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HRT Podcast
The trans podcast that is a trigger warning in and of itself.
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Pi and Arielle go through their latest thoughts about transition-related issues from a more personal perspective while also going through some recent news items.
All kinds of uplifting topics in this one, including the Leelah Alcorn saga and the death of the Finnish trans law updates. Because who needs human rights anyway?
We never did do a proper signing off. So this is us discussing what we've experienced and felt during the past year off air.
It's been awhile, so about half of the show is dedicated to topics relating to our transition updates and about half is news items. Trans ahoy, here we go!
Aside from a ton of interesting news items, this week's HRT Podcast talks about how breasts are such a massive focus for trans folk of all sorts.
How to approach introducing or being introduced as a partner when being or being with a trans* person? This is our main topic. Our side topics range from transition updates to showing off boobs in public.
In this episode of HRT, we dive into our favourite sources of trans* related entertainment and information sources. Also, we go into the more controversial subject of oversensitivity, social justice movements and just crap that trans folk should probably stop doing for our own good.
Family is a screwed up thing, even if you're not trans. But once you're one of those, things get fucked up proper! That is the main line of discussion aside from talking about our transitions, current trans-related news and pleading folks to stop posting stuff we don't want to see.
How to talk about trans folk on the media, how to vote while trans, how to reclaim slurs, how to piss off angry people who don't listen to you and how to genderfuck the World! These are all things that will be thoroughly covered in this episode.
So, we had a bit of an unintentional mini-hiatus, so this episode is mostly news items and feedback. But other topics are touched upon, as per usual. So sit back and enjoy your recommended dosage of tranntastic talk radio.
When does telling white lies about your body become too much of a lie to be comfortable with? Or is the question even relevant when talking about trans* people? That question, current events, your feedback and other trains of thought are explored this time in the podcast.
Transition updates, going back to college as trans*, the people who want to tell you you're not entitled to identify the way you do, some current events and other tranntastic talk of general interest.
How to walk without a bra, break your glasses, how to get banned on Wikipedia, how to trample trans laws in Finland and other trans* topics of varying importance are in the spotlight of this massive injection of HRT to your collective lives.
Among trans* news, Pi and Ariel tell a couple of lame jokes and muse about the difficulty that is finding a bra that fits. You know, the stuff you tuned in for. Maybe not in that order of importance, but still.
Pi and Ariel introduce themselves to the massive audience and talk about current trans issues.
All kinds of uplifting topics in this one, including the Leelah Alcorn saga and the death of the Finnish trans law updates. Because who needs human rights anyway?
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