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My podcast is about life,love,unity future an moving forward towards achieving success no matter how hard it is
Podcast by Giovanni Herrera
Executive Producer: Giovanni Fumei"Talking Startups at NYU," hosted by Giovanni Fumei, is a deep dive into the various aspects of turning your insights into a scalable business. We talk to experts, from and around NYU, about innovation, creativity, and doing things that they never thought they’d be able to do. You will get an insider's view into to the excitement and challenges of the world of entrepreneurship. This podcast series is a collaboration between WNYU and ...
The short stories of Giovanni Verga, one of the leading authors of Italian verismo, or realism, tell mostly of working-class characters in rural, 19th-century Sicily. One of these stories, "Rustic Chivalry," or "Cavalleria rusticana," was the basis for the opera of the same name by Mascagni. - Summary by Mary J
Sermões do Alecrim
Sermões do Rev. Giovanni Alecrim
A collection of 10 short stories printed in 1880. (Summary by Simona)
The quality of your mind is the quality of your life. This free podcast covers the topics of Meditation, Mindfulness, Consciousness and Spirituality in Daily Life. Interviews with teachers from different paths, both traditional and modern, sharing insights on the practice of meditation and its integration in modern life and in society. There are also some episodes with guided meditation. Brought to you by blog. Follow me on twitter @gio_self.
Here's Johnny!
The official Podcast of dat Beat making boy Johnny Slash. Here you can hear the man Johnny Giovanni talk to himself and sometimes others about whatever is going on. Enjoy.
As the world witnessed at his death, Pope John Paul II was greatly loved by millions of people, most strikingly by his 'dearest young people'. Ever since JPII began World Youth Day back in 1986, young people have been coming together in their millions (literally) to be with their Papa at World Youth Days. On this podcast people share their stories – what it was about Beloved St John Paul II that they love so much, how his life has encouraged them, and which of his words particularly inspire ...
The legend of Don Juan is one that's been told and retold over the centuries by poets and novelists. His life has been the subject of operas, musicals and film. The earliest reference was in a fourteenth century Spanish play and compiled in book form in the seventeenth century. His life continued to fascinate writers like Moliere, Byron, Bernard Shaw, Pushkin, Shakespeare, Jose Saramago and musicians like Mozart, whose Don Giovanni is a brilliant work that still charms audiences and music lo ...
In this podcast we are 3 friends (Giovanni, Juhana and Nicola) from different fields of engineering and science (Material Science, Chemistry, Engineering, Semiconductor tech, Game development and scientific programming) discussing every week about, you guessed, Science and Technology. In addition to us speaking about our interests we will invite guests to have a conversation about their field of work while trying to present the topic in a simple but deep way with a topping of random talk.Fol ...
Dune and Superfan Giovanni watch the crappy movies and TV of your youth and mock them with free full length commentaries.
The Way Within
Time to take a close look at yourself. As you journey through life things can change as you start to "wake up". The intention of this show is to assist you along the way through sharing the experiences and passions of other people who are on their own Journey.Welcome to The Way Within!www.thewaywithin.meFrom spirituality, to biohacking, to psychedelics, consciousness, health and everything in between our goal is to present topics that will spark your curiosity and nourish your mind.
Podcast Cafe
The four main hosts are: Giovanni, Irfan, Olumide, Emil
The Lutecast
Dedicated to the wonderful music of the queen of all instruments: The lute. Klick on the headlines in order to listen to the music.If you don't want to miss any of the lutecasts, you can subscribe to it in iTunes. So every new episode is delivered to you automatically. Enjoy. Werner Bogula
The 'On The Ball' Soccer Podcast recorded every Sunday at 11 amProducer: Giovanni Angon Host and soccer encyclopedia: Jake FieldsFounded in 2013, the 'On The Ball' Soccer Podcast is a show dedicated to bringing news and opinions to new and old fans of the beautiful game.
The story is set in Padua in a distant, but unspecified past. From his quarters, Giovanni, a young student of letters, observes Beatrice, the beautiful daughter of Dr. Rappaccini, a scientist working in isolation. Beatrice is confined to the lush and locked gardens filled with poisonous plants by her father. Having fallen in love, Giovanni enters the garden and meets with Beatrice a number of times regardless of the warning of his mentor, Professor Baglioni, that Rappaccini is up to no good ...
The Divine Comedy (Italian: Commedia, later christened "Divina" by Giovanni Boccaccio), written by Dante Alighieri between 1308 and his death in 1321, is widely considered the central epic poem of Italian literature, the last great work of literature of the Middle Ages and the first great work of the Renaissance. A culmination of the medieval world-view of the afterlife, it establishes the Tuscan dialect in which it is written as the Italian standard, and is seen as one of the greatest works ...
Señor Gould is a native Costaguanan of English descent who owns the silver-mining concession in Sulaco. He is tired of the political instability in Costaguana and its concomitant corruption, and puts his weight behind the Ribierist project, which he believes will finally bring stability to the country after years of misrule and tyranny by self-serving dictators. Instead, the silver mine and the wealth it has generated become a magnet for local warlords to fight over, plunging Costaguana into ...
Kabbalistic Tarot
Cafe Fantasy
These videos are filled with beautiful women and incredible filmmakers. A collection of videos that inspire and motivate. Enjoy the ride!
Hank is famous on the internet. Katherine does a wonderful job dealing with that. They are married and raising a child together. They want to talk seriously and also not-so-seriously about what's going on with them and in the news. But they also want to take a hard look at how the way they engage with social media impacts their lives, and how the way we all engage with social media impacts the world.
One of the most shocking plays produced in England during the reign of Charles I, 'Tis Pity She's A Whore chronicles the disastrous results of an incestuous affair between fatalistic Italian siblings, Giovanni and Annabella. As suitors vie for Annabella's hand, various webs of deception and revenge intertwine, culminating in a bloody finale. (Summary by Elizabeth Barr)CAST LISTBonaventura, a Friar/ Bergetto, Nephew to Donado: alanmapstoneA Cardinal, Nuncio to the Pope AND Banditti: Algy PugS ...
Take your writing from average to awesome! Don’t waste any more time spinning your wheels or questioning your talent. Learn to write more, write better, write smarter. This podcast will give you tools and techniques so you can feel like a real writer, master the craft of fiction and finally finish that book you've always dreamed of writing.
Where There's Smoke explores self-development through the lens of current events, sports, and pop culture. We surf the zeitgeist through an array of audio clips, quotes, concepts, and conversations. In the spirit of The Daily Show and This American Life, we throw everything into an audio centrifuge that separates “what” from “why”. You walk away with insights and actionable solutions to improve your business, relationships, and almost any area of your life. *new* episode every Tuesday.
Right Click
The technology show that explains today's gadgets and news. We believe in having fun and making sense of technology.
Margaret Fuller was an American feminist, writer, and intellectual associated with the Transcendentalist movement. Her book Woman in the Nineteenth Century (1845) is considered the first major feminist work in the United States. Her life was short but full. She became the first editor of the transcendentalist journal The Dial in 1840, before joining the staff of the New York Tribune under Horace Greeley in 1844. By the time she was in her 30s, Fuller had earned a reputation as the best-read ...
BBC Radio 3's Composer Of The Week is a guide to composers and their music. The podcast is compiled from the week's programmes and published on Friday, it is only available in the UK.
An edited version of the regular Building a Library slot where guest experts review available recordings of a work from the classical music repertoire and give a recommendation.
Audio recordings of classic and contemporary poems read by poets and actors, delivered every day.
Fortnightly(ish) podcast delving into incredible, macabre and bizarre stories from historical newspapers. Violet and Jim are two amateur researchers based on opposite sides of the Atlantic, Violet in London and Jim in New York, and every couple of weeks or so they get together to discuss the stories, poems and letters to the editor that they’ve found in the archives. Whether it’s global headline-making stories completely forgotten today or unusual reporting of famous events, it’s always guar ...
A look at the history of alchemy and it's influence on science.
An exploration of early music, looking at early developments in musical performance and composition both in Britain and abroad
the fashion industry’s favorite show
Speeches, job interviews, deal-closing pitches... do you know the best way to handle yourself in the spotlight? “Steal the Show” offers a fast track to the skillset that will enable you to engage your listeners, manage your nerves, and give your message maximum impact in every situation, every time. Your host Michael Port is a New York Times bestselling author of 6 books, including Book Yourself Solid and Steal the Show, a top-rated corporate speaker, and former professional actor, having gu ...
The podcast network that brings you conversation and inspiration from your favorite authors, editors and creators – giving you new perspectives on the world of books, culture and the arts.
An inside look at the motorcycle industry.
The editors go inside the pages of Poetry, talking to poets and critics, debating the issues, and sharing their poem selections with listeners.
Jason Lee, along with co-hosts Apryl Jones & DJ Damage bring HUU into thousands of homes around the world.When it comes to bringing truth to the rumors, our celebrity guests do not hold back. Tell-all interviews have ranged from Amber Rose breaking down her annual SlutWalk to Floyd Mayweather admitting he's too rich to wear Jordan's! Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED] has proven to be the easy-going platform where entertainments biggest names can clear up the rumors and allegations involving th ...
Radio show hosted by Martie Whittekin. Subjects are alternative medicine and natural alternatives to drugs. These shows are from January 2013 to the current time.
A former sommelier interviews incredibly famous and knowledgeable wine personalities in his tiny apartment. He gets them to talk candidly about their lives and work, and then shares the conversations with you. Erin Scala contributes amazing original segments. Crush Wine & Spirits is the retail partner. To see all the back episodes from episode 1 in your feed, and to see new episodes sooner, it is important to SUBSCRIBE. It is free to subscribe. Contact info: Email Ins ...
Poetry (Audio)
UCTV's impressive archive of poetry readings, interviews and conversations with established and emerging poets is the perfect resource to bring the art of language to life.
Official team podcasts, audio, and news all related to the Portland Timbers of Major League Soccer.
Two old friends talking sh*t and taking names
DiWineTaste Podcast, discovering the enchanting world of wine, sensorial tasting, grapes, history and territories making the beverage of Bacchus unique. Hosted by Antonello Biancalana.
Opera After Dark
Forget what you thought you knew about classical music, and leave your preconceived notions at the door! Co-hosted by Naomi Barrettara, Elspeth Davis, and Kyle Homewood, Opera After Dark is a journey into the surprisingly wild, sometimes sexy, ALWAYS weird world of classical music. Join us as we settle in, open a bottle of wine, get tipsy, and discuss and share the crazy stories and bizarre facts about the “high art” that we love.
Paul Stennett hosts The Transformation Blueprint, where he interviews inspiring individuals making an impact each and every week, to extract the lessons and the tools you can use to make transformations in your own life. There are many paths to success folks, so let’s find yours together.
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Donald Macleod explores the operas of Jean-Phillipe Rameau.At his death in 1764, Rameau, by then an octogenarian, had more than 30 stage works to his credit. It’s a remarkable achievement when you consider he produced his first opera at the age of 50. Up to that point, although details about his life are surprisingly patchy, he appears to have ...…
Ross Smith returns and along with Tom Kolker and Richard Farley, the trio talk about the Timbers offseason. We also hear from Portland's technical director Ned Grabavoy on the team's preparation for 2019.
These days, it has become hard to realign your career and your passions. There is not much sense of fulfillment you get from work because it doesn’t make you happy or serve you anymore. Helping people and corporations pursue both their career and goals in line with their passions, Mani Goulding shows the possibility of actually being happy and ...…
Timbers midfielder Diego Valeri is the guest on the first Talk Timbers of 2019.
This week Jason Lee, Apryl Jones, and DJ Damage are joined by Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera who are fresh off of WE TV's "Marriage Boot CAMP." Waka and Tammy have the best chemistry, but, they have been through some rough times, Waka reveals that when he did wrong by Tammy he knew he needed to make things right and there is no pride when it come ...…'s Richard Farley and The Oregonian's Jamie Goldberg discuss the offseason moves from the Portland Timbers and Thorns FC and talk about what positional needs both clubs still have to address. Jamie and Richard also discuss rumored signings, evaluate the Timbers' 2019 MLS schedule, talk about the start of preseason and examine the cha ...…
Hey there word nerds! Today I am so excited to have Ashley and Leslie Saunders on the show! Ashley and Leslie are award-winning filmmakers, twin sisters, and authors. Hailing from the suburbs of Dallas these two honed their love of storytelling at The University of Texas at Austin. While researching their debut novel, The Rule of One, Ashley an ...…
We are back for more as Jason Lee, Apryl Jones & DJ Damage get into all things topical! Jason reveals that he has been dealing with betrayal recently and even had let go of one his staff after they actively partnered with somebody that was not a supporter of Hollywood Unlocked. He has been going though it as he also reveals that he has a stalker!…
Women are raised in a society where they are pushed into certain ideals of the body. This has grown into having a dysfunctional relationship with your body and not feeling safe within it. Especially with the rise of social media, so many social pressures are out there to get the best of us in hating ourselves. When asked the question, “Do you l ...…
Somewhere near the end of this one we get dangerously silly...
It’s 2019 and we are back and better as Jason officially announces and welcomes our new hosts Apryl Jones & DJ Damage! There is a lot to catch up on and you know we got straight to the tea! Our hosts have had a crazy New Year and Apryl touches on a few things that escalated between her and Moniece Slaughter over the holidays! It all started on ...…
Subscribe to the iTunes feed....and tell your (secret) degenerate friends haha. Current episodes will be uploaded to the Youtube channel (till we catch up): Have questions/advice requests for the podcast? Email them here: Social Stuff:IG: MotivatedresultsTwitter: MotivresultsEmai ...…
The editors discuss Jorie Graham's poem "Overheard in the Herd" from the January 2019 issue of Poetry.
“Born and brought up through childhood with wild animals for playmates”, Frank C. Bostock was no ordinary child. From the age of 15, he became the “Boy Trainer” for his parents’ travelling menagerie, and went on to become a pioneers of showbiz across Britain - before monopolising the prime real estate of Dreamland in Coney Island with his epic ...…
Bill Sardi will be my guest. We will discuss heart disease in women because it presents differently than in men and has been neglected in the research. He recently posted this article. Especially after my two recent blogs on vitamin C, I’m glad he has an update on that as well. Here is a recent interview with him about vitamin C that was publis ...…
Jasper Morris is the author of the book "Inside Burgundy: The Vineyards, the Wine, & the People", as well as the website Jasper Morris Inside Burgundy. Jasper gives both an overview of his own career as a wine importer and Burgundy specialist, and an overview of the vineyards of Burgundy. Jasper goes from north to south along the Côte d'Or, giv ...…
Kate Molleson recommends recordings of Prokofiev's Violin Concerto No.1 in D major, Op.19
Tune in at 8pm to hear George Frideric Handel's opera of 1711, Rinaldo. This seldom performed Baroque opera was Handel's fifth and was a huge success at its premier.
The icon, Donna Karan, interviewed in the event space at her Urban Zen store in Greenwich Village, NYC, December 2018. Urban Zen – Urban Zen Foundation –
Donald Macleod journeys through the life of Felix Mendelssohn.Mendelssohn was a leading figure of German music in his day, and became something of an international celebrity. He was at the very forefront of music making during the 1830s and 1840s, as a composer, conductor, pianist and organist. He began as a highly gifted and versatile prodigy, ...…
Speed to market, dead inventory, fabric minimums, inflexible machines and processes, disconnection from customer needs and wants… all solved? All solved in an ethical sustainable manner?! That’s the assertion from Lawrence Lenihan and Joseph Ferrara, Co-Founders of Resonance Companies, and, yes, they have proof of concept. They’ve selected seve ...…
In our professional lives, we’re always caught in that mind frame of trading our time for money. Most especially for us entrepreneurs, we often think about how we should be creating and creating one product after the next. Bernadette Doyle has transformed herself and her entrepreneurial journey by focusing not on coming up with new products rat ...…
Hey there word nerds! Today I have the pleasure of hosting David Corbett on the show! I know David as a highly sought-after instructor at ITW’s Master CraftFest and CraftFest, and it’s easy to see why as he is the award-winning author of six novels, the story collection Thirteen Confessions, and the writing guide The Art of Character which has ...…
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