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A podcast from CPYU (Center for Parent/Youth Understanding) discussing issues related to the world of youth culture, children, teens and young adults.Co hosted by CPYU President Walt Mueller and Jason Soucinek, CPYU Associate Staff for Sexual Integrity and Executive Director of Project Six19.
We're just three pastors (Brolin, Thomas, and Aaron) at Shiloh Hills Fellowship Church in Spokane, WA who are making it up as we go. We invite you on the journey of navigating an ever-changing culture with a biblical perspective. And while we certainly haven't arrived yet, we'll get there.
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Check out Project Six19 and see how you can support their ministry below: projectsix19.orgBy Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
Where have all the good men gone? We’re hearing more and more young women lament the lack of mature Godly men. One says, “The guys I dated were more like the kids I babysat than the dads who drove me home.” Research and observation increasingly point to the fact that it is taking longer and longer for our boys to mature into responsible, Godly ...…
What are some of the challenges that women face in the current culture? Ashley Possin joins the pastors to discuss this very topic!By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
If sex is a good gift from God, how do we get it wrong?By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
A recent headline from the Barna Group reads, “Almost half of practicing Christian millennials say evangelism is wrong.” The Barna group has been conducting research on the faith-sharing experiences and expectations of Christians and non-Christians alike. And it seems that many millennials now believe that it’s wrong to share their faith. Join ...…
The pastors answer listener questions about sex.By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
We're not pulling any punches... Let's talk about sex! (Listener discretion advised.)By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
If you’re active on social media, you know that not a day goes by without someone posting an article or news story which sparks sometimes heated disagreement and discussion over one of the many issues related to life and sexuality. Discussions center on topics like abortion, euthanasia, gender, and marriage. The reality is that even in the chur ...…
Articles Cited: Houston Chronicle Express News The Gospel CoalitionBy Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
Nicole Weatherly, Creative Arts & Music Coordinator here at Shiloh Hills Fellowship, joins Aaron and Brolin as they discuss if it is okay to doubt God at times.By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
Our youth sports culture is broken. That was the headline for a recent op-ed piece in the Port Huron Michigan Times Herald. Written by a highly-respected high school wrestling coach, the article has gone viral, drawing accolades from educators, coaches, parents, and youth workers. Even though we all live in this sports-worshiping North American ...…
How does Jesus show us how sacrifice is not just personal fulfillment but the way to live in the Kingdom of God?By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
The Scriptures tell us with great clarity that all human beings have been made by God, in the image of God, and for a relationship with God. But the reality of life in our post-fall world has left everything broken, including all human beings. This brokenness touches us all deeply, but in a variety of different ways. This includes the many type ...…
Believers can be bearers of grace or bearers of grief toward one another and an unbelieving world.By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
Dr. Michael Kibbe, Dean of Communication and Theology at Great Northern University, encourages us to make Jesus strange again.By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
Before he ascended into heaven, Jesus issued what is now known as the Great Commission. He commanded his followers in all times and all places to go into the world and make disciples. That task follows our efforts to communicate the good news of the Gospel. Do our youth ministry efforts reflect a commitment to obedience to this command of Chris ...…
How do the Pharisees and disciples exhibit spiritual blindness? And how we can avoid it?By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
Four years ago, the band Twenty-One Pilots released a hit song focusing on the pressures of adulthood and a yearning to return back to the relatively easy years of childhood. Title Stressed Out, the song went to number one on the mainstream music charts. But judging from what we’re hearing from researchers, parents, youth workers, educators, an ...…
Are traditions helpful and hindering? Or can they be both?By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
Plato once said that “music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” While you might argue with the particulars of Plato’s words, you have to agree that music has power. And there’s no question that Scripture has influenced music since the first ever song was penned. Poet, author, and r ...…
We're discussing the reality and necessity of living life as a disciple and a disciple-maker.By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
Jesus interacted with the "untouchables" and Believers should follow His example.By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
Every now and then, a film comes along that offers a helpful, realistic, and compelling peek into the world of contemporary adolescence. The recent film, Eighth Grade, is a movie follows the last week of middle school before thirteen-year-old Kayla graduates and moves on to high school. It’s a good one that covers all kinds of issues including ...…
Brolin and Aaron discuss the demon-possessed man in Mark 5 and how the people react to Jesus' authority.By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
The Parable of the Sower impacts us in our current culture, ultimately teaching us that we need to be people of the kingdom that bear fruit!By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
What are the potential pitfalls that we can have when encountering Jesus? Learn how to avoid them.By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
Over the course of the last few years, youth workers and parents have been increasingly lamenting the exodus of kids from the church once they graduate from high school and launch into the next phase of life. A growing volume of research is offering ideas on why this is happening, and solutions designed to reverse this trend. Why is it that our ...…
Jesus speaks pretty harshly about Pharisees. Heed his words and learn how to avoid being like them.By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
We live in a marketing saturated world. When we engage with an average of 4,000 to 10,000 marketing messages a day, we become unaware of both the presence of marketing in our lives, and the power of marketing to shape our beliefs and behaviors. And for our vulnerable kids who are in the midst of growth and change, marketing is an especially pow ...…
And you thought we were done! We had so much fun answering questions during the live podcast, we're back for more! Strap in as the pastors discuss tithing, seven-day creation, and more!By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
Live from Shiloh, we're addressing the first section of the Gospel of Mark followed by a Q&A in front of a live audience.By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
Youth ministry has always needed to adapt and adjust to changes in the mainstream culture. With the advent of the metoo movement and our growing knowledge of the nature and extent of sexual abuse, youth workers must be thinking about how to best engage with students in ways that lead to healthy relationship building. Is it ever proper to give a ...…
What is hope? What isn't it? And who should you hope in?By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
Have you ever felt like you were waiting for God's answer to the unjust things happening around you? Listen as we delve into what waiting on God's timing looks like in the midst of injustice.By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
Thomas Chisholm wrote the classic hymn, Great is Thy Faithfulness, as a testimony to God’s enduring love. The hymn calls to mind the words of the prophet Jeremiah in Lamentations 3: "I remember my affliction and my wandering, the bitterness and the gall. I well remember them and my soul is downcast within me. Yet this I call to mind and therefo ...…
Nicole Weatherly, Creative Arts & Music Coordinator here at Shiloh Hills Fellowship, joins us to discuss the difficult aspects of pain, suffering, and grief as we ask the question, "Why does God allow bad things to happen?".By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
We're discussing Shiloh's mission statement: to know and show the love of Jesus.By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
It seems that you can’t watch the news or go online these days without encountering stories related to matters of gender and sexual identity. The conversations on these matters are progressing into unmarked territory that can leave parents and youth workers confused, and even paralyzed in terms of how to respond. In recent weeks, a new study ha ...…
What is the importance of Sound Biblical Teaching and what happens when it is not a priority in the church? We also discuss the implications of Andy Stanley's idea to "unhitch" Christianity from the Old Testament.By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
What is spiritual warfare? How should it be done? Should you take part in it?By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
You must be responsible with authority, whether you are a parent, kid, boss, or employee.By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
Special guest, Jonah Lanclos, Associate Pastor of Fourth Memorial Church, offers insight to determine whether singleness is a gift or a curse.By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
Dr. Wendy Liddell, president of Great Northern University, ventures into the deep waters of the word "submission" and how that is played out in the marriage life.By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
Summer’s over and a new youth ministry season is here. If you’re a youth worker, your youth group schedule is ramping up and you’ve no doubt been planning. . . or should be planning. . . your teaching and ministry schedule for the coming school year. So let me ask you, have you done your youth ministry planning? What goals, objectives, and prio ...…
Nicole Weatherly, Creative Arts & Music Coordinator here at Shiloh Hills Fellowship, joins us to dig into how looking, listening and loving are essentials to walking in a manner worthy of the calling of God.By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
So you are telling me that Rihanna was right when she said, "shine bright like a diamond"? We discuss how to shine brightly in a dark world, and that maybe Rihanna was on to something.By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
It’s that time of year when the fall sports season is heating up, everywhere from the pre-school soccer fields to the NFL gridiron. Our sports-obsessed culture will be in full gear as we do everything from playing to spectating. If all of a Christian’s life is to be an act of worship, how can we engage in our playing, sports-parenting, and spec ...…
Poke the bear as we talk about everything from sex to sarcasm, and how to be imitators of God.By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
Taking off the old self and putting on holiness and righteousness... How do we do that?By Shiloh Hills Fellowship.
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