Best Goldfish podcasts we could find (Updated March 2019)
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Bulletproof Radio
Bulletproof Executive Radio was born out of a fifteen-year single-minded crusade to upgrade the human being using every available technology. It distills the knowledge of world-class MDs, biochemists, Olympic nutritionists, meditation experts, and more than $1M spent on personal self-experiments. From private brain EEG facilities hidden in a Canadian forest to remote monasteries in Tibet, from Silicon Valley to the Andes, high tech entrepreneur Dave Asprey used hacking techniques and tried e ...
Every Little Thing
ARRRRR pirate peg legs really a thing? Who invented the Cha Cha Slide? How old is Winnie the Pooh? ELT is here to answer your burning questions. If you have a question that needs answering, call the ELT Help Line at 833-RING-ELT or send an audio message to Every Little Thing is produced Gimlet Media and hosted by Flora Lichtman.
Every week get an in-depth discussion behind the latest news in Magic the Gathering, focusing on finance, competitive deck building and budget brewing.
From the ground breaking and life saving to the wacky and implausible, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki reveals some of the best moments in science.
In an effort to get smarter, Kevin Smith recruits Andy McElfresh for a weekly erudite inquisition into the unknown! Presented in 4 easy to digest chapters! 1) The SCI. 2) The FI: . 3) The WHY and 4) The BYE.
Ubuntu Podcast
Upbeat and family-friendly show including news, discussion, interviews and reviews from the Ubuntu, Linux and Open Source world.
Cliffo and Gabi are on your wakeup dial on hit103.1 Townsville 6-9am every weekday!
What happens when rival pets have dueling podcasts? Find out as Jones (Jay Pharoah), a slick cat with a taste for auto tune, faces off with Waffles (Emily Lynne), a dog who can’t help chewing her microphone. Also starring Benny the gerbil (Eugene Mirman) and Mr. Glub the goldfish (Alec Baldwin). WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of podcasts including Radiolab, Snap Judgment, On the Media, Death, Sex & Money and many others. © WNYC Studios
Some Guy's Podcast
The best podcast you've never heard of. Covers current events, the host's personal life, ill-conceived conspiracy theories, and ways that you definitely should (not) go about resolving conflicts.SGCL is live! Go to to help the podcast exist!Write to the podcast at, review, and subscribe wherever you listen to your podcasts!
Draft Toronto
Highlights from Draft Toronto's monthly reading series
BBPShow Podcast
This is the BBPShow podcast -Business Banter Plus ...Our amazing guests share their digital adventures! Join Elaine Lindsay, glammapreneur, host, and the 2nd most curious person on the planet.Join me...
Fishful Thinking
Pepperidge Farm has been committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle for over forty years by offering parents wholesome snacks made with no artificial preservatives.The Goldfish brand partnered with Positive Psychology leader and mother of four, Dr. Karen Reivich, to create Fishful Thinking. Fishful Thinking is a program that helps parents raise children who have a positive attitude and can confidently tackle life’s challenges.
Cranium Cavities
Cranium Cavities is a comedy podcast about learning new things. Every other week three friends get together to talk about the strangest and most interesting facts they've found on the internet, in life, or submitted by listeners.
That's So Hadden
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show series
Kyle and Coen talk about the Cowboys game against the Broncos tonight and try their hand at singing the Autumn Anthem
My incredible guest, Isabelle Giroday is a Publisher, a Publicist, a Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist, a speaker and a 4 times award-winning author. She’s also the founder of the XO kids project raising awareness for atypical children, and of the collaborative platform BeXO TV, giving voice to all XO (eXtraOrdinary) Beings. Isabelle helps ...…
This episode of Bulletproof Radio features organizational psychologist Adam Grant, who brings a dynamic acumen to all of his work. He has been recognized as one of the world's 10 most influential management thinkers and named to Fortune's 40 under 40 list. In today’s show, you’ll learn why burnout is thriving and people aren’t, and why burnout ...…
This is a different vibe for 13 year old Gabi with no mention of her love life!
If I don't graduate with a job, it actually hurts Northeastern's numbers. So I have a marginal amount of power here. Also I'm donating my hair this weekend. Also I'm dabbling in screenwriting so we'll see how that pans out. Email the podcast at
Cliffo's wife is only a couple of weeks away from having their second bub and she is craving all the pineapple!
This episode of Bulletproof Radio includes a surprising amount of laughter that makes the topic of intelligence and genius a fun listen. Our guest is Dean Keith Simonton, Ph.D., a Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of California-Davis. He’s known as the “Maverick Psychologist” who has been defying the establishment ...…
Jade Holland visited the studio to talk about her new flood relief single 'Lives on the Lawn'
Barcodes look deceptively simple, but it took 25 years - and two episodes of Great Moments in Science! - to get from that lightbulb moment on a beach to the first barcode and scanner at a checkout.
With Richard away Seth and Crim discuss the 2019 Challenger Decks and a bunch of Modern tournaments.
Can duct tape really fix every little thing? ELT tests the limits — and gets to the bottom of a duct tape story that’ll blow your socks off. Plus, your most ingenious MacGyver stories. Guests: Daniel Munson, Senior Product Development Specialist at 3M; Gary LaRose, lodge owner and hunting guide on the Alaska Peninsula; Luke Miller, Anchorage-ba ...…
In this mini-episode of Bulletproof Radio, Dave Asprey and Martin Tobias, CEO of Upgrade Labs, give listeners a sneak peek into the coolest parts of the 6th Annual Biohacking Conference— Upgrade XP: Wake up Your Untold Potential. This event is happening April 5-7 at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California. This year’s conference has bee ...…
Has it been a full partner swap with Jess, Dan, Tamara and Mick?
Sorry it's late. I met up with News Guy Gio again and we solved all the current events problems. Email the podcast at
In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, one of my favorite authors is back on the show. Robert Greene has written five New York Times bestsellers. One in particular, The 48 Laws of Power, changed the course of my professional life. His other books, including: The Art of Seduction, The 33 Strategies of War, The 50th Law, and Mastery, have gained a ...…
Have you had to do it? A man in Victoria chainsawed his face and had to drive himself to get help.
Gabi is not a fan calling it irresponsible!
In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, psychic psychologist Joy Martina demystifies the myths surrounding intuition. She explains how anyone can develop their psychic skills and fundamentally alter their life experience. Before you decide this isn’t the episode for you, stay with us. We talk about intuition as a form of intelligence that’s not g ...…
Puppy Bear took advantage of an opportunity with a Cowboy's WAG
Cliffo and Gabi wanted to know this morning if organizing to be pregnant with a friend or loved one was a thing?!
The story of the barcode has everything - from gangsters to newborns and a whole lot of sand.
MPL member and Spikes Academy professor Seth Manfield joins the crew to discuss sideboarding, organized play and the B&R announcement.
While spoons, knives, and chopsticks have been commonplace for centuries, forks didn’t make it to most silverware drawers until the mid-1800s. What took so long? ELT investigates. Guest: Darra Goldstein, food historian, cookbook writer, and founding editor of Gastronomica, Thanks to caller Nicole.
Gabi didn't see anything at a wedding over the weekend because the celebrant forgot to tell everyone to sit down!
Bulletproof Radio welcomes scientist Dr. Stephen Porges back to the show. He's known for his deep and profound understanding of the human nervous system and its application to real-life clinical settings. Dr. Porges created the Polyvagal Theory, which explains the workings of the vagal nerve and links the evolution of the mammalian autonomic ne ...…
Gabi's friend thinks getting a dog with strengthen his Tinder game.
In the lead up to International Women's Day Cliffo and Gabi are sharing the studio with local women who are inspiring the community. Today they welcomed Kellie Turner in to tell her story with brain cancer.
I'm on spring break (SPRANG BRAHK), which means I'm just sitting at home doing nothing. I didn't do anything today and comedy is hard and politics is a nightmare to try to think about. Email the podcast at
In the lead up to International Women's Day Cliffo and Gabi are sharing the studio with local women who are inspiring the community. Today they welcomed Vivienne Starr from the VaVoom Room to tell her story about empowering women to love themselves.
In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, we talk about how you can increase cognitive capacity by leveraging your stress; how the brain is wired for fear; advances in virtual reality; and why a daily dose of real brain science on Instagram is good for just about everyone. My guest is neuroscientist Andrew Huberman, Ph.D. He studies comparative neu ...…
Cayley Downey lost her son Lachy in 2013. Lachy had special needs which means Cayley knows the support similar families need so she started the charity 'Unlock the Lachs'
If that image is creeping you out, you could have trypophobia.
Seth and Richard break down the announcement of Modern Horizons and MagicFest LA.
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