealing with an annoyed police chief, a surging crime wave, paparazzi, a super villain, a bit of romance, and the creepy ladies of the M ...
A Podcast aimed at both beginners and experienced players of SJ Games' Generic Universal Role Playing System, GURPS.
High-Quality, Non-Generic Fantasy Football Entertainment! Award-Winning Fantasy Football Analysis from a former ESPN personality and a Professional Gambler. Injecting personality and humor into the best fantasy football advice from two expert analysts with over 30-years of fantasy football experience!
A podcast trying to cover all wargamers
"Destiny has two ways of crushing us - by refusing our wishes and by fulfilling them." - - Henri Frederic Amiel, Swiss Philosopher Thank you for visiting! Salutations! Welcome to Corpses and Curios! We are a Modern Horror campaign set in today’s distracted world. A world where the lifeblood of our daily benign existence betrays the septicemia which may end us all. Utilizing a mix of the 4th and 3rd editions of the wonderfully designed GURPS system by Steve Jackson Games - we strive to provid ...
Dr. Hal Scherz Hal C. Scherz MD has been practicing pediatric urology for 23 years. He has been in private practice in San Diego, California and in Atlanta, Georgia and has been on the faculty of the University of California- San Diego and Emory University. He has been involved in resident and fellow training for all of his career, and has published over 75 peer reviewed articles and contributed chapters to 6 academic texts. He has been a reviewer for over 20 years for the major peer reviewe ...
This station brought to you by Build Pilot Broadcast, LLC in Hillsboro, OR. Always playing in the sandbox! This is the latest results of my research in the crypto blockchain industry, as well as generic internet communications R&D.
Hodge Built Podcast
Blunt, up front, to the point information on any health, fitness, and nutrition related topic. I cover everything from bodybuilding to having a motivational mindset. This is not your typical and boring podcast channel delivering generic information. Get the knowledge and motivation you desire without being bored.
Dr. Hal Scherz Hal C. Scherz MD has been practicing pediatric urology for 23 years. He has been in private practice in San Diego, California and in Atlanta, Georgia and has been on the faculty of the University of California- San Diego and Emory University. He has been involved in resident and fellow training for all of his career, and has published over 75 peer reviewed articles and contributed chapters to 6 academic texts. He has been a reviewer for over 20 years for the major peer reviewe ...
A history podcast for people who don't necessarily like history. Want to learn a little bit about Ancient Rome or the Black Death but don't want to spend hours doing it? Jack and Lauren present a topic in history quick enough for your commute. Now sit back, relax, and learn something.
What is a Real Estate Sales Funnel, What is the Difference between a sales funnel and generic landing page (OH!!! a lot) How can you make amazing real estate funnels that add crazy value to your target market, attract your ideal customer and convert them all while they give you raving reviews on line ....ALL with very little effort! Why? the funnel does it for you...YEP!This podcast is a work in progress, I do not claim to be the expert in all things real estate so follow and be a part of my ...
Welcome to the Roarista Business Institute your source for business marketing ,advertising and brand strategy and as ALWAYS WITHOUT the self promotion, make believe expertise and generic fluff. You are listening to the Roarista Business Institute with your host Tiger Webster.
The sporadically recorded ramblings of a disillusioned duo delighting in the misfortunes of others, ranting about the minutiae of life and occasionally discussing skepticism.
A twice weekly automotive podcast hosted by Adam Carolla, Bill Goldberg and Matt "The Motorator" D'Andria. It's the only show of its kind that explores all aspects of the automotive space from the performance aftermarket, to new car buying and the future of the automotive industry. The guys answer your questions, offer advice and feature guests from the automotive industry and celebrity car enthusiasts.
Locked Into Vacancy Entertainment presents original radio plays and songs recorded before a LIVE audience at Stage773 in Chicago, IL.
Cutting through the grammar bull to help folks make the best choices in usage, sentence structure, punctuation & more.
Türkiye'deki yazılımın kalitesini ve sektör problemlerini kendilerine dert edinmiş, farklı disiplenlerden gelen bir grup yazılımcının toplanıp, yazılım geliştirme yöntemleri ve teknolojileri üzerine konuştukları eğlenceli, saçma ama faydalı bir yayın.
Coffee with Butterscotch is the hilarity-filled official podcast of award-winning video game studio Butterscotch Shenanigans. Tune in every week to learn how video games are made and sold, our take on building a small company from scratch, and how to be an unstoppable problem-solving machine. Whether you're a tech entrepreneur working on your own startup, a person who loves playing or making video games, or just a person interested in learning about the games industry, we've got you covered. ...
Zeta Global Radio
Recording Studio, Record Label
OVS Orbit
Interviews and topics of interest to Open vSwitch developers and users, published twice a month, hosted and produced by Ben Pfaff.
Curtains are extensively used for the purpose of creating room separation, particularly in hospitals. They are also utilized by institutions and corporate offices for special occasions or for certain specific purposes. Curtains is a generic name, with the varieties of blackout curtains, disposable curtains, bio-active curtains, shower curtains, eco-friendly Curtains Brentwood, and curtain track systems. Normally, a curtain could be defined as a cloth dividing the room into separate enclosure ...
Generic Discussion
A podcast dedicated to talking about any old generic topics that we feel fitting at the time of recording!Equipment/Software used:x2 Blue Microphones USB Yeti MicrophoneAudacity
Two passionate audio engineering nerds --- Kush Audio gear designer and avowed analog snob Gregory "UBK" Scott, and ITB mixing pro Nathan "Nathan" Daniel --- crack themselves up while answering listeners' questions about everything from gear and plugins, to the psychology of mixing, to what makes a song grab the listener's ears and heart and how to get more of it into your productions. Whether you mix professionally on a 9000J or in your bedroom on Cubase, these ballbusting fanatics of sound ...
Trivia Rogues
Have you ever seen or heard those people who are just unbelievable at trivia? Join Billy, Don, Jeff, and Alex in a journey to become those people. Whether you are a veteran looking for a refresher, an up and coming player wanting to expand your trivia arsenal, or even just someone who loves learning, then this podcast is for you! Trivia lovers can enjoy one show a week full of informative topics and fun quizzes!
Cutting through the grammar bull to help folks make the best choices in usage, sentence structure, punctuation & more.
The Stolendroids Team bring you news from around the geek world.
Managed Care Cast
Podcast by Managed Care Cast
Ryan Green sits down and discusses various topics with guests.
Generic Interests
Generic Interests Podcast is a podcast where talk about how things are going, play video games, try and make each other laugh, and talk movies/tv.
The Dana Barrett Show digs into the stories, subjects, and people you want to know more about. From current events and social issues, to pop culture, business to health topics, Dana shares her views on the stories that matter with a little dose of outrage and a big dose of sass.
ATFAQ – Assistive Technology Frequently Asked Questions
The blog for the Age Of Sigbrah podcast. Brought to you by Gary Hennessey & Andy Talbot
From Dictatorship to Democracy, A Conceptual Framework for Liberation is a book-length essay on the generic problem of how to destroy a dictatorship and to prevent the rise of a new one. The book was written in 1993 by Gene Sharp (b. 1928), a professor of political science at the University of Massachusetts. The book has been published in many countries worldwide and translated into more than 30 languages. Editions in many languages are also published by the Albert Einstein Institution of Bo ...
Ongaku To You
Podcast by Ongaku To You
Every Friday, Amy Walter brings you the trends in politics long before the national media picks up on them. Known as one of the smartest and most trusted journalists in Washington, D.C., Amy Walter is respected by politicians and pundits on all sides of the aisle. You may know Amy her from her work with Cook Political Report and the PBS NewsHour where she looks beyond the breaking news headlines for a deeper understanding of how Washington works, who's pulling the levers of power, and how it ...
"Not So Different," a podcast from The Center for Biosimilars, brings you expert viewpoints from physicians, pharmacists, patients, developers, and other stakeholders in the complex world of biosimilar therapies.
“Extra Credit,” S&P Global Ratings’ U.S. public finance podcast, delivers a mobile overview of trends, rating actions, and credit commentary on the week's most pressing municipal market issues.
Watch Jerusalem
Watch Jerusalem brings you news and archaeology from a Biblical perspective. Host Brent Nagtegaal is on location at Jerusalem to give you the most important developments happening on the ground—and emerging from beneath it. Brent Nagtegaal is a contributor for contributor living in Jerusalem.
Two fans' journey through the Marvel universe from Fantastic Four #1.
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Yepyeni bir podcast formatıyla karşınızdayız! Generic Mahmut Abi Codefiction kanallarından ekibe gelen sorulara cevap veriyor. Bu hafta dinleyicilerimizden bize gelen soruları fahri üyemiz Erman Taylan ile birlikte cevapladık. Yapımcılar: Fırat Özbolat, Mert Susur Bu bölümde, bir firmada tek başına yazılım geliştiren Dertli Androidci rumuzlu di ...…
Warriors head coach Steve Kerr talks with Marc Kestecher about terrible turnovers in game 1, keeping their emotions in check and playing against Pat Beverley in game 2
Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! This just in! Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison just called a snap election for May 19th. Dale discusses the announcement, Mr Morrison’s interesting body language during the press conference and the problems with “Have a go - get a go” mentality of this campaign. Also, Brexit faces yet another roadbl ...…
Kate welcomes first guest Sam back to the show to discuss The Homestuck Epilogues. Topics include Rose and Roxy’s relationships to their aspects, content warnings, metanarrative callbacks, Vriska (LET ME IN!), being a depressed 20-something, and hopes for the future. We discuss optimisticDuelist’s essays “The Meat/Candy Binary” and “Rose Lalond ...…
- Generic Discussions! - Generic Answers! - Generic Humors! - This week’s plugin winner is…a Generic Listener! …and much, MUCH more!
It's the first Friday of the month..and you now what that's time for?! Checking out some of the hottest new releases from MK, Claptone, Childish Gambino and many more! See in the spring with the freshest house music, expertly blended to draw you out of those short dark days of winter into the warm and fresh uplifting sunshine!Set List:01. Todd ...…
Harvey and Adam discuss combustible comb jellies, mind-controlled molluscs, global dimming and the search for a ninth planet in our solar system. Twitter: @GenericDrift Email: Website: // Other Minds: The Octopus and the Evolution of Intelligent Life Peter Godfrey-Smith Paperback Audiobook Thanks for supp ...…
Adam. Seth. Jacob. Moses. None of these biblical individuals have been absolutely proven through archaeology. But what of the simple names? The Bible is full of names for different people of different periods. If archaeology can corroborate names for the right periods, then that would serve as proof, in its own right, of the accuracy of the bib ...…
Hi again, Shenanites! This week, we discuss why we go to bed early, monsters packing heat, and plastic T-rexes on a stick. Plus, incentives, auto-scaling, and learning from other people’s design issues. Finally, we’ll leave you with this question to ponder--Do you value the rain?PS: Want to get your hands on some Bscotch merch? There’s a cleara ...…
Ensuring Access to Generic Medications by Managed Care Cast
CLIP: Leadership In America Is Truly Lacking by 632829
Mueller Report Is Damning About President Trump's Character And Conduct by 632829
CLIP: Work Hard, Play Hard With Rachel Evans - Easter Weekend! by 632829
CLIP: Triana Arnold James Is Running For Office In 2020 by 632829
The Mueller Report Has Been Released And... Wow... by 632829
It’s been a long (almost) two years but the Special Counsel’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, possible coordination between the Trump Campaign and Russia, and obstruction of justice has reached its final culmination. The redacted report was released on Thursday. The end. Or is it just the beginning? Well, like a lo ...…
Understanding the Impact of Inappropriate Opioid Prescribing Practices by Managed Care Cast
Surprise, Shenanites! LEVELHEAD IS NOW AVAILABLE IN EARLY ACCESS ON STEAM! In this episode, we talk about what even is this, the background of Levelhead, and pro tips from the alpha strike team.So, shout it from the rooftops! From the street! Shout it directly into the face of your neighbor! (Don’t actually do that -- it’s kind of rude. Unless ...…
In this episode I talk about why I say you should compare yourself to others more... not less. I talk about what I see as the power you gain from comparing yourself and how to approach what is typically seen as a negative and frustrating thing habit. Follow me on Instagram: @case.kenny…
Matt and Goldberg chat about Matt's BMW M3 having issues, what's going on with Tesla, and the 2020 Ford Mustang EcoBoost High Performance Package. Plus, Goldberg gives an update on his cars, including one he just got back from SpeedKore.Continental: Visit OETechnologySeries.comGeico: Visit Geico.comBy
CLIP: Ilhan Omar vs. Trump Should Remind Us To Verify Sources And Get The CONTEXT! by 632829
CLIP: Women, Regardless Of Age Or Experience, Should Ever Be Afraid To Get A Mentor! by 632829
Why Aren't The Female Candidates Getting As Much Media Attention In The 2020 Race? by 632829
Hello, Shenanites! This week, we mumble about the cadence of content, piracy bucks, and strategic indifference. When it comes to your team, are you going to be the heavy or the drill arm guy? And finally, here is a haiku for you: They hate the J key, / but it is all imagined / and laid on the green. Happy Wednesday!Questions answered (abbreviat ...…
Today we have a good one! After Stump the Rogues we begin with Billy's themed quiz, then Jeff talks about a prohibition influencer named Carrie Nation, and Don talks some old board games. Enjoy!
This week Luna leaves Ken and Gray alone to go over the news and this weeks top 10. King and Prince have an amazing week and NGT48 does not.Opening: Grip! by Every Little ThingStaring: Ken and Gray
CLIP: ATP Does More Than Just Bring Together The Best Tech Executives In Atlanta by 632829
CLIP: FinTech South 2019 Will Highlight The HUGE Atlanta FinTech Industry! by 632829
Donald Trump Has A Republican Primary Contender! by 632829
As the prevalence of burnout among healthcare providers has increased over the last few years, it has raised attention to the issue. Burnout includes overwhelming exhaustion, feelings of cynicism and detachment from the job, and a sense of ineffectiveness and a lack of accomplishment. Among physicians, common drivers include excessive workloads ...…
Warriors guard Klay Thompson talks with Marc Kestecher about the game 1 win, watching Tiger win The Masters and how they still have some things to figure out with their lineup
Farklı kültürlerden gelen kişilerin oluşturduğu yazılım topluluklarının söylediklerine ve şakalarına ne kadar dikkat etmeleri gerektiği ve yazılımcıların bu konudaki alınganlarını konuştuğumuz yayınımızda asıl odaklandığımız konu teknoloji organizasyonlarında çalışan yazılımcıların kariyer yollarından ve önlerindeki potansiyel fırsatları nasıl ...…
Featuring the LIVE vocal talents of Alex Papparotto-Goodman, Jennifer Mohr, David Kelch, Chelsea Dàvid, Johnathan Koller, Laura Bouxsein, Rachel Granda-Gluski, and Sarah Frances McMillan!
CLIP: Tiger Woods Winning The Masters Is A REAL Comeback Story, The Right Way by 632829
CLIP: Rep. Dar'shun Kendrick (D-GA 93) Walks Us Through This Past Legislative Session by 632829
CLIP: Merging Business And Nonprofit To Do More Good In Atlanta by 632829
Sanctuary Cities Being Targeted By Trump Shows How Disgusting This President Is by 632829
Have you ever heard someone say a sentence is in the subjunctive mood or the first person or the passive voice? These aren't just general descriptions. They're hard concepts in grammar that are worth taking a moment to understand.
Have you ever heard someone say a sentence is in the subjunctive mood or the first person or the passive voice? These aren't just general descriptions. They're hard concepts in grammar that are worth taking a moment to understand.
In this episode I talk about why we need to respect ourselves, our time and our energy when it comes to dating and relationships. I talk about why we tend to ignore the red flags in our relationships and how we can start listening to our gut, be happier and spend time with people who are right for us. Follow me on Instagram: @case.kenny https:/ ...…
Artemis brings Lisa Ryan into the fold, and the team formulates a basic plan to bring down Brynn-Jones. The mysterious Tarot deck is utilized in a new way, and two unexpected guests add to the stakes. Consider supporting us! THE GAME: G.U.R.P.S. (Generic Universal Roleplaying System) is a Steve Jackson Games rol ...…
Sean Kelley and PJ Carlesimo breakdown the Trail Blazers game one victory over the Thunder.
Portland Guard CJ McCollum joins Sean Kelley and PJ Carlesimo do discuss his team's game one victory over the Thunder.
Around 100 different creatures are described in the Bible, most of which are described as native to Israel or the Middle East. Could such exotic animals really have lived in this territory? How did the ancient biblical writers even know about some of these animals? On today’s program, we interview archaeology writer Christopher Eames about the ...…
Bernadette King - Animal Spirit Guides by Lainie Sevante' Wulkan
Every week, The American Journal of Managed Care® (AJMC®) recaps the top managed care news of the week, and you can now listen to it on our podcast, Managed Care Cast.This week, the top managed care news included CDC clarifying its opioid guidelines for chronic pain; pharmacy benefit managers testifying before a Senate committee; Sanofi expandi ...…
Recent months have seen a variety of proposals to bring down the cost of prescription drugs, but will any of them have staying power? This week, senior editor Allison Inserro speaks with Robin Feldman, professor at the University of California, Hastings, College of the Law, and author of the new book Drugs, Money, and Secret Handshakes: The Uns ...…
Donald Trump Backs Off Of His Love For WikiLeaks, While Barr Looks Into... Spying? by 632829
She was a philosopher, teacher, mathematician, and astronomer in the late fourth and early fifth centuries. She’s also the subject of a whole lot of folklore and misinformation. Join Jack and Lauren and dive in to the mysterious life and tragic end of Hypatia.
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