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Best Hiddengems podcasts we could find (updated November 2019)
Best Hiddengems podcasts we could find
Updated November 2019
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Trash in the Can
Join Eric Samaniego and Wright Sulek as they paw through the dustbin of movie history for lost gems, forgotten treasures, and most of all, TRASH. With an affection for all things schlock, the boys watch a different movie each week and discuss it with a very special guest. Let's get trashed!
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It's our special too-late-for-Halloween-horror-spectacular! Join returning guest Tessa Morrison for matronly peep shows, osha violations, and monster handjobs in the movie Tobe Hooper turned down E.T. to make, 1981's The Funhouse!By Trash in the Can
This week on Trash in the Can, the boys are joined by returning guest, writer, and Eric's weary spouse, Kat Samaniego. They subject themselves to hot tub drowning, infectious feline bites, and a throbbing George Kennedy in the worst non-musical cat centered production, 1988's Uninvited!By Trash in the Can
This week we visit Australia - land of sexually charged family camping, nu metal, and filling guinea pigs with Windex. Old "favorite" Rhett O'Hara returns to discuss the show's most recent monstrosity to date. Listen as we watch 2019's Australian supernatural thriller, Tabernacle 101. Also, to increase clicks #LIZZO…
It's Beverly Hills Cop meets Ferris Bueller! Comedian Brendan K O'Grady joins the boys for low-rent Jack Nicholson impressions, babies having babies, and crimes of fashion in 1992's Christian Slater vehicle, Kuffs!By Trash in the Can
"That's not cranberry sauce." The Holidays come early this year with a Thanksgiving slasher flick so good it was shelved for 4 years. Make-up artist and returning guest, Liz Rische, joins the boys to discuss Louis Lasser, the necessity of lingerie, and traditional Thanksgiving incest! Let's watch 1987's Blood Rage!…
Picture a Marvel movie with better actors and worse dialogue. Throw in some second rate Rocky Horror Show musical numbers, and you've got a pretty good idea of this week's Australian superhero rock musical, The Return of Captain Invincible. The boys and returning guest, Matt Ryan, discuss Alan Arkin's wig, Christopher Lee's metal album, and edg ...…
Academy Award winner Mike Nichols directs a script written by Academy Award nominee Buck Henry, where Academy Award refuser George C. Scott teaches dolphins to speak and possibly kill the president. Yes, this is a real movie! Join the boys and returning guest, Travis Patten, where they discuss the better than it has any right to be, Day of the ...…
Imagine an episode where the movie is so boring we don't even talk about it and we can't remember enough about it to write a summary for the episode. Imagine no more and enjoy our loosest episode to date. We hope you like stories about Terry Gross and Gene Simmons. We think. Join us and third stooge, Rhett O'Hara, for 1978's Teen Alien!…
Bernie from Weekend at Bernie's transplants Paul Walker's brain into an animatronic dinosaur. Also, Denise Richards is there. You know, the usual. Join the boys and Baylor Johnson as they learn the easiest way to win a fight with 1994's Tammy and the T-Rex.By Trash in the Can
An extremely well lit spooky castle, interchangeable blonde women, pig men, and Adam Ant all add up to a movie so good it was shelved for 4 years. This week we watch 1988's (and 1992's) Spellcaster with guest Travis Patten!By Trash in the Can
Is there anything the Lord can't do? Inspire a decent musical, apparently (sorry, Jesus Christ Superstar fans). Join the boys and special guest Nash of the Nash Attack Podcast, for nerd buns, overdose cop outs, and Michael Jackson's love life. We watch 1985's Christian peer-pressure musical, Hi-Tops!…
Murderous owl-men.Terrible wigs. Phonetic line readings. This movie has it all! We're joined this week by Mortified Austin's Katie Moore to discuss Italian slasher, Stage Fright.By Trash in the Can
It's a family affair on this week's Trash in the Can. We're joined by Wright's sister, Caroline Sulek, to revel in mutant fetus mayhem, expert pegging foley work, and how many drinks at dinner before recording is too many for Eric. We watch a ninja turtles origin story, but with 100% more abortion, 1990's The Suckling.…
It's like The Walking Dead, but less boring! The boys welcome back their favorite plan B, Rhett O'Hara, to watch thicc psychics, steroid poodles, and a puking Phyllis Diller in 1991's The Boneyard.By Trash in the Can
Liza Minnelli and Burt Reynolds share equal billing and equal blame in this crime thriller made by people that apparently didn't know who they were. Join us for an extra large panel discussion with our two guests, Liz Rische and Jacob Storbeck. We watched 1987's Rent-a-Cop on this week's Trash in the Can!…
Do you like Footloose, but wish it had 100% more nazis? The boys are joined by returning guest Tessa Morrison to discuss Wright's sexy aunt, hair metal beefcakes, and werewolf grandmas. We watch Hard Rock Zombies on this week's Trash in the Can!By Trash in the Can
Pity the fool. Pity the fool us, everyone. Join the boys as they learn the story of Christ's birth as only Mr. T can tell it. We're celebrating the season by watching the lost Christmas spectacular, Mr T and Emmanuel Lewis' A Christmas Dream.By Trash in the Can
'Tis the season for dick-stabbing elves, middle aged teenagers, drunk Santas, and incest loving nazis. Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la. Join returning guest, Jarred Schiff, for 1989's Elves.By Trash in the Can
Gather the whole family for this week's bit of filth, just in time for the holiday! Join special guest Amparo Bueno for 70s bush, casual racism, and dancing dildos. We watched 1976's cult classic, The First Nudie Musical.By Trash in the Can
Join the boys and special guest Rich "The Pizza" Pizzo as they struggle to make sense of the worst thing to come out of Canada since Ted Cruz (We hope you voted), 1988's The Brain.By Trash in the Can
Finally, a film that captures our experience watching movies for the show. Join us and special guest Elisa Leichty for the worst team up between Italy and Germany since WWII, 1985's Demons.By Trash in the Can
A lady may or may not fuck a gorilla in this movie. What more do you need to know? Join the boys and returning champion Rhett O'Hara as they discuss 1980's erotic ape adventure, Tanya's Island.By Trash in the Can
A preteen Canadian creep finds companionship in a talking teddy bear and a hole full of monsters. Watch him visit the butcher, steal money, and commit several crimes of a sexual nature. It's real gross. Join special guest Samia Abu-shawish and the boys for 1981's The Pit.By Trash in the Can
If you've ever wanted to see James Bond bang the drag queen Crypt-keeper, you're in luck and should seek counseling immediately. We're joined by special guest, Shira More, to discuss Mae West's final double entendre filled adventure, 1978's Sextette.By Trash in the Can
An extremely elderly Katherine Hepburn "shakes" things up with a stellar performance in a middling TV movie that sees her spar with Anthony Quinn, Jason "Justin" Bateman, and a horse. Join the boys and special guest Kat Samaniego as they watch 1994's This Can't Be Love.By Trash in the Can
Eric finally has his revenge! Returning guest, Tessa Morrison, brings us another retelling of Victor Hugo's Phantom of the Opera. Only this time set in a 1980s mall with Pauly Shore and completely stupid. Join us as we watch a movie that's somehow a worse revenge movie than Jaws: The Revenge - Phantom of the Mall: Eric's Revenge.…
We made bail and are back with an all new episode! Rhett O'Hara (Of Pixels and Polygons) returns as we watch Neil Young convince his famous friends to take part in a totally baffling 80s musical(ish?) romp about fame, Native American stereotypes, nuclear annihilation, and absolutely nothing at all. Also, Devo. Check out 1982's Human Highway.…
Who better than 3 white guys to explore race, class, and a heavy serving of WTF? Let's watch genre-master Larry Cohen's 1972 satire, Bone! Joined by special guest Rich Pizzo.By Trash in the Can
Did you think Hereditary was too good and made too much sense? You're in luck! Join the boys and special guest Alexis Gardner as they uncover a forgotten Shelley Winters vehicle that bares more than a passing resemblance. We watch The Devil's Daughter today on Trash in the Can.By Trash in the Can
Roger Corman presents the timeless story of a boy and his Dom DeLuise voiced skateboard. Stay tuned after our discussion with special guest Ashley Alkek, when we are joined by the star of the film, Trevor Lissauer! Yes, really!By Trash in the Can
A leftover ape costume, liberal use of the 'R' word, and a blonde wig all come together to make Joan Crawford's final and worst movie. Join us, along with special guest Josh Santo as we watch 1970's Trog!By Trash in the Can
Get ready for twists and turns galore, as we dissect the 1973 adult-baby exploitation extravaganza, The Baby. Join Wright, Eric and special guest Matt Ryan, and David Manzy as Baby.By Trash in the Can
Join Eric and Wright as they time travel back to the 70s, where everyone was ugly, had just okay voices and it didn't matter because Watergate, man. They watch 'Phantom of the Paradise' - a rock opera featuring the music of Paul Williams at his tiny, coked out best! They're joined by Fiber Artist, Cosplayer, and Beef Fan Club Chair, Tessa Morrison!…
Brain-eating parasites, toilet murder, and deadly blowjobs all come together in the most morbid D.A.R.E. public service announcement ever. This week we're joined by makeup artist and sweat-dabber, Liz Rische for some Brain Damage.By Trash in the Can
"A man who runs an apartment house for women is the demented son of a Nazi surgeon who has the house equipped with secret passageways, hidden rooms and torture and murder devices." - imdb.com Tourist Trap meets Schlindler's List in the most tasteful episode of Trash in the Can to date! Eric and Wright with special guest, Travis Patten, discuss ...…
"A novelty-salesman moves his family into a new house. Initially dismissing incidents as more of their father's practical jokes, the family soon learns that the house is haunted by people who lived in the house 300 years previously." - IMDB.com Do you wonder what happens when you die? Join the boys with UIL Honorable Mention Cast winner, Jarred ...…
Join the boys and special guest, Nash Gates (The Nash Attack - Podcast), as they explore the trials of teenage existence - boys, popularity, intercourse with demonic mirrors, and Lily Munster. We watch the 1990 horror flick Mirror, Mirror on today's Trash in the Can.By Trash in the Can
"Giant mutant rabbits terrorize the south-west." - IMDB.com Eric and Wright are joined by Kat Keating to discuss furry fiends, cowboy butts, big Rory Calhoun, and Janet Leigh slumming it in this week's episode of Trash in the Can.By Trash in the Can
"In a small town, people are being murdered by having their throats cut." - IMDB Eric and Wright are joined by Rhett O'Hara (Podcast - Of Pixels and Polygons) to discuss Tiny Tim, clowns, hard bodies, and murder in the premiere episode of what people are calling "a podcast."By Trash in the Can
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