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Two Fat Guys Talk
Two fat guys talk about games, review anime (and things that aren't anime), and more.
Two Guys Talk Movies is a weekly movie show where the hosts, Alex & Ian, talk about everything about movies though various weekly topics. One week, they talk about classic movies that suck, the next they are talking about the best killer robots to ever grace the silver screen. You never know what they are going to talk about next!
Good Guys Talk Back is a Chicago White Sox podcast that is fan centric & blue-collar. Hosted by Nick Murawski.
Guys Talk Knives
A podcast about knives and the knife world sponsored by Smoky Mountain Knife Works -
Elvis Duran Show members Skeery Jones and David Brody have been friends and part of radio's nationally syndicated Elvis Duran & the Morning Show for more than 20 years. They grew up in the same Brooklyn neighborhood but didn't know it at the time. Now these two idiots have plenty to say about WTF pops into their heads. You don't have to be from Brooklyn to enjoy their stupidity. #BBWTF #BrodyandSkeery #ListenInOrder #Slices TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM @SkeeryJones @DavidBrody PODCAST TWITTER - @Th ...
Ask The Fellas
Four longtime college friends reunite to discuss important issues, dumb habits, sex & relationships, college stories, and 80s and 90s nostalgic memories. Appropriately Inappropriate. We aim to keep you laughing out loud during your commute. Weekly episodes released every Friday morning.
Just two guys digging holes and falling right in them... Join Fraser Lowrie and Dan Hall as they speak about life and all its little quirks in this, very British, weekly chat show. From supermarket weddings to busking Hare Krishna’s; this is where the Earth's greatest philosophical conundrums are definitively resolved.
TSIO Podcast
A free for all look into the world of University of Washington Football and Recruiting. We will also talk about college football in the PAC12, SEC, B1G, BIG12 and ACC. Also, world famous Dallas Fort Worth Superiority Guy talk will be included and rants in general about college football.
Guy Benson Show
The Guy Benson Show offers listeners smart, fast-paced political and cultural insights from a right-leaning perspective. Blending major news-maker guests, a steady stream of Fox News Stars, passionate and informative monologues, and perspectives from callers.
Fun and informative, this real estate investment talk show has been broadcasting on conventional radio since 1997. Hosted by professional investor Robert Helms and financial strategist Russell Gray, the show delivers no-hype education and expert perspectives in a fast-paced, entertaining style. Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki says The Real Estate Guys are wild and crazy, but they really know what they are talking about. The Guys talk investment strategy, economics, tax and asset pro ...
Just an average NY guy talking sports,Fantasy sports, gambling Support this podcast:
Guy Party Podcast
We Talk About Games and Stuff
State Of Play
On the State of Play, we're bringing you (mostly) awesome insight into the world of football. Hosted by avid Milan Fan & Football content guy Matt Santangelo, and Football Blogging Award winning content creator Pet Berisha, the show analyses the top 5 leagues in european football, with a sprinkle of MLS related content in there as well! The show also brings you a player profile in every episode, making sure you find those unearthed gems before anyone else!
Two Guys are André Proulx and Michael Pinkus. Wine writers who center their writing around the Ontario Wine Scene. Opinionated and Wine fueled content is what you will find here.
Podcast by threeguystalkaboutfootball
2 incredibly average middle class guys talk about the joys of loving an incredibly expensive hobby! We talk industry news, Other Pinball Podcast news, and of course Pinball machines themselves! Listen now!
Just a guy talking about random topics that everyday eccentric people think about.
TEKTOK Podcast
This is show where everyday guys talk about how they use technology in their everyday lives.
Black Talk Radio Network is the world's largest independent black digital radio and podcasting platform producing content of relevance to African-Americans and the African Diaspora. Visit online @
Because There Can Never Be Too Much Football.
Two guys talk about all things DC TV
Que Bola?
A Miami Guy talking to various movers and shakers who operate in South Florida. Exploring how they're currently shaping Miami and the world beyond. All Love and Positivity Darwin Figueroa © Fresh or Phresh 2018 in association with Cafeteria Film Studios Miami, Fl
The Talking Maiden Podcast is just two guys talking about Iron Maiden. Ideas, comments, compliments or insults... contact us! @talkingmaiden
"Flag On The Play" is North Florida's best sports talk podcast! We are just two guys talking sports and the teams we love! We're going to talk Jags, Gators and all things North Florida Sports!
Loonacy Podcast
Three guys talk MNUFC, craft beer and a dose of real life, with a different perspective of the goings on and happenings around the Loons. Independent, unbiased, and unwilling to hold back on what they think is the truth as they visit, or drop back some beers, from local Minnesota craft breweries.
A grass roots podcast where two regular guys get together, crack a beer and talk about real Canadian issues and politics affecting us today. Join us on Twitter @RealCanadianPod and on Facebook
Some guys talking about gaming, and many other things.
This is so Dumb
This is so Dumb: Two guys talk about everything and anything but know nothing
In The Loop
The guys talk about everything under the sun from 10a-2p Mon-Friday
MadTrio Podcast
The Guys from Reel Flix Reviews are back this time its no holds barred be prepared to laugh, cry, and leave angry comments because the Madtrio are here
That Guy Show
Co tydzień
Late night porch conversations needed to be recorded, so Matt & William created THAT GUY SHOW! Join them as they talk about music, life, masculinity, marriage, ministry, and randomness!Matt & William are co-founders of, The Wise Fools, a ministry for men and women looking for authentic relationships and conversations.
A couple of guys who happen to be a couple. With commentary on life, love, and everything in between.Funny? Sure. Irreverent? Of course. Politically correct? Don't count on it.
Can You Hear Me?
A Podcast with Three Guys Talking about Stuff
Those Guys
Those Guys (and sometimes Gals) talk about a wide range of topics! Wrestling, Anime, Manga, American Comics, and more!
A Podcast by Kevin and Mark. Two guys nerd out on the Friday the 13th franchise and their main guy Jason Voorhees. We talk horror and everything in between. We will bring an orgasm to your ears!
Two old guys talk about old games
It's an insanely exciting time to be playing video games. Join Steve and Liam almost weekly discussing the latest in video games and gaming news. If you want to hear two British guys talk about video games this is the podcast for you.
Everything you thought you knew about dealing with panic, anxiety and agoraphobia is wrong! That Anxiety Guy will educate, empower and inspire you to get your life back!
Urban Wine Life
This show intent is to taste, educate and visit places that has anything to do with wine. Not a sommelier but a lover of wines. this show has video and audio podcast so you can see the wine on youtube or listen on the podcast. An ordinary guy, talking about wine pairing with food. Wine accessories as well as vineyards around the world. Join me on my journey and hopefully I can get you to a point that you can learn something or at least agree with what I have experience.
Three guys discuss topics chosen by the Random Topic Generator.
RocknRoll Beer Guy
Come listen as I talk to musicians, brewers, artists, actors and more. Topics include but are not limited to beer, music, politics and existentialism.
Shonky Lab
Shonky Lab is a topic based talk show where you, the listener, get to join in and have your say. If you wish to join in there are a few ways… 1) You can email and recommend a topic. Do this and KABLAMO! you’re on a whole episode. 2) The shows are now LIVE on Mixlr, you know like Saturday morning TV used to be. During the show Skype is open and you’re free to call in at any point, whether it’s about the topic at hand or something completely different. It’s up to you. Skype ...
Basement Fodder
Two guys talk comics and geek culture
Three guys talk metal, hard rock and everything in between. Support this podcast:
Guys talk life with a laugh while smokin and drinkin down by the river!
Guy Talk
The Guy Talk Podcast will teach you how to become stronger, fitter, look better and live your best life. The show covers a wide range of topics from training, nutrition, lifestyle management and self development. This show is hosted by Ben Heron and has various male experts from all around the world share their knowledge and experience. Enjoy!
A bunch of guys talking about guns, bullet casting, reloading, shooting, news, prepping, the outdoors, and maybe occasionally... tacos!
At Your End Step
Two guys talking about the game they love, Magic: The Gathering.
This is the Carguments Pod Cast! Hosted By Kasey Cook! Here we will talk about all things Automotive.Website : http://www.carguments.netFaceBook me on Instagram and Twitter
Two average guys talking about stuff you probably don't care about. We just like the sound of our own voices.
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TFGT 113: Tom Holland Somehow Put Legend of Dragoon in the MCU Recorded on Saturday, October 5, as NYCC 2019 was going on. Carlos and Dave tackle the morality of gaming exclusives, Fallout 76 collectible helmets that are a threat to your health IRL, mobile gaming money-making practices, the machinations of one Sylvanas Windrunner, Apple Arcade, ...…
Three Guys Talk About Football - NFL Week 6 : 2019Youtube link: threeguystalkaboutfootball.
Jason, Andy and Swaggs show you three great options for a Fixed/Folding combo for your Go-Bag. Yep, when you've got to move fast, having a fixed blade and folding blade option in your bag, could make a huge difference. Check out this episode to find out what they picked. Featured: Pair One $63 Morakniv Companion HD (Heavy Duty) Item Number: FS1 ...…
We are joined by friend of the podcast Farrah Felton Jolley to talk about what's new at Klinker Brick in Lodi, California.By 2 Guys Talking Wine.
The 2019 White Sox season is finished. There were highs and lows, strikes and gutters and more than a few surprises. Sox need to get better in a lot of areas if we are to believe that 2020 can be a playoff year. The foundation is forming, hopefully the White Sox spend the money. Go Sox!--- Send in a voice message: ...…
Check out 3 lifelong friends talking smack and delving into all genres of music. Three Guys Talking Smack at the intersection of culture and music! talkingsmackpodcast@gmail.comBy Black Talk Radio.
Joker wins top prize at Venice Film Festival - 00:01:21 Jojo Rabbit wins top prize at Toronto Film Festival - 00:07:10 M. Night Shyamalan has two new movies in the works - 00:10:54 MoviePass is dead - 00:14:08 Ian finished his Breaking Bad rewatch - 00:18:45 Netflix and Chills? - 00:27:35 Victoria - 00:28:55 Peacock Streaming Service + The Offi ...…
EP119 is with special guest Kevin Hufnagel, guitarist in the band Dysrhythmia. We talk about their new album "Terminal Threshold", it's theme, art and creation. We talk a bit about Kevin's other projects like Gorguts and his solo project, upcoming tours, his influences and much more! Cheers! For all things Dysrhythmia: https://dysrhythmia.bandc ...…
Welcome back! This week we discuss whats been happening with us and whatnot then dive right into some details of the Links Awakening Remake. Next we talk about the Last of Us 2 release and some details of in game. Next, we go into Spiderman getting back into the MCU with Sony and Disney finally coming to terms on a new deal. Finally we talk som ...…
Today we go out to the range with 8-9 different pistol caliber carbines and shoot them all. After shooting, we sit down and discuss pros and cons of all of the PCC's and talk about some of the differences between them. Joe is our guest today.
After a bad week 4 we bounced back with a beautiful 5-1 week....looking to keep the fire going.... --- Support this podcast:
Guy Benson Show Podcast - 10-11-2019By FOX News Radio.
BREAKING NEWS: Chiefs And Texans Impactful InjuriesBy
In The Loop goes around the Week 6 NFL matchups and Landry is annoyed by the Patriots schedule.By
In The Loop goes into the stressed out mind of many during yesterday’s Astros bet and Lee Sterling makes us some money before the weekend.By
In The Loop discusses the threat of Tyreek Hill and the vulnerability of Tyrann Mathieu.By
In The Loop discusses their confidence level in the three huge games of the weekend for the Stros and Texans.By
The Hits: BOB Final Words, Mathieu On BOB, Stros Vs Yanks And Rockets GrilledBy
Leslie Bennett, a nurse who saved a Texans tailgaters life last weekend, joins In The Loop to discuss what happened.By
In The Loop looks ahead to the ALCS matchup between the Astros and Yankees.By
In The Loop discusses one of the biggest weekends in H-Town sports history and the importance of Zack Greinke.By
In The Loop discusses why the implications of Sunday’s game for the Texans could resemble that of a college program.By
In The Loop reacts to last night’s emotional Stros win that Lopez called and Landry had to sweat out.By
(0:46) - Cardinals (8:50) - Mizzou Football (19:04) - Bears, Chiefs (28:45) - China SUCKS (37:38) - Sports Investors (1:02:30) - Business opportunity, fun stoppers, Star Wars and more movies we've never seenBy The Waterboys.
The guys finish up their discussion of Iron Maiden's 1992 album, Fear of the Dark.By Iron Maiden Fans : Josh & Nesbit.
Episode 63 • (2:00) Barlos gives us feedback on the show he was absent. • (6 :20) Instagram finally removes the Activity Tab. We can now like the Sancha’s pictures. • (17:15) LISTENER QUESTION: Is it a bitch move for a guy to to file a sexual harassment complaint... Four longtime college friends reunite to discussing important issues, dumb pers ...…
We chat with Vincente Disanti from Never Hike Alone. We discuss his upcoming films and nerd out about Friday The 13th.
Guy Benson Show Podcast - 10-10-2019By FOX News Radio.
The multi talented chill-music-producer Golden Flora graced us with his presence in this exceptional episode. He recently dropped his longest EP through Future Everything Records. We discussed how that process went and how he makes moves in the South Florida music scene. Shekitout IG @goldenfloramusic @strangebassmedia @quebolapodcast @freshorp ...…
#101: Skeery experienced a haunted house where they touch, push, and pin you to the wall and Brody wants no part of it; Brody freaks out over a radio ad; Skeery's embarrassing moment on a blind date TV show; Brody's steak LUNCH update; Straight Nate and The Jersey Kid stop by Learn more about your ad-choices at ...…
Click here to listen to this episode of Papa’s Football Podcast. Click here to open us in iTunes, where you can subscribe to the show and leave us some rating and comment love, and click here if you want to do the same using the Stitcher ap! Joe Gagliardi – Twitter – @TheMightyJoeyG, Instagram – @TheMightyJoeyG Bill Rohland – Twitter – @BillRoh ...…
Around The NFL 10/10: Honey Boo BooBy
In The Loop scrolls through the Andy Reid tales.By
610 Astros reporter Adam Spolane warned In The Loop about the Rays and provides Houston with an in-depth Game Five preview.By
The Hits: Watt Blah Analys on DW4-Watson, Stros Stats And Lopez Says Morey Days NumberedBy
In The Loop discusses the trend of people wearing team gear at stadiums where they have no dog in the fight.By
In The Loop discusses who the first guy outta the pen will be for the Astros tonight.By
Welcome to Television from the Multiverse, our DC Comics TV podcast where we discuss the new episodes of The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning and new series from DC Universe. While the shows are off season we'll look at some classic DC series! Episodes discussed this week:07:30 - Batwoman Season 1 Episode 1 'Pilot'35:00 - ...…
Localize It: Lopez Plays Ball With Landry’s Suck-Ass IdeaBy
In The Loop discusses the most important position Sunday and Landry expresses his belief that The Honey Badger is the most overrated player in the league.By
In The Loop discusses the flakiness of Game 5’s being on display last night and the Astros attempt to be the first to win at home.By
BTR News was asked to review information being put out to the public by Afrisynergy news that made a spurious claim that a Dallas Judge and the Dallas Police conspired to kill Joshua Brown. In addition, Lee Merritt, attorney to the Jean family confirmed that Joshua Brown and his mother were not afraid that Dallas police would kill him for testi ...…
Anyone who tries to feed into the perceived confirmation biases of their readers, viewers or listeners, is ethical and certainly not a trustworthy news source.By Black Talk Radio.
We talk Twitch, Star Wars Art, Top 5 Pins for Value, and Drunk Drew dropped his mic twice at the end of the show... it was hilarious!
Stanford Routt and In The Loop discuss what Deshaun Watson would do with Andy Reid as his head coach.By
Stanford Routt and In The Loop discuss how big the gap between Deshaun Watson and Pat Mahomes is.By
Bill O’Brien has been hearing the noise about Andy Reid being perfect for Mahomes and the uncertainty about him and Watson for years, what would a win Sunday do to that noise?By
Landry Locker’s one question in regards to the Astros: Who is pitching in Game 1 of the ALCS?By
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