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Best I Talk podcasts we could find (updated November 2019)
Best I Talk podcasts we could find
Updated November 2019
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All good stories have a twist, and all great storytellers are just a little twisted. Join Mike Rowe for a different take on the people and events that you thought you knew -- from pop-culture to politics from Hollywood to History... The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe -- short mysteries for the curious mind with a short attention span.
Very Really Good
Hi, I'm Kurtis Conner. Every week, I talk about stuff that I think is funny. Enjoy!
Hi, I’m Dax Shepard, and I love talking to people. I am endlessly fascinated by the messiness of being human, and I find people who are vulnerable and honest about their struggles and shortcomings to be incredibly sexy. I invite you to join me as I explore other people’s stories. We will celebrate, above all, the challenges and setbacks that ultimately lead to growth and betterment. What qualifies me for such an endeavor? More than a decade of sobriety, a degree in Anthropology and four year ...
thinking out loud
Hey, welcome to my podcast, this is where I talk about popular horror games, or games like the very popular, Sally Face. I also talk about mysteries and unsolved cases, and more. I have a series called “I am Princess X” where I read the book written by Cherie Priest. Love you, have a wonderful day!! BYEEEEEEEE!
At 16, I had it all figured out. By 25, I had my dream job as editor in chief of a teen dance magazine. But now, at 32, I’m not really sure who I am, what I’m doing, or what I want to be when I grow up. I know one thing, though: I love running and I love talking to people. So on the Ali on the Run Show, I talk to everyday runners, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders I find interesting and inspiring, and I get inside their heads to figure out how their decisions, succes ...
Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland) This Relaxing podcast is aimed at helping you to calm your mind and relax your body, as well as helping with Anxiety issues. It is also helpful for reducing your stress and changing the severity of panic / anxiety attacks. My name is Jason Newland and I have been making Free hypnosis sessions online, since 2006. I have personally dealt with extreme Stress, Anxiety and panic attacks. In fact I have lost 3 jobs due to stre ...
Suprisingly well thought out sports and music podcast from a couple 3rd year community college students
In my very 1st podcast I talk about the first DBZ episode I saw & why I fell in love with the series. I also talk about my favorite videogame of all-time and what I'm currently playing.
Real Talk
I have been doing videos and comedy for a long time. There was a huge request of some of my fan base for comedy in podcast format. So people could listen to me on their way to work, or just on their phone/podcast software. I wasnt even aware people still listened to podcasts. There will be some comedy in this series as well as some serious discussions.
The Simple Handmade Everyday podcast is where I talk about living a creative, intentional life. I like to chat about quilting, knitting, what I'm reading and watching, and even a little bit about keeping a cozy, organized home.
Talks With Anna
A groovy little podcast where I talk about whatever the f*ck I want. Tune in. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/talkswithanna/support
The Hockey Guy
I talk hockey. Follow me to listen to the hockey talk and the tangents I go on.
I am one man, I'm a renegade and I do a podcast. It's all right there in the title. I talk about things and stuff and it's pretty awesome and such.
Stuff I Heard
Welcome to the Stuff I Heard podcast, where I talk about podcasts, Netflix, time travel, multiverse, Elon Musk, Keto diet, patriotism, religion, and life... Instagram: jtatpeek or StuffIHeardPodcastYouTube: Joshua PeekEmail: stuffiheardpodcast@gmail.comLet's change the world by building our community! I'm inspired by Bert Kreischer, LeeAnn Kreischer, Joe Rogan, Cam Hanes, David Goggins, Casey Neistat, Dan Mace, KetoConnect, Michael Rosenbaum, Dr. Drew, Adam Corolla, Zane Lamprey, and friends ...
This is a program for intermediate Turkish learners to practice listening skills. I talk about language learning tips, interesting things about Turkish culture etc. I use a simple language for students to understand what I say , and I speak slowly. This Podcast is fully in Turkish. You can check transcripts and translations of the episodes by visiting my website. my instagram: learnturkishwithturkishcoffee my wesite for transcripts:http://learnturkishwithturkishcoffee.com/en/my-podcast-trans ...
In Mavericks I talk to people who have swum against the tide and done something truly unusual and inspiring. From famous comedians to chefs to authors and campaigners, this is about doers and creators. There's no agenda; I just talk to people that will, I hope, interest you.
DA Enlighten One
I’m black I talk black and I’m here to raise our thoughts to a higher self. No I don’t hate anyone but I stand for my people and my people need me to stand. Knowledge is a must I speak only what I know what I don’t know I just don’t. Cash App $Knowledgeisamust 1$ donations always welcome and helps! Thanks in advance! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/indiana-kickz-219/support
I started this Podcast simply out of curiosity. I really don't know how to put this podcast into a category but it's somewhere between Love, days of positivity, stories of struggles, and talks about society and softly touching on spirituality. I currently go to University at California State University of Los Angeles perusing a degree in Civil Engineering. I make these podcasts for future reference of the progress that I have made in my life. Some of the things I talk about resonate with oth ...
Bitcoin and . . .
My name is David Bennett and I produce the podcast "bitcoin and . . ." where I talk about five topics: bitcoin, permaculture (farm, ranch and land use), education, gaming and how to build a podcast. I try and link bitcoin to the other 4 topics and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but I enjoy trying. Join me as I try and figure out more about the topics I know and love.
Very Really Good
Hi, I'm Kurtis Conner. Every week, I talk about stuff that I think is funny. Enjoy!
My name is Joel Berry. I am an unimportant person who loves to discuss important things. Join me on Tuesday and Thursday as I talk news, entertainment, culture, philosophy, and religion from a Christian perspective! For more info, visit www.thepettyprophet.com or write to me at contact@thepettyprophet.com
Mama Earth Talk
Welcome to Mama Earth Talk. I am your host Mariska Nell. I am so grateful to have you here. If you are new to sustainability, already on the journey or just curious to learn more about the topic, then you are in the right spot.Plastic pollution, climate change, the great pacific garbage patch are just some of the threats Mama Earth and therefore living a sustainable life is becoming more important but we are often left wondering how we can make changes to our daily life to help out Mama Eart ...
Yeah I Can Talk
Welcome to our world of random. Music, Pro wrestling, movies, and SpongeBob aren't the only things that define us. We're just four individuals who have a great time conversing. So why not make Yeah I Can Talk apart of your podcast routine.
In which I talk a bit about current events from a lefty/SJW angle, and throw in a bit of science news.I'm a social justice alchemist! I prepare mystic concoctions for area effects and damage over time. Pew pew!Really I'm a chemistry teacher and feel like screaming into the void. And playing guitar!
UNLOCK YOUR FREEDOM PODCASTEach episode lasts 45-90 minutesLaunched: July 2018If you’re done feeling enslaved to shame, we empower you to unlock your freedom through sharing people’s stories who’ve owned their truth and overcome shame, AND we surround you with a supportive community who encourages you on your journey.Join the Freedom Family!Kiera's "Unlock Your Freedom" Story...If you’re looking to leave the shackles of shame behind and unlock the freedom that awaits you, you’ve already take ...
Whole Phil
This is the podcast where you get your whole Phil. I talk about whatever I want, with whomever I want, and do whatever I want, because there's no rules, no format, and no bleeping censors.
My name is Andrew Jones. In this podcast, I'll be talking about life with my friends and family, and with individuals with interesting pasts and points of view. I talk about my creations and my artwork, plus the deeper aspects of life.I just know I want to podcast, and I want this show to be as varied and interesting as it can be.I thought I would switch to Anchor for my podcast needs, so listeners can leave messages for the show if they would like. I want this to be an interesting show with ...
A corporate employee with an entrepreneurial mindset. These are my thoughts, ideas and comments on business, technology and coaching. I provide value by interviews with entrepreneurs, leaders in their market, marketing gurus, property experts and businessmen/women. We talk about their careers and the journey they experienced to get to the top of their field. I also share solo monologues about business, personal development and technology. I share some of my experiences in my corporate job, I ...
Project G54 Podcast
The podcast where I talk about the things that interest me. Things like blue collar life, my fitness journey, movies, and so much more. Occasionally as time allows I have a guest on to take a deep dive in conversation for some longer format episodes.
Weekly insights for vegetable farmers and market gardeners who earn, or want to earn, a living growing vegetables profitably. The show is hosted by Diego Footer of Permaculture Voices. Each week I talk with a beginning, or experienced farmer diving deep into their story to find out what makes their market farm successful. I focus on farming challenges and struggles, sales and marketing, soil preparation, weed management, post harvest processing, appropriate technology, farm startup, market s ...
Welcome to the study of FEHology! This is a clean, family-friendly show where I approach Fire Emblem Heroes from an analytical perspective, to help those who are both free-to-play and spenders, both veterans and new players alike, make the best long term decisions. I talk about news, characters, guides, discussions from listeners, commonly asked questions...anything Fire Emblem! I hope to learn together with you as we discuss this fantastic mobile game! Support this podcast: https://anchor.f ...
Hi, I'm Daniel and I’m Nigerian and you're welcome to my podcast. I talk on life, love, gossip and of course advice. Warning ⚠ content is possibly addictive 😉
Super Professor AKA Clemons Kunkel. I am Proud to be Part of the resistance against peeping trump. I also have some of My Books "Keys to Unlocking the Universe" and CD called "Keys to Unlocking the Universe" on Amazon. There are also to CD's on Self Help first is "Dream Your Dreams" the second is "New Keys to Self Help" I also interview business people and high achievers that push themselves farther, because they believe they can be more, and then they go after their dreams and study and lea ...
Hey there mountaineers! I'm Matt and this is Matterhorn Mondays! A weekly podcast in which my co-host Alex the Historian and I talk about all things Disney! From breaking theme park news, rumors, vacation plans, movie news, nothing is out of bounds!
Talkin' Bob
My name is Bob (short for Robert, named after my Mother's Father) and I love to talk. Cruise with me down the Conversation Highway. I talk alone, I talk with others. It really is, pretty cool.
Hi, I'm Tom Morgan. I'm a Microsoft MVP for Office Servers & Services. I talk about Skype for Business development, Office 36 development, Bot Framework, Artificial Intelligence, and everything else in-between.A lot of these shows will be the audio versions of my Weekly Update series, which is available on YouTube.
Scientists have a bit of a reputation as a "straight man", dry humour, poor people skills, and very serious. But not every scientist is a straight man! Through SciCurious, get to know the queerer side of science, as I interview LGBTQ+ researches in STEM, and highlight the work they do in advancing science. I'm your host, Dr. Brynley Pearlstone, and I'm a triple threat; I'm a gay man, I have a Ph.D in Astrophysics, and now, I'm a podcaster! Join me each month as I talk with LGBTQ+ people in S ...
I am Joey Remenyi, Founder and Director of Seeking Balance International, an integrative medicine clinic for recovery of chronic illness. In this podcast I discuss the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of neuroplasticity for healing.Join me as I discuss the amazing potential of our brain to facilitate healing. I talk with various experts about the challenges we face in recovery of persistent symptoms and the mechanisms behind our recovery. I take a special interest in recover ...
Paranormal Heart
Come join me, on the last Sunday of each month, as I talk to people who discuss their paranormal experiences. If you'd like to be on the show, or have questions or comments, drop me an email at paranormalheart13@gmail.com.
The Podgecast
A weekly show containing comedy, interviews and general life talk. Hosted by Podge. Just a light hearted chat each week on different topics.
Welcome to the Daily Business Hustle podcast. My name is Aleksander Vitkin. I am the creator and founder of the Daily Business Hustle. On this podcast I share with you business, sales advice and I talk to the world’s top experts in their fields related to business.
About the podcast: We drink. We talk. We movie.About the host: Jason Jepson is paradigm shifter – coffee trailblazer – certified 80’s movie buff – beer evangelist – wanna be pizza ninja and so much more ... When not in Austin you can find Jason speaking on technology and communications or taking the podcast on the road to find new and interesting people.
I talk comedy, sports, news, movies, and any other thing I feel like ranting about.
Daddy Nooooo!
Comedian & host of Daddy Nooooo! Podcast. Daddy Nooooo was started when I became a stay at home father after being in sales for 7 years working 60 hour weeks. I decided to spend more time with my kids and pursue stand up full time. My 3 year old son joins me on the podcast as well. I talk comedy, kids, news, conspiracies, drugs, and life as my son screams random comments every Wednesday.
On this podcast, I talk about all things simple-life on our hobby farm, homeschooling, and always about Jesus! I believe the remedy for clutter and chaos in our world, is Jesus. The more we desire Him, the less we desire the things of this world, and the easier it is to live more simply.
Word-whore. I write 'em. I talk 'em. Information, politics, media, and the cybers. I drink. I use bad words. All publication is a political act. All communication is propaganda. All art is pornography. All business is personal. All hail Eris! Vive les poissons rouges sauvages!
Integrated fitness and nutrition and self aware self care strategies. Telling my story from the female perspective. Exploring a modern women's journey in understanding her body and being able to successfully navigate in this world. I talk about what I've learned in my 20 years of coaching an integrated approach to nutrition and movement and share with everyone what I've discovered along the way. Sharing inspired conversations with incredible people. Changing the world one podcast at a time.P ...
R2J Podcast
I am a Radio Broadcasting Major And since I couldn’t make it in the radio world I get a 2nd chance in the podcast world. My 2nd podcast on Anchor. My last podcast was cancelled due to my misfortunes. I talk about sports music life and an and just about anything else. Enjoy. 😁
After taking her final bow as being one of the featured designers at the Congressional Black Caucus yearly event, Maria Wall wanted to expand her horizons. She was sponsored into the Chesapeake Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (aka The Emmy's) and adding to her accomplishments, she was awarded multiple Telly Awards. Maria stated, “I always believed in the saying when much is given, much is expected.” After noticing a need for younger people to have a venue to e ...
Pro Mum
The idea of having a successful career and raising a family shouldn’t be a daunting one, but for some reason, it is.So many young women I talk to feel the same way. Some, are even considering changing careers that they love in order to prepare themselves for a family. The lack of women in leadership roles within the creative industry is a hot topic right now, and whilst having children isn’t the sole reason for this, it does play a big part. Even though I’m not at a point where I’ll be start ...
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There's not really much of a description to this episode, we're drunk. *Any audio used on this show belongs to their rightful owner!By Isaac Nava
The SUNday morning INspiration! This week I will be sharing the upcoming changes to the HEALing THrough Hurt i-Talk Radio Network. If you have been following me over the years, you know last time, I announced that my academic journey was coming to an end. The end has come and gone, I have achieved my goal, so the time is now for reorganization ...…
Nate breaks down the world series so far with Game 7 coming tonight at 8:00!!! Also all the news that happened last week in the NFL, especially with the trade deadline uneventfully passing.By What Was I Talking About
We talk. We drink. We movie. About the Conjuring: In 1970, paranormal investigators and demonologists Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) and Ed (Patrick Wilson) Warren are summoned to the home of Carolyn (Lili Taylor) and Roger (Ron Livingston) Perron. The Perrons and their five daughters have recently moved into a secluded farmhouse, where a supernatural ...…
Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones, Me Before You, Terminator Genisys) is an English actress. She sits down with the Armchair Expert to talk about her Hogwarts-esque boarding school, learning Dothraki and her experience having two brain hemorrhages. Dax describes his love of male physiques and Emilia appreciates a Boston accent. The two discuss rou ...…
On this episode we focus on STAR WARS !!! Join me and my very special quest DIG-247 as we talk STAR WARS Jedi Fallen Order, Disney Plus, The Mandalorian, The Clone Wars, and our favorite STAR WARS characters. All this and so much more....join us.By StudioMaguyver
In today’s episode, we talk to, Candice Batista. She is an Award-Winning Environmental Journalist, Writer, Speaker, Educator. She’s also one a of few select Canadians hand-picked to be trained by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, to give the Inconvenient Truth Presentation. Where can people find CandiceFacebookInstagramPinterestTwitterWebsite ...…
I am a corporate employee with an entrepreneurial mindset. This is a fascinating and funny interview with my friend Ant McKinley. We talk about Ant's career in radio, cruises and podcasts. We start with his ability to talk in multiple languages. His early career in student and local radio, his complete change to be entertainment officer on a cr ...…
Honestly I’m sick of people not confessing their love with me lmao --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/talkswithanna/support
In this episode I am reading you the second part of the Arab story You can check my website for the transcripts. Please let me know what you think about these episodes . If there is any topic you want me to talk about, share with me. Transcripts: https://bit.ly/33Z5qRG Follow me on instagram to learn new Turkish words everyday! Instagram: turki ...…
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Here we are at the end of all things. What a fun list this was to do, not really it was super taxing, but at least now that it is done for another month or two I can pretend to have had fun until I need to start scripting future content for this list. Bleh. Who am I kidding, having a topic at all to record about is great, so I won't complain. I ...…
So close to the end... The journey is nearing it's completion. Don't go back through finding all the unit's I haven't mentioned in past lists to spoil for yourself the fact that the Black Knight, LA!Eliwood, Halloween Dorcas, and Winter Cecilia are the last 4 units I stuck into S tier. Wait a sec, what? Thank you all for listening, I hope you e ...…
He hates video games AND D&D. Social Justice Alchemy with the Anarcho-Tomunists. Blog (with transcripts) - https://surgoshan.blogspot.com/ SJA Podcast - http://www.buzzsprout.com/182448 YouTube Channels - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5efDOe2Woce52_nR5fNsGghttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHc3lNYZVAPpWumofccX5Og Patreon - https://www.patreo ...…
Join our growing entrepreneur community on Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/139597470073188/Got any questions? Ask me on Facebook:www.facebook.com/AleksanderVitkinPage/Check out my free business training: www.businessmentor.comMy name is Stan. I’m an owner of the mobile development company. So we’re developing mobile applications. We’re based ...…
Check out The Mandalorian on Disney Plus. The show is really cool. The baby Yoda character is going to be a hot Christmas gift for kids. I could see a plush doll of this selling fast. He's just too darn cute. I had no idea who RZA was until the podcast with Joe Rogan, check that out for some cool Wu Tang Clan history and behind the scenes infor ...…
On this episode I’m joined by a few friends to examine the reasons and factors surrounding why the need to travel 🧳 abroad is more appealing than trying to staying in Nigeria and joining the workforce.
Audio version of my weekly update video (on YouTube). This week: All my Microsoft Ignite 2019 interview videos in one place The Application Registration Portal (apps.dev.microsoft.com) is being deprecated – here’s what you need to do Introducing the Teams and Power Apps whitepaper What’s New in Microsoft Teams | Ignite 2019…
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💭💭💭--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/talkswithanna/support
Join me today for Episode 164 of Bitcoin And . . .Topics for today:- @sqcrypto gets @OPENDIME- 3D Printed Gun Files QR Code Sticker- Tron's Weibo account banned in China- @unchainedcap announces Caravan multisignature wallet tool- Ukrainians mine bitcoin illegally#BitcoinAndYou can find me atTwitter: @bennd77My Tippin.me page: tippin.me/@bennd7 ...…
Today's episode is a BEST OF episode, which is a replay of a previously aired episode. Enjoy! FSFS #106 For today’s show, we are going down to the State of Arkansas to talk to Brandon Gordon of 5 Acre Farms. It’s a farming journey that started out with a single farmer who could put in crazy hours on the farm to make it work, but one that’s now ...…
***Be warned, there are some potential leaked SPOILERS for the ending of The Rise of Skywalker that we discuss in this episode.*** Streaming and binging (6:40-19:20) Star Wars Spoilers (maybe) (19:20-26:20) Wokeness in Hollywood (26:20-40:00) Good storytelling, Disney's live-action remakes (50:00-57:00) What should the Christian role be in movi ...…
Today I am talking about homeschooling a houseful and how to survive the early years so that you can thrive the teen years! Yes, we love the older years! Even if you aren't a homeschooler, much of the encouragement today will apply to anyone who has children.There were certainly some difficult seasons with a whole bunch of littles that I didn't ...…
"When you’re in a powerless position and the rest of your career is totally dependent on what you do, you aren’t going to burn bridges. You don’t have many bridges to walk across." Phoebe Wright is a former professional middle-distance runner who spent six years competing as a Nike-sponsored athlete. Phoebe, an 800-meter specialist from Tenness ...…
Farm 5 featuring John Kitsteiner. Listen to past episodes at https://www.paperpot.co/podcast Increase farm efficiency with the Paperpot Transplanter and Other Small Farm Equipment at https://www.paperpot.co/ Follow PaperpotCo on Instagram:http://bit.ly/2B45VKQ
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Jonathan Safran Foer is an American novelist. He is known for his novels Everything Is Illuminated, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, Eating Animals and We Are the Weather: Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast. Jonathan sits down with the armchair expert to discuss his struggle to eat vegetarian, his first book getting rejected by every publi ...…
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"I’m kind of labeled as the gay runner. But those are two things I’m really proud of. I’m proud to be gay and I’m proud of my running." —Nikki Hiltz Nikki Hiltz and Therese Haiss are professional runners for adidas. They live in San Diego where they train with the Mission Athletics Club, and on this episode, they talk about how they met — and h ...…
Farm 5 featuring Shawn Kuhn. Listen to past episodes at https://www.paperpot.co/podcast Increase farm efficiency with the Paperpot Transplanter and Other Small Farm Equipment at https://www.paperpot.co/ Follow PaperpotCo on Instagram:http://bit.ly/2B45VKQ
Go to wookiepedia and look up Mandalorian to find out more about the Mandalorians. Disney+ is awesome so far, I'm digging the interface and the availabilities of their catalog of movies and TV shows. There's tons of behind the scenes content with history and background info. Big thank you to Quade Richardson for buying the first furniture I've ...…
Join me today for Episode 163 of Bitcoin And . . .Topics for today:- @TryLolli with a One-Two Punch- @Jack gonna live in Africa for awhile- EOS garbage-chain stopped up with garbage coin- FED REPO 100% subscribed for $77 BILLION- Tunesia says 'nuh uh, we didn't do nothin'- RBC 'exploring' cryptocurrency#BitcoinAndYou can find me atTwitter: @ben ...…
Bob talks with Jake about our bodies being older and the wonderful comic All-Star SupermanBy Talkin – Talkin' Bob
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Farm 5 featuring Chris Gilbert. Listen to past episodes at https://www.paperpot.co/podcast Increase farm efficiency with the Paperpot Transplanter and Other Small Farm Equipment at https://www.paperpot.co/ Follow PaperpotCo on Instagram:http://bit.ly/2B45VKQ
tour tickets: https://shop.kurtisconner.com/pages/tour-dates A few weeks ago, before my show in NYC, I sat down with my very funny and very good friend, Kellen. Whenever I get to hang out with Kellen, I laugh so hard and have the best time ever, so I decided it would be a blast to have him on the pod. We talked about butts, dicks, nudes, Cole L ...…
tour tickets: https://shop.kurtisconner.com/pages/tour-dates A few weeks ago, before my show in NYC, I sat down with my very funny and very good friend, Kellen. Whenever I get to hang out with Kellen, I laugh so hard and have the best time ever, so I decided it would be a blast to have him on the pod. We talked about butts, dicks, nudes, Cole L ...…
He was destined for greatness. No one knew it but him.By Mike Rowe
Let's talk about the state of the pro-life movement. Science and logic are on our side, but those things won't convince anyone that human life is valuable. Only an obedient and revived church can take the pro-life movement all the way home. Check out: Andrew Haack's blog: http://ahaack.blogspot.com/ Jason Anderson's blog: https://www.jasonrande ...…
Day #1375 of being a stay home father. My daughter talks about how much she love Big Krit, my son pretends to be different fans of the podcast & does voices, and at the end I talk about comedy.By Joshua Cabaza
Join our growing entrepreneur community on Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/139597470073188/Got any questions? Ask me on Facebook:www.facebook.com/AleksanderVitkinPage/Check out my free business training: www.businessmentor.comMy name is Luis and I’m from Brazil. I just got in Miami one year ago. Since then, my life changed a lot. I have more ...…
In episode 113 of Matterhorn Mondays, Alex and I talk about some cast member drama with Disney+, we have a discussion on why guests didn't visit Disneyland and Galaxy's Edge in 2019, and we debunk more Disneyland myths! 7:30 - News From the Peak15:30 - Alex in the Parks21:44 - Disney+ Drama29:48 - Why Didn't People Visit Disneyland in 2019?50:5 ...…
Join me today for Episode 162 of Bitcoin And . . .Topics for today:- China loves Bitcoin!- Bitcondo sells for $15 Million in BTC- Be prepared to fight Mining Death Spral FUD- Banker calls BTC "Evil Spawn" to head BIS Digital Currency Hub- Russia!#BitcoinAndYou can find me atTwitter: @bennd77My Tippin.me page: tippin.me/@bennd77My Curated Twitte ...…
Horizin Zero Dawn 2, Vinland Saga delay, The Outer Worlds, Death Stranding recap, Disney Plus lineup, how I got into Star Wars....All this and so much more.By StudioMaguyver
Farmer Josh Sattin from Sattin Hill Farm joins me to talk about how he built up a farm following for his new farm pretty quickly - both online and in-person with local chefs. He shares strategies for how he did that and how it has helped with sales. He also gets into the various ways he is building soil on-farm from his no-till methods to using ...…
Judd Apatow (Freaks and Geeks, The 40 Year old Virgin, Knocked Up, This is 40, Trainwreck) is an American filmmaker, producer, actor and comedian. Judd sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss interviewing comedians as a teenager, what he’s learned from his marriage and the experience of delving into Gary Shandling’s life posthumously. Dax ...…
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