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Hear the latest messages from Pastor Dave Gilpin and team, preached live at Hope City Church. We’re a vibrant, exciting and friendly church and passionate about people knowing Jesus and living their best life. We’ve got church locations all over the place and big plans for even more! For more information visit
We are two people who believe Peri Gilpin, who played Roz in Frasier, deserves more praise, respect and an Emmy. Listen as we discuss the latest movies and TV and connect it all back to Peri via two degrees of connection. New episodes on Tuesdays. Support this podcast:
Fighter's Block
Each week, comedians and fight fanatics Joe Gilpin and Jesse Rivas will bring you all the news, reviews and previews from the worlds of mixed martial arts and boxing. Welcome to the Block!
Deeper, different, discussions on the topics that matter most to educators. UnearthED is part of the TweetED Channel covering the best Twitter education chats of the week, with lead anchors Dr. Brad Gustafson and Ben Gilpin.
Expanding Horizons
Expanding Horizons was born from a plethora of conversations between two work colleagues who came to a simultaneous realisation that there was so much each of them was missing out on in the world of music, film, art, culture and indeed the intriguing stuff that people do.So, what could be better than sharing their combined enthusiasm with the people of Canterbury on a radio show that is committed to expanding knowledge, experience and providing others with a platform to promote the things th ...
Up, Up And Away
A podcast with two brothers having fun and discussing all things comic book. Each episode, we will be bringing you news, reviews and general hilarity.
Powerful Messages from Dave Gilpin live at Hope City Church
The TVLine Podcast
Michael Ausiello and fellow TVLine editors dish tantalizing spoilers, conduct insightful interviews and dispense incisive commentary about all things TV.
Thought Journeys around meaning, purpose and fulfilment hosted by Adrian Gilpin.How do we make the very best of our lives, be who we really are and live a purposeful and meaningful life when all the pressure is on.I have been seeking ways and answers for the past decade, and using many ideas from philosophy and psychology to coach highly successful, highly stressed individuals to reach a place of relative calm in the stormy waters of life, work, relationships, health and wealth!This is the a ...
Hear the latest messages from Pastor Ali Bianchi and team, preached live at Hope City Church, Accra. We’re a vibrant, exciting and friendly church and passionate about people knowing Jesus and living their best life. We’ve got church locations all over the place and big plans for even more! For more information visit
Amazing Business Radio features customer service expert and New York Times bestselling author Shep Hyken who interviews leading business professionals and other customer experience experts. Each guest shares tips and insights on how to succeed in business.The bright business minds featured on Amazing Business Radio come from all over the world and include viral video stars, corporate CEOs, bestselling authors, thought leaders, and many other inspiring personalities. The show covers a variety ...
Team coverage, highlights and commentary from the best Twitter education chats of the week with lead anchors Dr.Brad Gustafson and Ben Gilpin
Team coverage, highlights and commentary from the best Twitter education chats of the week with lead anchors Dr.Brad Gustafson and Ben Gilpin
Ed Talks
Property expert Ed Mead discusses the key topics from the property industry. Find out how experienced property agents see the property market and major changes, with insight and opinion from Ed Mead & his guests.
What I would consider as some of the best talks out there to help you share your faith with Mormons, Any comments or questions please contact me at
Panthers Podcast
Hope City Church is an exciting, vibrant and relevant church that loves God and loves people. With multiple congregations across the UK, Frankfurt (Germany) and in Accra (Ghana). Visit us online at for more details!BIG SUNDAY SERVICES at HOPE CITY LIVERPOOL:Sundays 10:30am at Epstein Theatre, 85 Hanover St, Liverpool, Merseyside L1 3DZ
Field Trip
Field Trip by Nudge Rewards provides a first-hand look at how today’s top retail and foodservice brands are tackling their biggest challenges. From customer experience to employee engagement and team performance, this series will feature insights and actionable ideas from the field.
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Ken explains why and how he has watched Godzilla three times in theaters. Kendra asks which movie he has seen most in his life. Ken doesn’t know his answer, but Kendra most certainly does. Kendra dives into her new obsession The Fosters that just feels like a warm hug. The best part is the theme song/ credit roll which just has household items ...…
A man without a mountain is only half a man. Every man was born for near misses, desperate challenges and traversing trouble. And when he does it for the protection and provision of others that man becomes a brother, a husband, a father. The bible tells us, ‘How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news…’ A man’s feet ...…
Sometimes in other to be successful we must fail. the Road to success is filled with the potholes of failure. Ps Dave inspires us not to be afraid to fail, because in those failure are great lessons that will shape the quality of our future if we don’t give up. Be Blessed!By Hope City Church.
Shep Hyken interviews Jamie Gilpin. They Discuss how the role of marketers has expanded to include the customer experience, and how social media can positively affect the customer journey. The Interview with Jamie Gilpin: •The advent of social media has opened new channels for marketers. Marketing is no longer concerned with sales alone; now, m ...…
Sara Gilbert joins TVLine's Michael Ausiello to discuss her work on The Conners.
Shep Hyken interviews Mary Drumond. They discuss Mary’s recent article, “Bad Experiences Aren’t Always the Problem for Companies” as it pertains to customer feedback, customers’ expectations, and the entire customer experience. The Interview with Mary Drumond: It’s important to look into the reasons why customers make their decisions. Most metr ...…
Heléne Yorke joins the TVLine Podcast to discuss with Andy Swift her work on 'The Other Two'.
This is a really good weekend of fighting, but you have to know where to look (or just listen to us)
William Jackson Harper joins TVLine's Dave Nemetz to discuss his work on 'The Good Place'.
Christine Baranski joins TVLine's Michael Ausiello to discuss her role on 'The Good Fight'.
Shep Hyken interviews Randy Frisch. They discuss how content marketing has changed and what businesses need to do to create the best content experience for their customers. A good content marketing strategy is part of a good customer experience. The Interview with Randy Frisch: Content marketing, and consumers’ expectations of it, has changed d ...…
Wall or Bridge, Kendra will walk through anything for Fleabag Season 2. Ken and Kendra come back with gusto and discuss briefly Big Little Lies, Always Be My Maybe, and Godzilla for 30 second before Kendra cuts Ken off. Then we get to the main event. Talking about Fleabag season 2. Kendra and Ken create Mount Gilpin, which is better than Rushmo ...…
Susan Kelechi Watson joins TVLine's Kim Roots to discuss her role on 'This Is Us'.
Let’s imagine – IF GOD was for us! How differently would we see that mountain, that valley, that threat. IF GOD is a concept unfolded in Romans Chapter 8 that changes everything about your life. Dave Gilpin studies God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit to give full metal to this incredible hypothesis.By Hope City Church.
'Is it the people coming into the agency that are changing it, or the other way round?' is this episode of Ed Talk's hot topic! In this episode: Ed's guest Josh Rayner began his recruitment career at the young age of 17 and really hustled and worked his way to the top. Having dabbled in estate agency for a brief period, then a large recruitment ...…
Ps Dave shares on the things that annoy him in ministry, encouraging us to really step out in the spirit of faith to do the impossible on our journey to become and do all that God’s called us to do.By Hope City Church.
Ken and Kendra come back from a week long break rejuvenated. Kendra is now a podcast mogul since she launched her new show Someone Lived Here. Ken talks about Godzilla cause he is a monster. Kendra and Ken discuss Booksmart which they both really enjoyed. Follow us on Instagram and leave us a voicemail if you're into that type of thing. --- Thi ...…
We interview Julian Josland from Team Mad Scientists about 48hrs furious film making
When you’re sandwiched between the old and the brand new, MCS comes knocking. It happens to Pop Stars, the middle aged, the flash guitarist when a flasher guitarist enters the room as well as the older brother when the younger brother comes along. Shunted, displaced, shelved and ignored- emotions run both high and deep. To not understand that G ...…
Shep Hyken interviews Roger Dooley. They discuss his new book, Friction: The Untapped Force That Can Be Your Most Powerful Advantage, and how it applies to the customer experience. The Interview with Roger Dooley: Friction is “any unnecessary expenditure of effort to accomplish a task.” This effort can include both time and money and affects bo ...…
What if the You that God knows is the you you’ve never truly met- the New You, the Real You, the Higher You? To have a revelation that you’re a part of the oldest aristocracy in the world and the oldest dynasty is the beginning of God revealing who you really are. You’re not you when you’re feeling small and anxious, falling for temptation and ...…
168 shows, 50 NZ artists featured. We catch up with what a few of them have been up to.
This leadership message, shared at Lead Summit in England by Dave Gilpin, looks at the ‘peril’ of everything that moves- it has to lose something to gain something. For Abraham he ‘lost’ his son, for Gideon he lost almost all his men, for Joseph he lost his reputation. You may be part of a reduction right now… and it could possibly be an absolu ...…
Shep Hyken interviews Wharton School professors Nicolaj Siggelkow and Christian Terwiesch. They discuss their new book, Connected Strategy, and how any company can use the concept to improve their customer experience. The Interview with Nicolaj Siggelkow & Christian Terwiesch: Connected strategy is a concept that allows companies to connect to ...…
Two Degrees of Peri Gilpin will be off next week for Memorial Day weekend. Sorry, we love you. Kendra congratulates Ken for running a half marathon, but does not congratulate him on anything else. Kendra discusses Hulu's Catch-22. Ken talks about John Wick 3. There seems to be some gore in both of them. No spoilers in either of our conversation ...…
Ch Ch serial giggest Lindon Puffin is back to talk life & upcoming special events
Ken and Kendra talk about moms, thank Peri Gilpin, and discuss Wine Country. Kendra also does some quick promo for her upcoming podcast Someone Lived Here which you can subscribe to now. Ken and Kendra thought Netflix's Wine Country was very funny and Ken will be very mad at anyone who disagrees. We also have a larger conversation about how vis ...…
Shep Hyken interviews Jill Nelson. They discuss her company, Ruby Receptionists, and how to use both technology and humanity to deliver an amazing customer experience. The Interview with Jill Nelson: The driving force behind good customer service should be human engagement and connection. Technology can allow employees to be more helpful, but i ...…
How can we stay positive and lead our schools in the face of relentless challenges, time pressures, setbacks, and the negative events we have to manage. Jon Gordon's best-selling books and talks have inspired readers and audiences around the world. His principles have been put to the test by numerous Fortune 500 companies, professional and coll ...…
Teen bend 16 Sundays join us in the studio to talk gigging and play some of their tracks LIVE
In this episode, Ed talks to someone he's been wanting to chat to for a very long time... Iain White! Iain has huge experience in the estate agency field, and describes himself as a 'thoroughbred estate agent', starting his career as an estate agent in 1987. From working in the entrepreneurial side of estate agency, building up a business with ...…
Spoilers for Avengers Endgame star at 17:20. This week Kendra and Ken quickly discuss their likes and dislikes of Game of Thrones episode 803 and 804. They also go into the beauty of Novellas and short stories and how the movie industry should take a hint. Ken and Kendra discuss some of the things they really liked about Avengers Endgame and Ke ...…
Shep Hyken interviews Karen Jaw-Madson. They discuss her company, Design for Work Experience; her book, Culture Your Culture; and the most effective work cultures for customer service. In Shep’s opening monologue, he talks about the difference between a repeat customer and a loyal customer. The Interview with Karen Jaw-Madson: Karen’s book, Cul ...…
It's New Zealand Music Month! We're doing the present, an interview with Kiwi duo ARO, and the past with some classic Kiwi tracks.
Ken leaves us for an episode to go explore the concept of Old Town Roads in Texas. Kendra gets a replacement, Hannah, who joined us to talk Pen15 a few weeks back. This week we talk about The Perfect Date (not just the concept, but the movie.) Kendra and Hannah discuss the latest Noah Centineo joint, The Perfect Date. This Netflix Original movi ...…
Shep Hyken interviews Patrick Campbell. They discuss subscription models, company culture, hiring right, and becoming “customer-obsessed.” In Shep’s opening monologue, he talks about innovative ways to use a subscription model to enhance your business. The Interview with Patrick Campbell: Any and every company should consider implementing a sub ...…
Jesus didn’t call us to make Christians, he called us to make disciples… the call to follow Jesus is a call to discipleship and to make disciples. in the podcast, our lead Pastor shares important keys to getting on that Growth Track of discipleship with Jesus. Be blessed!By Hope City Church.
Wellington singer songwriter Caroline Easther joins us to talk about her new debut album "Lucky"
Ken and Kendra thank Peri Gilpin for listening (Thank you, Peri). They also create a table of contents for the first time ever. Quick description of the Game of Thrones episode cause Ken liked it. Kendra talks and convinces the world to watch Ramy (successfully). Then Ken and Kendra talk about the topic of the hour, Mystic Pizza starring Annabe ...…
Shep Hyken interviews Mike Grande, the founder and CEO of Rock Out Loud and The Staten Island School of Rock. They discuss Mike’s successful philosophies of providing an outstanding experience to his customers. The Interview with Mike Grande: Focus on a simple growth philosophy: to grow your business one customer at a time. If you do your job r ...…
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