Best Harry Potter podcasts we could find (Updated August 2019)
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It’s the English class you didn't know you missed and the meaningful conversations you didn't know you craved. Join Vanessa Zoltan and Casper ter Kuile as they bring thought, reflection and laughter to Harry Potter; not just as novels, but as instructive and inspirational texts that will teach us about our own lives. Relive the magic chapter by chapter as they explore themes such as commitment, revenge and forgiveness. This podcast creates time in your week to think about life’s big question ...
Join Mike Schubert, a grown man reading the Harry Potter series for the first time, as he sits down with HP fanatics to poke fun at plot holes, make painfully incorrect predictions, and rant about how Quidditch is the worst sport ever invented.
MuggleCast is your weekly ride into the Wizarding World. Pioneering the Harry Potter podcast phenomenon in August 2005, MuggleCast has continued to bring its listeners entertaining and thought-provoking discussions about J.K. Rowling's expanding universe. With each new episode we discuss everything Harry Potter: the latest news, the Potter books, Fantastic Beasts, The Cursed Child, the theme parks, the video games, and more!
Alohomora! is an interactive and creative collaborative project between fans worldwide and MuggleNet staff. Join us as we re-read the entire series, spin wild theories, and share content all influenced by our love of Harry Potter.
Natasha and Roshawn read the Harry Potter series one chapter at a time. Natasha knows everything, Roshawn knows nothing!
Three friends ready through and discuss the Harry Potter book series
Winter is here! Join The Ringer’s Mallory Rubin and Jason Concepcion as they take their signature deep dive on the final season of ‘Game of Thrones.’
Women of Harry Potter is a feminist podcast lifting up the successes and struggles of the women in our favorite book series. Join Vanessa Zoltan, Ariana Nedelman, and special guests as we bless a new character from the magical world in each episode. As we move the experiences of these women from the margins of the story to the center, we hope to learn more about the text, ourselves, and the people around us.
Owl Post: A Harry Potter Podcast walks through every chapter of the Harry Potter saga one chapter at a time, touching on the characters, themes and story as we dissect J.K. Rowling's wondrous series.
Listen along as Alex and Molly discuss the Harry Potter series chapter by chapter! Trivia, fun facts & lots of laughs await.
Tales from Godric’s Hollow is 100% a passion project for Matt. He has been a long-time Harry Potter fan and loves to talk about all things related to Harry Potter. Shortly after meeting Josh, Matt learned that Josh had never read the books or seen the movies. This needed to change. So as Matt re-reads and re-watches the movies for the umpteenth time, he will guide (the muggle) Josh through his first journey to Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and beyond. Muggle, Witch, Wizard, Squib, or No-Maj we hope y ... - Welcome to Swish & Flick: An All Potter Podcast! We will be dissecting all aspects of the Potter series, chapter by chapter, and be warned, there WILL be spoilers. We are rereading the series and putting together all our knowledge from the complete canon as well as adding in what we have learned from JK Rowling’s Pottermore writings, exploring unknown areas with fan theories, and even coming up with some theories and ideas of our own!
Join PotterCast in a continuing adventure through J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World. For eleven years PotterCast has remained your trusted source for discussion, celebration, and interviews with creators and actors from the Harry Potter Universe.
One recovering English major and special guests talk about a politic in each chapter of the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. This podcast is brought to you by
Welcome to the place where the story never ends!
The Gayly Prophet is a chapter-by-chapter deep dive into Harry Potter, hosted by two queer IRL witches. Like the newspaper of your nerdiest dreams, reporters Jessie Blount (she/her) and Lark Malakai Grey (he/him) lovingly apply an intersectional, queer, feminist lens to the book series. Settle in with a goblet of pumpkin juice and get ready to pay the delivery owl!
Two British lifelong Harry Potter fans Hannah and Charlie re-read their favourite childhood book with added alcohol and cynicism in fortnightly episodes!
Not for ickle Firsties! This definitely-adult Harry Potter podcast is full of spoilers, wild theories, nerdy insights, and plenty of mischief. Mischief Managed is refreshingly irreverent while maintaining a loving connection with the books, movies, and all things J.K. Rowling. We solemnly swear that we are up to no good, so adult language and content is to be expected.
From the creators of the acclaimed fan film Severus Snape and the Marauders comes a 12 part audio drama, The Great Wizarding War. The Great Wizarding War is a non-profit fan-based production. Harry Potter and The Wizarding World are properties of Universal, Warner Bros. and J.K. Rowling.
Two best friends and a podcast discussing all things Harry Potter while enjoying our favorite drinks⚡️🍷
Welcome to #WizardTeam, a Harry Pottercast for true Potterheads. Each week, we discuss the Harry Potter books, one chapter at a time. WARNING: There are feelings. Support this podcast:
A chapter by chapter, spoiler-free (mostly) reread podcast of the Harry Potter series by an engineer and a math teacher.
The DIS Unplugged: Universal Edition podcast is a weekly discussion that covers all aspects of planning a vacation to Universal Orlando Resort. Our show is unbiased, and presents honest opinions of every aspect of a Universal experience - from dining and theme parks to attractions and hotels. We discuss various topics including the top news stories, dining and restaurant reviews, upcoming events, vacation planning tips, listener questions, plus much more! The show is hosted by Craig Williams ...
Tales from Godric’s Hollow is 100% a passion project for Matt. He has been a long-time Harry Potter fan and loves to talk about all things related to Harry Potter. Shortly after meeting Josh, Matt learned that Josh had never read the books or seen the movies. This needed to change. So as Matt re-reads and re-watches the movies for the umpteenth time, he will guide (the muggle) Josh through his first journey to Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and beyond. Muggle, Witch, Wizard, Squib, or No-Maj we hope y ...
A podcast about one friend forcing the other to read the entire Harry Potter book series for the first time.
Welcome to Potter Heads! Join your hosts Amy and Kirstin as they take you chapter by chapter through the magical world that is Harry Potter. We'll give you our opinions, some fun facts that you won't find in the books, some theories and even what's Whomping our Willow! Then at the end of each book, we're going to watch the movie and give you our thoughts. You can read along, or simply enjoy the nostalgia. So hit subscribe to get in on the action!
Welcome to Two Butterbeers! Each week Karyn and Vergie sit down and talk the best wizarding franchise in the world "Harry Potter." Join us as we re-visit the adventures of "The Boy Who Lived" through chapter analysis, personal stories and much more. You can even join in the conversation on social media. So grab your broomstick and enjoy the ride.
A Harry Potter book club for grownups. Heather Price-Wright and Alex Dalenberg make their way through the Harry Potter books, chapter by chapter. We analyze avada kedavra. We dissect Dumbledore. We question quidditch. And we hail Hermione. Join us as we go as deep as you've always wanted to into the books that defined our childhoods. Alohamora—the door is open.
A chapter-by-chapter discussion of the Harry Potter novels, hosted by Dan and Jessica Ryno.
Why did Hagrid bring Harry to Surrey, or Hermione get a cat in her third year? Why are Ron and Dumbledore oddly similar? And why was there all that camping in the seventh book? Quantum Harry, the Podcast looks at the unifying theme of the HP series, shedding new light on JK Rowling's narrative choices and forever changing the way you read Harry Potter.
A Harry Potter discussion podcast hosted by two sisters with a long-time passion for over analyzing.
Father Roderick
A show about movies, travel, fantasy, TV, faith, sci-fi and minimalism.
Parkscope Podcasts
Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour: The best not really an hour podcast to hear babble about theme parks and amusement parks. Joe, Nick, Mike, Lane, Sean, and friends cover the news and happenings at Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World, and our local favorite parks.Immersive Irony Experience Theme Park Podcast: Alan searches his decades built rolodex for fans and industry insiders to deep dive into coasters, amusement parks, random dark rides, coaster culture, and more.EXPLICIT WARNING: ...
A fortnightly podcast about the Harry Potter world by two lady scholars
Natasha and Roshawn read the Harry Potter series one chapter at a time. Natasha knows everything, Roshawn knows nothing!
This is an alternate universe story, where Petunia married a scientist. Harry enters the wizarding world armed with Enlightenment ideals and the experimental spirit.
Join PotterCast in a continuing adventure through J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World. For eleven years PotterCast has remained your trusted source for discussion, celebration, and interviews with creators and actors from the Harry Potter Universe.
Jennifer and Brandi have annoyed everyone in their lives with all their Harry Potter talk, so they have decided to branch out and annoy...uhhh ENTERTAIN... the masses with their passionate but somewhat wacky discussions of all things Wizarding!
This is not a Harry Potter podcast, but instead, a podcast about everything else viewed through the lens of Harry Potter. We take characters from pop-culture media and, through the power of character analysis, decide which Hogwarts house they would be sorted into. Inbetween the jokes, that is
Join best friends and YouTubers Anna Brisbin and Tessa Netting as they cover all things nerdy including TV shows, books, movies, animation, and pop culture. Listen in as these two proud Ravenclaws debate ship wars, play games like Would You Rather, and sort characters into Hogwarts houses. New episode every Friday. See you next Geek!
An event to event discussion of the Harry Potter books by JK Rowling. If you're looking for a laid back, no frills discussion of your favorite fantasy series, you're about to listen to the right thing.
New Wizards
Does Hogwarts accept adults? Join Josh as he reads Harry Potter for the first time with the guidance of his co-host and patronus Aaron. Discover or re-visit all seven books through the eyes of some grown nerds.
Absolutley Riddikuls, a Harry Potter podcast on all things Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, and the Wizarding World in general...
The Harry Potter Lexicon website has been in existence for almost two decades. Over that time, J.K Rowling thrilled us with her magical creation — in novels, interviews, on her websites, on Twitter, and more.And here at the Lexicon, a small group of dedicated fans have worked very hard over all those years to catalogue all the magical details she revealed. The Lexicon website has always been seen as the gold standard for careful research and faithfulness to Rowling’s created world, all becau ...
Two lapsed Harry Potter fans on a journey back through the books they (used to) love so much. Updates every Monday!
It's like an audiobook if audiobooks included commentary from a four-and-a-half year-old self-proclaimed "Harry Potter expert." Support this podcast:
Potter-generasjonen er en podcast fra Studentradioen i Bergen, hvor vi tar for oss Harry Potter-serien, bok for bok, kapittel for kapittel, og ser på den med voksne øyne. Denne podcasten er perfekt for Harry Potter-fans som ønsker seg en dyp, reflektert og morsom analyse av sine yndlingsbøker!
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Hey there, you beauties! I'm here with a very special episode, which RoShawn and I did as part of an all-day John Wick Marathon fundraiser! We're raising money for Project Corazon, a targeted effort by Lawyers For Good Government, which provides funding to lawyers who want to represent detained immigrants but who can't afford the expense of tra ...…
Vanessa and Casper explore the theme of joy in chapter four of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. This week we discuss Horace’s supposed ‘cowardice’, Dumbledore’s good pedagogy, and the usefulness of inappropriate jokes. Throughout the episode we consider the question: is joy more likely in community? Thanks to Vivianna for this week's voi ...…
We don't have enough Hufflepuff representation on this show, so Helene Karp joins me to talk about the most un-Hufflepuff thing we could gather: Violence. Well, that and Sacrifice. This small little chapter in the Potter series is jam-packed with the intersection between Violence and Sacrifice. It made us think about gun culture, the military, ...…
Today we’re going to talk Horcruxes. Specifically, how they’re made. I started thinking about this subject when I read a particularly interesting passage from Half-Blood Prince. Here’s what caught my eye: Dumbledore says that Voldemort “seems to have reserved the process of making Horcruxes for particularly significant deaths. … After an interv ...…
This week, Michael invites you to join The Slug Club, Bijaya takes us into the world of wizarding celebrities, and this quizzich train just does not stop! Find us on Twitter at @potterpod or shoot us an email at GeeklyInc.
Join us as we continue our re-read of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, reading chapters 27 & 28 this week! Show Notes: Josh - @TheNoyse Marissa - @RissaRoo312 Joe - @CustomVinylLush Show - @TalesFromGH Email - Website - ...…
Today’s Headlines: Public invited to an interpretive dance off between the Ministry of Magic and the Hogwarts board of governors—the winner will claim the title of most corrupt organization of 1993!Front Page: Just how many monsters can Hogwarts hold? All of them, Ron. All of them. Politics: This. World. Is. So. Corrupt.Personals: In the arrrrr ...…
The Only One He Ever Feared. Harry is still dealing with the shock of his godfather disappearing beyond the veil as the chapter opens. In this episode of Owl Post: A Harry Potter Podcast hosts Andrea Coffman and Matthew Rushing talk about the thirty-sixth chapter of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. We discuss a heartbreaking beginning ...…
This week Sam and Emily are left longing for pudding by the end of their re-cap of Order of the Phoenix movie part 1. Guess they will have to settle for their Mr. Black cocktail. Grab yours and tune in! Cheers!By Harry Potter.
This week Vanessa chooses an unlikely character to bless - Slytherin's Queen Bee, Pansy Parkinson. Ariana and Vanessa discuss finding forgiveness and extending empathy toward young people who've made bad choices based on the influence of their mentors and peers. Ariana tests Vanessa's knowledge of Mean Girls.…
Pottermore announces a new app - what can we expect? Micah and Andrew recap their time at Podcast Movement Andrew will be at Wizards Unite Fan Festival in Indianapolis on August 31. If you see him, say hi! Micah and Eric will be at LeakyCon 2019 from October 11-13 in Boston - register today using code MUGGLE for $10 off! It's a mailbag episode ...…
Thanks to Cousin Barny’s outstanding attention span, this vunderful chapter is filled with beautiful wedding quotes, which are quite useful for social media posts when people you love get married! This chapter also brings the long-awaited introduction of the effervescent Auntie Muriel, charming family memories of old Uncle Bilius, and intriguin ...…
Fresh off the back of the excitement about our new microphones we’re here with an episode that we had to record THREE TIMES because we’re too stupid to use them correctly. To make up for it, we did an instagram live and did several shots of Ouzo as punishment and to make sure we were drunk enough for the episode to still be funny...hopefully it ...…
We discuss the first half of chapter 31. These ending chapters are getting DEEP! Don't worry... stick around for those outtakes. It'll be worth it. Laughter is needed! EXCITING NEWS! Our website is officially LIVE! Check it out for all of our latest news, merchandise, FAQs, and more! We have a mailbox now! If you ever hav ...…
On Episode 278 we discuss... → Consent of Scent is important! → How do Dobby and Winky know each other? → Barty Crouch Jr. is eavesdropping on the Trio in the Top Box - what information does he glean? → How do Omnioculars work? → There's now a muggle equivalent to Omnioculars in existence! → Ron is touchy about Harry buying him the Omnioculars, ...…
Bravery is a major theme throughout the Harry Potter series. And as we all know, brave is the best thing to be. This week, Lauren and Alex pit 12 of the bravest HP characters against each other in a head-to-head bracket tournament to determine once and for all the bravest of the brave.By The Elixir of Life Podcast.
You thought it was Sorted, but it was I, Dio! Because JD is not a fan of Jojo, Alex has brought in some help in the form of her brother, Markas! They'll try to sort all your favourite characters, such as Jojo, Jojo, Jojo, and more. Find us on Twitter at and tell us if you agree or disagree with our choices! You can ...…
In this #WizardTeam bonus episode, Bayana and Robyn speak at LeakyCon Dallas, discussing #WizardTeam Canon from W.A.S.H. to everyone’s favorite fashion icon. Listen along and let us know your thoughts on Twitter using the #WizardTeam hashtag! We’ll be back from our hiatus with new content soon! --- Send in a voice message: ...…
Hello again! In this episode, Hermione sleeps in the Great Hall, attends a Quidditch match even though it’s raining cats and dogs, and goes to Hogsmeade. With her friends! Exciting things afoot. Here’s a longer summary: The night after Black's break-in, all the students sleep in the Great Hall, while the professors, led by Dumbledore, search th ...…
This one doesn’t end great for a beloved bird. It’s pretty rough for your hosts, too. This week, Dudley gets a conscience; Vernon gets the wrong idea; Hermione gets a glimpse through Harry’s eyes; Voldemort gets the power of flight; and Hedwig gets murdered. Plus: We read another effing book.This week’s chapters: The Dursleys Departing & The Se ...…
Have you ever heard a word that you didn't know the meaning of but could figure out from context, and then later use that word slightly-incorrectly? Kids do that all the time and it is amazing. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. this podcast: ...…
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – Chapter 37 – The Beginning The Podcast That Must Not Be Named is a Harry Potter that will not be named but will provide spoiler-free (mostly) insight chapter-by-chapter into J. K. Rowling’s acclaimed book series. Listen to our show audio on RadioPublic:–that-must-not-be-name-WoA1 ...…
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