Best Horrorfiction podcasts we could find (Updated March 2019)
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Funny guy Nick and walking encyclopedia George take on all things horror in this weekly podcast that challenges tired horror topics and tropes and turns them on their head. Listen and laugh as this dynamic duo takes a deep dive into stories that thrill and chill, cut and gut. You’ll never see your favorite genre the same way again.
Pikes on Pike
A podcast in which two siblings re-visit the popular works of young adult horror writer, Christopher Pike.
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This one was a doozy boils and ghouls. I thought for sure it was gonna be a battle...just listen would ya!
Boils and Ghouls this series is already heating up! Two legendary authors taking their first shot at directing! Can the cenobites survive a death glare from the one and only George C. Scott? Find out now! Subscribe and support the show...we have such sights to show you!
We got a new series for you boils and ghouls! Mind the Gap! Where we pit two films on Rotten Tomatoes and see which film with the lowest rating....can beat out a film with a higher rating. This week we pin two classic American tales....Sleepy Hollow (1999) vs I am Legend(2007)
This week George and I sell our souls to the devil to get sequels for our favorite horror films. Its the traditional Hollywood route! Rate and Subscribe on iTunes pls k bye!
Boils and Ghouls! If you have not check out the live stream listen to what your missing out! This week we talked about the best horror film of the past 5 years! Dolphins getting high, Twin Peaks, People who hate remakes and that one time i patted kevin smith on the back! Rate and subscribe pls k thanks bye!…
This week we face our biggest fear....HEIGHTS! We are a horror podcast and let me tell you. I have not been this frightened in the theater in forever! I cant think about it...ill pass out! See this film!
This week Nick and George and ALEX talk about killers and Netflix The Ted Bundy Tapes. I still cannot get over ep3! Its NUTS!
Boils and Ghouls! Dread Central had a FANTASTIC article about great horror performances - and we wanted to add a few more to that list ;) Who would you add to the lineup?
This week we review Satan's Slave on Shudder. Starting 2019 off right! p.s. it pretty scary and pretty amazing
Another year in the bag and hot dog was it a good year! We hand out everything from best creature to the highly coveted JUMBY award! also...somebody please come collect the prize.
We have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... and were all out of bubblegum.
Watch this movie....nuff said!
This week we are LIVE! Debating in two bouts over which year was better for horror 2015 vs 2017 and 2016 vs 2018. Then kick it off over to the fans on the Halloweekly Facebook page to VOTE! ***No feelings were hurt in the making of this episode***
Remember the 5th of November? We do! Because that means a new HW episode is due! This week we are talking about revolutionary people and ideas from horror. Ideas or people who had such an impact it shook everything around them and changed history. Remember Remember to review and subscribe to the podcast and to get new swag at :) ...…
Boils and Ghouls! This week we discuss if older horror films can still scare the modern audience.
Boils and Ghouls! This week we are talking movie horror movies that are great & terrible at the same time. Example: Hold The Dark has great cinematography but terrible writing.
This week we dive into a few films and TV episodes that need a little more love.
Boils and Ghouls! Next up on our list at 6% was HALLOWEEN - THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS! Since we already knocked that out awhile back with Alex Taylor and we are heading to Japan tomorrow. We wanted to have this episode fill in and ALSO get us hyped for the New Halloween flick next month!
Back in the day when Bravo's Top 100 Scariest Movie Moments came mean that its the Halloween season! Sadly its been too long since we have gotten another list like that (we don't count the other two the made....for reasons) in a while. So we are doing it ourselves! And jesus is this gonna be quite the list. So! For this episode we are l ...…
This week Nick and George talk The Nun. It got a lot right but one thing very wrong....psst its the story....but thats ok. Visuals and acting were solid AF.
This week we are back with our How Low Can We Go series at 9% with Valentine (2001). Grab a box of chocolates and watch out for cupids arrow....seriously he has a bloodlust. Really though this film aint 9% bad....i could ramble on and on in the description but you should check out the episode. <3
This week Nick and George take on the cult classic Night of the Comet - then cry since malls are pretty much no longer a thing :'(
This week Nick and George are join by Garin Sparks while he talks us through his time on the production of the SyFy film Red Clover! *No Billy Zane's were hurt during the recording of this episode*
A boating accident runs a young man and woman ashore in a decrepit Spanish fishing town which they discover is in the grips of an ancient sea god and its monstrous half human offspring. Dagon is one of horror's minor masterpieces.
This week we ask the group what is their favorite horror franchises that are NOT the top 5 (Halloween, F13, Elm Street, Scream and Evil Dead). We also reached out to the community to ask...What film did you NOT like during the first viewing but grew to love later in life! **Thanks to everyone who gave us an answer you ROCK**…
Check out our interview with the fascinating Samhain, the King Of Clowns! Samhain is a Personality/Entertainer that travels the world doing just about everything you could think of. "Halloween is never over"…
All good horror characters are alike; each evil one is evil in their own way. Who is the most sympathetic villain in horror? (Spoiler alert it's not Jason)
This week Nick & George go all the way back to their first episode for a follow up. Sympathy for the Devil 2! Which horror movie villains from the past 2 years (2016 - 2018) are misunderstood or got the short end of the stick growing up. Also find out what Nick would do if he landed on a planet full of creatures made of pizza... Timestamps 0:54 ...…
We are back! This week we look into who represents superpowers better in TV and Film. Carrie White vs The Kids in Chronicle, Mr.Hyde vs Hulk? The winner may shock you!! Timestamps 6:18 - Telekinesis 19:01 - Metal Manipulation 23:28 - Pyrokinesis 30:20 - Weather Manipulation 34:30 - Self Healing 43:10 - Anger Transformation 51:32 - AI 58:36 - An ...…
This week Nick and George talk about the Halloween 2018 teaser, Halloweekys interactive horror game Tell-Tale Midnight and why Westworld should be on every horror fans radar. Timestamps 3:04 - Halloween Teaser 10:00 - Patreon Interactive Horror Game 12:46 - Westworld recap
shhhhh.....this week nick and george talk about a quiet place....
After getting HYPED from the trailer for The Meg Nick and George needed giant animal horror fix asap! Which brings us to this super underrated gem....Rogue Time stamps 1:48 - The HW groups favorite giant animal movies. 7:51 - 60 Second Review 11:23 - Talking about the film 26:45 - Best and Worst Part 35:00 - Who's fault is it anyway?…
This week Nick & George review The Unborn (2009) for their How Low Can We GO series. 10% on Rotten Tomatoes? Not even close....kinda. Timestamps 3:07 - 60 second review. 6:25 - Diving into the film. 29:06 - Where do we rate it? 34:32 - Whats the worst horror movie villain name? 45:08 - Whats the best Platinum Dunes movie?…
This week Nick and George talk to Garin Sparks about underrated horror films and get some behind the scenes look at some of their favorite horror films!
This episode George and Nick accidentally create the Reese's cup of horror podcasts. George tackles his top 3 underrated horror franchises. Nick gives his top 3 that could of been great and offers how they could have a killer comeback! Time Stamps 2:30 - What makes a franchise? Nicks #3 - 4:21 Georges #3 - 10:54 Nicks #2 - 20:14 Georges #2 - 31 ...…
Next on our How Low Can We Go series is 2015's The Gallows This might of been the first rough one in the whole bunch! :( 4:00 - 60 second review 25:30 - Best and Worst Part 29:50 - If it were ea Famous Person 33:14 - Icon Scale 44:00 How would they ruin a famous Film Stay Scary!
Next on our How Low Can We Go series is 1997's Event Horizon. Where this podcast is going, you will need ears to hear. 4:19 - Sixty Second Reviews 16:07 - Comparing Critical Scores 23:57 - Who's This Movie For? 30:00 - best/worst parts 40:37 - Wrap Up
Is The Ritual (based on an outstanding novel by Adam Nevill) a home run for Netflix, or will it become another title in the dreaded 'divisive' horror category?
A mysterious black, sleek automobile terrorizes everyone it comes into contact with in a small town in Utah. The local sheriff may be the only person who can stop this menace which has been possessed by pure evil. (IMDB)
When you get a sick day, what horror movie can you pop in to relax, have fun, and make yourself feel better? We cover the possibilities, and also discuss what horror genres have the most comfort horror movies in them, and what horror movies NOT to watch.
"Fire doesn't cleanse, it blackens!" The latest installment of our series How Low Can We Go finds us watching the 30% (on RT) rated video game become horror movie classic Silent Hill. You'd have to have an empty, pyramid-shaped head not to appreciate how damn good-looking and intense this film is, despite some flaws in the 'plot' and the ending ...…
What We Want To See In Horror In 2018.
"I'll swallow your soul!" But you know what swallows most sequels? Mediocrity. But not these two. Evil Dead 2 and Scream 2 show how to expand an original idea without concessions or a drop in quality. Join us as we revisit the cabin and the theater and see if we can make it out alive. Make sure to listen through the end of the episode for our ' ...…
In the latest installment of our series, How Low Can We Go, where we review horror movies rated 'not fresh' on Rotten Tomatoes and try to give them the ratings they really deserve. At 31% we chose Underworld, foundation stone of a horror-action franchise NOT from a comic or novel and starring a female lead.…
Gremlins? Black Christmas? Silent Night, Deadly Night? 'Tis the season to get scary, so here are our 10 favorite Christmas horror movies and tv shows. Halloweekly on Facebook: And on Patreon:
Best (and worst) jump scare, best plot twist, best friendship, best death, best comeback and a lot more... Halloweekly hosts our 2nd Annual Horror Awards!
Join us as we take a look back at the wintry, atmospheric and underrated Ghost Story from one of the great years of horror, 1981. Plus we inject some horror into the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and catch up with some news from the horror genre.
In 1982, Stephen King and George Romero delivered a movie that still stands as the best horror anthology of all time. Romero had made an entire career using his monsters to comment on the human condition, and now (with the help of King), he delivers his first big (medium) budget masterpiece. Join the Halloweekly Horror Group on Facebook: https: ...…
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