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Best Glens Garden Market podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Glens Garden Market podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Everyday Enviro
Host Danielle Vogel founded Glen's Garden Market in Dupont Circle on Earth Day of 2013, after working on Capitol Hill for a decade to pass comprehensive climate change legislation. She wanted to create a space where making climate change progress is easy, convenient, and delicious. On Everyday Enviro, she calls on her network of friends, business partners and allies in the environmental movement to share tricks and tips, empowering listeners to examine the way they eat, drink, shop and think ...
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Danielle talks with Jrink and Apothekary founder Shizu Okusa about the path to emotional sustainability, as a prerequisite for championing environmental sustainability. Powered and distributed by SimplecastBy Danielle Vogel
Danielle talks with Erin Callahan, Director of the Climate Collaborative, about the commitments and actions the retail community is making to slow climate change. Powered and distributed by SimplecastBy Danielle Vogel
Danielle talks with local wine expert Andrew Stover about the best local wines to pair with your holiday meal -- and which bottles to bring when you're not the one hosting dinner. Powered and distributed by SimplecastBy Danielle Vogel
Powered and distributed by SimplecastBy Danielle Vogel
Powered and distributed by SimplecastBy Danielle Vogel
Just last month, AGU inhabited DC's first net-zero building. Danielle talks with AGU's Director of Public Affairs, Elizabeth Landau, about the features that earned the renovation that esteemed distinction.By Danielle Vogel
Danielle talks with Justin Rosengarten about his journey to reduce his personal carbon footprint. From bike commuting, to becoming a vegan to choosing to work for a company that aligns with his personal development goals, Justin has made mindful choices that limit his environmental impact. In this episode, he shares tips and tricks for tweaking ...…
Danielle talks with DC Green Scheme Founder, Ronnie Webb, about engaging DC youth in the environmental movement. Ronnie shares strategies for building great habits early and engaging students in environmental activism.By Danielle Vogel
Danielle chats with Kristof Grina, cofounder of Up Top Acres, about gardening on patios and rooftops in the DC area. Kristof shares tips about what produce thrives in our region, along with some anecdotes about his own experiences with rooftop agriculture.By Alexya Brown, Danielle Vogel, Kristof Grina
Danielle talks with Emily Robichaux of Groundswell about choosing renewable power at home, ongoing community solar initiatives and the legislative outlook for renewable power in our region.By Danielle Vogel
Danielle talks with Good Food Markets visionary Phil Sambol about the intersection between environmental justice and the Good Food movement. They discuss everything from the environmental impacts of processed foods to the role of corner stores as community centers.By Full Service Radio
Danielle chats with urban farmer Chelsea Barker about the environmental impacts of single-use plastics. Chelsea shares an abundance of tips for choosing plastic alternatives, and for identifying opportunities to make easy swaps that save money -- and the environment -- over time.By Full Service Radio
Danielle chats with Sarah Weiner, visionary founder of the Good Food Awards, about the economics of the Good Food movement: from shopping your values to the fallacy of economies of scale when it comes to thoughtfully crafted, small-batch foods. Sarah shares tips for eating well without expanding your food budget.…
Danielle chats with professional beermonger and homebrewer Todd Himes about drinking sustainably. Todd shares tips about getting started in homebrewing, including everything from where to get the best ingredients to where to track down hard-to-find equipment around DC.By Full Service Radio
Danielle chats with Each Peach Market Co-Founder Emily Friedberg about finding local favorites, spotting trends in small-batch food and making climate change progress -- one bite at a time. Emily shares thoughts and tips for shopping wisely, when looking to minimize your personal carbon footprint.By Full Service Radio
Danielle talks with Washington Post Food Writer Tim Carman about innovative ideas for repurposing leftovers. Tim shares ideas for stretching your food dollar while minimizing your personal carbon footprint.By Full Service Radio
Danielle talks with Shengyin Xu of the World Resources Institute about the benefits of bike commuting and gets some pro-tips on making the transition for cyclists of all levels.By Full Service Radio
Danielle chats with Lotta Andonian, Founder of Eat Chic chocolate and winner of AccelerateHERdc, about her work and her vision for the future of sustainably sourced confections.By Full Service Radio
Six years ago today, Everyday Enviro host Danielle Vogel opened the doors to Glen's Garden Market to make incremental climate change progress. On today's episode, she shares the Glen's origin story.By Full Service Radio
Danielle talks with Tiernan Sittenfeld of the League of Conservation Voters about the history of -- and prognosis for -- progressive federal climate change policy.By Full Service Radio
Danielle talks with Washington City Paper Food Editor Laura Hayes about what chefs are doing to minimize their restaurants' carbon footprints, and where you should go to support good environmental practices around town.By Full Service Radio
Danielle talks tacos with Chaia Taco co-founder Bettina Stern. Get tips on building the perfect veggie taco at home, using local, seasonal produce from your farmers' market.By Full Service Radio
Danielle talks with Chef Tim Ma, owner of Kyirisan and American Son, about the ways he's fighting food waste in his commercial kitchens and gets tips on how we can do the same at home.By Full Service Radio
Danielle talks with climate change activist and climate-committed parent Keya Chatterjee about her book, Zero Footprint Baby. Keya shares tips on minimizing your family's carbon footprint, and describes the prognosis for progress on federal legislation to address climate change.By Full Service Radio
Danielle talks with local food author and activist Renee Catacalos about eating locally in the DMV, and economic sustainability and diversity & inclusion in the local food movement.By Full Service Radio
Danielle talks with former winemaker and current wine buyer, Kyle Preston, about the nuances of natural winemaking and who's really getting it right both locally and internationally. They also explore price transparency to give listeners a better sense of what goes into bottle pricing.By Full Service Radio
Danielle talks with former comedian, soup savant and Soupergirl founder Sara Polon about maximizing flavor while minimizing meat consumption and food waste. Sara has taken her mindfully sourced vegan soup company national, and we’ll talk about her journey toward world soup domination, getting some tips along the way for making delicious vegan food.…
Danielle talks with Phil Wong, co-founder of Misfit Foods, about the ways in which we can minimize food waste, and how his company -- which he founded with best friend Ann Yang in his Georgetown dorm room -- works to divert veggies from landfills, creating delicious, value-added products in the process.…
Danielle talks with local enviro enthusiast Zack Clark about the ins and outs of composting at home and at work. They explore how and what to collect and where to bring compost around town, as well as how best to convince colleagues that composting is worth the effort.By Full Service Radio
Danielle Vogel talks with Port City Brewing Company founder Bill Butcher about the ways you can make environmental progress just by drinking sustainably sourced local, craft beer. They dive into the nuances of sourcing ingredients, glassware and equipment and they explore the fundamentals of shoping your values, when it comes to beer.…
Danielle Vogel and Maven Women founder, Rebecca Ballard, explore sustainable fashion, discussing everything from organic cotton to garment lifecycles. Rebecca shares tips and resources for those looking to dress responsibly, from an environmental perspective.By Full Service Radio
In the debut episode of Everyday Enviro, Danielle Vogel chats with urban farmer Chelsea Barker about the nuances of local v. organic v. sustainable produce. They discuss what you need to know when you’re making your choices at the grocery store or farmers’ market, and they explore the feasibility of growing produce at home or at a community gar ...…
Danielle Vogel talks with local wine sommelier Andrew Stover about the ways in which we can reduce our personal carbon footprint by drinking sustainably made wines. They explore the nuances of local/sustainable vs. non-local/biodynamic, cans v. bottles and where to find the most environmentally conscious wines in the DMV.…
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