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How Good's Footy?
How Good’s Footy? is a weekly AFL podcast where we ask the most important sporting question of all: Just how good is footy? The Sanspants crew bring their irreverence and nerdy enthusiasm to the world of Aussie Rules, each week exploring the highlights and lowlights of this majestic game while also doing their best to explain the intricate rules and unusual terminology to the uninitiated out there. So join Duscher, Carney and Tom as they barrack, cry, make baseless predictions and argue thei ...
Free Goods Show
FREE GOODS is all about the find. I interview creatives, snobs, and heads to get them to recommend everything from their last discovery to deep cuts to add to the Free Goods playlist available on Apple Music ( & Spotify ( For questions & suggestions, hit up
Join hosts Rivers Langley, Pat Reilly, and Mr. Goodnight on their intrepid aural expedition through the world of oft-forgotten pop culture on "The Goods from the Woods". Featuring personal tales and recollections on the theme from the hosts and their special weekly guests, "The Goods from the Woods" will leave you enlightened. It will leave you enraptured. You will find yourself changed, daddy! Also, you will laugh.
Rock N Roll radio show on Little Raleigh Radio. Hosted by Matt Dunn and Seth Beard. or listen live every Wednesday from 8 to 10 PM EST at:
In Roundsourcing, we explore how we source practically everything regardless of its origin. Quality, price, convenience, talent, availability and efficiency determine where we buy and use goods and services, not where they were invented or produced. In a globalized world, vast opportunities exist for sourcing goods, services, talent, technology and ideas from anywhere around the globe, at any time. Local borders are powerful and barriers to a truly free world are high, and yet, roundsourcing ...
In the beautiful Wet Mountain Valley of southern Colorado, landscape is not the only natural resource. The real lives of people who live in this place have a simple power to connect us to what matters most.
Hood's Goods
Author of "Straight Hood", Brentt Hood speaks his mind about culture and society with a wide range of weekly guest and co-host Mikey Diamonds.
Welcome to the Jay's Sporting Goods Podcast page. Jay's is Michigan's original Outdoor Superstore... serving hunters and anglers since 1971.Hosted by Mike Avery
Damaged Goods
A balancing act between comedy and debauchery as seen through the jaded eyes of T.H.C. The Sithlord and Fireball Jesus. Tune in and check your feelings at the door.
How Good's Living
Welcome to the How Good's Living podcast where your host, Matt Boyce, sits down with weekly guests and delves into what motivates them to live such incredible lives.
Fresh Goods
Fresh Goods is a podcast created by Maddi Roy and co-hosted by Martha Mapes, which exclusively focuses on the good stuff happening in the world right now. But don't get it twisted, this is not your mother's sunshine-and-daisies newscast. We think it's possible to be funny without making everybody depressed, and we're excited to show you how.
Hot Baked Goods - Podcast
Hosted by Jake The Snake, the Damaged Goods Podcast laughs at the rough parts. It's conversations with people from the various arts, discussing struggles, experiences, and moments that impacted their art & life, along with plenty of eccentric humor & unique observations.
Travelling Goods // Travelling Moods: Cultural Appropriation of Foreign Goods, 1850-1950. Symposium at the International Congress Center in Kiel, Germany, March 31 - April 2, 2011.Chow Mein in America, Ford's Model T in Germany, Mercedes-Benz in Great Britain, British detective novels in Germany, English saddles in France, stylish shirts, woollen trousers and chic coats from Paris travelling to South America, a poncho from Mexico decorating a hall somewhere in North America.All these instanc ...
Damaged Goods
Hip Hop artist / entrepreneur Illy and content creator Jess Robert discuss everything that makes the world broken and beautiful at the same time including current events, technology, social issues and more. Direct from their podcast studio in Toronto, Canada - they get heated over drinks and interview a wide variety of guests.
Welcome to the Send it Goods podcast. Culture and community.
Mused Goods
Advice, Opinion, and Wonder - I have the questions to all your questions. Drop me a line.
How Good's This?
Podcast by Michelle Ghilotti Mandel and Josh Mandel
Public Goods
Chicago-based podcast featuring interviews with public and non-profit leaders, social activists, and policy advocates - all working to solve local problems - and change people's lives.
Because huntin' stories ain't just for the campfire!
Welcome to the Colored Red Leather Goods podcast where we will discuss handmade, small business and of course leather.
Good Goods
Good Goods is like no other shop. From shoes, to gymnasiums, to cats, each week Michelle and Pirijan make good versions of the things we need.
Stolen Goods
Tom & Reuben Discuss the most interesting topics they can find, or at least what interests them.
Sporting Goods
Testing podocast
Podcast by Danielle & Rahmonn
Baiknya hidup dan segala hal di atas keterbatasan kita.Mari bercerita, bercengkrama, melirik ke belakang dan bersyukur kita pernah melalui hari kemarin. Ada tawa, tangis, ceria, bahagia, dan kesedihan yang ingin dibagi? Silakan email ke ya :)
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Sorry we missed last week but we're back! This week Danielle & Rahmonn explore confidence. Why is sought out in relationships. How confident are you to be honest with your partner? How confident are you to allow your partner to have "friends"?
Setiap fase hidup kita pasti punya ceritanya masing-masing termasuk ketika memasuki dunia kerja untuk pertama kalinya. Lantas, apa aja sih yang harus dilakukan ketika memasuki fase tersebut?
Join Tom, Carno and Duscher as enter the calm before the storm just before the conclusion of the 2018 Trade Period. It’s a fiery week as these three boys have new AFL rule changes to digest, potential huge trades and a family member considers becoming a giant TC while asking the most important sporting question of all; How Good’s Footy? This we ...…
Jess and Illy hung with Heavy Aux Records business partner and artist Graydon Welbourn We talk: - Record label stuff - Illy being a closeted pop-singer - Illy tells a magical story about his UK drivers license - Comedy update from Jess - Legalized weed Thanks to our sponsor for this episode : Follow Graydon on IG : www.instagr ...…
In this VERY SPECIAL episode, the Goods from the Woods Boys once again combine forces with Monika Scott and Luke Jensen from the "What Did You Learn?" Podcast for a crossover episode on one of the most INSANE trilogy of documentaries ever created: 'Dancing Outlaw' (1991), 'Dancing Outlaw II: Jesco Goes to Hollywood' (1999), and 'The Wild Wonder ...…
On this week's Damaged Goods, Jake's guest is former architect, and man of industry, Noah Goldman. The two discuss automation & how it has affected his industry, what jobs will still linger for humans to do, automation in the sex-work business, demolitioning a Catholic church, and they play a few crazy voicemails left by a disgrunteld criminal. ...…
This time on Damaged Goods....The Boys welcome Bearilla Beard,the host of a new DGN show The Broast to the mix for his first appearance. B.B. recaps what went wrong in his heroic life that led him to the depths of hell a.k.a. The Damaged Goods studio. Speaking of Heros, everyone's favorite shell shocked comic and budding superstar Clay Miles jo ...…
Join us on a good good cruise over international waters. The only law is the law of the sea: having a chill dope time with penguins, diving, and dreams, and the nintendo wii.
Join Tom, Carno and Duscher as enter the first week of the Trade Period at the conclusion of the 2018 AFL season. Join these three idiots as they make outdated announcements, wild speculations and turn into big hypocrites while asking the most important sporting question of all; How Good’s Footy? This week, it could literally be anything! That’ ...…
In this episode, the Goods from the Woods Boys are all by their lonesome talking about the history of toy crazes. From the classic Beanie Babies and Tickle Me Elmo to the toys of yore like Mr. Potato Head which used to be an ACTUAL POTATO! These are the toys that caused mayhem at department stores all over the country. We also talk about pumpki ...…
On this week's Damaged Goods, Jake's guest is DJ Beanz, with whom he co-hosts the show Reigning Real on Dash Radio. The two discuss her recent tour DJing for Benny The Butcher of Griselda Records, adult cartoons, offending people on social media, & how and when Jake learned why it's creepy to "holla" at girls on the street. Follow Beanz @DJ_Bea ...…
The Boys welcome comedian Andre McSween back to the show for a night of debauchery and laughs at the expense of others. THC has finally evened up the score in the ongoing Black/White bets and pleads his case that Cosby will die in jail. Sith calls out the sexual habits of the rest of the panel and instantly becomes the first contestant on a new ...…
Danielle recently attended her 10th year high school reunion. It got us talking about how we are different than we were in high school. We also talked about how school is different now than it was back when we went.
Jess and Illy got married! We talk: - Cringeworthy stories, send us yours! - Our wedding day shenanigans - Nightmares - Illy's health changes Thanks to our sponsor for this episode : Follow us on socials : Send us an email : Dama ...…
Masing-masing dari kita dirasa perlu dan berhak untuk punya standarisasi penilaian dirinya sendiri terhadap perusahaan yang ingin dituju. Tapi, masih banyak juga dari kita yang bingung menentukannya. Semoga podcast Episode 5 ini bisa mencerahkan. Kalau ada cerita atau komentar yang ingin dibagi, silakan email ke alamat yang ada di bio ya :)…
Join Tom, Carno, special guest Joel Zammit and late entry Joel Duscher as they scream about the 2018 AFL Grand Final. The boys could not have asked for a better game as West Coast Eagles defeated the Collingwood Magpies in front of a crowd of 100,022 people by 5 points in the MOST EXCITING GRAND FINAL IN RECENT YEARS and they definitely yell ab ...…
In this episode, the Goods from the Woods Boys, and their special guest host Joe Raines, are joined by one of our favorite past guests of the show: John-Michael Bond! This episode is all about the record store oddity that is the TRIBUTE ALBUM. Ever since people starting doing weird ass Beatles tributes in the 70's, these curiosities of pop musi ...…
How many of you have received an injury on your first date? What are some things you expect from the person you are dating? What are some amazing first dates and what are some of your horror stories?
On This episode, Jake The Snake's guest is Los Angeles based music producer/manager ROCCO. Instead of talking music, The two share their health-nerd sides and discuss various supplements, natural herbs, vitamins, & various ways to help improve your health, mood, & well being while treating different ailments. Follow Jake @jthes & ROCCO @roccstar…
Join Carno, Tom and Sam as they take a look at the third week of the 2018 AFL finals season. Join the boys as there’s a lot of excitement in the room as the reigning premiers are EMBARRASSED at the MCG, the Melbourne fairytale comes to a tragic end and there is FAR too much love for Collingwood, which frankly, i wish i could have edited it out ...…
In this episode, the Goods from the Woods Boys welcome back one of the funniest people on the planet and the star of Comedy Central's Roast Battle, Anna Valenzuela, for a chat about the most soothing show on TV: BBC's "The Great British Bake Off". We're talkin' about the character types that compete every year for... a plate?? We also talk abou ...…
This week on Damaged Goods...As Hurricane Florence threatens the East Coast, The Boys welcome a hurricane of their own back to the show, listen in as Chris Kiley delivers strong laughs and pounding jokes that will surely bring in the National Guard for clean up duty. Subscribe to us on iTunes(leave a review),iHeart Radio,Podcast Addict,Laughabl ...…
What is fear? Is it real or an illusion that cripples an individual from doing the things they desire. Can you grow and face your fears? Listen in on Danielle and Rahmonn's thoughts on fears and how they affect them. Join the conversation and comment on your thoughts.
This week Brentt talks about the gym and steroids No More Campaign
Join Tom, Carno and Sam as they take a dive into the second week of the 2018 AFL finals season. This week the boys take a look one average and one exciting game of football, buy into the Melbourne Demons dream and rate Richmond highly, too highly if you ask me, but what would I know? It’s not like i’m also a host or anything. I kinda want West ...…
In this episode, the Goods from the Woods Boys welcome comedian Troy Walker back to the show after too damn long, frankly. This time, Troy's here to talk about cars: both good and HORRIBLY, HORRIBLY bad. We're talkin' about our first cars and their often inglorious ends in the ditches, parking lots, and road shoulders of this great country. We ...…
Ep 13 Competitive Cheerleading by Danielle & Rahmonn
Pro Staffer Tim Roller of Whitetail Journey describes a recent whitetail hunt in Kentucky where heavy rain put a damper on his activities. He also talks about the anniversary of catching a world record brown trout on the Manistee River.By (Mike Avery).
Join Tom, Carno and Sam as they take a look at the first week of the 2018 AFL finals season. You can actually hear the disenchantment in the air as the Geelong premiership window is SLAMMED shut as the boys take a look at the obvious result of the Melbourne v Geelong game, are shocked by the quality of football provided in the Collingwood v Wes ...…
In this episode, the Goods Boys are joined by guest host comedian Scott Howard and the Grand Poobah of the Unpopular Opinion Podcast Network: Adam Tod Brown! For this episode, Rivers unfurls the story of the first, last, and only government-sponsored music festival: Vortex I: A Biodegradable Festival of Life. Vortex I was held for a week at a s ...…
On the next Damaged Goods... The Boys welcome their network mate Matt Ungermah back to the show for some answers around him shutting down the Beta Testing Show. Meanwhile an unbeknownst open call is out for a replacement co-host for him, Damaged Goods style. THC peels off another painful layer of the onion, Louis CK is back, Crackheads are not ...…
Ep 12 Three TImes A Week by Danielle & Rahmonn
The Big 50, we made it! This week Brentt Hood talks babies, Ice Cube and getting kissed on the cheek.
On this episode of Damaged Goods, Jake has Warren Lee back on as his guest. Warren is an infamous touring guitar tech for bands like Slayer, Rancid, Hatebreed & more. The Two discuss leaving a legacy, how to manage responsibilities amongst others partying, leaving tour life, & what few artists he would actually pay to see live. Follow Jake @jth ...…
Join Carno, Tom and Sam as they take a look at the first week of finals and the 2018 All Australian Team. This week the boys are fed up with the AFL’s decision making and decide to throw together their own AA team that they believe best represents the game while dancing around telling Tom directly to his face that Melbourne are 100% going to ro ...…
In this episode, the Goods from the Woods Boys explore the worst sub-genre of rock 'n' roll: BUTT ROCK! This episode is all about trying to figure out which butt rock song is the butt rock-y-est of all time. Will it be "Figured You Out By" Nickelback? Will it be "Sway" by Coal Chamber? "Click Click Boom"? Something by Limp Bizkit? Will it be an ...…
More Fresh Goods delivered right to your ears, including fascinating news in the gun industry, mary jane making a splash in the medical world, and a young woman's very first kiss.
In this episode of Fresh Goods we dive deep into the secrets of Rangely Maine, and discover some fresh good news for you.
This week on Damaged Goods... The Boys get schooled on the current state of comedy by new friend of the show Kevin Israel. Fireball Jesus has been in top secret negotiations with a certain gender fluid, unfunny zero about roast battling The Golden God live on the show. Needless To Say(check them out) it goes nowhere much like everything we do h ...…
Sugar and Spice and everything nice, that's what Danielle is made of. . . or is she. Check out this weeks episode, Part 2 of the Friendship discussion find out what kind of person she is.
Brentt Hood and Mikey Diamonds are back!! and they picked up right where they left off.
On this episode of Damaged Goods, Jake The Snake's guest is Bryan Southard, touring Merchadise man for various musical artists, Cannabis farmer who has worked in the Recreational Cannabis industry, and a photographer. The two discuss teaching yourself new things in your 30's, why touring is so taxing, and why it's good to branch out. Follow Jak ...…
Join Tom, Carno and special guest, professional wrestler Dowie James as they take a deep dive into the final round of the 2018 AFL season. Join the boys as they passionately discuss Chris Scott's coaching extension, go after Malcolm Blight and make some huge prophet calls about the upcoming finals series while asking the most important sporting ...…
In this episode, the Goods from the Woods Boys welcome comedian Emily Faye to talk about what happens when celebrities try to get in the restaurant business. From the beginning of Hollywood there have always been celebrities trying to become restaurateurs and they almost always fail in hilarious ways. In this episode we talk about everyone from ...…
This episode was about friendship, but we might have to call it "misogyny. It's an all bro episode. (Danielle was greatly missed). This is part one of a two part discussion on friendship. We talked about what a friend is and the essential traits necessary to be a good friend. The guys dig deep to discover if Rahmonn is a good friend or if the r ...…
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