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Looking at my own reflection When suddenly it changes Violently it changes (oh no) There is no turning back now You've woken up the demon in me Get up, come on get down with the sickness
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This week the boys get into a whole mess of stuff including the most dangerous game of all: Birds.
Robby makes some despicable anti-christan remarks on one of the religion's most holy days, Deno talks about his Dad's weird routine for feeding his cat, and the boys get to the bottom of Michael Jackson case.
The Slobs shed their tops under John's sweaty, hairless leadership and find theirselves again unfairly persecuting their talented producer for his mild seed consumption.
This week Cool Robby unleashes his wrath upon the boys with a furious shower of fingering and nephew fucking.
Robby falls apart on air very pathetically. He is emotionally abusive and his life is bad. The boys also talk about non-jewish people playing jewish people.
I'm not gunna lie guys, this one is too stupid to listen to. Don't listen to it. We talk about bean soups and who shits the best.
This week Robby reveals that he resents John and Deno in a profound, irreparable way. The boys also discuss a new friend of the pod and float some good tattoo ideas.
This week: John conducts a Newlywed Game style to see who knows Deno better - Robby or Horny Thom. Deno wins. People don't know this about Deno, but he is a p big pervert.
This week: the boys conduct the final battle and Robby reveals he has several personality disorders and is bald. John gets bullied in a chipotle and then, because hurt people hurt people, teams up with a bus driver to kick a woman off of a bus. Deno Rules.
This week: John and Robby battle each other via a card game made by Deno. The cards are mean spirited and attack John and Robby's character at a fundamental level. Also, John tells about a video of a young child that he found and he keeps watching.
It's 2019, Slobs. This week we play an original song about an accident involving low-T cream. John reads an emotional speech dedicated to you, the listener. Robby takes a boxing class and gets diarrhea.
This week: Slob gets approved for a service animal (his old, shit dog). John gets a biopsy and it turns out he's puerto rican. Deno receives poor service at an Avis, but still rules.
This week: John witnesses a pervert get cornered in an H&M changing room. John was not the pervert (this time). Robby narrowly avoids getting stabbed by some hobos. Deno rules.
This week: Robby sleeps in his grandma's bed, the boys talk about Willy Wonka and listen to a clip of Joe Pesci threatening to punch Sinead O'Connor.
This week: Horny Thom fills in for Robby. John seeks justice from two of his former landlords; following their scent and tracking them down. Deno rules.
This week the boys welcome their new producer, Thommy. Some of you may remember him from the episode about selling socks to perverts. He is Deno's roommate and he has shit his pants as an adult on over 6 occasions. Sober.
This week Deno tells the boys about the time he and friends were conned by DMX. Robby puts himself into a hell of indian food and John watches a blind guy have a temper tantrum.
This week: John and Deno become dangerously unhinged and turn on Robby (coward). Robby discovers a hobbit house on his roof while walking his shitty little dog. Deno rules.
Robby has a sad meltdown in front of a bunch of cool business guys. John witness a kid prank his friend with a blood covered napkin. Deno narrowly evades sitting on some human poop.
This week: John drank a half a cup of coffee and has a manic episode. Robby kidnapped a stray dog and Deno fondly recalls a bat attack.
This week: the boys talk about how the name athlete's foot is an unfair and purposefully exclusive name for a disease you can get from Crocs. Some of Deno's tooth fell out and his life improved. Robby chastises John into taking his shirt off in public.
This week: Deno makes a co-worker cry on 9/11 (unrelated to the tragedy) Slob goes full caligula in Amsterdam's Red Light District and John discovers the horrifying truth behind his rashes.
This week: John reveals he is a class-less idiot with no taste. The boys talk about shitting their pants as adults, and get into a heated argument about the merits of weddings.
This week: Robby went to a comedy festival in Asheville and ate free Indian food meant for homeless people. John talks about his romance with a convict. They kissed during the trial.
Recorded live from Washington Square Park, the boys embark on a choose your own adventure, where John must go through hell or high water to make it to his GF's older sister's quinceanera. You read that right.
The slob boys return after a weeklong break. John and Robby accuse Deno of calling the cops on a cat which died shortly thereafter. John's apartment burns down resulting in another, unrelated dead cat. Although 3 cats survived. That would be a cool show "Cat Survivor" someone tell NBC about this idea.…
DOUBLE FEATURE - TWO EPISODES Slob shares a life hack that prevents co-workers from knowing that you are taking a shit; Deno gets accosted by some mean old guineas, John and his dad kiss in an old Volvo. Slob reveals that his father used to be the Mayor of Ardsley, New York and one year he had to run against a dog in a captain's hat and won on ...…
This week: John reveals a pattern of getting bullied by young children. For instance a ten year old called him a scab covered bitch at the movies in 2014. Deno gives some insights on what its like to be a sober loser and Slob tells us about a time he passed out on the toilet for shit exertion.
This week: John admits to eating a rat, Robby gets duped into watching some whales and Deno talks about a weird van he got into in Albany.
This week: Deno's roommate Thom agrees to eat a log of poop for $200. Other things are said but the gist is that Thom will eat 1 whole doody on camera for $200.
This week: the boys talk about flying, casino etiquette, and we reveal, on air, how much of a coward John Donovan truly is.
This week: the boys talk about Deno's cousin getting bit by a dingo, the ontology of being a cat woman, and John talks about fighting his many drunk, irish brothers and sisters. Punching them in the face and shit. Very fucked up.
This week the boys talk about stories from the road, getting embarrassed by children on bikes and the various sinister shit they all pulled when they were age 12.
This week the boys talk about Scooby Doo's speech pathology, 50's street gangs, the film Jason Takes Manhattan, and John goes to a cigar bar at 1PM on a Tuesday.
This week: the origins of John's rashes are revealed! Plus the boys talk about allergists, the sewer kid and the time JD was featured in the NYT. Deno rules.
The boys talk about the feasibility of kissing the pope, Robby's trip back to Westchester and some other stuff. Deno rules.
This week the boys hear some jokes submitted by fans, talk about the olive garden, discuss the trappings of having an eye patch and how John is a big huge philistine
This week: the boys listen to some japanese guys review Tokyo's convenience store food, talk about their favorite moments from this season of Queer Eye and discuss the ways in which they terrorized their high school teachers.
This week the boys record on the road, specifically at a Hampton Inn in Springfield, MA. The boys chastise Deno for his road snack, 60s cops and the Cleveland Indians.
This week the boys talk about the elderly, a cooking show hosted by a man with a tracheotomy hole, and the reason that personal trainers hate this guy.
This week the boys are joined by Deno's roommate Thommy who tells a gross story about feet. The boys also dive into some sonic fan art and Robby broke a chair by sitting in it.
This week: the boys conduct a racism test on themselves and the results are shocking. Robby takes us deep into Steven Seagal's AMA and John is declared the hottest slob (Deno doesn't know I edited this description, please don't tell him).
This week the boys start some beefs and encourage you all to do the same. A fan sends us some fan fiction and John looks like shit.
This week the boys talk about Rock of Love and Bret Michael's non-accredited boner doctor. Slob chastises a person on the Subway. John sucks.
This week: John pitches a sketch, Deno recounts a tale of eating a bag of shrimp cocktail in a grocery store and Slob meets, quite possibly, the biggest maniac on the internet.
The boys talk about shitty kids from their high school who stole graphing calculators, Banksy's vague bullshit and other gossip.
This week: John kills a bird and the boys dive into the social underpinnings of the Flavor of Love and its spinoffs.
Happy Slob Year. This week Robby almost dies in the Berkshires, John has a 48 hour hangover and undiagnosed clinical anxiety. Finally, Deno yells at an old man.
This week: John argues with CityMD about his rash cream (on-air), Deno gives the boys some gifts, and we read our un-used roast jokes from the John vs Deno Roast Battle.
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