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Scores and my predictions from the NFL Week 14‼️ Did you wake 🥳 or 🤬 CHECK IT OUT😈😈 Become a supporter of this podcast:
MCCarthy Firing Fair or not? Kareem Hunt situation & Is Wall a good fit for LA? FIND OUT NOW🚨🚨 Become a supporter of this podcast:
Gaz is away so David Ginsburg from the Off the Charts and In Touch with iOS podcasts joins Guy for what ended up being the third time this week so he's already tired of Guy's nonsense probably. All the usual stuff and a discussion over whether or not the new Mac mini could be used as a pro machine.
While this might seem like a redundant statement (the GMen being turkeys), it fits in nicely with that American holiday of over-eating, full contact shopping, and apparently being grateful for something or another. Lots of MyMac stuff as appetizers, CarPlay, analysts, and Black Friday deal fails as the main course, and all the usual after stuff ...…
Sports freestyle 😈 “COdukelostUGH” Excuse Me🤪 🗣FIND OUT WAT IM TALKIN BOUT🚨🚨 Become a supporter of this podcast:
A question that can only be answered by listening to the show because their minds work (kinda) in mysterious ways. The GMen run through the news like they were taking a machine gun nest with a take no prisoners attitude...except without the actual fighting, explosions, and so forth so not nearly as exciting or life threatening.…
Well they certainly wouldn't respond to THIS show! Gaz is away and Karl Madden joins Guy which is a good thing because he had all KINDS of related. Thought I better throw that in there.
Understanding how important it is and how it can affect your image by simply KEEPING YOUR WORD🗣 Become a supporter of this podcast:
Apple renews its old stuff and the GMen are all over it! Well not literally because that would be really uncomfortable but they do talk about it!
Gaz's iPhone XR shows up and he likes it but thinks his wife and Lil Gaz will believe it's too big because size matters. Guy leaves stuff behind, not like anything bad like you should, but valuable stuff because he's dumb sometimes. Lot's of Apple stories and they enjoyed it SO much, they recorded it three times! OK, that part they didn't enjoy.…
Guy is still sick, but it's adding a certain level of...Guy still being sick. Gas fixes his mouse and Mac App Store, and the two of them talk about all kinds of Apple and Mac stuff...because that's what they do.
Guy is not feeling well and he's a miserable person when that happens, but it leads to hilarious hijinks! Gaz finally gets an answer from 1Password, but it's almost indecipherable. And naturally all the usual nonsense you've come to expect from the GMen.
And he’s back yep Karl again steps in to help out as Guy is away sunning himself on his private island retreat that he’s purchased after winning the lottery.
Gas makes a big purchase and you'll NEVER guess what it is based on the title for this podcast! And sure they talk about other stuff too because they have to fill an hour SOMEHOW, but that BIG's a mystery!
Has Leveon made the correct decision to hold out? Can Pittsburgh Management or Players be trusted?? FIND OUT🚨🚨 Become a supporter of this podcast:
Gaz and Guy rope Karl Madden back to the show again to talk about iOS 12, new iPhones and watches, another Android phone maker trying to market their stuff off Apple, and where the heck are those AirPower chargers anyway?
New Apple iPhones and a watch and nary a Mac in sight. Karl Madden from the Mac and Forth podcast joins Gaz and Guy to talk about and listen to Guy whine...I mean speak intelligently about this sad state of affairs.
OK, Tar...if...c'mon tariffs. Alright not my best analogy. Gaz is out on walk-a-bout and Dave Ginsburg of "In Touch with iOS" joins Guy to talk about Shazam, more Alex Jones, and a malware app that acts like...malware and gets you to actually PAY for it.
Who has the HIGHEST EXPECTATIONS to live up to their MEGA contract🔥🔥🔥 RODGERS DONALD MACK OBJ‼️ Become a supporter of this podcast:
After a week off for REALLY good reasons (really they were!), the GMen are fresh and ready to go as usual! So, Guy is particularly manic and Gaz is doing his level best to keep him in check which nearly always sometimes never works! They talk a bit about the upcoming event, walking holidays, amusement parks, weddings and a few other things incl ...…
Guy can't talk like Arnold without going all French on everyone, Gaz is out of his bedroom, and of somewhat lesser importance some kid hacked Apple and grabbed lots of stuff.
Just how GREAT is Baker Mayfield🔥🔥?! Dashawn from On the dotted line has the RAMS MISSING THE PLAYOFFS🤦🏾‍♂️🤯+ BATTLE OF TEXAS FOR THE SB😈 Become a supporter of this podcast:
Hang overs, feeling weirdly normal, and pantomiming River Dances is all part and parcel of this week's show where apparently they also talk about something serious like malware. Can you sing one song to the tune of another? Harder than it sounds, but is hilarious.
Guy falls asleep when he could have been podcasting so they record on his wife's birthday instead because how could THAT go wrong? They toss about Apple's trillion dollar worth and why it hasn't also made them rich and Cupertino being all fussed because Apple made money and they want some of it. Also, why NOT make a Hyperloop transportation sys ...…
This discussion is about the brilliance of Lebron James and Kap moving without a plan has crippled his career and the minds of others‼️‼️🚨🚨 Excuse the rain in the background lol ENJOY! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Gaz and Guy finally manage to be the internets at the same time to record a podcast! What are they effing stupid? A real menagerie of topics in the center section and a LOT about Macstock 2018.
A little late getting this out mostly because I was driving home, but it's a good one! Tim Robertson starts us off with Silent Brooke, then it's Bob "Dr. Mac" Levitas, followed by Chuck Joiner, and lastly Mike Potter creator of the Macstock Expo.
RODGERS VS BRADY🔥🔥🚨🚨Who’s actually the better QB?? Who would you start your franchise with?? Become a supporter of this podcast:
Were there other intentions behind this trade??? Who wins this trade?? Would kawhi consider resigning wit the raptors?? Do the spurs really want Derozan?? FIND OUT HERE 🚨🚨 Become a supporter of this podcast:
Being the summer of duh fits RIGHT into the GMen’s wheelhouse! So many stories of the obvious and the inane because otherwise, well there wouldn’t be much of a show based on actual events! Motley Fool, Adobe, Subscription services, and new MacBook Pros that neither of us can afford round out the rest of the podcast.…
Here’s my opinion on my brothers over at “On The Dotted Line” latest episode “Cheaterversity”🔥🔥 Is there a difference between a man cheating vs a woman and will you give them a 2nd chance⁉️⁉️ Become a supporter of this podcast:
Gaz watches cars go zoom so Guy grabs Karl Madden from the Mac & Forth podcast to fill in. This will make up for when Guy is Driving to Chicago is a car going zoom on his way to Macstock and Gaz will do the podcast with someone else...maybe Karl. Technical difficulties wipe out the center section so they had to do it again, but this time is was ...…
STOP BEING AVERAGE!! GIVE 110%‼️🔥🐅🐅🐅 Become a supporter of this podcast:
A loooooong delay while we worked on some technical issues on Gaza's side, but we narrowed it down to three things. Hardware, software, or the internet. So should be easy to narrow down from there. Speaking of the internet, Skype used to be awful, now it's horribly, unspeakably, Micheal Myers kind of bad. Apple will finally use it's own data fo ...…
So where ARE the new Macs? This and a trip to Boise, analysts critiquing analysts, silly Canadians, and so much more! Join the GMen in a show filled with fun and nonsense! Woo and woo!
Guy’s away doing ere stuff! So this week Gaz asked Karl the Man Madden from the Mac and Forth podcast to join him for this weeks madness.
Who you takin?!?!?! RANDY?? OR T.O.???? FIND OUT MY PICK‼️🔥‼️🔥‼️🔥‼️ Become a supporter of this podcast:
My personal experiences and emotions when I had to face losses! Ways on how and not how to deal with it! Please seek help if you need it! Don’t let your pride be the reason you suffer. Become a supporter of this podcast:
So like nearly everyone else, the GMen Talk about the recent WWDC developer's conference but with their own special spin. They REALLY hope you like spinning because this show ended up being much longer than usual. Gaz also has car troubles and Guy has trouble finding a car.
Where will Dez land?? Cowboys and Gmen season expectations!! Jimmy G and the new niners reg season predictions‼️‼️🔥🔥🔥 TUNE IN🐅🐅 Become a supporter of this podcast:
Gaz is away but Guy is still in the UK zone as Simon Parnell joins him to talk about VPN's (and why some countries hate them) and data privacy in regards to the EU's GDPR and the still being debated ePrivacy Act. And just general silliness.
AMAZING ALBUMS & A CLEAR LOPSIDED FINALS Become a supporter of this podcast:
Are you a procrastinator? You need to hear this! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Who wants it more?!?!?!?! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Both Guy and Gaz are tired but manage to stay awake long enough to record a show that includes a little bit of Mac news, a few laughs, and Guy's fiery moments of uncontrollable rage! A few technical glitches make their way in too.
CAVS BOSTON GAME 7 Become a supporter of this podcast:
Gaz is back but this week Guy has gone, that could be good, or equally it could be bad! Don’t panic though has has a guest who he finds out hasn’t been on before, shocker! Simon AKA Serenak joints Gaz and brings some intelligence the the show, finally I here you say.So does Gaz care well you’ll have to listen particularly to the middle section, ...…
Gaz is back for at least this week which is great because Guy will be gone next week. Keep this up GMen and you won't get paid! Meanwhile will Apple be the first company to reach a one trillion dollar market cap? Maybe, but we won't see any of it.
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