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Best Homeschool podcasts we could find (Updated October 2019)
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Read-Aloud Revival
Make meaningful and lasting connections with your kids through books
Learn how to manage your home and homeschool with practical, simple, guilt-free ideas from a mom of 10!
The weekly Simply Charlotte Mason homeschooling audio podcast with Sonya Shafer
New homeschool content from top homeschool bloggers streaming straight to your earbuds every Friday. Includes blog posts from Pam Barnhill, Sarah Mackenzie, Brandy Vencel, Mystie Winckler and more.
Cait and Kara are two moms doing this homeschooling thing right beside you. We might not have it all figured out, but one thing we know for sure is that homeschooling is a lot easier when you have a sister by your side.
Homeschool help, homeschool resources, homeschool encouragement, homeschool curriculum reviews, parenting advice, Christian encouragement and more from my chaos to yours!
Scholé Sisters is the podcast for the classical homeschooling mama who seeks to learn and grow while she’s helping her children learn and grow. Scholé Sisters is a casual conversation about topics that matter to those of us in the trenches of classical homeschooling who yearn for something more than just checking boxes and getting it all done. In each episode, we cover our Scholé Everyday (suggestions for inspiration and growth), and a topical discussion relying on principles we find in book ...
Cultivating Grace
Join us as we cultivate grace into the principles and practices of homeschool and motherhood. Homeschool experts and mom mentors will be here to share encouragement, tackle questions about homeschooling methods, learning styles, and help you cultivate a home and mom-life filled with learning and love. Right here -- every other Saturday.
Are you ready for a homeschooling experience you can enjoy? One with less stress and more fun? Are you ready to think differently about homeschool? Join Maren and Angela every Monday as we encourage each other, laugh, and get real about homeschool.
Cultivating a happy home in the age of can, too! Loving God, people, and life. Momma of many, including one with Down Syndrome.
Homeschool encouragement and podcast
Know yourself.Teach yourself.Improve yourself.School Sucks is a podcast, call-in show, You Tube channel, & web community promoting real education and rooting out indoctrination.We discuss home-education, self-education, critical thinking, self knowledge, peaceful parenting, personal growth, nonviolent communication & non-aggressionTweets by @SchoolSucksShow!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src="//platform.twi ...
Created with the homeschool mom in mind, the Joyfully Homeschooling podcast is here to encourage and inspire you on your homeschool journey. Through real stories, real struggles, and real life, Misty Bailey and her guests share how to embrace imperfection and strive for a more joyful homeschool. Misty is a homeschool mom to three kids and has been homeschooling for over 9 years. Learn more about her mission to encourage and equip the homeschool mom on her blog Joy in the Journey (findingjoyi ...
Yvette Hampton, producer and host of the upcoming documentary, Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution, brings you encouragement and resources from home education experts and REAL families just like yours, to help you train your children well.
Short focus sessions for busy Christian moms who want to manage their homes & lives for the glory of God – and enjoy it, too! Organize your attitude, get stuff done, and love God.
Thinking Love
A new podcast for homeschooling, Charlotte Mason moms.
Homeschooling Outside the Box is the podcast that encourages and equips moms who homeschool an outside-the-box child. Join the host, Cindy Rinna, as she talks autism, ADHD, dyslexia, Charlotte Mason's philosophy, great books, therapy, special needs' friendly curriculum, and all the ups and downs of homeschooling an outside-the-box child.
Preserving the best of the past with an eye to bless future generations the show offers no excuses, perfection or compromise. Felice hosts this weekly show on Monday at Noon Eastern, often with guests.
Setting the Spark
Podcast for homeschooling moms of little-ones who are looking for a place to find answers and meaning in your everyday. With Hosts Lorien Magnus and Destiny Kosarick
If you're like most of my listeners, you, too, wear many hats and you have a lot of demands on your time. It's difficult to juggle it all as a homeschool mom. And it's easy to be overwhelmed by everything you need to do. This show is not about finding the right curriculum or doing all the right things. It is about helping you focus on the best for your homeschool and your family.
Homeschool encouragement and podcast
Vintage Homeschool Moms preserves the best of the past while blessing future generations with the fruit that comes from putting God first and using experience as a teacher.
The Legacy Homeschool Reflections first podcast by Ruth Adams is taken from her book Legacy - Reflections of a Homeschooled, Homeschooling Mama.
Join us each week as we host a special guest and discuss issues relevant to families who are homeschooling students with special educational needs.
Sage Parnassus
Nancy Kelly -Guidance for Your Charlotte Mason Homeschool and Life
How-to's to help you plan the high school years
A podcast to help homeschoolers with the highschool years.
Honey I'm Homeschooling The Kids! - A podcast that steps into alternative education, parenting, and living a fun, fuller family life.
Today's Homeschool Teen is a podcast for homeschooling parents who want to help their teens meet the challenges of high school and reach their incredible God-given potential.
Welcome to Season 2! Working While Homeschooling is all about making it possible - to work AND homeschool! Working While Homeschooling's mission is to help homeschooling parents make money and maybe even have a “career” while continuing to homeschool, without losing their sanity! A lofty, noble goal indeed; and one that we think that is much needed! Find out more at Support this podcast:
Canada Homeschools
For Canadian Homeschoolers, this podcast will feature interviews with home educators, resource suppliers, group organizers, all from a Canadian perspective.
A podcast exploring all aspects of a life cultivated by books and stories.
Is science one of those subjects that you struggle with teaching in your homeschool? You have come to the right place! Hi, I'm Paige Hudson, veteran homeschooling mom and author of the programs of Elemental Science.In each season of the Tips for Homeschool Science Show, we are going to take the complexities of teaching science and break those down into building blocks you can use in your homeschool! New episodes will release every Monday until the season is complete. But don't worry, on the ...
The weekly Simply Charlotte Mason homeschooling video podcast with Sonya Shafer
If you have a question re. home education in South Africa, then this is the place to come to. From the HOW to the WHY and the WHERE our informative talks will provide answers and advice. We all need a helping hand sometime or maybe just some inspiration. Here, experienced home educators come alongside you and guide you on your journey. The Homeschool Lounge is supported by Cape Home Educators, the Pestalozzi trust and other home education activists.Technical and artistic support provided by ...
The latest podcast feed searching 'Homeschooling' on SermonAudio.
The latest podcast feed searching 'Homeschooling' on SermonAudio.
Short focus sessions for busy Christian moms who want to manage their homes & lives for the glory of God – and enjoy it, too! Organize your attitude, get stuff done, and love God.
Twice each month, A Legacy of Faith (cohosted by Adam and Leah Faughn) brings you information about how your family can survive today, plan for tomorrow, and always keep an eye on eternity.
The weekly Simply Charlotte Mason homeschooling audio podcast with Sonya Shafer
Homeschool Talks is an informative podcast about all things homeschooling. We feature exciting interviews with homeschoolers from all walks of life as well as leaders and influencers in the homeschool movement. Each episode is packed with practical tips, inspiring stories, and more.
A Beautiful Homeschool Community | The official podcast of the Wild + Free community, hosted by Ainsley Arment.
Sage Family
Rachel Rainbolt is the mama behind the Sage Family Podcast, where we gather around a virtual campfire to share meaningful conversations with inspiring and insightful friends around Gentle Parenting, Natural Homeschooling, Simple Living, and Family Adventure. Are you ready to live the family life of your dreams?
Mother and daughter educators discuss topics relevant to the education of young children.
The master feed for the Nobody's Listening Podcast Community
Dollars & Sense
Homeschool encouragement and podcast
Dollars & Sense
Homeschool encouragement and podcast
The Arts of Language Podcast, with Institute for Excellence in Writing’s founder Andrew Pudewa, is a weekly podcast to support teachers of writing composition. Our goal is to equip teachers and teaching parents with methods and materials which will aid them in training their students to become confident and competent communicators and thinkers.
Welcome to the Fat Fueled Family podcast, where every week we talk about things like Nutrition, training, how to live a healthy & active lifestyle with your little ones, peaceful parenting, education, and of course, mindset. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @ketocounterculture @fatfueledmom and @fatfueledkids, and on YouTube @fatfueledfamilyTo stay up to date with everything we’re doing, please sign up with your email at, and check out our blog for wor ...
On the Life as a Lifeschooler podcast, Danielle Papageorgiou will seek to explore this definition in all its aspects, and to bring exposure to the educational value of the simple things we do every day with our children. In this podcast, she will interview other lifeschoolers, as well as popular homeschool leaders to discuss the idea of lifeschooling and what it looks like in various family situations. Some of her favorite guests are the “homeschool pioneers” who educated their children quit ...
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show series
Cheri Eiras is a writer, speaker, pastor's wife, and a former homeschool mom. She joins us on this episode to talk about staying connected as a family and planning meaningful times together.By Dual Credit at Home.
Hey, homeschoolers! Music is such an important and gratifying part of home education. You may have heard my interviews with Joseph Hoffman about piano and Gena Mayo about easy ways of including music in your homeschool. Today, I’m delighted to share my interview with Inga Hope, founder of Gentle Guitar online school and the creator of Music Ed ...…
The sisters are so thrilled to welcome Cindy West to this episode. Cindy is a homeschool mom of three who has loved nature pretty much her whole life, and now creates fantastic products and classes to help parents learn about nature with their kids. Cindy, Cait and Kara discuss easy ways to add intention to nature walks, how Cindy's own homesch ...…
Andrew Stanley was homeschooled through eighth grade and gets it. He knows homeschooling makes the fodder for some funny jokes. Join me and Andrew on this episode of the podcast as we chat about how a finance major ended up as a standup comedian, if his years as a homeschooler somehow uniquely prepared him for his current profession, and other ...…
In this second part of an interview with Louise House of The Learning House, Louise shares her experience homeschooling children with learning disabilities and suggests helpful resources. You are not alone in this challenge so it’s our hope that you’ll be encouraged as you listen. Quick link to The Learning House site learning difficulties reso ...…
Here is Part 3 of this podcast series on Colossians 2:6-7, Rooted in Christ. Click here to download. Please visit my website at If you liked this podcast, please consider my book: Legacy - Reflections of a Homeschooled, Homeschooling Mama. Click here to buy from Sony Elise Christian Books, or here to buy ...…
Virtual Field Trips ~ Episode 376 I love field trips and especially ones that are money-saving, and virtual field trips fit both categories. Fun field trips from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to our Sponsor – Media Angels Membership – with the Virtual Field Trips Study Guide as part of the basic membership. Check it out. Years ago I wrot ...…
Key Takeaway->There are benefits and downsides to the mastery and spiral approaches for teaching science. In the end, what matters most is that you actually share science with your kiddos.Should you teach biology all year long? Or should you teach a bit of biology, earth science, and physical science? In this podcast, Paige from Elemental Scien ...…
Today we'll be talking to Lisa, from True North Homeschool Academy and the Soft Skills 101 podcast, as well as discussing the upcoming "Ultimate Blogging & Work from Home Summit." Be sure to sign up for the 2019 Ultimate Blogging & Work from Home Summit here: ...…
True story, I am 100% loading this without writing just to get it up for you guys. I also didn’t really mention any links but I will come back and write a bit before I share it tomorrow socially. In case you come here before I get to that though… this episode is me talking to your kids about what it was like being homeschooled: the good, the ba ...…
Homeschool dads, don't miss this episode! Kevin Swanson is the Director of Generations – a ministry he founded to strengthen homeschool families around the country. As a father who wants to leave a godly heritage for his own five children, Kevin's passion is to strengthen and encourage the homeschooling movement all over the world, and to cast ...…
We’re continuing our fall mini-series on what’s saving our homeschool RIGHT NOW. This week, we’re talking about the e-reader that’s changing reading for one of our kids and the master homeschool plan we can’t homeschool without. PLUS we’re sharing an excerpt from our Enneagram & Homeschool Class! We look at Enneagram numbers 1, 2, and 3, and ta ...…
This week on SPED Homeschool Conversations our guest was Dr. Erika M. Olimpiew from Emotive Computing, LLC. Erika shared with us on the topic of “Helping Young Adults with Autism Recognize and Communicate Their Emotions”#autism #socialskills #emotionalregulation #homeschoolOther topics covered in this episode:Using Personal Challenges to Stretc ...…
The Call Of The Wild + Free Ainsley Arment is the founder of Wild + Free, a community of mothers that are changing the preconceived notion of what it means to homeschool. Ainsley is also co-founder of Wild Explorers Club and the Wild + Free Farm Village, and host of the Wild + Free podcast. Her new book, The Call of the Wild + Free: Reclaiming ...…
In today’s episode, I am chatting teenagers and their transition to adulthood with Dachelle McVey. Teens can be rough. VERY rough. And I feel we lack mentors in how to parent teens. Many people are ready to give advice when it comes to babies, toddlers, and even young school-agers. But teens? No one wants to go there. And I think it is because ...…
Top 10 Tips for Homeschool Leaders: Preventing Fraud Let’s hope fraud or embezzlement never happens in your homeschool group! Do you have safeguards to spot it and prevent it? This is the third part of a 5-part series on Top 10 Tips for Running a Homeschool Group, Carol Topp, CPA shares some tips to prevent fraud. The recording is from workshop ...…
This week on HSHSP Ep 183: Apprenticing Your Teens for Adulthood, Interview with Susan Landry. HSHSP Ep 183: Apprenticing Your Teens for Adulthood, Interview with Susan Landry Apprenticing your teens for adulthood. What is that? Vicki is joined by Susan Landry of the Sparrow’s Home, where Susan writes about home, homeschooling, cooking and all ...…
Does meal time feel chaotic, loud, and full of picky eaters? These tips will help you manage meal time with grace and calm when all you have are little ones sitting at your table! Get your FREE FALL FAMILY TRADITIONS BUNDLE! **hint** There's a coupon code for my Holiday Homeschool Planner Pack inside! In this podcast: Why you need a meal remind ...…
A few weeks ago I did a post on the Way of the Will as a little refresher course on how Charlotte Mason explained the will and how it works. Many of you responded with requests for more on that subject. So today we’re going to touch on another aspect of the will, and I […] Is Your Child Strong-Willed or Weak-Willed? originally appeared on Simpl ...…
When we as moms are overwhelmed, a procedure checklist might be just the ticket to calm our stress and help us start doing what needs to be done. We need to stop hunting on the internet for how to organize your life and just start doing the right thing. This month inside the Simply Convivial Circle we’re talking all about procedure lists – when ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Generations Radio is now available on SermonAudio with the following details: Title: Why Communists Don't Like Homeschooling - Public Schools: The Core of the Battle Subtitle: The Core of the Battle Speaker: Kevin Swanson Broadcaster: Generations Radio Event: Radio Broadcast Date: 10/15/2019 Length: 29 min.…
Are you a parent who is interested in homeschooling but not ready to fully commit? Do you know someone who feels like traditional schooling is better for their child but still wants to implement certain homeschool principles or philosophies? In this episode, we talk with curricula researcher and philosophy lover Lauren Litton about the inspirat ...…
Adding literature to your homeschool can be quite a balancing act. Some children are reluctant readers while others love to read but only want to read books of their choosing. Regardless of whether your child is a bookworm or a reluctant reader, you can add more literature to your homeschool, (re)capture the joy of reading, and spice up literar ...…
As we long for balance in our lives, we really need to back up and begin with the question, “Is ‘balance’ the right frame of mind? Is ‘balance’ even possible?” Give a listen and join in on the conversation. And check out our new book club! Super happy to be giving you the notes […]By A Happy Home Media.
Our guest today is the lovely and delightfully controversial Angelina Stanford. Angelina has an Honors Baccalaureate Degree and a Master’s Degree in English Literature from the University of Louisiana. For over twenty-five years, she has shared her passion and enthusiasm for literature with students in a variety of settings — everywhere from un ...…
What's really the important stuff in homeschooling? Is it the curriculum or how early a child can read or which method we use? Join special guest Andrew Pudewa from IEW as he shares some veteran homeschooling wisdom and encouragement. Find the transcript and resources here:…
The Homeschool Lounge. — My guest is Jacqueline Morkel. She has a PhD in Metallurgical Engineering and has been home educating her sons since 2012.Her interest in education success has resulted in her starting a second PhD focusing on how the development of GRIT in a home-school environment influences education success.…
Are you ready to homeschool? Whether you're a newbie starting from scratch or a veteran wanting to be sure you've built a firm foundation, I want to encourage you on your homeschool journey. I'm not sure what led you to this decision to educate your child at home but I am pretty sure of one thing – you want to do your best. You want to give thi ...…
(Player not displaying or working? Click here to listen.) In this episode of the podcast, Adam and Leah tackle a difficult question sent in by a listener about listening to contemporary Christian music, using it to talk more about teaching our kids about scruples. Then, they share some thoughts about how we often struggle to listen to truly spi ...…
The season two opener of the Thinking Love podcast circles back around to the first Charlotte Mason quote that we used in our very first episode: "The mother is qualified." Homeschool moms often receive this question like nails on a chalkboard; How are you qualified to homeschool if you don't have a teaching degree? But Charlotte Mason says tha ...…
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