Best Harrypotter podcasts we could find (Updated March 2019)
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The WTH Are You Watching Podcast is a movie review and commentary podcast hosted by actor/filmmaker Lincoln L. Hayes. Each episode welcomes a new guest co-host to discuss a favorite film, a hated film, or something in theaters. You're gonna love it.
Certain POV
Ben and Addy discuss nerd pop culture news and movies.
A Harry Potter discussion podcast hosted by two sisters with a long-time passion for over analyzing.
Fan-Fiction isn't for the articulate. So it's time to point that out. Listen as we read horribly written; sometimes downright disgusting stories. Super Sexy Swingin' Fan Fiction 3.0 is here. After a long delay we return with a new Co-Host; LycanOfLight. VERY NSFW
Wizard To Wizard
A podcast for wizards, by wizards, about wizards.
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Rachel and Lincoln discuss the 1997 Julia Robert's classic "My Best Friend's Wedding", with Dermot Mulroney, Cameron Diaz, and Rupert Everett.
According to Pottermore there are eleven "long-established and prestigious" magical schools around the world. We know about Hogwarts and Ilvermorny but what about the rest? In this weeks episode Alex and Lauren discuss three of the lesser known wizarding school from around the world.
Ben and Addy discuss the upcoming animation panels at Celebration 2019 and lots of new from Galaxy’s Edge at Disney. They discuss everything from rides to food to merchandise and more, They also react to the two latest episodes of Star Wars Resistance: The Descent and No Escape Part 1.
Rachel and Lincoln discuss the 1999 film "Drive Me Crazy" starring Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier.
In this episode the sisters cover Professor Minerva McGonagall’s life before we meet her in the Harry Potter series and the events and circumstances that shape her into the BAMF we know and love.
Ben and Addy travel to New Jersey to visit Ming Chen at A Shared Universe PodcaStudio. They discuss the joy of podcasting, the MCU, life on the convention circuit and more. Listen to Ming Chen on I Sell Comics Follow Ming on Twitter and Instagram Start your own Podcast - A Shared Universe PodcaStudio…
Lauren and Alex have been open about their disinterest in the Harry Potter movies so they decided to challenge themselves. In this week's episode they revisited the first installment of the Harry Potter film franchise. What did the movie portray well? What was disappointing? Was anything better in the movies than the books? Is Sean Biggerstaff ...…
In Ben and Addy’s number 2 best episode, they discuss crapping themselves. After that they remember this is a Star Wars show and talk about the story tie ins to the upcoming Star Wars experience at Disneyland and Disney World, adopting an augmented reality porg and Marvel continuing the original comic series that left off in 1986 at issue #107. ...…
Lincoln and Rachel are launching a new podcast focused on romantic comedies! Their goal is to analyze rom-coms and establish their worth, their shortcomings, and lasting impact on film and television. In their first episode, they discuss "When Harry Met Sally". Please give feedback! This will help determine if more episodes will be recorded and ...…
Ben and Addy talk about the latest episode of Star Wars Resistance, The Core Problem and Star Wars Volume 6 from Marvel. And does Ben hate BB-8 more than Jar Jar?
Luna Lovegood gets a lot of positive attention from the Harry Potter fandom and for good reason. This week Alex and Lauren discuss Luna's family, backstory, character traits, quidditch commentary, and what JKR has revealed about her post-Hogwarts life.
In 1994, the Triwizard Tournament returned after a 200 year absence. Who spearheaded the decision to bring it back? Why at that time? And of course, what is going on under those robes?
Ben and Addy discuss the new Marvel Hulu adult animated series and the latest episode of Star Wars Resistance: The New Trooper.
Lincoln is joined by his sister Jennifer Hayes Rollins to discuss why "Meet Joe Black" is a slow, plodding, turd of a movie with two great actors doing the best they can.
Adding to their House series, Lauren and Alex are covering the four houses of Ilvermorny. Ilvermorny is called the Hogwarts of North America but how do the two comparable when it comes to houses? Are there direct house equivalents from Hogwarts to Ilvermorny? And what is a Honer Serpent? Link to possible Hogwarts/Ilvermorny house comparisons: h ...…
Ben and Addy talk about some of the latest podcasts added to Certain POV and then discuss the Screaming Citadel comic crossover event between Star Wars and Doctor Aphra and the latest episode of Star Wars Resistance; The First Order Occupation.
Lincoln has tea in the kitchen of Aimee Bayles and discusses "A League of Their Own". Aimee has a new song and music video debuting February 15 and a new EP out March 15. Check out her stuff at Also stay tuned at the end of the ep for a sample of her song "No One Can Tell Us".
With the recent revelation about Nagini, the confusion over Professor McGonagall's age, and a shocking Hogwarts-related bathroom tweet, the Harry Potter fandom is reeling and wondering, "Is anything canon anymore?" In this weeks episode Lauren and Alex objectively analyze the hard hitting questions: What counts as wizarding world canon? Who det ...…
Ben and Addy discuss the latest episode of Star Wars Resistance, The Doza Dilemma in a brief episode.
As the series primarily takes place at Hogwarts, a wizarding school, education is a prominent theme throughout the Harry Potter books. But do wizards take primary education as seriously as muggles? Is there any higher education in the magical world? What is Snape’a favorite answer to any question? What shape does “ummm” make in an audio recording?…
Ben and Addy discuss the latest season of the Punisher on Netflix. They also review Glass and the two latest episodes of Star Wars Resistance.
Lincoln is joined by filmmaker and co-creator of "Vermont Film Essentials" David Metzger to discuss "ET: The Extra-Terrestrial".
Ben and Addy discuss some Star Wars and more. They react to the new Spider-man 2 and Star Wars Resistance teasers. Then they continue their comic book catch up with Doctor Aphra, Vol. 1.
They are known as one of the biggest blood traitor families there are but what makes for the top Weasley family members? Do Fred and George have distinct personalities? Is Bill actually just a huge nerd? In this weeks episode Alex and Lauren pit all nine Weasley family members against each other to determine once and for who's the best of the best.…
Lincoln is joined by jack-of-all-trades Patrick Marran to nerd out about "Iron Man", the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and comics in general. Check out Pat's side hustle BAR ROVER and follow his latest producing project M.Beth Productions, an all-female re-imagining of MacBeth! via GIPHY
Ben and Addy are joined by Matt, Geoff, and Case to discuss Magfest. This is the first time they meet in person and talk about reliving the glory days in the arcade at Magfest. Part 2 of this discussion is in this week's episode of Fun and Games with Matt and Geoff.
According to Dumbledore, Cedric Diggory exemplified many of the qualities that distinguish Hufflepuff house. We all know him as a brave Hogwarts champion, Harry's fair Quidditch rival, and an undeserving victim of Voldemort's callous quest for power. But we thought his character deserved an even closer examination. In this weeks episode Alex an ...…
Ben and Addy discuss the Marvel Comics Darth Vader series by Charles Soule. The series picks up at the end of Revenge of the Sith and explore Anakin becoming a truly terrifying Lord of the Sith.
Slytherin is known to be the Hogwarts house that turns out more dark wizards than any other. Are Slytherins inherently evil? Is ambition always a bad thing? How far in advance should revenge really be planned? We discuss these questions and much more in the final installment of our Hogwarts Houses series.…
Ben and Addy read through Star Wars volumes 3-5 and discuss the various arcs including the secret Rebel jail, commandeering a Star Destroyer, Sergeant Kreel and his Stormtrooper Commandos, Obi-Wan's adventures on Tattooine, Yoda's spiritual quest and an annual exploring Leia's regrets and motivation.…
It's that Yuletide season and Alex and Lauren wanted to do something special to mark the season. In this weeks episode we discuss an explosive new Grindelwald theory, faerie lights, christmas pudding, and much much more.
Lincoln is joined by Kyle Anderson to discuss the made for the BBC films "The Stalls of Barchester" and "A Warning to the Curious" as part of "Ghost Stories for Christmas". His cat's collar bell makes a very prominent guest appearance.
Ben and Addy discuss returning to Star Wars the Old Republic, their latest exploits in World of Warcraft, Blizzard shutting down eSports for Heroes of the Storm and spoiler-free reviews of Spiderman Into the Spiderverse and Aquaman.
Lauren and Alex have always taken the character of Percy Weasley at face value. He's Ron's pompous, slightly annoying older brother that cares more about professional success than family or defeating Voldemort. But is there a reason to delve deeper into his motivations? Is Percy a secret family man who has good reason to distrust Dumbledore? If ...…
Lincoln is joined by his sister Jennifer Rollins to discuss why they can't stand "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".
Lincoln is joined by Jordan Hue to discuss Tim Burton's "Batman Returns".
Lincoln is joined by improviser Jenn Petti to discuss "Die Hard".
Ben and Addy discuss the latest episode of Star Wars Resistance and wrap up reading the Poe Dameron comic series. They discuss some of the lessons they learned along with Poe and question how deep Poe really is.
A Very Potter Musical is a student produced Harry Potter parody musical by Team StarKid and a HP fandom favorite. It took years but Alex finally convinced Lauren to watch it. Tune in to hear the the hosts' favorite moments, songs, characters, and jokes. Also, they share the hot take everyone has been waiting for: their opinion on the musical Ha ...…
Lincoln is joined by Neil Fennell to discuss "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation".
Ben and Addy discuss the shorts from the new Star Wars kids YouTube channel, the two latest episodes of Star Wars Resistance and Poe Dameron Annual #1.
Lincoln is joined by his dad Steve Hayes to talk about his favorite Christmas movie "Home Alone".
Throughout the seven Harry Potter books we get a pretty detailed look into Gryffindor House but we are still left with some unanswered questions. What separates Gryffindor from the other three Hogwarts houses? In what way are Gryffindors just like Slytherins? Why did Godric Gryffindor need a sword anyway? And what is the deal with the dormitory ...…
Ben and Addy debunk the latest clickbait rumor that George Lucas will direct an Obi-Wan solo movie. They also discuss some Guillermo Del Toro stories that are ready to be told.
Alex and Lauren watched the new Fantastic Beasts movie and they have a few thoughts... (Possible SPOILERS ahead) Who's the biggest manipulator, Grindelwald or Dumbledore? Why is McGonagall showing up at Hogwarts decades before she was born? What in the world is Queenie thinking? Were those babies on the Titanic? And, most importantly, how thirs ...…
While enjoying their stay-cation, Lincoln and Rachel Riendeau Hayes went to see the new "Fantastic Beasts" movie and didn't really love it, but then saw the new "Wreck It Ralph" sequel and really did love it. NO SPOILERS EITHER. SO LISTEN UP.
Lincoln is joined by Rachel Riendeau and Matt Woods to discuss the new "Halloween". What worked, what didn't, and what they dream may come from the potential sequels.
Ben and Addy discuss the news that John Williams will create an original score for the new Galaxy Edge Star Wars Theme Park at Disney and react and review the latest episode of Star Wars Resistance (Synara’s Score). They are then joined by Case and author Pat Edwards (Space Tripping) to discuss the writing process, challenges navigating the pub ...…
With Thanksgiving coming up, Lauren and Alex have food on the brain. Each host prepared an iconic British dish mentioned in the Harry Potter books and are reporting the results.
Sam Kurnit returns! This time, he's in the hot seat for an in-depth interview about his Dungeons & Dragons podcast "Improvised Weapons". If you're a fan of his show or just D&D in general, this is a fun one for sure! Sam gets into how he crafted his own original campaign, the highs and lows of producing a D&D podcast, and the fun of doing live ...…
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