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Virtual Reality is here and we want to talk all about it - specifically the HTC Vive! Tune in for industry updates, game reviews, computer optimization tips, and much more!
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Welcome to the HTC Podcast. Holy Trinity Clapham is a vibrant Anglican church with a lively and growing community. Our vision is to see every life bear fruit for Jesus.
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In this episode, Ronnie provides his initial impressions of “Blind,” the recently-released VR title from developer Tiny Bull Studios. “Blind” is a psychological thriller in the escape room/puzzle genre that utilizes VR in unique and effective ways, resulting in an experience that could not have worked the same way in any other medium. Hope you ...…
In this episode, Ronnie interviews Martin Bradstreet, CEO of Martov Co. Martin is also the Creative Director behind the studio’s first VR title “Chiaro and the Elixir of Life,” which is releasing later this week on September 13, 2018 for both Steam VR and Oculus Store platforms. Martin speaks about his team’s mission to create a premium, AAA-qu ...…
Ordinand Tim Jones finishes our two part evening series by looking at the latter half of the story of the woman at the well. Tim encourages us to stop looking inward at ourselves but to look up to God when it comes to evangelism. John 4:27-42
Assistant Minster Jamie Mulvaney finishes our two part series on reasons to pray. Jamie looks at how our faith fuels our prayer and that our prayers fuel justice. Luke 18:1-8
In this episode, Ronnie gives his first impressions after spending time with Aspyr’s recent VR release “Torn”. Does this game live up to the recent hype it’s been receiving? Find out Ronnie’s thoughts and as always, thanks for listening!
Vicky Wright starts a new two part series in our evening service on spiritual thirst. Vicky looks at the first half of John’s account of Jesus’ interaction with the woman at the well. John 4:1-26
Josh Moxon, our Assistant Minister for Children and Youth, starts a two part series in our morning services on reasons to pray. Josh looks at how we can pray proactively and with audacity and how we can be expectant when we pray to our Father. Luke 11:1-13
In this episode, Ronnie and Damon discuss Viveport’s recent announcement to open its service to Oculus Rift users, as well as Nvidia’s new RTX 20 Series of graphics cards. We provide our detailed thoughts on both of these subjects and their possible implications for VR. Damon also talks about his adventure into using multiple VR head-mounted di ...…
Luke Whiteman closes out our Kingdom Parables series by speaking on the parable of the ten bridesmaids. Luke focusses on the importance of waiting on God. Matthew 25:1-13
Wes Howell speaks at our 11am service this week as we continue our Kingdom Parables series. Wes speaks on the parable of the ten bridesmaids and reminds us that we have a job to do, that preparation is vital and that the consequences are eternal. Matthew 25:1-13
Michael John kicks off the day with the parable of the ten bridesmaids. Michael poses the challenging question, are we actually waiting for Christ’s return, or are we just appearing to be waiting? Matthew 25:1-13
In today’s episode, Ronnie chats about his experience with Pixel Ripped 1989. Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!
Jess Lane explores the parable of the two sons and considers what Jesus is calling us to and how we can live a life that glorifies Him. Matthew 21:28-32
Walter King opens up the parable of the two sons in Matthew’s gospel and speaks on how it is only be grace that we are saved. Matthew 21:28-32
At the 6pm this week, Edd Stock from Holy Trinity Sydenham and Forest Hill looks at the parable of the workers in the vineyard. Edd looks at how we need grace and the risks of comparison. Matthew 20:1-16
Rachel Khoo looks at the parable of the workers in the vineyard as we continue our journey through Matthew’s gospel. Matthew 20:1-16
Sam Walker continues our Kingdom Parables series by looking at the parable of the vineyard workers. Matthew 20:1-16
In this episode, Co-Founder and President of Survios Nathan Burba returns to the Everything Vive Podcast! Ronnie and Nate discuss the studio’s recently-released VR music creation title “Electronauts.” Survios developed this ambitious title with the vision of “empowering non-musicians to find their artistic voice” through their innovative and ap ...…
James Furlong closes the day by dipping into Matthew’s gospel with our third instalment of the parable of the unmerciful servant. Matthew 18:21-35
Ros Williams continues our Kingdom Parables series by looking at the parable of the unmerciful servant. Matthew 18:21-35
Gilly Bailey-Smith opens up Matthew’s gospel and speaks on the parable of the unmerciful servant. Matthew 18:21-35
In today’s episode, Ronnie talks about his experience with Paper Valley. Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!
H Metters kicks off the Summer series on Kingdom Parables and takes a deeper look into some of the parables found in Matthew 13. Matthew 13:44-52
Rosy Skinner begins our new series looking at the parables found in Matthew’s gospel. Matthew 13:44-52
Vicky wraps up our three part series on hospitality by looking the last supper and at what it means to be a part of and the part grace plays in the family of God. Vicky recommends reading A Meal With Jesus by Tim Chester. Luke 22:7-20
Michael John speaks at our baptism service from Mark and asks if we can trust Jesus’ teachings and promises and why He is different to the other teachings we are faced with today. Mark 6:30-34;53-56
Vicky Wright continues to look at how we can live lives that say welcome. This week Vicky looks at the differences between entertainment and hospitality and how hospitality starts with grace. Luke 7:36-50
Caroline Clarke speaks on a one-off message from the book of Amos and looks at justice. Amos 7:7-15
In today’s episode, Ronnie discusses his experience with Moondust Tech Demo. This is not necessarily a consumer version, but it really shows what next gen VR tech can look like and be capable of. Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!
Vicky Wright starts a brand new series across our 11am and 6pm services looking at how we can live welcoming lives. Vicky looks at how the practice hospitality. Luke 5:27-32
Ordinand Jess Lane begins a new series in Mark. Mark 6: 1-13 is a passage of two halves; one of no faith and one of having great faith. Jess explains how we might find our calling from God and three ways in which Jesus set us up to live out that calling. Mark 6:1-13
In this episode, Ronnie interviews Jani Joki, Director of Engineering at UL Benchmark (formerly Futuremark). The company’s 3DMark suite of software has been the preiminent PC 3D graphics benchmark for the better part of two decades. UL has since developed VRMark, a tool specifically designed to gauge VR performance. Jani discusses the early dev ...…
Listen in as Jago interviews Nicky and Pippa Gumbel. Nicky is the vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton and pioneer of the Alpha Course. Nicky and Pippa are interviewed on the subject of leadership.
Jago welcomes Marsha De Cordova MP and Nicky and Pippa Gumbel from HTB to The Clapham Sundae! Jago interviews the three of them and asks what difference Jesus has made in their lives. Listen in to this fantastic interview before Jago speaks on the parable of the pearl. Matthew 13:44-46
In today’s episode, we chat about Ronnie’s experience at E3 and some of his favorite moments and highlights. We also dive into the news about the new EV2 Knuckle controllers from Valve and how they are Gen 2 VR tech. Finally we wrap up with a bit of game talk and what we’re currently playing. Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!…
Josh Moxon finishes our 6pm series in Titus. Josh looks at how we can transform the world through knowing, being shaped by and standing out for the gospel. Titus 3
Worship Leader Ben Heys finishes our 11am service series in Titus. Ben explains how that we are not saved by our works but for good works. Titus 3
In Jamie’s final talk in his three week series on being Loved by God, he looks at the five big questions Paul asks in Romans 8. Romans 8:31-39
Rory Heaton continues our series in Titus. Rory looks at what Paul gives us to help build the bridge from our transformation to living a life of godliness. Titus 2
Sarah Seabrook opens up Titus 2 and looks at Paul’s charge to Timothy to teach the older and younger men and women as well as reminding us that HTC is a hope for our community. Titus 2
Jamie continues our journey through Romans 8 by looking at present suffering and future glory. Romans 8:18-30
E3 2018 is in the bag! In this episode, Ronnie sat down with Alan Jernigan (Co-Founder/Managing Director) and Derek Young (Co-Founder/Creative Director) of Charm Games to hear their thoughts regarding this year’s show. Alan and Derek are no strangers to the podcast, as they met with Ronnie to discuss their prior VR title, FORM, in Episode 83. W ...…
In what was definitely one of the highlights of our E3 coverage this year, Ronnie had the pleasure of speaking with Danny Bulla. Danny is the Design Director and Co-Founder of Polyarc Games. In this episode, Danny speaks about the development of their hit title “Moss”, what it was like going from Bungie to VR development, and many of the challe ...…
In this episode, Ronnie interviews the developers of two (2) games he had a chance to demo on the E3 2018 show floor. The first interview is with Alan Flores, the Creator/Lead Designer of Drums of War. Partially inspired by the troll-led armies from Lord of the Rings, Drums of War uses drumming as a means of movement and attacking the game’s dw ...…
Bethesda recently announced two (2) new VR titles that it has currently in development: Wolfenstein Cyberpilot and Prey: TransStar VR*. Unlike the company’s previous releases, both of these titles were developed from the ground-up for VR and it really shows. Ronnie had the opportunity to play early versions of both of these games. In this episo ...…
In a somewhat unexpected turn of events, Ronnie was lucky enough to meet Ben Vance, the man behind Irrational Exuberance: Prologue. Ben is a co-founder of FLOAT. Together with the team’s producer Daniel Lisi, the two discussed with Ronnie their upcoming title “Screensavers: Extreme Classics”. Definitely a team to be keeping a close eye on!…
In this episode, Ronnie spoke with Evan Bluetech, Audio Engineer/Producer, and Scott Hedstrom, Chief Technical Officer, of Microdose VR. While you really cannot put Microdose VR into words, we spoke about what they have been working on up to this point and what they hope to build for the future. As the team from Microdose VR puts it, VR allows ...…
To begin this year’s E3 festivities, Ronnie had the pleasure of speaking with HTC Vive’s Director of PR, Troy Edwards. Troy and Ronnie discussed HTC’s partnership with DisplayLink on their upcoming release of the official Vive Wireless Adapter. Following Ronnie’s conversation with Troy (at the 05:45 mark), Andy Davis took a moment to explain mo ...…
Jago launches a new series on Paul’s letter to Titus. Jago looks at how we can be agents of transformation as well as what to look for in church leaders. Titus 1
Jamie Mulvaney starts a new series in the book of Romans are looks at how we are loved by God. Romans 8:1-17
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