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Lame On! Comics
The comic book podcast with no powers and no responsibilities. Listen in as the dweebs go back through and review the comic books of their youth, as well as discuss the mysteries of the universe. Be sure to subscribe and review on iTunes for all of the latest episodes released every two weeks.
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A whole goo world. A dazzling place I never knew. The Dweebs are back from the stacks with a new episode of Lame Ass Book Club! On the pull list for this week are KLOR, Mostly Wanted, Plasmer, and Warriors of Plamsa.
The Dweebs are back and they're 'squatchin'" hard. Tune in this week as the Lame On crew break down the seminal Teen Titans story, The Judas Contract created by legends Marv Wolfman and George Perez for DC Comics.By Lame On! Comics.
Wait what? Paul is reading new comics? That is very undweeb-like. Tune in for another episode of This Week in Daredevil where Paul reads the current run of The Man Without Fear written by Lame On fav, Chip Zdarsky.By Lame On! Comics.
Paul has returned from the land of Department K and Alphaflight just in time for our first Spider-Man epic, Maximum Carnage. Written by Tom DeFalco for Marvel Comics, the whole Spider family is here to fight off this epic 90's crossover.By Lame On! Comics.
When Paul's away, the Dweebs will play. Steve, Rachael and Omar get loose with it in the Lame On Lounge and talk about Jonathan Hickman's upcoming run on X-Men, and the ownership of fandom.By Lame On! Comics.
Deep from the recesses of our collective long boxes, its Lame Ass Book Club! This week, the Dweebs discuss their lame picks including Dinosaurs for Hire, Sludge, Cyber Gerbils, and William Shatner's Tek World. Spoiler alert, at least one of them isn't good.By Lame On! Comics.
We seem to be made to suffer. It's our lot in life. Forever gluttons for punishment, the Dweebs are back and reading the Rob Liefeld masterpiece, Brigade from Image Comics.By Lame On! Comics.
The Dweebs revisit the great Stan Lee's original run on Daredevil and talk about the "fan favorite" story line of Matt's uber hip twin brother, Mike Murdock.By Lame On! Comics.
The dweebs are back from Spring Break and are talking about everyone's favorite 90s mulleted ragin' cajun'. That's right, we're talking about Gambit, created by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee for X-Men and Marvel Comics.By Lame On! Comics.
Dust off the long box, it's time for another Lame Book Club. This week we shed light (or some shade) on some weird or forgotten books from the 90's.
We're not going to sugarcoat it. This my be the worst book we have EVER READ. Experience the love that almost destroyed the entire comic book industry. Experience the sinister crossover of Image Comics and Valiant Comics, Deathmate.By Lame On! Comics.
We're beginning to think Paul is reading Daredevil for the Catholic guilt and legal drama rather than the ninjas and the ass kicking. Tune in again for another This Week in Daredevil. This episode, Paul guides us through Identity written by Marvel Comics scribe Charles Soule.
New year. New Dweebs. Will they get their crap together, probably not. Tune in for the first episode of the year as they delve into why there were so many hawk related characters in the 90's with Hawkman, Darkhawk, Shadowhawk, and Nighthawk. But does this bird-session go any deeper??? The dweebs let this theory take flight…
A story so big, they should totally consider making a movie about it. The dweebs close out the year in proper style, by reading one of the biggest comic book crossover events of all time- The Infinity Gauntlet. With this event, Marvel Comics laid the groundwork for decades to come, but is it any good??? Tune in to find out!…
Does being a crime boss also make you an effective Mayor? Tune in to This Week in Daredevil and find out! This installment, Paul walks the dweebs through the shocking finale of Mayor Fisk written by Charles Soule. New episodes every two weeks.By Lame On! Comics.
Are you more thuggish? Or are you ruggish? Ponder this eternal question while you tune in to the brand new episode of Lame On! This week we discuss the hallmark indie comic book Bone, written by Jeff Smith.By Lame On! Comics.
Its time for another installment of This Week in Daredevil! Come for the ninjas, stay for the legal minutia. This week, Paul dives into the Charles Soule run of Marvel's Man Without Fear. Tune in every other week for new episodes!By Lame On! Comic Book Podcast.
Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Dweebs know!!! This week is an extra spooky edition of the podcast as the dweebs investigate the occult and exorcise demons with DC Comics preeminent Hellblazer, John Constantine.By Lame On! Comic Book Podcast.
Will Paul ever finish Mark Waid's run on Daredevil? Will the Omega Drive ever be resolved? Tune in dweebs as we answer all these questions and more!By Lame On! Podcast.
Hehe Hehe. This comic sucks... This week the dweebs read issues from the seminal 90's social satirists, Beavis and Butthead. Why did Marvel Comics put this out? No clue, but best believe we make a deep dive... Hehe... We said deep...By Lame On! Comics.
Greg Rucka keeps the seat warm for Mark Waid while Steve mind-freaks Paul in this new episode of This Week in Daredevil. Why is Punisher teaming up with the Man Without Fear? Tune in and find out!By Lame On! Comic Book Podcast.
The Dweebs finally go outside! Tune in for our first live episode recording at the first annual Mexamericon!By Lame On! Podcast.
Paul dives deeper with his favorite Daredevil writer, Frank Miller, as we explore Miller's take on the origin story of the Man Without Fear.By Lame On! Podcast.
The dweebs are back and taking this episode to merry ol' England (which may or may not actually exist.) Hop across the pond and learn about the Chris Claremont and Alan Davis' Excalibur, released by Marvel Comics.By Lame On! Comic Book Podcast.
The more things change, the more they stay the same. The dweebs are back with another installment of This Week in Daredevil. In this episode, Paul continues with the epic run of Mark Waid on Marvel Comics' "Man Without Fear."By Lame On Comics.
We reside on the other side of the veil. What does Dan Abnett have to say about the truth? Tune in and find out the hidden secret to the 1998 Marvel title Marvel Conspiracy.
Is Matt Murdock a crappy dude??? We aren't really sure anymore. Tune in for another episode of This Week in Daredevil with the dweebs from Lame On! Are Moloids actually CHUDs? These are the important issues of today.By Lame On! Podcast.
Your #1 source for Fun-U-Tainment is back with another new episode of Lame On! This week we delve into the dark and Lovecraftian nether realm that is Hellboy from Dark Horse Comics!By Lame On! Comic Book Podcast.
Hey... You a Daredevil fan? Are we diturbin' you? Its that time yet again when we accompany Paul on his life's mission of becoming a Daredevil expert. This week, Paul reads more of the super star comic book creator, Mark Waid.By Lame On! Comic Book Podcast.
We are trying something new this week. This is our first installment of Lame On's Lame Ass Book Club! It's like Oprah's Book Club, but way more broke, and with way crappier books. Tune in every two weeks for a new episode!By Lame On! Comic book Podcast.
Real life gets in the way. Let's look back on a classic episode of This Week in Daredevil.By Lame On!.
This is the week that we break the Bat! And no we aren't talking about baseball. We are talking about the epic DC Comics Batman storyline, Knightfall! Is Batman just as mentally ill as the perps he is hunting? Or is this story line all just a false flag attack? Tune in to find out!!! Also, be sure to tune in for new episodes every other week! S ...…
Paul's life mission continues. This week, he educates the dweebs in the ways of Daredevil Noir. Tune in every other week for new episodes!By Lame On! Comic Book Podcast.
Its a knock down drag out fight in the X-Men Universe!!! The dweebs are back and unpacking the seminal 90's X-drama in the X-Cutioner Song.By Lame On! Comic Book Podcast.
Paul's life journey continues! This week, Paul continues with Ed Brubaker's run on The Man Without Fear with the Marvel Comics story line, The Devil Takes a Ride. New episodes of Lame On! Comic Book Podcast bi-weekly, new episodes first thing Monday mornings.By Lame On! Comic Book Podcast.
Its not the first episode of the new year, but Steve thinks it is. The dweebs are all back together! And they are slamming out steaming hot content. This week, they are discussing the keys to success and weirdo dude nudes hidden in the Kurt Busiek masterpiece, Astro City.By Lame On! Comic Book Podcast.
New year. Same ol dweebs. We are finally back from a long winter break to bring you a new installment of This Week in Daredevil. Paul finishes up his reading of Ed Brubaker's incredible run on Marvel's Man Without Fear. We also talk about CHUDs. Lots and lots of CHUDs...
Tis the season for dweebin'! Gather around the yule long dweebs and dweebettes. We've got a hearty tale of winter time cheer. We've got all four dweebs back in the house as they read the Marvel Comics Holiday Spectacular. Its got everything. Evil Santa, Infinity Gauntlet, CHUDs. Tune in to drown out your bickering from your family.…
Omar is bringing you a recap of the week's hottest comic book news. The news is almost as hot as his fancy ass tea. This week, he recaps the new Marvel Avengers Infinity Wars trailer, talks about the weird shake up for the Marvel Comics top brass, and talks about his love for Valiant Comics super hero, XO Manowar. New episodes now out weekly!…
Gather around dweebs and dweebettes (or which ever dweeb gender you ascribe to). Paul and Omar are back with another installment of This Week in Daredevil. This week, Paul begins the popular run written by the great Ed Brubaker, titled The Devil in Cellblock D. They also discuss the rapper Cam'ron's hatred of snitching, and which is their favor ...…
Steve and Rachael take the helm this episode to talk about all the nerdy-ass things they are thankful for this year. Spoiler alert- its mostly Chip Zdarsky
It can't rain all the time, cuz this week the dweebs are talking about the gothic independent comic book touchstone, The Crow, written by James O'Barr. In addition, they talk about their current obsession with Yankee Candle Company, and debate whether the 1989 Punisher movie is the greatest Marvel Comics movie of all time.…
Of course the Devil of Hell's Kitchen has had his fair share of scraps with the denizens of the dark. And what better time to talk about them than Halloween? This week, Paul walks the dweebs through the dark side of Daredevils back catalog. Tune in. Now new episodes weekly!By Lame On! Comic Book Podcast.
Who is the being that strikes fear into the hearts of men? Who is the creature that goes bump in the night? Who is the demon that passes gas before leaving the elevator? Steven, the most ghoulish of the dweebs is solo hosting by candle light this week. He will regaling you with his favorite horror comic books, just in time for All Hallows Eve. ...…
And then there was one. Omar hosts the podcast solo this week and talks about his love for Andrew WK, his contempt for his cat, and if favorite news stories from New York Comic Con.
PLEASE BE FRIENDS WITH US MARK WAID!!! This week the Dweebs delve into the Scarlet Speedster by reading Mark Waid's run on The Flash for DC Comics. They also talk over the proper runners diet, and why so many super heroes have chemical engineering degrees.By Lame On! Comic Book Podcast.
LO AND BEHOLD... THE Dweebs are back with another installment of This Week in Daredevil. This week, Paul reads Battlin' Jack Murdock by Zeb Wells and Carmine Di Giandomenico published by Marvel Comics. They also talk about what doing "front stuff" means and what their last snacks on earth might be. Tune in for new episodes every other week!…
The dweebs shelter in place for a special storm edition of the podcast. Tune in as they discuss their favorite weather related heroes, and do dramatic readings of Storm quotes from the X-Men cartoon.
Paul furthers his life's mission to become a Daredevil expert, as the dweebs talk about drug fueled vision quests and 13th vs 14th century fascists.
Preach on, dweebs! The fearsome foursome is back and discussing the legendary Vertigo Comics book, Preacher written by the Eisner Award winning Garth Ennis. What would you do if you had the word of God? The dweebs take on these questions and more!
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