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Louisa May Alcott’s overwhelming success dated from the appearance of the first part of Little Women: or Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy, (1868) a semi-autobiographical account of her childhood years with her sisters in Concord, Massachusetts. Part two, or Part Second, also known as Good Wives, (1869) followed the March sisters into adulthood and their respective marriages.
Game On Australia
Pete and Dan are just a couple of lads who love to game.. after the nappies have been changed. The guys keep you up to date with the latest in gaming news and reviews, along with a few tips thrown in on how to juggle a love of gaming with being a *good dad*, ("Good dad" is subject to the interpretation of our wives, particularly if they try and get the kids to play 'Call of Duty').
It’s absolutely possible to be a righteous, worthy woman and rock some serious confidence in the bedroom. This is a podcast for wives who are ready to be more confident in their sexuality, and want a safe place to learn and grow without the worry of running into lewd or derogatory messages. If you're ready to finally release the insecurities that have been holding you back and show up in the bedroom as your most confident self, this is the podcast for you.
Hitched | entertains, educates and inspires marriages.
Hey Mama! Podcast
Motherhood, frankly. We're a weekly parenting podcast about the good days & bad days we have as mothers, wives & people. We hope we can help every mama get through their day. You got this!
Every week best friends Ania and Sarah discuss their fantasy football team selections and other football related topics from the wife's perspective. Ania is quite good at fantasy football and has been top of her league for a number of years, Sarah not so good but enthusiastic. The two girls live in different countries and discussing football and getting competitive over fantasy football forms a very important part of their friendship - even though they rarely agree. Both girls are married ri ...
The Faith and Good Counsel Show features topics at the crossroads of mental health, wellness and faith, with the mission to inspire hope and Christian virtue in the lives of women, their families, and relationships. The show is hosted by Staci Gulino, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Speaker, Writer, Educator, and Media Producer.
Co-hosted by Brooklyn comedians Marcia Belsky and Rae Sanni, Misandry with Marcia and Rae takes a (semi) satirical approach to the issues by laying out groundwork for what they have deemed "the final wave of feminism" in which men will be defeated for good. With such segments as #RaeverseRacism, #CrushMenMonday and #TheAudicityofYou, this podcast is a humorous release of unbridled righteous anger and uncensored female voices. Join their militia of women in the woods as they plan the approach ...
If you've read and loved Little Women, you'd probably enjoy finding out more about the doings of the sisters in the third book in the series, Little Men. Published in 1871, the book's full title was Little Men or Life at Plumfield with Jo's Boys. It followed the success of Little Women in 1868 and Good Wives in 1869, which portrayed the fortunes of the March family. Filled with remarkable, endearing and memorable characters, the books remain as fresh and enjoyable as they were when they firs ...
Tune in to Stuff Mom Never Told You to hear host Anney Reese keep it real with a research-driven rundown of the ever-evolving challenges facing women today and throughout history, paired with smart, strategic solutions to further women’s lives, careers, and activism. New episodes come out every Wednesday and Friday.
The Real Story
Global experts and decision makers discuss, debate and analyse a key news story.
Good Enough To Air
Mike, Kelly, and Char watch and review shows that were cancelled before their time. They check out the pilots of these (often very weird) shows that didn't really make it, pretend they could do better, and do their best to hold it all together. Who better to critique TV shows than millennials who were raised by them?
Co-hosted by Brooklyn comedians Marcia Belsky and Rae Sanni, Misandry with Marcia and Rae takes a (semi) satirical approach to the issues by laying out groundwork for what they have deemed "the final wave of feminism" in which men will be defeated for good. With such segments as #RaeverseRacism, #CrushMenMonday and #TheAudicityofYou, this podcast is a humorous release of unbridled righteous anger and uncensored female voices. Join their militia of women in the woods as they plan the approach ...
The Clarey Podcast
The affable ranting and raging economist everybody loves.
Married To Hip Hop Not The Drama, with Tracey Lee is a Podcast and Facebook LIVE show focused around good music and entertaining conversation featuring recording artist and entertainment lawyer Tracey Lee, DJ Blinks, and their wives, Lori and Kat. The show combines occasional special guests, lifestyle topics, social issues, celebrity news, humor, and music from the worlds of sports and entertainment. Our music selection along with our unique viewpoint from a mature hip hop perspective is wha ...
Catalyst Vineyard is a growing, regional church in North East Scotland. We're passionate about being and speaking good news to the world around us.
LeVar Burton Reads
The best short fiction, handpicked by the world’s greatest storyteller. In every episode, host LeVar Burton (Reading Rainbow, Roots, Star Trek) invites you to take a break from your daily life, and dive into a great story. LeVar’s narration blends with gorgeous soundscapes to bring stories by Neil Gaiman, Haruki Murakami, Octavia Butler, Ray Bradbury and more to life. So, if you’re ready, let’s take a deep breath... Listen to ad-free episodes one week early, plus exclusive bonus episodes, on ...
A family-friendly variety show hosted by entertainment power couple Corbin and Julie Miller.
Messages from Riverdale Ministries
The Spann Report Podcast Mr. Spann, the quintessential regular dude with pretty strong opinion on EVERYTHING from Music, Politics, and Pop Culture
My name is Coach Misty & I'm A Faith Based Relationship Coach, Helping Women Win At Love & Marriage. Join Dr. Russell & I as we discuss real life issue topics for single women and wives and give real solutions according to Gods word. Real Queens help fix each others crown. #wifestruggles
Purity for Life
Purity for Life is the bi-weekly podcast from Pure Life Ministries. Our show will take you where real life meets real Christianity as we tackle the tough issues for those struggling with sexual sin. Thanks for listening!
Originally published in 1873, The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today is the only novel Twain co-wrote (C.D. Warner was a good friend and neighbor of the Clemens family in Hartford, and the collaboration sprang from their wive's challenge and encouragement). The title, "The Gilded Age" became synonymous with graft, materialism and corruption in public life, which are well represented in this work. Like others of his works, this one reflects truths about American Society that remain pertinent today. ...
South Florida Connects, Inc. (SFC) Straight Spouse Awareness Support Show provides education, affirmation, validation, confirmation, support, and empowerment to straight spouses everywhere. The show host is SFC's Founder & President Debbie Thomas-Brown a Jamaican native, South Florida Community Outreach Advocate, Nurse and former High School Teacher. Debbie has won several community service awards from HandsOn Broward and has been honored for her community volunteer work by The Points of Lig ...
Irreverent Dads talking about the world. Occasionally funny and almost always idiotic, but in a really good way. And we, of course, drink from the carton. (Whenever our wives aren't looking)
Guys Can Read
GUYS can read? Hell yeah, and they can listen too. You'll love the eight stories in this collection because they each have something about them that appeals to male readers. Or might do. Not that females won’t like them, especially. Anyway, there’s no saccharine romance, no vampires and no soppy happy endings. But there are also no zombies, no dragons and no explosions. There is humor, there is sport and there are cars. There’s sadness and reality, wives and girlfriends, mates, success and f ...
Little Men (published 1871) is considered the second book of the Little Women trilogy written by Louisa May Alcott. (The book Good Wives (1869) was originally the sequel to the novel Little Women (1868), however those two novels are now usually published as a single volume.) The final book of the trilogy is Jo's Boys (1886). Little Men follows the life of Jo Bhaer and the students who live and learn at the Plumfield Estate School that she runs with her husband. The mischievous kids, whom she ...
Our Friends from Three Men in a Boat, to Say Nothing of the Dog, are back. In this funny sequel to Three Men in a Boat J., George, and Harris are out of the boat and on the land riding their bikes. Their lives are too stressful and they need a break from the daily mundane, so they put their heads together and come up with a brilliant idea they decide to travel through the Black Forest of Germany on a bicycling tour. Since two of our friends are now married it seems they will also have to con ...
Mrs. GE-6309 Time with Reesy Floyd-Thompson **LIVE WEDNESDAY NIGHT 8PM EASTERN - THREE WEEKS ON, ONE WEEK OFF**---- Reesy Floyd-Thompson loves crime stories and a good whodunit. When her husband was cast as the unsuspected bad guy, Reesy was forced to play a supporting role in her very own crime drama. She was no longer just Mrs. Thompson; she was now also Mrs. GE-6309. Reesy is the Founder and President of Prisoners' Wives, Girlfriends, and Partners (PWGP), an organization dedicated to part ...
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Great wives make SAMMICHES!Boomers pricing millennials out of housing.The Final Four is for losers.Yard power tools not needed.And Super Chats aka "Blood Shekels."
Hello & welcome back! MASSACHUSETTS, come see Rae at panel for Harvard Kennedy School's Black Policy Conference!! - APRIL 6th OHIO, come see Marcia in Cleveland at Not Your Parents' Basement under the 78th Street Studios - APRIL 5th and APRIL 6th E-mail us/PayPal us: (we are entirely self funded) Twitter: @Mis ...…
In this bonus episode, a retired detective talks about trauma-informed training, and a lawyer discusses what a sexual assault trial entails. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Here's what good coping can look like. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Big question - are we still friends after Spurs knocked City out of the Champions League? If you like your fantasy football podcast with a side of baby, this one is for you! Lottie makes a guest appearance as we discuss tactics for the double gameweek and answer your questions!
As evidence of climate change and mass extinctions becomes ever harder to ignore, a new tide of eco-activism is making waves. Schoolchildren across the world have been coming out on strike, with Swedish student climate activist Greta Thunberg meeting Pope Francis this week. Meanwhile, a movement calling itself Extinction Rebellion continues to ...…
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This week Dan is off so Pete is joined by Jacko_Gfreak, an Aussie twitch streamer from Victoria doing epic things in front of the camera! Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week: 1. PS5 details have been released and they are LEGIT 2. Assassin's Creed Unity could hold the key to rebuilding the Notre Dame Cathedral 3. Xbox has revealed a laun ...…
We have a special Easter episode this week. We review our kids Easter egg hunt, then come up with Easter stories for kids based on weird book titles.Corbin sits down with Theo (7 years old) to play a game of word association. This episode brought to you by Grape Nuts! They steady a man! And heck, also brought to you by Robby Passey cuz he’s a n ...…
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The reckoning that is #MeToo has rippled out into the dating realm. Anney and Samantha dish on what it's like to date these days. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Cappy and Chad discuss common mistakes people make during tax season, society is getting dumber, No Coffee for Grumpy Clarey's, financial advice for webcam girls.
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A survivor of sexual assault shares her story, and we discuss the past, present and future of rape kits. Learn more about your ad-choices at
A martial arts instructor meets his match. "Kwoon" appears in Charles Johnson's collection DR. KING'S REFRIGERATOR AND OTHER BEDTIME STORIES. This episode is sponsored by Calm ( and ZipRecruiter (
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Caitlin opens the show by recapping some recent kid-free time she got to have. Spoiler alert: it was awesome. Caitlin is heading to France soon, and we’re all jealous. Then we lament not traveling more when our babies were babies. Finally, Charlie drops his nap and Caitlin discovers David is not a good photo assistant. Give us 5 stars in Apple ...…
Do you ever catch your guy taking a glance at another woman? Does it make you feel jealous? Today I’m talking about why some guys do that and what it really means about your relationship.
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We look together at the moment when Jesus willingly submitted himself to barbaric torture and a horrific execution on our behalf. Chuck draws our attention to 4 simple truths that can be found as we gather around the cross.
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Cappy doesn't record from home because he needed to get out of the house. Enjoy a "Go Nowhere Rambling" as Cappy drives through towns like Scandia, Dresser, Taylors Falls and Forest Lake!
Survivors of a traumatic event frequently resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms, from substance abuse to eating disorders. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Has what’s happened since the Brexit referendum revealed serious problems with the way the UK is governed? Was the big mistake to have a referendum on such a complex issue in the first place, challenging the sovereignty of parliament and our representative system? Are UK politicians ignorant of the art of compromise, and if so, would proportion ...…
There is a lot of research that shows love is a powerful drug that does wonders for your health. Dr. Karen Sherman explains what some of those benefits are. You can read moreBy (Hitched Media, Inc.).
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Prince Harry had a crack at Fortnite, so we pull out the guitar and sing our right of reply on behalf of all gamers! Top 3 things gamers need to know: 1. GOAG tournaments are COMING and Logitech G and Astro are on board to give you prizes! 2. A millionaire has announced plans for a real life Battle Royale on an island - we break down how it wou ...…
Check out the trailer for our exciting new resource, The Overcomers Series—available now!By (Pure Life Ministries).
Julie must be feeling better this week, because this episode is long and strong!We get an update on project grow-a-baby and discuss our very different feelings about our kids losing teeth.One of our favorite segments is back with more crazy creatures for our Animal Freakshow. This time we pit the hairy frog (first minute of ...…
Anney and Samantha delve into the financial, emotional and physical costs of reporting sexual assault. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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In pursuit of freedom from slavery, a young couple must gather up their courage and spend a night underground. "Free Jim's Mine" appears in Tananarive Due's collection GHOST SUMMER: STORIES.
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Homosexuality increasingly touches all our lives. More and more Christians know a friend, coworker or family member who identifies as gay...and many others are struggling with same-sex attraction themselves. Steve Gallagher draws on his knowledge of the issues involved and explores five reasons why people could feel drawn toward homosexuality. ...…
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