Best Highschool podcasts we could find (Updated March 2019)
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Indulge into the world of two high-school students relationship. While they weave and discuss through old, present and upcoming situations.
NXT is the High School Youth Group of Calvary Church in Naperville, IL. NXT is committed to helping parents raise children who love God, love themselves, and love others.
Triple Double And No Assists Podcast Features Corey CoJack Hosea a basketball purest Coming from being the Camera Man to some of the earliest Highschool interviews of Anthony Davis,Andrew Wiggins,Jabari Parker,Nerlons Noel and much more. Also Khalil Adams Sports head Basketball and Football highschool standout. These 2 tackle daily topics on everything NBA weather its from a numbers aspect,the eye test,or from their prospectives.The show will feature surprise guest as well.Enjoy
Hanging with beatdrop is a show where we talk about music , sports and day to day life. We want to create a fun place where you can listen and feel that you can gain laughter and knowledge on what we have gone thru. You'll hear guests that want to share their story and give you a feel on who they are! Enjoy!
Welcome to the Serial: Extension Episode podcast, where 3 highschool sophmores discuss the murder of Hae Min Lee in 1999. We only barely scratch the iceberg on this one.
Coffee talk
Highschool is a eventful place, whether you have kids in it, or attend it yourself. Get some coffee, and cozy down with us.
Graduated from college or high-school and don't know what is next? Schools teach us all sorts of stuff, but they don't teach us HOW to do life after school. If you're between the ages of 18 and 34-years old and are feeling frustrated, scared or don't know how to get started with this 'adult' life everyone keeps telling you about: this Podcast can help. John Crane shares lessons from his journey from the bottom of his high-school graduating class to a top income earner and small business owner.
ʻA Little About A Lotʼ is a variety show where Kelsey and Becky spill the tea about their personal lives, talk the struggles of relationships and dating (Becky is married, and Kelsey is very much single), research their favourite celebs from the 90ʼs, answer audience questions, interview some badass people, and more! We want to challenge perspectives, and leave our audience feeling refreshed, inspired, and with a little more knowledge about a lot!
HighSchool is a podcast about students, their experiences, and the stories surrounding their adolescent lives. Every episode features an aspect of student life from Center Grove High School.HighSchool is created by Center Grove Publications, a student-run journalism program at Center Grove High School.
Comedian and YouTuber Cody Ko talks to himself about PRESSING ISSUES. itunes:*ckin-chillin-w-cody-ko/id1189852741?mt=2 google play:
Just a short lame and (not so ) funny Segment of my life THE HIGH SCHOOL !!!!
The GMat Podcast
Can Australians stay on topic? Can they stick to their notes for an hour? Can they do an entire podcast without saying c*nt? That's The GMat Podcast. The Podcast is available on Itunes, Anchor and now Spotify. Check out TheRealGMat on YouTube.
Bearly Helping Podcast is a Malaysian Podcast delivered in Bahasa Malaysia by 3 youngsters, Zahirah, Nazri, Adlan who talks about random stuffs usually requested by the listeners in hopes that listeners can benefit from listening hence the Bearly Helping name. Feel free to email us !
Graphic Novelty
Four nerds talk about comics and comic-related things. We look at what's going on in the world of comics. Whether it's the comics themselves, movies/TV based on comics, creators, and the industry.
A show about anything and everything but mostly uninformed rambling
Podcast by Khleo Thomas
Welcome to The On The Go Audio Experiment! (Formerly The Healthy Primate Podcast) As The Healthy Primate Podcast continued to evolved, it is only fair that the content and show do the same. We welcome you to the new flow and focus. The purpose of this podcast is to feature the stories, trials, success, failures and motivation by some of the worlds best. It also showcases my growth as a business owner, best selling author, father and husband. You will get long form episodes as well as small b ...
Tea with Jesus
Talking about everyday life and how to grow and walk in it with our creator.
Mitchell Yang
I have been crucified with Christ, and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. Galatians 2:20 CBS
A gang of people in Cincinnati that talks about expectations versus the reality of movies, tv, games, and life. Come have a laugh, geek out with us, and be a part of EvR!Email: evrpodcast@gmail.comTwitter: @EvR_PodcastFacebook: evrpodcast
WHAT IS UP party people. This is High School Stories, a podcast all about what it is like growing up as a young person today. I am Quince, a high school senior, and the host of High School Stories. Every week, I will be talking to you about an important t
Capulet Life
This is the podcast where we speak ignorantly about everything going on.We speak mostly about cars, comics, women or anything else on our minds.Were the podcast that doesnt know anything, so sit back and let us waste your time!
A podcast where the guest picks the topic. It can really go anywhere.
Ryan Davey
Ryan Davey
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show series
Feat. Mat, Ben J & Aidan. The guys discuss getting trolled by other players in Rainbow 6: Siege, Mat tries to talk his way out of compliments and Shoogy joins the podcast for the first time ever! Check out PATREON: FACEBOOK: TWITCH: INSTAGRAM: ...…
Was up y'all! On this episode we talk about how social media has its pros and cons and what we think about it! Enjoy!
Justin Jeremiah and Alex return to catch up on a little bit of everything
This week the girls chat all about how they go about creating content and DIY projects for their YouTube channel! This podcast is sponsored by Berning in Hell
Feat. Mat, Ben J & Aidan. Aidan finally get's a PC and lays out the long journey it took to get it. Ben talks about trying to sell his HTC Vive online and Mat discusses how awful it is to travel in the car with Ben. Check out PATREON: FACEBOOK: TWITCH: INSTAGRAM ...…
What does this dystopian art-house comedy from France have to do with food in comics? Not much, but Ora picked it anyway. Music: ‘Night of Dizzy Spells’ by Eric Skiff.
Was up y'all! On this episode we are talking about how it can be challenging adapting to a new lifestyle but its always for a good cause! Enjoy!
This week Kelsey and Becky take a deep dive into Becky's marriage, the crazy things that happened on their honeymoon, and their opinions on marriage. This podcast is sponsored by Berning in Hell
Dalam episod kali ini, kami membincangkan mengenai perangai manusia yang berubah dalam laman sosial dan di dunia realiti, respon terhadap akaun "dark side" di twitter, natijah yang terjadi bila kita terlalu semborono dalam media sosial dan banyak lagi. Terima kasih kerana mendengar. Sebarang komen dan cadangan bolehlah hantarkan kepada bearlyhe ...…
CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR US IN THE MY RODE CAST COMPETITION Feat. Mat, Ben J & Aidan. Aidan makes his return to the podcast after 7 weeks Europe. The guys discuss settings up NBN, and discuss whether or not Mat was a bully in highschool; and Random Texts makes it's humble return. Check out PATREON: www.pat ...…
Fat people talking about food. Theme: Chopin’s Nocturnes, Op. 9 no. 2, performed by Frank Levy.
This week Becky is on vacation, but we have special guest Valeria Lipovetsky to talk all about the business of YouTube, growing and building a brand quickly, and balancing work and life!
CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR US IN THE MY RODE CAST COMPETITION Feat. Mat, Ben J & special guest Beppa Jay (SisterMidnight) The group discusses weird dreams, hot steams and Krispy Kremes. They debate who went to the worst highscool and finally get to the bottom of who has the worst "inanimate object rage", Ben ...…
Was up y'all, on this episode we are talking about how Roger got into debt when he moved to Las Vegas & what made me get a music studio! Enjoy!
This week Kelsey and Becky talk all about where they live - Canada!
Dalam episod kali ini, kami menyatakan sebab dan memohon maaf keatas tidak mengeluarkan episod baru setelah beberapa bulan. Sebarang komen dan cadangan bolehlah emelkan kepada atau tweet kami ke @bearlyhelping. Subscribe dan kongsikan kepada rakan-rakan yang anda rasa boleh dapat manfaat dari episod kali ini.…
CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR US IN THE MY RODE CAST COMPETITION Feat. Mat, Ben J & special guest Garbett (ToeyDatsun) The guys bond over their mutual hatred of inanimate objects and Garbett tells us what Ben J was like in high school. Check out PATREON: FACEBOOK: ...…
This week, the team preps for Dark Phoenix by watching Fox’s first attempt to bring one of comics’ most complex sagas to the screen. Did it work? Sure, in that it almost sank the franchise. Music: ‘Night of Dizzy Spells’ by Eric Skiff.
Was up y'all! On this episode we are talking about some of the things that can help your every day lifestyle to live a happy life! Enjoy!
This week we respond to listener emails and chat all about the art of friend dating as an adult.
CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR US IN THE MY RODE CAST COMPETITION Mat & Ben JThe guys discuss high school jobs and post apocalypse dreams. Ben tells Mat he won't stop scaring him and Mat tells Ben about signing up as an Uber driver.Check outPATREON: www.facebook. ...…
LATE EPISODE – The second part of our “Josh is late again” twofer sees the boys examining Avenger 200 and the Greg Pak-penned Phoenix Endsong. Both are horrible, but for different reasons. If you like time-traveling incest, rape gaslighting, and pissing on the legacy of Grant Morrison, then this is the podcast you’ve been waiting for. Theme: Ch ...…
LATE PODCAST NUMBER ONE – Sorry, my work schedule and an injury kept me from posting these in a timely manner. But hey, that just means you get to enjoy two podcasts on the same day! This one is about Soloman Kane, the James Purefoy film that attempted – and failed – to launch a franchise. Why? No idea, because it is actually quite good. Join u ...…
Feat. Mat & Ben J The guys fall apart. Check out PATREON: FACEBOOK: TWITCH: INSTAGRAM:
Was up y'all! On this episode we are talking about maintaining healthy relationships with family your significant other etc! Enjoy!
This week we respond to some of your emails, and talk about our college experience, roommate drama, and underage drinking.
Going from adolescences to kind of being an adult
Was up y'all on this episode we are talking about the excitement you get when you do something that your passionate about! Finding the patience to do what you love!
In this week's episode, we talk all about our pet peeves and some interesting unpopular opinions we have.
Feat. Mat & Ben JThe guys rejoice in the first official podcast in the new house. They talk about PS1 classics, trying to get internet, and their first noise complaint in the new houseCheck outPATREON: FACEBOOK: TWITCH: INSTAGRAM:…
It’s LICH KING, you sickos. Theme: Chopin’s Nocturnes, Op. 9 no. 2, performed by Frank Levy.
Was up all! On this episode we are talking about taking some risks. Working on being happy with your lifestyle!
Feat. Mat & Ben JTo make up for the lack of content due to moving house, here is a special Tuesday Podcast. Mat and Ben talk about moving in together, their internet issues and of course the annual hottest 100 party.Check outPATREON: FACEBOOK: TWITCH: INSTAGRAM: ...…
This week, Kelsey talks about her trip to Bali, Indonesia (the good and the bad).
Was up y'all! On this episode we are talking about being consisted with our health. Getting plans figured out to better ourselves. Enjoy!
The bad thing about prophecies is that sometimes they come true. What does this have to do with the 90s indie mockumentary Bob Roberts, directed by and starring notorious lefty Tim Robbins? You’ll have to listen to find out. Or, like, Google it. That would work too. Music: ‘Night of Dizzy Spells’ by Eric Skiff.…
This week on A Little About A Lot, Becky interviews The Sorry Girls team members Justin and Claire! They talk being part of the LGBTQ+ community, coming out, dating apps, and being single! Let us know what you think of the episode using the hashtag #ALAALPodcast!
Feat. Mat. Mat does a quick solo podcast and goes through the Reddit post that angered Fortnite kids. Check out PATREON: FACEBOOK: TWITCH: INSTAGRAM:
This week Kelsey and Becky talk all about the highschools they went to (public vs private), the interesting people at those schools, and how they fit in at those schools!
Was up y'all! On this episode we are talking about how its important to stay patient and staying committed to your goals! Enjoy!!
Political satire is a tough thing to pull off in the best of times, and these are certainly not those times. But smaller comic companies try anyway, and that is where we get Barack the Barbarian and Trump’s Titans. Josh, Ora, and Kyle try to lighten things up by discussing Batman’s many crimes, but really, at least one of these books is existen ...…
Feat. Mat and Aidan. Mat says a temporary goodbye to Aidan and talks about moving home and the boys play a very special game of Random Texts! Check out PATREON: FACEBOOK: TWITCH: INSTAGRAM:…
We follow up our episode on weird fiction comics with an examination of Hellboy, the 2004 film adaptation of famed comics scribe Mike Mahatmaghandi’s epic. Thrill along with Josh, Ora, and Kyle as Ron Perlman proves himself the most adept of punchmen. Music: ‘Night of Dizzy Spells’ by Eric Skiff.
Was up y'all! On this episode we are talking about how Roger began his workout plan. How we are working on our 2019 goals! Enjoy!
Warning: This episode contains themes of weight loss and gain, disordered eating, over exercise, and modelling. This week the girls talk body image + interview Vitalisa Mikolajczak about her time as both a plus size and straight size model.
Feat. Mat, Aidan and Ben J. The guys finally get to use the new podcast equipment. Kick of 2019 with another round of Random Texts, and discuss Kevin Spacey's bizarre video! Check out PATREON: FACEBOOK: TWITCH: INSTAGRAM:…
Ring in the new year the traditional way – with tentacles. The team tackles Mike Mignola’s classic Hellboy and Fred Van Lente’s Weird Detective, but mostly as an excuse for Josh to lecture Ora and Kyle about weird fiction. Theme: Chopin’s Nocturnes, Op. 9 no. 2, performed by Frank Levy.
Was up y'all! On this episode we are talking about the goals we are setting for ourselves for 2019. Enjoy!
This week the girls reflect on 2018, look forward to the new year, and reflect on resolutions!
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